Demon Gate

Satou is arranged to be married to the daughter of a neighboring landowner, but when he stumbles across a mysterious woman in the forest, he must find a way to balance the expectations of his family with his burgeoning desires.

The red woman strode out from between their trunks, tall and majestic, clad in her patchwork cloak of animal skins again. Her massive puff of white hair was just as wild and unkempt, bobbing as she walked, like a giant mass of unrefined silk. This time however she was carrying what at first glance looked like a large sapling across her back, secured with vines that had been woven together into a thick and sturdy rope. When he looked closer, however, he saw that it was not a tree but a massive cudgel. It was made from black iron, studded with dull spikes, the long handle wrapped in tanned leather. It was enormous, far larger and heavier than any man could have hoped to lift, almost as long as she was tall.

He felt a twinge of fear. Nagao had told him not to come here again, that an Oni was a bad spirit that might eat him, but he had seen no evidence of that so far. What if she just used it for hunting? A girl that large would have to eat a lot to sustain herself, and she had to have gotten those skins from somewhere.

As he watched, she set the cudgel down on the grass at the edge of the pool. It was so heavy that it visibly sank a couple of inches into the ground. Then she flung her cape off and let it fall, revealing her magnificent body as she stretched her arms above her head and yawned widely. Satou could see that she had sharp, almost tusk-like incisors, similar to those of a boar but less prominent.

Once again he was able to gaze upon her womanly figure, her crimson skin glistening with beads of sweat and moisture from the humid air, giving her entire body a captivating sheen. Light and shadow conspired to make her sculpted abdominal muscles jump out at him, the sun reflecting off them and casting them into deep shadow. Despite her impressive brawn, she was also soft and round in places. She had an ample chest, along with thighs and a rump the likes of which he had never seen before, giving her a curvy figure that triggered something deep in his brain. He had never felt such desire for a woman before, certainly not for the Lady Sasaki, whose womanly assets were hidden beneath so many layers of clothing that it might be more fitting to refer to her as an onion rather than a woman.

Mors Funebris Chapter 3 P. 3 (Arawn Cycle 31/Mara Cycle 2)

“I SAID!” Arawn continued, while brandishing his gun at the stranger meaningfully, “IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” he shouted vehemently as he took a menacing step forward towards the stranger.The stranger made no reply. Instead, his already mocking smirk deepened considerably until it was an outright sneer.

Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P 2 (Arawn Cycle 30/Mara Cycle 1)

Right then, Juanita became aware of a coolness that enveloped her body by the sudden absence of her clothes. With some trepidation, she became aware that Mara was now tightly cupping one of her breasts with her hand, and had begun stroking her stiffened nipple with a loving touch of her thumb.

“What do we have here?” Mara asked rhetorically, after she pulled her mouth from Juanita’s, a rope of saliva connecting their lips.

Who Mourns for Apollo?

Unfortunately, the majority of this world is in thrall to a heavily Theocratic and Xenophobic, governmental organization known as, “The Order”. All of this world’s countries appear to be heavily influenced by a number of super-human entities, locally referred to as “Gods”.
My science officer has theorized that these entities appear to be similar in nature, to the one that Captain Kirk reportedly encountered a century ago, on Stardate 3468.1 in the Beta-Geminorum system.
The two most notable of the entities here, are the “Chief God’ and the “Great Maou’. Apparently, these two entities have been engaged in a sporadic war of attrition against each other, for several centuries. The details of which, are confusing.

Sojourn’s End Chapter 2, Sojourn’s Ender (Arawn Cycle 2)

“Here on the Chaos, Upper Left, Board for each player there are ten Servitors also known as Shoggoth. They serve as the boards Pawns. Two Mind Flayers as Rooks, two Night Gaunts as Knights, two Mi-Go as Priests, and two Yith as Merchants. Finally, we have one Cthulhu as King and one Cthylla as Queen.”

“Wait!” said Yasu with a triumphant smile. “If the Shoggoth are referred to as servitors then this set must be truly old.”

“You are correct Yasu. This one fact alone gives us an indication of just how truly ancient this set is.”

A New World ch. 2

Hand-picked from one of the glorious Neue Wehrmacht’s finest reconnaissance divisions, you have been abruptly summoned for a top-secret mission – that takes you to a new world. However, things don’t go as planned and you find yourself stranded in a strange land with nothing else to hold on to than your mission. To make things worse, your portal home has detonated…