Cut and Run Ch. 21 (Allen Belushi Cycle 21)

It’s been an interesting few weeks since my Old Man came back from his vacation in the Dragon Realm. This is partly due to the ‘souvenir’ that he picked up on his trip: He became one of the rarest forms of Incubus in existence: A Cambion. Which, when you get down to it, is one of the more unusual sexually transmittable conditions a person can pick up on holiday.

Sojourn’s End, Chapter 6. A Painful End (Arawn Cycle 6)

All around her indigo colored gluteus maximi I go. After a minute, I start making every fourth whack a particularly large one. One, two, three, FOUR! One, two, three, FOUR! Once more, I see a look of surprise on her face.
But then, I also see something else in her eyes. I hide my smile when I see it: they are starting to dilate. A few seconds more, and I see her open her mouth and start to pant through it ever so softly! In an instant, I scent her genitals emitting the Demonic equivalent of Love Honey (Brimstone and Treacle), starting to saturate and overflow her loins.

The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 10

Good morning! How are you?

The smell? Yes, we know… there was a minor incident this morning that caused that. Not to worry though, our bubble slimes are doing all that they can in order to make sure that it doesn’t linger too long! In the meantime, here have this voucher for the inconvenience. With that you can get a free meal at any of the restaurants inside the hotel, but be sure to ask which meals that voucher is valid for. Some of the places in here will only give you a discount instead if you decide to order anything too expensive.

Not sure where to use it? Hmm… how about up on the fourth floor? Oh, you haven’t been up there yet? Then you absolutely must! Especially now, even if it’s just to get rid of the smell out of your nose. They have quite a number of restaurants up on that floor, I believe one in particular has the voucher valid for everything on their menu… I am almost certain it’s the one across the park. I hear it’s quite the popular spot, especially for single mamono mothers… in case you’re interested.

Oh sorry, there I go trailing on again. Either way, please forgive us for this minor discomfort and enjoy your free meal.

And thank you for continuing your stay here with us here at the Covet Corner Hotel.

The Archivist’s Apprentice- Sweet Dreams

A thick haze of smoke hung in the room, filling it with a sweet and tart smell of tobacco with fruity undertones. Arabella exhaled more smoke, then set down the long, slender pipe to gaze at the mountain of paperwork on her desk. Her study was vast, filled with books she never read, furnished with chairs nobody ever sat on. It was empty, wasted space. The most boring room of her Keep. Once it annoyed her so much that she made an effort to bring in some of her friends and ensured that they fucked on every piece of furniture available.

The Paymaster

A hard-boiled private dick gets unceremoniously cremated on a LA road. But instead of hell, wakes up in his shitty flat with a Valkyrie ordering him to balance St Peter’s books… And maybe have revenge on the tanuki who fried him in the first place.

This story was written in a single sitting. I basically wanted to write some goofy noir story, and didn’t quite manage.