A Very Last Minute Halloween Story

This story features .less Original Characters ———– “Stop fussing. You look fine.” Akai, tugging his collar, didn’t think so. Out of all the Halloween costumes in the world that were available to him, this one, he felt, made him look the most idiotic. He wore a fitted black suit, complete with black tie and matching…

Competition 5 – Automatons and Soldier Beetles are cute

Hot damn we’re back for another competition lads and this is one I’ve been thinking about running for a while now. If you’ve been keeping up with the competition channel in the discord you might already know but here’s the official announcement for my 5th writing competition: Soldier Beetles and Automatons. Cute and underappreciated monster…

Depravity Series: C 2

In the midst of an ongoing siege, and hidden away from prying eyes, another conflict of sorts is occurring.

Within the basement of her target’s home, the demon known as Desira has cornered Evan — a human youth — in his bedroom.


So we have 2 gallery updates at once. Da3rd added a commissioned picture for Fizzshire: …and .less added a few missing older pictures: Feel free to leave some comments or get in touch with the artists. I know that Da3rd is currently open for more commissions. More info >HERE<