Potting Lily

A girl with limited options volunteers to become a potted plant.

“Am I going to be stuck in this pot for a whole year?” I complained.

“Don’t worry,” Violet reassured me. “I spend most of my time out here in the garden. I’ll keep you company.”

“As you merge with the plant, you will establish a symbiotic relationship with it. Your body will provide for it, and it will provide for you. You will lead an exciting new life as the world’s first human-animal hybrid,” Dr. Spencer said proudly.

“Care to see what you look like?” Violet asked as some guy in a jumpsuit wheeled in a full-length mirror.

I shrugged. “Why not?”

My jaw dropped when I saw my reflection. I looked strangely beautiful, an exotic, alluring blend of girl and plant. The vines looked like they were a part of my skin rather than crudely attached. The leaves accentuated my curves, leaving me both covered and exposed at the same time. The strangest part by far was the look on my face. I looked content, even happy in my pot.

Dryad (Homorosa carolinaesapiens)

A brief overview of the alluring and seductive Homorosa carolinaesapiens, commonly known as dryad.

Common Name: Dryad, Nymph

Species: Homorosa carolinaesapiens

Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics: A dryad, also known as a nymph or plantgirl, is a humanoid cross-species with a unique set of floral traits and physiology. The most immediately obvious difference between a dryad and a human woman is her color. Her skin pigment consists of varying shades of verdant green, from bright emerald to deep forest. Her skin is also covered with a series of vines over varying thicknesses, which wrap around their thighs, torsos, arms. These vines grow both into and out of her skin and muscles, and are as sensitive to touch as the rest of her body.

Milk, Eggs, and Science

Day 107

Fortunately, you cannot rape the willing. I woke up coiled around Tom, incredibly horny and desperate for relief. I managed to coax his pants down to his ankles with nothing but my tail. I bit his shoulder. No idea why, but my venom seems to be an aphrodisiac. His cock grew hard immediately, and I kissed him deeply as I lowered my pussy onto it, crying out in joy as he penetrated me.

I was in heaven. He let me control everything, not that he had any choice in the matter. I had him wrapped up in my coils so tight that he couldn’t move an inch if I didn’t want him to. It was thrilling, having complete control. It’s never been like that for me with a man before. I wanted to savor every minute of it.

Harpy (Homoaves haliaeetosapiens)

A brief overview of the beautiful and intriguing Homoaves haliaeetosapiens, commonly known as harpy.

Common Name: Harpy, Birdgirl

Species: Homoaves haliaeetosapiens

Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics: A harpy, less commonly known as a birdgirl, is a humanoid cross-species with notable avian traits and physiology. The majority of a harpy’s body looks virtually identical to that of a human woman, with a few significant differences. Most obvious are her wings, which unlike the membrane wings of a dragoness or a succubus, are feathered extensions of her arms, with an average wingspan of approximately fifteen feet. Harpies also possess feathered tails, which are used in flight to change direction quickly. Last but not least are the feet, which transition from human legs at the base of the calves into scaled avian talons.

Side Effects

“Did you not read your contract?” he asked.

“What contract? She took a breast enhancement mutagen,” Sam insisted.

The doctor blanched. “Oh dear. That is unfortunate.”

“What is happening to me?” I demanded.

“Well, it seems as though you’ve stumbled across one vial from a lot of bovine mutagen that was reported missing a few weeks ago. This mutagen is very potent, very strictly regulated. It is a speciating mutagen, resulting in a fundamental change in the genetic and physical makeup of the subject it is administered to,” he explained.

“What does that mean?” Sam asked.

“It means that you are transforming into what is colloquially known as a cowgirl, a genetically engineered hybrid designed for maximized milk production.”

Cowgirl (Homobos taurusapiens)

A brief overview of the beautiful and alluring Homobos taurusapiens, commonly known as cowgirl / holstaur.

Common Name: Cowgirl, Holstaur

Species: Homobos taurusapiens

Gender: Female

Physical Characteristics: A cowgirl is a humanoid cross-species, with obvious bovine physiological traits. These traits include ivory horns of varying length, thickness, and coloration as well as large cow-like ears capable of changing direction in response sound and emotional reactions. Cowgirls also lack canines, possessing an additional set of molars in their place as well as an elongated tongue to aid in grazing. Cowgirls have Holstein patterned and fur pigmentation, soft fur covering the arms, legs, back, and buttocks, but notably absent from the face, neck, chest, abdominal and groin region.