Fox Spa

“Oh, did you hear?” Raza asked from under her bundle of extra expansive, extra plush winter coat and earmuffs. “A Mythfolk family took over the Rosé spa. They open in a few weeks. What’s it called now-?”

“The Pamper Me?” Youko warily answered. Raza clapped her paws together.

“Yeah! That’s it. Oh I’d love to go, but I don’t have a free weekend again for like, a while. At least until after Stephen’s birthday in February.” Raza was at her red Civic ready to step in. Lola was still half celebrating as she glided into the driver’s side of her Toyota van.

“I think my Aunt’s family owns it. I got a weird email this morning, but uh, she wanted me to invite some friends to try it out early. If you, uh, want.”

Both of Youko’s coworkers ran back to her side in an instant.

The Paymaster

A hard-boiled private dick gets unceremoniously cremated on a LA road. But instead of hell, wakes up in his shitty flat with a Valkyrie ordering him to balance St Peter’s books… And maybe have revenge on the tanuki who fried him in the first place.

This story was written in a single sitting. I basically wanted to write some goofy noir story, and didn’t quite manage.