Evildoer Bogey

Back to index Back to library   Species: Ogre, Villain Habitat: Cities and major metropolitan areas Disposition: Dominating, Hyper Fixated, Evil Diet: Omnivorous but has a taste for the tears of defeated two-bit wannabe heroes   The Evildoer Bogey has only one want in the world, a simple task: WORLD DOMINATION! Nothing would make them…

Baddy Bogey

Back to index Back to library   Species: Ogre, Chimera Habitat: Cities and major metropolitan areas Disposition: Submissive, loyal Diet: Omnivorous but has a taste for their master’s praise   Baddy Bogeys are those who have been captured by Evildoer Bogeys and zipped into dastardly baddy suits. Evildoer Bogeys can be studied in the attached…

Clam Bogey

Back to index Back to library Species: Ogre, Mollusk Habitat: Areas with high economic power Disposition: Motherly, protective, possessive, doting Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy   The Clam Bogey is a production-type monster often associated with high society and economics, though many of them would say such claims are overblown. It is undeniable, however, that…

My (No Longer) Normal Life at the Warm Delights Cafe

Another day, another cup of coffee. Rosa tries her best to make it through life and maybe find love along the way. It all changes when she comes into contact with a Lich. Will she succeed in finding love afterwards or will she find her chances dashed against the rocks of rejection.

Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows, Chapter 9(End)

Embracing one another lovingly, Takedo and Yukishiro had their first loving union. With the two spoiling each other rotten, their efforts had no doubt born fruit.

However, Kuronetsu decides to come out as well. With her mentality affected by her own venom, she goes for seconds despite Takedo’s defiance.

(Artwork by F.LEE ART)

A harrowing price for Arrogance and Envy

A story is passed down from parent to child of a malevolent being that punishes the wicked by devouring them. These stories depict a demon-like creature with a harlequin appearance, with white gloves stained in blood, and a wicked personality that frightens even seasoned veterans to their very core.

Herein lies a story of a young man pushed to bully others as a result of gifts that he was born and praised for. With all the adults praising his talents and the envy of children alike, this gifted young man grew a somewhat wicked heart as a result of his upbringing. A plague brought upon an upcoming attack however quickly reminds the upstart that beyond the horizons of his small village, lays the frightful monsters he so foolishly dismissed.

The Pledge – Part 1

She could hear what sounded like his voice as he struggled just to sob and breathe. Her tight hold around his head loosened, her hands tilted his head back as he gasped for air, eyes slightly turned up and light drool from his mouth. She giggled, “I guess I went a little overboard for you” Her hips still rocked on his lap, her eyes closed, and head titled back “mmmph but your fresh seed is just too good for only one time”

The White Snake

Lily is unemployed and living off her big brother Timothy’s dime. Feeling guilty over her leeching, she reaches out to a friend, Sayoko, who reveals you can make quite a bit of money off your shed skin, blood, and venom… too bad Lily doesn’t have any of those. That is, not until she willingly undergoes monsterization. As Lily’s changes continue, her hidden desires are unable to be repressed any longer. Much to her brother’s horror.

Return of the Goddess

A possible multi-part story about a gang of adventuring women (Featuring a lamia, cupid, and vampire, though this particular segment focuses upon the cupid) and one member’s discovery of a dormant goddess (A land-dragon, or big wurm with a pair of surprises) who does not remain dormant for long after their encounter.