Harem for the Holidays

The real meaning of the season is giving of yourself to others. Unfortunately for this Mall Santa, certain individuals want him to give of himself very directly, and perhaps far more literally than he had intended.

Art credit: Kanachirou

If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 5)

This shit gon’ be lit B! Dead ass!
If Monster Girls Took Over the World (IMGTOW) is not, in anyway shape or form, supposed to be a jab at anyone or any incident in TFT. It’s only supposed to be a dumb parody story and nothing more. It is not my intent to make any real insults at anyone. It’s only a parody story. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have any problems with it, DM me I can explain myself.
OP Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUH9S44D1BM
Ending Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prVrW73hwCw


OK- too early to tell, but this could be the best home-invasion ever.

No Stockholm syndrome, honest.

Suddenly she backs away as though she just thought of something. A playful little grin plies the corner of her lips as she’s blushing lightly- it’s pretty clear that even though she backed off, she is by no means finished with you.

Naughty werepanda schoolgirl heads to the counter to inventory the trick-or-treat candy. She seems to be looking for something specific. Her face lights up a little before she grabs some strawberry licorice sticks from the leftover trick or treat candy.

You’re not sure what she has in mind until she slowly and deliberately walks back to where you’re sitting.

“I give you something sweet now, yes?”

Night Moves

Unwitting encounter between two people at the local drive-in-theater for VERY different reasons.

Spirit Energy Clinic

Based on a commission from JAWF http://pastebin.com/3FKy5grk A man approaches a white building, looking down at his phone he checks the map one more time.   “156 Spirit Energy St, this is the place…” Approaching the door, he noticed the lettering on the glass doors. Spirit Energy Center. This was definitely the place. Placing his…