When a council meeting on the Pinwheel is interrupted by an assassination attempt, Security Chief Moralez is given seventy-two hours to unmask the culprit, all while under the watchful eye of two mysterious intelligence operatives with an unknown agenda. The suspects range from hostile aliens to shady special forces operatives, even elements of his own government are not above suspicion. Only by piecing together the clues can he uncover who carried out the attack, and why.


When Schaffer uncovers a network of black markets and corruption in the heart of the Pinwheel, he is made to disappear, exiled to a remote and inhospitable region of Borealis where he is expected to die of exposure. A fight for survival begins as he braves the dangers of an alien environment and attempts to restore power to an abandoned listening post, but his true salvation may lie in the planet’s mysterious natives.

Purple Heart

Moralez is horribly maimed when a recon mission in the Kruger system goes badly wrong, costing him both his limbs and his pride. His only hope for recovery lies in Kaisha, an alien doctor on the notorious Pinwheel station. With her help, he might be able to heal his body and his mind, but only if he can overcome his mistrust of her people.

Girls Night

“Normally boasting a reserved and guarded disposition, the Anubis has thrown caution to the wind in an all out display to impress her mate.” the youko said in a fairly convincing British accent, her tone and inflection sounding as though she was narrating a nature documentary.
“Not to sound too immodest, but I think this works on a number of levels for me…” the Anubis began confidently. “I simply adore the Desert Kingdom motif, the fiber feels nothing short of divine against my skin and I must say….”
“It compliments my ass rather nicely.” she smiled, thrusting her backside and tail out for emphasis.