Adventures Across Time – Returning to the Present (Results!)

I feel obligated to apologize profusely for the delay in finalizing this contest. Part of this delay was due to me suddenly coming down with sickness the previous week. Now I must say that there was a lot of enthusiasm in the community for this competition’s writing prompt, however, other obligations in life obstructed many of our potential contestants. Thus, the turnout ended up being dismally below my expectations. But despite this, I am remaining a man of my word, so instead of cancelling the competition the contestants that did participate will be rewarded.

  • First Place goes to long time writer of this site Coyo with the Time Squad-esque romp Chrono-Crisis.
  • Second Place goes to a newcomer to our community that (currently) goes by SuperDan56 on Discord with the western Love Birds.
  • Third Place goes to a writer with a bright future in this community, Laaren, with the story Perspective
  • Fourth Place unfortunately goes to no one.

The Judges for this competition were myself and the writers Monte Carlo (a certified Historian) and Sukiru Ikeda. The two entries were rated on two 5 point scales, one for overall plot and the other for the overall utilization of history.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution. Despite the poor turnout for this competition I look forward to hosting another writing event in the future and hope that historical fiction will continue to find an audience on TFT.

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