The Sweetness of Poisoned Fruit

(My first attempt at Noir, probably as dextrious as a teenager at a bra strap, but I figured it was high time I tried something other than Slice-Of-Life or High Fantasy.

This one’s a little bleak, some might say edgy in places, I did try to limit that and make the grimderp have a definite purpose, but if you’re looking for a happy ending, you won’t find it here.)

Trent is a Private Investigator in the sprawling metropolis known colloquially to Humans as ‘Monster Girl City’. A seemingly chance encounter lands him a high profile case which will not only test his abilities, but may force him to face all that he left behind. Because in the MGC, nothing stays buried for long…

The Paymaster

A hard-boiled private dick gets unceremoniously cremated on a LA road. But instead of hell, wakes up in his shitty flat with a Valkyrie ordering him to balance St Peter’s books… And maybe have revenge on the tanuki who fried him in the first place.

This story was written in a single sitting. I basically wanted to write some goofy noir story, and didn’t quite manage.