Mistress of the Crypt: Halloween Special

Are you ready for tonight’s special? Stay tuned for an all new episode of Mistress from the Crypt, with your favorite host, Mistress Cassandra! And remember, you too can shriek your way to the crypt! Find the secret message hidden throughout the episode and mail in your answer to the address below, and you could win a chance to experience the filming of the show! One grand prize winner will win a date with the crypt keeper herself, Cassandra. That’s right! So don’t touch that remote, and stay tuned. We know you’re DYING to watch.

*A cackle is heard as the ad ends*

Cut and Run Ch. 23 (Allen Belushi Cycle 23)

“I noticed that you growled slightly just now.” She observed, “Care to tell me why?” she asked, tilting her head slightly. I looked back at her and sighed again.
“It just gets my goat.” I replied with a shake of my head.
“What does?”
“The assholes. The jokers who thinks it’s funny to corrupt a Unicorn into a Bicorn.” I sighed. “I mean c’mon. Unicorns are Mamono already, why do so many dipshits feel the need to turn one of them into a sex fiend?” I asked grumpily.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 7 (Arawn Cycle 27/Helvetia Cycle 17)

“She may very well might.” Tia replied testily, barely holding onto her anger. “Why did you leave your nurse behind like that, and what are you doing?” she demanded, shaking slightly. Arawn finally turned and looked at her.
“I left her because of the cat.” He replied, and said nothing more as if this explained everything.
“What cat?” she asked finally. He looked at her with furrowed brows.
“That cat.” He stated as he lifted up his good hand, and pointed at,…nothing.

Cut and Run Ch. 21 (Allen Belushi Cycle 21)

It’s been an interesting few weeks since my Old Man came back from his vacation in the Dragon Realm. This is partly due to the ‘souvenir’ that he picked up on his trip: He became one of the rarest forms of Incubus in existence: A Cambion. Which, when you get down to it, is one of the more unusual sexually transmittable conditions a person can pick up on holiday.

Cut and Run Ch. 20 (Allen Belushi Cycle 20)

Unfortunately, my Dad’s old pants didn’t quite fit the new and improved him. They were really meant for a paunchy old dude, not some young buck who was ripped six ways to Sunday. But we made do.

Eventually, we, or perhaps I should say, Pirin, led him to the living room area, and had him sit down. Of which he just ambled along pleasantly following her, scoping out her ass and tail the entire time. She grinned when she noticed his attention.

For the first time that I could ever recall, not once was he trumping or griping about every little annoyance.