Cut and Run Ch. 23 (Allen Belushi Cycle 23)

“I noticed that you growled slightly just now.” She observed, “Care to tell me why?” she asked, tilting her head slightly. I looked back at her and sighed again.
“It just gets my goat.” I replied with a shake of my head.
“What does?”
“The assholes. The jokers who thinks it’s funny to corrupt a Unicorn into a Bicorn.” I sighed. “I mean c’mon. Unicorns are Mamono already, why do so many dipshits feel the need to turn one of them into a sex fiend?” I asked grumpily.

Cut and Run Ch. 13 (Allen Belushi Cycle 13)

“I’m in Hell. I’m dead, and you’re the Demon I’m in love with!” she wailed.

“But, Angelique!” I began, “I’m not a De….” I stopped, realizing what I was about to say.

“Well technically, I AM a Demon. An Incubus actually, yes.” I pointed out, smiling. She shied away from me when I said that.

A Whisper of Dusk, Chapter 4 – Sex & Violins (Arawn Cycle 10)

I was about to say something more, when we heard a knocking upon her door, it knocked but once and nothing more. She seemed surprised, then went to see what lay in store. I chose to remain in her boudoir, for my clothing lay in tatters upon the floor, my nudity would be something no Mamono would ignore.

Sojourn’s End, Chapter 6. A Painful End (Arawn Cycle 6)

All around her indigo colored gluteus maximi I go. After a minute, I start making every fourth whack a particularly large one. One, two, three, FOUR! One, two, three, FOUR! Once more, I see a look of surprise on her face.
But then, I also see something else in her eyes. I hide my smile when I see it: they are starting to dilate. A few seconds more, and I see her open her mouth and start to pant through it ever so softly! In an instant, I scent her genitals emitting the Demonic equivalent of Love Honey (Brimstone and Treacle), starting to saturate and overflow her loins.