Cut and Run Ch 9 (Allen Belushi Cycle 9)

So, I circled that mountain sized-massive boulder several times, I then picked out a spot and turned to come in for that landing.
‘This is Red Five, I’m going in!’ I thought to myself as I smiled, then imagined several beeps coming from a non-existent ARR-Two unit on my back.
After a few seconds of approach, I could start to see my desired landing spot rushing towards me. It was fairly level with spots of tall yellowish grass here and there. I could feel my heart starting to pound just a bit harder.

The Spider Girl’s Toilette (Helvetia Cycle 3)

‘Great Maou! It’s just one Damned Thing after another!’, Helvetia thought to herself at the controls of her Teleportation Platform (#11).
Tia took a quick break while her platform ran its automatic internal self-diagnostic. Looking over at Sundia’s platform, she saw that a pair of Red Oni, were having trouble keeping their own newly teleported Damned Thing under control. ‘It’s good to see I’m not the only one having to deal with these obnoxious creatures!’ None of the Damned Things cared for the Teleportation process and let everyone and everything around them know about it.