Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P 2 (Arawn Cycle 30/Mara Cycle 1)

Right then, Juanita became aware of a coolness that enveloped her body by the sudden absence of her clothes. With some trepidation, she became aware that Mara was now tightly cupping one of her breasts with her hand, and had begun stroking her stiffened nipple with a loving touch of her thumb.

“What do we have here?” Mara asked rhetorically, after she pulled her mouth from Juanita’s, a rope of saliva connecting their lips.

Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P 1 (Arawn Cycle 29/Helvetia Cycle 19)

This story answers an often pondered question. What were the Mamono like before the current Great Maou came along?
Do you care to gain at least a morsel of awareness? Then read on. But be warned it may not be to your liking.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 8 (Arawn Cycle 28/Helvetia Cycle 18)

“I am Princess Romilia Smith de’ Cor’Meum. Daughter to the Queen of Hearts, Misrelda de’ Cor’dibus and the Human, Eric Smith… of the place called Earth.” 

“Earth!” Arawn gasped quietly in surprise, as did many of the surrounding Mamono courtiers.
‘A descendant of a denizen from one of the Earth-Shadows? This is decidedly most intriguing! I wonder how he managed to get here!? (1)’

Cut and Run Ch. 23 (Allen Belushi Cycle 23)

“I noticed that you growled slightly just now.” She observed, “Care to tell me why?” she asked, tilting her head slightly. I looked back at her and sighed again.
“It just gets my goat.” I replied with a shake of my head.
“What does?”
“The assholes. The jokers who thinks it’s funny to corrupt a Unicorn into a Bicorn.” I sighed. “I mean c’mon. Unicorns are Mamono already, why do so many dipshits feel the need to turn one of them into a sex fiend?” I asked grumpily.

A Whisper of Dusk, Chapter 3, Opposites Attach (Arawn Cycle 9)

“How is it, that you were able to understand her, Majin Arawn?” asked Victoria.
“It is quite simple, your Highness. A long time ago, I learned to speak Baby.”
“That’s preposterous Arawn, babies don’t speak.” She claimed, with her own Mother looking dubiously over her shoulder at me.
“Well then, let me give you a demonstration your Highness.” I then turned and addressed her baby. After a few interchanges, I came up with a suitable reply.
“According to your daughter, the reason why she doesn’t like to feed immediately after you bathe, is that the soap you use is overly spicy.”

Sojourn’s End, Chapter 4; Hard Questions Uneasy Answers (Arawn Cycle 4)

The Great Maou, (thankfully) chose to change her line of query.
“Earlier you said you were created. Does that mean you were not … ‘born’?”
‘Thank you,’ I thought to myself. “I was born in the concept of being a creation yes. But I also know that is not what you mean.”
I leaned back to one side. “I am assuming that you mean ‘born’ as in the ‘old fashioned way’: carried inside a woman for several months?”
She nodded.
“Then no,” I mused half to myself, “I was not ‘born’ in that manner. I think I can guess what your next question will be. So, to save time, I will answer it as well. I was ‘born’ fairly much as you see me now; fully functional as an adult, physically at least.” Looking up I noticed that my answer seemed to have left her outraged.
“Then you never had a mother or a father? Someone to cling to, or care for you as you matured?” she asked incredulous.
“I was already grown up physically.” I said defensively, feeling a bit insulted. “My designers felt that there was no need for parental units since we came out as fully grown. I think what you are about to ask next is: came out of what?”
The Great Maou nodded shakily.
“For lack of a better term, an Alembic.”

Sojourn’s End Chapter 3, A Test of Wills (Arawn Cycle 3)

My hackles rise as I comprehend my situation: ‘I am confined. I HATE being confined!’, my control over my emotions begins to falter as that child-thing approaches me relentlessly. I find myself involuntarily stepping backwards in consternation.
Observing my action, she smiles lewdly, enjoying my discomfort.  She seems to deliberately stomp her hooves louder as she steps ever closer. My smile has long vanished, replaced with a snarl.
The closer she gets, the more my attention is drawn to her finer details. I can see that she has but three fingers along with a thumb on each of her oversized hands/paws? Lace garter stockings combined with a strip of a halter that just barely covers her nipples. On an adult female, such accoutrements would have intrigued me. But I find it beyond revolting on this mockery of a woman.
Finally, she stops just outside the innermost circle. She continues looking over my near naked form as if I am slab of meat, her pupils lingering over select portions of my anatomy. Her mouth opens and I see her tongue blep out for several seconds as her gaze fixates on my loincloth. Bile rises in my throat in response,.
Her gaze tells me that I am nothing more than a commodity to her. I sense that she would not hesitate for an instant to turn me into a plaything if given half a chance.

Sojourn’s End, Chapter 1 (Arawn Cycle 1)

Somehow, somewhere in the depths of the Multiverse a true Lord of Chaos had gotten ahold of my Covenant Artifact- and was preparing to summon me back into thralldom.
Feeling utterly helpless at my realization of the situation, I felt myself sliding to the floor of the bathing room, its cold tiles chilling my legs and buttocks.
I realized in shock that my Sojourn had come to an end. I did not know what the circumstances of the Chaos Lord who had ahold of my artifact was. But I did know that because of that Covenant I had signed with Chaos untold millenia ago, I would have to obey whatever they commanded of me.
A few minutes ago, I was afraid of hurting one or two innocents because of my lack of control. Now I was in mortal terror of how many more innocent lives would be extinguished because of the folly of my youth. A long time ago a world died because of me. I could not, would not countenance that again.