Mors Funebris Finale, Part 3 of 8 (Arawn Cycle 43/Mara Cycle 14)

“If he succeeds in bridging our two worlds then every Nightbreed male will be Alped!” Huey continued shouting and gesticulating hysterically. “I don’t want to be a female!”
“What are you talking about!?” Horace demanded then, finally breaking his silence.

Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P-5. (Arawn Cycle 33/Mara Cycle 4)

“Is that a Sonic Screwdriver?” she asked him innocently. Secundus’ hand froze and he turned his head to glare at her.
“No. It is not.” He replied chillingly, and was about to say something more.
“Hmm, that is not a half bad idea.” Quintus interrupted, smiling. “Considering the current technological level of Earth as it is, I could just about craft one. Or at least a rudimentary version.” He continued, thinking about it.
“Oh! Why did you have to go and do that for?” Secundus moaned to Juanita. “Now he will be nothing but a pain until he actually succeeds at crafting one!” he gruffed.

Mors Funebris Chapter 3 P. 3 (Arawn Cycle 31/Mara Cycle 2)

“I SAID!” Arawn continued, while brandishing his gun at the stranger meaningfully, “IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” he shouted vehemently as he took a menacing step forward towards the stranger.The stranger made no reply. Instead, his already mocking smirk deepened considerably until it was an outright sneer.

Mors Funebris Ch. 3 P 2 (Arawn Cycle 30/Mara Cycle 1)

Right then, Juanita became aware of a coolness that enveloped her body by the sudden absence of her clothes. With some trepidation, she became aware that Mara was now tightly cupping one of her breasts with her hand, and had begun stroking her stiffened nipple with a loving touch of her thumb.

“What do we have here?” Mara asked rhetorically, after she pulled her mouth from Juanita’s, a rope of saliva connecting their lips.