Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 17: Succubus Family: Alice Part 2

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium Entry 17: Alice Pt.2

Jack and Alice had had enough and go confront the Queen for the neglect of her subjects. What follows is a myriad of complications and an unexpected turn of events.

Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 16 Succubus Family: Alice

Through mysterious circumstances, Jack is transported to Wonderland and meets Alice. A cute little succubus who is way too naive for her own good. Jack takes her under his wing and soon discovers that he might feel way more attracted to her than he’d like to admit.

Carnality Series: C 1

“Their outward appearance is that of a little girl, but of all the monsters, they possess the most physical power… and they are feared by both humans and monsters alike.

If you ever meet one of them, never assume you can defeat her. With average abilities, one would be hopelessly outmatched…”

– Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Baphomet Profile, Paragraphs 1 and 4

The chick and the egg

Author’s words: Ok, so I finally decided to break my long hiatus.

After a few really annoying RL things happened I lost my groove and every time I tried to get it back I ended up in stupid thought loops. Things like thinking up a scenario, get a flood of inspiration, think it will be to long/not coherent/something equally stupid, end up not writing anything.
So, I decided to try something different with this.

I simply took a base setup and from there wrote whatever came to mind as I went. This is written paragraph by paragraph as I felt the story should naturally progress (just a little editing to fix up spelling errors etc).

Please let me know what you think.
Sincerely, Astrumratio.

MGEEC Ch.8 Imp Family: Devil

Encounter Compendium entry 8

Artemis, the town mage, dreams of more than just working at a small apothecary in a backwater town. And in a once in a lifetime chance, he has the opportunity to prove his mettle to join the circle of mages. Not one to pass on a challenge he creates a spell to summon a devil… as one does, and it becomes a struggle to find out who is really in control.