Cut and Run Ch. 25 P- 2/2 – FINIS (Allen Belushi Cycle 26)

‘Now I understand why baby dragons always seem to end up in human orphanages!’ I realized. ‘It’s to save their lives!’ I growled, my body shaking with the indignation of it all. Then the implication of that child crossed my mind.

Cut and Run Ch. 24 (Allen Belushi Cycle 24)

But, after they had flashed their badges at me, I swallowed my anger and I did my best to be a good host to them. Whatever social faux pas I had managed to create, they let slide. Thankfully
Which is all well and good, as it’s not every day a person armed with a gun, can restrain themselves from emptying their clip into a growling smoke-belching and royally pissed off Dragon getting in their face.

Cut and Run Ch. 21 (Allen Belushi Cycle 21)

It’s been an interesting few weeks since my Old Man came back from his vacation in the Dragon Realm. This is partly due to the ‘souvenir’ that he picked up on his trip: He became one of the rarest forms of Incubus in existence: A Cambion. Which, when you get down to it, is one of the more unusual sexually transmittable conditions a person can pick up on holiday.

Cut and Run Ch. 16 (Allen Belushi Cycle 16)

I found myself being woken up in the most pleasant way possible. Someone was blowing me.
I could feel a goofy grin widening across my face as whoever she was teased, tickled, and tantalized my dicks with her mouth and paws.
I had to hand it to her, she really knew what she was about.

Cut and Run Ch. 15 (Allen Belushi Cycle 15)

Idly looking around at all of the Home Improver sales flyers. I noticed that I had managed to wander into the B.O.B. alley.

I almost laughed, after I spied a couple of human women in Aisle 69. They were trying to not be too obvious about checking out what kinds of Battery-Operated-Boyfriends, that Mamono prefer to use.

I’ll give you a hint- those toys don’t use “D” batteries, they’re often powered with car batteries instead.

Cut and Run Ch. 13 (Allen Belushi Cycle 13)

“I’m in Hell. I’m dead, and you’re the Demon I’m in love with!” she wailed.

“But, Angelique!” I began, “I’m not a De….” I stopped, realizing what I was about to say.

“Well technically, I AM a Demon. An Incubus actually, yes.” I pointed out, smiling. She shied away from me when I said that.

Cut and Run Ch. 10 (Allen Belushi Cycle 10)

Herrassiss must’ve been observing the proceedings. Because, just before we arrived, she popped out of seemingly nowhere with a conniption fit.
“BAILIFFS!” She screamed, her wings flexing furiously. “You’re supposed to be arresting HIM!”
The White Wurm stopped and looked perplexed, then turned and looked at me for a second. After that, she raised a paw to point at me and then looked back at Herrassiss with a questioning look.
“YES, HIM!” Herrassiss screamed, seemingly louder and shaking with indignation. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the Green and the Red give each other a momentary smirk.