Wizardquest 3 Part 10: Raiders of the Lost Heart

Vesta, the spirit of the mountain, has come down upon you. With her sleep disturbed and her rage stoked, she seeks to cook all of you alive rather than suffer you to live. With the Heart of the Crags so close at hand, you’ll have to deal with her- one way or another.

Wizardquest 3 Part 9: The Volcano’s Heart

With the discovery of an ancient city at the heart of Blackfire Reach, it seems like your goal is close at hand. But something is roiling at the bottom of the lava, something deep, ancient, and wrathful. Can you find the Heart of the Crags without getting cooked?

Rat Trap

Another contest entry, this time from Halloween. Rika, Pina, and Neen are three Rat Girls striking out on their own when they come upon an abandoned mansion in the mountains surrounding the Vale. A different setting than my previous stories, this fantasy world has been affected by a great Change 100 years ago. The stories of this setting focus on the Vale, its mysteries, and the different inhabitants who live there.