Girls Night

“Normally boasting a reserved and guarded disposition, the Anubis has thrown caution to the wind in an all out display to impress her mate.” the youko said in a fairly convincing British accent, her tone and inflection sounding as though she was narrating a nature documentary.
“Not to sound too immodest, but I think this works on a number of levels for me…” the Anubis began confidently. “I simply adore the Desert Kingdom motif, the fiber feels nothing short of divine against my skin and I must say….”
“It compliments my ass rather nicely.” she smiled, thrusting her backside and tail out for emphasis.

Lich Part 5

**Perspective Change to Sam** Jesus christ, she’s been asking me pizza questions for the last half an hour. It’s five o’ clock in the morning. I have homework to do. I sigh deeply. At least she isn’t trying to flash me those… I hesitate to even call them underwear, considering I’ve seen more revealing shorts…

Lich Part 4

We get to the library, and I collapse into the closest chair. I’m exhausted, hungry, and looking at my watch, it’s… fuck. Four in the morning. Elisab… er, Liz is excitedly chatting at me, gushing about how much she enjoyed our little night out while she stitches the dismembered arm onto its new owner. “I mean,…