Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol.1 Review

You are thrown into familiar waters with this collection of legendary ladies. The bindings of this book contain 100 illustrations of beautiful Monsters Girls in all shapes and sizes.
You learn in-depth about each girl and the lore that follows them. Each of these lustful ladies has many ways of pleasing their men that humans can only dream of.  Slimes, Succubi, Werewolves, Vampires, and many more.

The book also gives you insight to the world these sex hungry demons live in, pulling you deep into a magical realm forbidden pleasure. You receive insight into the many areas in this realm such as: Under the sea, The Zipangu region, and even the Demon Realm.


I would recommend this book for any Monster Girl lover who desires to know more about the topic.

For those who would like to order this book, you may order it on Amazon.

~Sukiru Ikeda

One thought on “Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol.1 Review

  1. Nice hardcover. Alas, the Great Maou’s enchantment seems to have worn off on my copy.

    I don’t suppose I could exchange my copy for one that does have it?

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