Mors Funebris Finale, Part 2 of 8 (Arawn Cycle 42/Mara Cycle 13)

“Which people would that be?” Juanita asked, trying to get some clarification.
“Can you not tell?” The strange seeming girl asked. Juanita shook her head in negation. The girl looked surprised.
“I am an Annwyfn.” She informed her.

Mors Funebris Finale, Part 1 of 8 (Arawn Cycle 41/Mara Cycle 12)

“I cannot, nor will I ever condemn you for allowing yourself to be bound eternally to Mara.” He said approvingly.
“In fact, it is my fervent wish that you and Mara will continue happily with your relationship for a long time to come.” He finished.
“Then why were you condemning her just now?” Juanita asked

Mors Funebris Ch. 4, P. 1. (Arawn Cycle 37/Mara Cycle 8)

“I’mmmm soooo hiiiigggghhh!” she gushed out loud to no one in particular. Then her eyes began to turn red.
Everyone around Horace’s desk leaned in and waited for the LeAnan-Sidhe to continue. But after several seconds, it became clear that she was done speaking.
“Now as I was about to say,,..“ Arawn began, with a glance down towards the now thoroughly baked Stinker.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 8 (Arawn Cycle 28/Helvetia Cycle 18)

“I am Princess Romilia Smith de’ Cor’Meum. Daughter to the Queen of Hearts, Misrelda de’ Cor’dibus and the Human, Eric Smith… of the place called Earth.” 

“Earth!” Arawn gasped quietly in surprise, as did many of the surrounding Mamono courtiers.
‘A descendant of a denizen from one of the Earth-Shadows? This is decidedly most intriguing! I wonder how he managed to get here!? (1)’

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 6 (Arawn Cycle 26/Helvetia Cycle 16)

The Dragon then returned her attention back to Arawn.

“You!” she shouted angrily. “Do not think to soil me with your touch again Human!” she railed at him. But Arawn’s attention wasn’t on the outraged Dragon, instead it was still fixated on Jenny’s current actions.
She reached up and with a twist, removed the now useless cannon from her chest. Then she casually cast it aside. As he watched, Arawn noted that her chest-armor automatically began to cover the hole within seconds.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 5 (Arawn Cycle 25/Helvetia Cycle 15)

“OOoooohhh.” Tia moaned softly, as she closed all of her eyes when she rubbed those pliant regions between her major and minor labia. Shifting that wand over to one fist, she then reached up with her free arm and began to stroke her belly fur with a spread hand. There, she deliberately petted against the grain of her fur, eagerly enjoying the sensation of forcing her fur backwards. Why? Because, it always made her feel ‘naughty’.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 4 (Arawn Cycle 24/Helvetia Cycle 14)

“What are you going to do then?” Arawn demanded testily of her. The Jenny-unit lifted her head and looked at him neutrally.
“As per my programming, any non-human threats will be exterminated, *bzzt*.” She intoned, then paused as if in thought.
“Please remain still while I commence your extermination, *bzzzt*.”

Mors Funebris Ch. 1 P. 4 (Arawn Cycle 16/Helvetia Cycle 7)

Slowly shifting her awareness around, Winnie became aware that a pair of tentacles were relentlessly assaulting her nipples with an endless circling and suckling. A part of her mind shifted to the pair of tentacles that were now hammering her vagina with an alternating piston like invasion and retreat.

When one retreated, the other advanced, filling her to her upper limit of endurance. While simultaneously, a third tentacle had taken residence up inside her anus, twirling endlessly to and fro, driving her pleasure to an ever-higher plateau.

‘Where am I?’ she thought suddenly in desperation! ‘How did I get here?’ she said, trying to rally herself.

Mors Funebris Ch 1, P 3 (Arawn Cycle 15/Helvetia Cycle 6)

With one hand holding her current favorite dildo poised between her legs, and the other hand lightly stroking her chest and tummy, Winnie slowly lowered the glans-end of her dildo down to its intended target.

‘Oooooh!’ she moaned silently, as she began stroking her major labia with her dildo. ‘Aaaaahhh! This is just what I needed!’ she thought to herself, as her eyes rolled back into her head with the genital-sparkling pleasure. Her tongue lolled as she finally, spontaneously inserted the dildo’s glans-head fully into herself, stretching the minor labial lips. Then she moaned some more, as she enjoyed feeling it fill and widen her aperture to its limit.