Avoiding Involuntary Matrimony for Males (A.I.M.M.)

So, after several years of writing my column:  ‘Avoiding Involuntary Marriage for Males’, I’ve been tasked by my editor to come in and write a full-page article. She wants this one to contain my best tips, and updated advice that I’ve gleaned from my past columns that will help any unmolested males from being (not-Raped) involuntarily married.

Sir Aiden

Disclaimer: Yet another anonymously posted story. http://pastebin.com/xvcRB3Yd — Sir Aiden Leinster was terrified, fleeing for his very life, a horrid monster pursuing him. His very first mission as a true Templar knight of the church, his first command, and he was going to die. Bones shattered, flesh torn and consumed, he was going to die.…