Fabularis – Chapter 2

Taken inside a mysterious book, Francisca has been offered a strange power that just might change the course of her life – and many others. She now takes her first steps in understanding that power… and is faced with the first of many decisions she will have to make.

Fabularis – Chapter 1

A mysterious book from a vanished world finds its way in the hands of a lonely, sickly princess. Later that night, a new fate unravels itself before her. It is the beginning of a journey she would never have imagined herself the protagonist of…

Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 13

Chapter 13: Gearing up (Originally a 3-parter)
A new day with new objectives. New armor, new weapons and a task from the commander himself. Anja is finally freed and a new arena has to be prepared for the 5th fleet. Did I mention this used to be a 3-parter?

Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 3

Chapter 3: Survival of the fittest

After surviving an enormous fall, Kalaydus is thrust into the wild on his own. He’s the bottom of the food chain around here and he gets to experience that first hand. But his encounter with the wildlife ends up unlike anything he ever expected.

Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 1

Chapter 1: Off to the new world

Kalaydus, a young, inexperienced hunter joins the research commission to explore the New World. A continent of monsters that nobody has ever seen before. Several fleets are setting off to face the unknown. But this is just the start of many, many mysteries to be uncovered.