Playing Favorites – Chapter 18

In this final chapter, Jacinda and Chris look to the future with joy, apprehension, curiosity, and, of course, horniness.

Playing Favorites – Chapter 16

Chris and Jacinda deal with the fallout of their plan against Jeremy, and with another issue that is still hanging in the air…

The Wicked Embrace of the Forest Witch

A Gardevoir has a chance encounter with a wild Hatterene. While he believes he’s prepared to face her at first, she quickly establishes a difference in power between the two… as well as her desire to make him her new boy-toy… whether he wants it or not.

Wormhole Ch.16

Having been saved from the brink of death by Veina, Sateen, Karvale, Niko, and Dessy, Jason decides to come to grips with his feelings for the five women. The road ahead is sure to be treacherous, but now he can embrace his new future knowing that he is no longer alone; starting by making his five lovers into his wives. Which means the time has come to consummate the marriage…

Queen of Jarilo

When a survey vessel stumbles upon an undiscovered Earth-like planet, the UNN scrambles to lay claim to it. Unfortunately, a Betelgeusian hive fleet also has its eyes on the rare prize.