Debts of a Danuki

A lone danuki silently watches the camera feed from her monitors as she awaits for her guest to arrive. She had only just received word that they would be arriving, simply not enough time to prepare. Not enough to escape. By now, eyes would be set on her and her location, ensuring that if anything were to occur that they would be informed of it. It was too late… there was only one thing that could be done.

She waited.

And waited.

And waited… until finally the cars began to appear… it was time.

Lured of the Rings

“Touch me, oh touch me,” she crooned. Frotho’s hand, as though of its own will, reached out and traced the delicate swelling of her Dark Elf-breast, while the other slowly crept around her tiny, flawless waist, crushing her to his barrel chest.
“Hairy chest, I love a hairy chest,” she moaned, forcing him down on the silvered carpet. Her tiny, pink fingers caressed the luxuriant fur of his pectoral muscles while Frotho’s nose sought out the warmth of her precious long pointed Dark elf-ear.
“But I’m so tall and hairy, and . . . and you’re so beautiful,” Frotho whimpered, slipping clumsily out of his crossed garters. The Dark Elf-maiden said nothing, but only sighed deep in her throat and held him more firmly to her faunlike body.
“There is one thing you must do for me first,” she whispered into one rounded ear.
“Anything,” sobbed Frotho, growing frantic with his need. “Anything!” She closed her eyes and then opened them to the ceiling.