The Pilgrimage: Da Pacem Domina (3)

The Power of Heaven, in the form of the Cupid Cirice came to your aid, striking against the Foulness of the Dead God, Dagon. Rousing the Sea-God Oannes, Grandfather Ocean, you exulted in victory, as well as the anointing of a new Tide Priest. Sigurd, once Captain of the ‘Shieldmaiden’, is now betrothed of the Sea-Witch Sapphire, A Kraken servant of Oannes, and the God’s newest adherent.

Thomas, your brother in faith also shared in revelation, attaining the Adept Intersect and being finally able to consummate his love for the Circle Mage Ellie, returning with you and her brother Baron Robbo of Towoomba to the Reitian Temple of Hive Sea of Grasses.

Yet unexpected surprises met you there too, a group of the once thought extinct elves searching for an avatar of one of their Wild Gods, an avatar found in the person of the Reitian Disciple Padraig. Sorrow mixed with joy as the Laws of the Gods demanded a cost for their new Year-King. Taliesin, one of the elves, was now a bound Acolyte of Reitia, and their fellowship, closer than any natural bond, was broken.

Your own past did not sit quiet either, your demoniac mother corrupting one of the Reitian acolytes in the midst of a storm of Wild Magic. It was only quick action from you and your elven allies which prevented the youth from damning himself beyond redemption with the use of dark magic. Now, in the company of the Vampire Thrall Marcus, and the Black Knight Victor, you hunt down this ‘Red Witch’, determined to end her threat once and for all…

The Pilgrimage: Novo Ecclesia (1)

(Another CYOA from /monster/, posted for posterity and because it encompasses a lot of the backstory for some critical characters in upcoming stories)

You are Deniel the Holdsward, Acolyte of the Caladonian Temple of Reitia. After demonstrating your magical aptitude and completing your noviate under the tutelage of the Time-Spanned Disciple-Mages and the Hive-Queen Priestesses known as Mellisarae, you have been sent on a ritual mendicant pilgrimage. Designed to improve your magical abilities through humble service, you prepare yourself to step out into the wider world, not knowing where you will end up, but trusting that Reitia, Goddess of Love and Protector of Families will guide you on that path.

Twilight of The Gods: Reitia (1)

Time continues its stately march, and Corvus, Son of Maou and Tyris is acclaimed as Raven of the North, Saviour of all that lives, and Penultimate Lord of the World. Through the century and more since the War of the Angels, His Echidna Wife, Lyssa, has been annointed as Nagarani of the triune city-state of Hamunapt, Heliopolis and Memphis, effectively making her an Empress in her own right, and her empire waits with baited breath for the birth of their first child. Yet as is its wont, Reality itself rumbles with the beginnings of potentially catastrophic change. The question is, can the fledgling utopia so hard won survive its shift?

(Another entry in the continuing story begun in ‘Chronicles of the Pax’ and ‘Tales of the Walker’. I would recommend reading those first.)

Chronicles of the Pax: Caladon (1)

In a world where the eon-long war between Human and Mamono has driven both sides to near-extinction, Maou’s desperate attempt to allow Mamono to bear Male offspring has failed miserably, with only a tiny fraction of Mamono births resulting in violent, near mindless Bull offspring. The Chief God, cast down from the Heavens, has been supplanted by Tyris, God of the Sun, who has forcefully imposed a rigid feudal theocracy and eugenic breeding program on the scattered remnants of humanity. Both sides clawing back from oblivion, a fragile accord has been struck between The Heavens and The Hells. The Pax Deus…