The Hellhound Family Moves In

A little yowling yawn alerted Kari that her pup was awake. She turned to see Mali standing next to the counter, scrubbing her eyes and trying to shift the weight of sleepiness off her little shoulders. She smiled at her little sun and with a quick snatch, swept her daughter up off the floor and gave her a hug.

“Mrr….Morning…” Mali mumbled and tried to snuggle her mom’s shoulder.

“Aww, still sleepy?” Kari giggled as she used a claw to brush little bits of dirt from Mali’s eyes. She nodded groggily and tried to shake her head.

“Well, I think I have something to wake you up. Want breakfast?”

That got the desired reaction. Sleepiness quickly rolled off the little hellhound’s shoulders at the mention of food and she began to bob her head up and down happily. Kari’s giggle turned into a laugh and she sat the little scamp down on the edge of the counter. Armed with frying pan and flipper, she set about forging a miniature feast for her famished little girl.