Cut and Run Ch. 25 P- 2/2 – FINIS (Allen Belushi Cycle 26)

‘Now I understand why baby dragons always seem to end up in human orphanages!’ I realized. ‘It’s to save their lives!’ I growled, my body shaking with the indignation of it all. Then the implication of that child crossed my mind.

Who Mourns for Apollo?

Unfortunately, the majority of this world is in thrall to a heavily Theocratic and Xenophobic, governmental organization known as, “The Order”. All of this world’s countries appear to be heavily influenced by a number of super-human entities, locally referred to as “Gods”.
My science officer has theorized that these entities appear to be similar in nature, to the one that Captain Kirk reportedly encountered a century ago, on Stardate 3468.1 in the Beta-Geminorum system.
The two most notable of the entities here, are the “Chief God’ and the “Great Maou’. Apparently, these two entities have been engaged in a sporadic war of attrition against each other, for several centuries. The details of which, are confusing.