Bake-Musu Annihilation Tournament. The Demon Goat of Hell Vs. Indomitable Juggernaut

Held once every 10 years, the Bake-Musu Annihilation Tournament takes place. A way for Monster girls to garner attention for themselves individually and for their species, contestants slug it out to see who makes it on top

Harem Heroes: The Heaven’s Gold Spear / Chapters 5-8

David, the wizard petrified for 3000 years, continues his journey without his magic. He learns quickly the lay of the new world, and becomes embroiled in the plot of a mysterious demon. A demon who knows about the Heaven’s Gold Spear.

The Tiny Swordsman Chapter 3

After my hard-won victory, my injuries were tended to without preamble. My left arm was reset and splinted with a large, chitin-like material which was then bound tightly with leather straps. My right shoulder was put into a gentle cloth sling. My groin was slathered in a putrid smelling salve, eliciting only the barest of…