Your Drunk Mistress


(Character in the cover by Kenkou Cross)

After a long day of cleaning his Dark Elf Mistresses home. Matt crawled into his queen size bed, then covering himself up with the simple plain white sheets and black comforter. Matt was a simple teen, short black hair, slim non muscular body, pale white skin due to being kept indoors, and green eyes. He was kept by a Dark Elf who became his owner after she rescued him from being raped by a group of three blue slime girls. His Mistresses name was Sara but he was never allowed to call her that, he called her “Mistress” or “Master”. “Time for a good nights sleep.” Matt said in a quite tone before closing his eyes to drift away to dreamland.

While Matt rested in his bedroom, his mistress had left for tonight to go out for some fun. A few hours later the front door opened and his mistress stumbled into the home clearly after having one too many drinks. “N-Need sex.” she said as she kicked off her heels on to the black leather couch in the center of the living room in front of the 60 inch flat screen TV. “Mmm Matt, tonight is your lucky night.” she whispered as she slowly walked through the house clutching the clean white walls that Matt had wiped down today. Her journey to her pets room wasn’t without casualty, meaning several paintings and candle holders met the floor on the way to fulfill her lust.

“Oh my pet I am coming in.” Sara said opening Matt’s door instantly waking him up. Matt rolled over on his back before leaning up out of his soft mattress only to see his mistress standing in the doorway. Sara was a very beautiful elf, she had the lovely dark brown skin, long shoulder-blade length black hair, a pretty nice bust roughly a DD cup, a nice and thick frame very noticeable in the thigh and ass region, and beautiful hazel eyes. “Mistress?” Matt asked standing up out of his bed having his feet touch the cold floor. Sara stumbled over closer to him nearly falling over once saying “No my lovely pet, get back in bed”. Matt knew she had been drinking heavily, she never was this nice, she normally kept a cold and serious tone any other time.

“As you wish Mistress.” Matt said as he sat back down in his bed then reaching over to fluff his pillows. Sara stumbled closer to him eventually reaching him then falling over into his bed before saying “Tuck me in my sweet pet, I am sleeping here tonight”. Matt was a bit confused of what to make of this situation, if his mistress woke up tomorrow in bed with him she would freak out so he decided to make a suggestion of “Mistress would you rather me carry you to your room”? Sara looked at him before saying “No my pet I said I wanted to sleep here and I gave you an order to tuck me into bed so do it”! Matt looked shocked still to her request, but he had to do it.

After moving his mistress until she was comfortable he covered her up with his sheets and blanket, he joined her on his own side of the bed. “Goodnight Mistress.” Matt said turning away from her. Sara rolled over looking at Matt before wrapping on of her arms around him and draping a leg over his cuddling him then saying “I want a nightcap before we sleep”. Matt was a bit confused to what she just said he figured she was just drunk and confused, he still had to answer her so he asked “What do you mean by a nightcap”? Sara giggled and nuzzled her face in his back before saying “A nightcap would just be another drink, but I have something different in mind”.

Matt still having no idea what she ment by a different nightcap so he asked “What do you mean Mistress”? Sara giggled once more before crawling over Matt’s shirtless body and laying him on his back than saying “Tonight is your lucky night my pet, I am drunk and horny, and I need to have sex”. Matt froze in place in the bed just staring up at his beautiful mistress in her tight black dress. Sara smiled at him before reaching behind her neck to unzip the dress. The dress fell from her shoulders exposing her large and bouncy breasts with dark brown nipples. “I take it you like what you see by that expression.” Sara said giggling then climbing on top him then sitting in his lap. Matt couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts, he had always fantasized about being with her and now he was getting his shot even if she is completely drunk.

“Oh my sweet little pet come on give me a kiss.” Sara said now slightly slurring her s’s a bit before leaning down to his lips kissing him deeply with her still red lipstick coated lips. Matt kissed her back just as deep as he smelled the alcohol off of her breath. “M-M-Mistress you are really drunk.” Matt said while Sara moved the blankets from off of him now leaving him in his underwear. Sara rolled her eyes at his words before leaning back down and locking lips with him once more than slipping her tongue into his mouth. Matt knew he’d never have another chance to do this so as her tongue entered his mouth he massaged his tongue on her’s. As Sara jabbed and prodded her tongue around her pet’s mouth he was inhaling and tasting her alcohol tainted breath. While the sloppy drunk making out was going on between both of them Matt gently placed his hands on Sara’s ass before gently squeezing enjoying the feeling of her thickness.

Sara felt him touch her ass and broke the kiss before saying while leaning up “I didn’t tell you to touch me now did I”? Her normal side is coming in along with her drunk half. Matt sighed sadly and removed his hands from her ass before saying “I am sorry Mistress, I just figured you’d like it”. Sara smiled before taking his hands and placing them on her breasts then saying “You can touch my ass later, right now my tits are the ones who want your attention”. Matt then smiled up at her while groping her pillow soft breasts. Sara moaned gently before reaching down grabbing her pet’s length through his shorts and saying “Mmm you are nice and ready, and we haven’t even done anything yet”. He looked up at her now blushing a deep red while still grabbing her breasts and rubbing her nipples with his palms.

Sara looked down at him as he laid there frozen and blushing before saying “We should just get to it sweetie”. Matt then removed his hands from her breasts and leaned up off the pillow he was laying on. His face brushed against her breasts a bit when he leaned up. “Such a good boy, I never thank you for all you do so I will now, thank you.” Sara whispered very lustful as she leaned up and began peeling off the rest of her dress leaving herself in a pair of really small black lace panties. “W-Wow you look incredible.” Matt said reaching down and taking off his underwear for her leaving himself completely nude in bed for her.

“You must be so pent-up after all this time here, I wonder how much you will release inside me.” Sara said as she smiled seductively removing her panties exposing her wet and bare pussy. Matt looked at her confused for a second before asking “Wait inside you, I will get you pregnant, are you sure”? Sara climbed back on top of Matt grabbing his rock hard length and slipping it inside of her gasping loudly and saying “Don’t worry about it my darling pet, everything will be taken care of”. Sara’s insides felt like heaven. Matt’s rock hard shaft felt like it was being sucked on as his mistress bounced up and down while making sure every inch exited and entered with each movement. “Ahh it feels incredible.” Matt moaned deeply reaching up and grabbing her huge melons. Sara looked deeply at Matt the whole time as she bounced up and down on him moaning the phrase “Ah good boy, you are such a good pet”.

The bed creaked, the wet slapping sounds were loud, and both of them moaning each others names made Matt feel like the happiest person on earth. Matt looked up at her still groping and massaging her breasts deeply before saying “I-I feel like I am going to cum Mistress”. Sara smiled and gasped feeling Matt’s clear and hot precum getting shot inside her before adding “G-Good boy, but you don’t cum until I do”. Matt wasn’t used to having this kind of pleasure he couldn’t hold back from doing what he was just told not to do. “S-S-Sorry Mistress I am cumming!” he moaned as he grabbed the bed sheets hard then blowing a massive load of sticky, hot, white semen deep inside of her possibly entering her womb.

When Matt came inside her before Sara could protest him defying him, she leaned down and roughly kissed him with her still alcohol tainted breath, and dug her nails into his chest drawing blood. Once the kiss broke Matt cringed a bit from seeing the open wounds on his chest. Sara looked at him, she was blushing a deep red which is something she never did. “G-G-Good boy you are lucky I came too.” she said leaning back down and began to kiss his neck gently. “Mmm you taste so good my pet, we will be playing again if you play your cards right.” Sara added before pulling his rod out of her and feeling his seed flow from her to start trailing down her inner thigh.

Matt was exhausted he couldn’t even respond to her, he simply closed his eyes before quickly passing out asleep. “My sweet pet you earned a good nights rest.” Sara whispered before also collapsing in bed with him cuddling her nude body with his. Morning came quicker than expected, Sara woke up first and seeing her pet’s nude body along with her being naked. “What in the hell happened?!” she yelled ripping the blanket off of him exposing his nude body. Matt woke up the second he heard her yell, he knew it was coming in the morning. “M-Mistress you came home last night really drunk and horny, so me and you had sex last night.” Matt said smiling nervously but still looking at her beautiful body. Sara sighed and smiled before saying “I knew it was only a matter of time, I hope it was good because you owe me more when I require it, now get up and get to work on my breakfast!”. Matt sat shocked at hearing those words well at least he wasn’t being punished so that is good, he simply spoke to her in a soft voice saying “T-Thank you Mistress, I loved it and I will do my best to keep you pleased in every way you wish”.



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  1. Hmm. Nothing has changed from the last time you posted this here. I’ll just reiterate things I said about the first paragraph:

    1. The first sentence is a fragment
    2. There is too much description of the main character in one sentence. Try spacing it out
    3. Start a new paragraph every time a character speaks
    4. Edit “Sukiru” out of the last sentence of the first paragraph

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