A Spark of Inspiration

Michael Anderson is a successful entrepreneur with a beautiful young family and a company that’s the envy of venture capitalists everywhere. Yet his promising life is thrown into turmoil when an accident sends him into a coma, from which he awakens to a world changed beyond belief. His life suddenly torn from him, he now needs to put the pieces back together…

Wizardquest: Epilogue

It’s nine years after the original events of Wizardquest ended, and your world has changed dramatically for the better. A peace has settled the land, for now, and you, and your family, take the time to visit old friends in the final installment of Wizardquest.

Wizardquest Part 23: The Journey Home Pt.2 (End)

You continue on your quest home with Selene and reach Sanctifrond, where you say farewell to Blake and the others.

The parting may be sweet sorrow, but with Selene beside you, you make your way home with much more than you ever dreamed you could have when you left home so long ago.

Wizardquest Part 21: What Lies Beyond

Valinthia is dead, her plans destroyed along with her in the power of Selene’s and your magic.

You find yourself now in the mystical realm of El Dorito where you lick your wounds and reflect on what victory cost you before you head back to the ruins of the Keep, back to the Nexus of the Groodle Tether itself.

Wizardquest Part 20: The Final Battle Pt.2

It’s all come down to this.

With the Monster Lady before you and your friends beaten and on the brink, can you bring the power to change fate? You can’t do it alone, but with the power of the elixir and of those around you, the ones you love the most, perhaps you can end this once and for all.