Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 17)

The little Doppelganger looks over her gear, devoted to assist Mr. Anon in the best way she could. She packed her tiny back-pack with all the essentials.

-A small bag of cookies; check!
-A box of band-aids; check!
-Colored Pencils, and notepad; check!
-A photo of Anon given to her by Fubuki who was passing them out to everyone without his permission…

With that she set out to look for Anon by asking one of the caretakers, and luckily for her, she spotted the founder herself; Katy minding her own business patrolling the halls. The Doppelganger wasted no time in asking where Anon might be today so she can rush over to his aid.

“Anon? Oh~ sorry little one, but I believe he has the day off today…No Anon this morning” Katy explained.

“Aw~” the Doppelganger was rather dejected…

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 11)

“Anon I know you’re probably busy, but I was hoping we can grab a coffee together as fellow employees…Anon I know you’re probably busy, but I was hoping we can grab a coffee together as fellow employees” Mizari practiced her statement to prepare to say it to the real thing.

She took a deep breath, and opened the break room door wide.

“ANONIKNOWYOU’REPROBABLYBUSYBUT-B-Betsy!?” Mizari shouted until she saw it was only Betsy enjoying a bowl of salad.

“Sugar Plum? Uh~ were you expecting someone in particular sug?” Betsy asked.

“I-I-I was-I thought A-Anon was…h-here…” Mizari mumbled.

“…Anon has the day off today too, he ain’t coming back till tomorrow” Betsy said.

“…Oh…well I-I’ll go back to…work” Mizari mumbled.

“…Uh~ I-I’m free in a little bit…would you like to grab some coffee, and cookies with me?” Betsy asked.

“…Okay~” Mizari agreed.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 10)

“Nirvana~ we just finished the beta version of your little models! What do you think?” Katy asked presenting Nirvana with a 9 inch figure of herself.

“Hm~ it could use some work, the pose is too stiff, I have some free time though. I can model for you a proper, dynamic pose! Oh! and I might as well pick out an outfit to present myself with” Nirvana reviewed herself.

“Okay, but not too complicated, we still gotta make a profit of these…have you decided on the perfume, colored lipstick, and your message for the premium version?” Katy asked.

“Done, and done, see for yourself darling” Nirvana presented.

“…Nirvana…these are all very…scolding, and berating…” Katy said.

“It’ll draw a crowd, I promise you” Nirvana grinned.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 6)

“Katy-Katy! Where is our newbie!? My shipment just came in, and I have the perfect prank to break him in!” Fubuki exclaimed holding a water based lubricant, black-light bulb, and a rubber chicken.

“Hate to rain on your parade Fubuki, but he has the day off” Katy explained.

“W-what!? No fair~!” Fubuki whined.

“Yes fair Fubuki, you’ll just have to do something else while he is away…like your job for instance” Katy said.

“Fine, I suppose it’s perfect timing too…he adopted a Ghost didn’t he?” Fubuki asked.

“Yes! She looked so~ happy too, I’m sure he’ll take great care of her” Katy assured.

“I’m sure the two will have a great time together” Fubuki agreed.