My Amazoness from Pellucidar 4 of 6

One can walk through an Amazoness encampment at any time and see at least one couple fornicating.
Hell, even the Plains of Pellucidar, was prone to dust storms that would last for hours. Thus, many of them take refuge, for those hours in tents.
But, like any other living creature in close confines, one needs a way to keep them from sniping at each other.
What better method? Than sex in public?

Cut and Run, Chapter 1 (Allen Belushi Cycle 1)

Well anyways, when I finally regained consciousness, I found myself aboard a train headed for parts east, and I was trussed up like a Krampus Day Turkey. I soon found out that I was suspended horizontally about a couple of feet from the ceiling of the luggage car, with my head banging against the wall in tune with the swaying of the train.
Turning my head I was able to view below me a Green Oni who appeared to be my guard. She was sitting in a chair underneath me, occasionally glancing up, but with most of her attention fixed upon that Eastern Asian crossword puzzle, what do they call it again? Soo-boo-koo? Did I say Eastern Asian? I meant to say Mist Continent! My bad.
After a couple of hours of my hanging there, I asked her if she could let me go so I could take care of some business. I asked her politely several times to let me go. I even said the magic word: Asshole.

Blood and Boned: Chapter 2- Feeding the Mistress

You venture through the stone hallways of the Mansion you’ve called home since boyhood. The red carpet was always soft underfoot, and the decorations of the Mansion were lavish in some combination of gothic and baroque. You weren’t quite sure which, but remembered enough to give an impressive-sounding tour when needed. Your mind wanders as you traverse the halls, considering you don’t need to consciously think about where you’re going. Your feet knew the way, as you’ve taken this very path almost every morning of your life as a servant of the Mistress. She would be hungry upon first awakening, and your duty was to be there.

The other servants of the Mansion were busy ensuring the entirety of the place was spotless. If the Mistress woke up to a dirty house, there would be hell to pay. The staff was mostly monstergirl, with the stray human here and there. The human’s official jobs were the same as any other servant, but the denizens of the Mansion knew that their true purpose was to keep the monsters fed and to keep morale up. Their other unofficial purpose was to cement the Mistress’ status as a high-class Noble of the Demon Realm. Not many demons could afford to keep human servants, but the Mistress felt it befitting her station. She did love showing them off to other visiting nobility.