Sojourn’s End: Chapter 5. ReSpiteful (Arawn Cycle 5)

I approached Messalina, who had been awaiting my decision with amusement. She looked like the Cat who had caught a Leviathan.
“Anything at all, you say, Messalina?” I asked, sweetly.
“Yes, Arawn, provided that it ends with at least one orgasm.” She smiled that predators grin again at me.
“You can be assured that such will occur, Milady.”
“Very well, then Arawn, I am intrigued. What do you propose?” I leaned close to her, and whispered what I had in mind into her long-pointed ear. She reacted immediately.
“You CAN’T be serious!” she scoffed, alarmed, as she jerked herself away from me wild eyed.
I remained where I was, grinning.

Three Brothers in the Age of Monster Girls(Isidore: Chapter 2)

The cold wind blew through the open plain, the grass and leaves of the tree rustling under the moonlight. Isidore huddled himself next to the tree, his cloak wrapped over him. Even on summer nights, the lack of a fire made things difficult to bare. While Isidore was not too terribly bothered by the cold,…