Humpty, A Documentary

“What is love” is not a question with a tangible answer. It varies with people and culture, with its name changing with its definition. Love, union, togetherness, all names describe it, but without clarity on what it is, most would hope a passionate love between two existences would result in a child. Yet some will…

Bogeys Writing Event Ch 7

Previous chapter: Here None of the trio plus their harpy friend heard the messenger enter the mess hall over the PA system loudly announcing the base’s warning for an imminent full moon. Mark had made a stupid quip about Rachel hunting down him and Steve back in a poorly timed night exercise right as the messenger…

Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 8- Wild Goose Chase

“My my- I certainly hope this isn’t how you greet all your visitors, Mr. Andersen.” my visitor chided me while glancing disapprovingly at the vintage Winchester I was pointing in her general direction.

“Just the ones who show up unannounced.” I reply.

“I’m actually here to see Miss Greene.” our visitor continued.

“You seem to know my name and my homestays name, but you have me at a disadvantage, Miss…..” I point out.

“Where are my manners? My name is Sadeh and I’m with the exchange program’s Southwestern Division. Specifically the Financial Services Administration.”