Wormhole Ch.16

Having been saved from the brink of death by Veina, Sateen, Karvale, Niko, and Dessy, Jason decides to come to grips with his feelings for the five women. The road ahead is sure to be treacherous, but now he can embraces his new future knowing that he is no longer alone; starting by making his five lovers into his wives. Which means the time has come to consummate the marriage…

The Demonologist – Contract Marriage

For the eyes of Riker Fieldling,

This letter is to inform you that The Council has decided that you are hereby relieved of your duties as an apprentice in the Tower of Mages. It has been voted that your abilities are lacking and your studies are too far behind your peers to be reasonably salvageable. The time and effort of our qualified Tutors cannot be squandered on students with so little promise. The Council is prepared to accept some of the blame for being so sorely mistaken when your potential was judged. The Council extends our utmost condolences that you were ever given the impression that you were capable of ever joining the ranks of The Order and its prestigious Mages. Perhaps now you can at least put your utter incapability behind you, and hopefully free yourself to pursue a future in a field more suited to your talents. Perhaps the bakers or potters guilds are offering open apprenticeships? You have the day to pack your belongings minus the official Order robes, books, and equipment. Be off of the grounds by sunset or be subject to punishment as deemed necessary by the Order Prefects for trespassing on Order property. You have been warned.

-From the desk of Kuran Malash, dictated but not read.