Mistress of the Crypt: Halloween Special

Are you ready for tonight’s special? Stay tuned for an all new episode of Mistress from the Crypt, with your favorite host, Mistress Cassandra! And remember, you too can shriek your way to the crypt! Find the secret message hidden throughout the episode and mail in your answer to the address below, and you could win a chance to experience the filming of the show! One grand prize winner will win a date with the crypt keeper herself, Cassandra. That’s right! So don’t touch that remote, and stay tuned. We know you’re DYING to watch.

*A cackle is heard as the ad ends*

Terry’s Terror


Where we show you over twelve hours of classics, modern, and even newly released movies of your favorite slimy, scaly, and outright disgusting creatures from all over the world! That’s right, 12 hours, starting from 6 pm to 6 am ! But it’s not just one night, no! We’re doing a full week of nothing but your favorites! That’s right, a full seven night with squirming terrors of the night!

Each night we set up a different theme for your viewing pleasure, starting out with Scares from Space! Aliens, extraterrestrials, things from planet who knows where! If it ain’t from earth, we got it! We keep the ball rolling with Kaiju Calamities, followed up by everyone’s favorite, Undead Awakening!

Out from the waters we get Terrors from the Deep, and for something closer to home we have Science Gone Awry! Right before the grand finale, we bring Fantasy Meets Reality, and end the week with the Fan Favorites!
That’s right, we get the the movies you liked the most throughout the week and we play them back one last time! Just text us your favorite to 21415 (Standard message rates may apply)!

Stay tuned for the week-long Monster Movie Marathon, starting… now!