Harem Heroes: Heaven’s Gold Spear / Chapters 13-17

Delilah sends Annabelle the Cupid to coax the local Ice Queen from her Summer Palace to bring an early winter to Vasherton. Meanwhile, David is captured and thrown into prison for collaborating with the Monster menace. Luckily, Delilah has sent him some help, and John Vasher Jr doesn’t share his father’s ideals.

Not Alone, Chapter 4

Weeks after the conflict in the town square, Priscilla the orc is getting used to her training as a mercenary. But an old enemy is keeping an eye on her, even as she starts to get closer to the man she loves… Features an orc primarily, along with many other supporting monstergirls. Explicit content.

Not Alone, Chapter 2

Life in Goslar is as normal as can be, for a town with both men and monsters. As Roger the chemist goes about his daily tasks, dodging amorous advances and preparing his greatest creation yet, he doesn’t realize that his orcish roommate is barely holding on to her own frustrations, and that life is about to get much more complicated for them both… Features an orc primarily, along with many other supporting monstergirls. Explicit content.

Bachelorsville, Texas- Chapter 4: Arm Candy and Six Tails

“My- this has certainly turned into a most eventful evening.” Mari tittered. “According to my father, it was quite common for adventurers, mercenaries and heroes to have a rowdy night like this before embarking on some sort of quest….”

“Yeah- but I’m none of those. And I don’t really think I’ll be embarking on any kind of quest anytime soon.”

“You’d be surprised, Jacob. Never say ‘never’. Besides, weren’t you a soldier?”

High Noon In The East

After taking in the helpful criticisms from you guys, I re-uploaded a popular story from my past to put your advice to good use before going back to my main Orphanage Setting. As always Enjoy, and thank you for all the help, and support, and constructive criticism! They really helped a lot.

A lone Gunslinger finds himself broke, and stuck in a land opposite of his own…

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 4 (Arawn Cycle 24/Helvetia Cycle 14)

“What are you going to do then?” Arawn demanded testily of her. The Jenny-unit lifted her head and looked at him neutrally.
“As per my programming, any non-human threats will be exterminated, *bzzt*.” She intoned, then paused as if in thought.
“Please remain still while I commence your extermination, *bzzzt*.”