A Man and His Hellhound

If you guys want a good mental image of what Beatrix looks like, here is a character profile I made

Standing at a little more than seven feet tall, the Hellhound towered over pretty much every single man she had ever been with, but that suited her just fine. Like all other Hellhounds, she was naturally very dominant towards her partners and if that height difference further accentuated that, so be it. Her skin was dark as midnight, a perfect ebony complexion that only further accentuated her outright scandalous curves and served to make her glowing red eyes, always lit up with mischief and lust, even more hypnotizing. Her face was beautiful, rivalling or perhaps even surpassing the most beautiful humans and succubi, sporting defined cheekbones, sultry eyes surrounded by long licks of orange flames reaching out past her head that somehow managed to make her look even sexier, a cute button nose and lush, full lips, beneath which were sharp, pure white fangs which contasted nicely with her dark complexion when she smiled. Her long red tongue, which she often used to lick her lips when she had found a tasty new prey, had been used with incredible skill and dexterity to milk the cum out of those she deemed worthy. Atop her head was a wild mane of pitch black hair, cascading across her forehead and down to the middle of her back, topped by her fluffy black ears, standing up straight at the top of her head. Nearly every monster girl has a point on their body unique to their physiology that is especially sensitive to touch, such as the tip of a Lamia’s tail or the wings of a Succubus, and Hellhound’s were no different, as a matter of fact, they had two. Just touching a Hellhound’s ears would make them squirm in pleasure, and actually stroking the soft fur of them would send their entire body into a state of bliss, and if a man were to grab their soft, fluffy tail by the base, right where it connects with her body just above her ass, no power in all the realms could stop them from cumming. Beatrix had these genetic weaknesses, these external pleasure centers, and had found out the hard way that hers were even more sensitive than most.

There were various other ways Beatrix differed from her brethren, but the most obvious example was her physique. Most Hellhounds were more on the slender side, petite and lithe in body shape if not height, but Beatrix was nothing like that. Beatrix had a body that would make any Amazonian green with envy. She was incredibly fit and well muscled, her stomach displaying rock hard abs so defined you could use them as a washboard, the hard muscle looking soft as iron and yet underneath such soft skin that the illusion of softness was maintained. Her arms were ripped, taut muscle rippling beneath her pitch skin, yet most of that was hidden by the smooth fur that covered nearly all of her arms, the downy black fur slowly turning a mauve colour leading down to her hands; large and similarly covered with soft hair, each finger tipped with a wickedly sharp purple claw that could rend a human warrior with a single swipe. The point where fur met skin was topped with massive tufts of the same mauve fur, looking almost like feathers and framing the toned muscles of her upper arm. Her legs were much the same, though expounded. Her thighs were massive, muscular and powerful, yet soft to the touch and entrancing. More than one human adventurer had sought her out solely to get his head between them. Like the arms, the soft skin eventually gave way to softer fur that lead down to strong paws tipped with purple claws like talons, although significantly more thigh was shown than upper arm with the fur only beginning just above her knees, showing off the entirety of her enticing thighs that lead to the even more enticing pussy, constantly wet and hot, though surprisingly free of much hair.

The hard muscled physique of her body did nothing to diminish her bust or ass, in fact it only made them appear even more plump and appealing by contrast. Her breasts were huge; at least as large as a human head and perfectly round, placed perfectly on her large frame without even a hint of sag, each one tipped with a delectable black nipple so sensitive to touch. These melons were perfectly framed by a small tuft of her directly above them, patterned to look almost like a lick of flame with it’s brilliant orange and red hues accentuating her bountiful, bouncy breasts beautifully. Her main asset, however, was her ass. It was huge, which was no surprise considering her wide, sumptuous hips, each perfect semicircle of ass dwarfing all but the largest cocks placed against it as humans were so eager to do with her. Despite it’s girth, they were perfectly shaped, as though it was sculpted perfectly by the God of Asses, which it may well have been, the huge mounds seeming to defy the concept of gravity.

Just above her ass sprouted her fluffy tail, fur of deepest midnight emerging into the dark scarlet of sunset as it neared the tip. She typically let this wander as she saw fit, flicking it this way and that in time with her movements, though if a man was doing especially good at making her feel good, she would wrap it around their waists and pull him in closer, not allowing him to leave until she was fully satisfied and there wasn’t a drip of cum left in the lucky lad.

All of this, topped with her near insatiability for sex of any and all kinds, was what made her considered the pinnacle of Hellhounds.

In short, she was the perfect, most sublime MILF of a monster girl Deidrich had ever known.

Can I Keep It, Chapter 6

Before you ask, the commissioner really liked the idea of a chapter that went in this direction. But before you complain to him, so did I. The Alps “Motherfucking cuntwaffles.” David stared at Farida for a moment, mind trying to get hold of that particular litany of curses, while she fiddled with her phone. “Oh…