Year Of The Snek

With a shuddering sigh, I finally manage to calm my trembling hand long enough to get the key into the lock before opening the door to my apartment, quickly stumbling inside before shutting out the howling cold of a New Year’s Eve storm. I exhale again, composing myself for a few moments before removing the layers of winter clothing I had on earlier. A minute or so later, I finally manage to take off my boots and put them away before looking around at the inside of my apartment. Or more specifically, the rather large and inhuman occupant that is currently taking up the entire couch in the living room.

Stretched out across the width of the sofa is my lamia girlfriend Selina. Well, she’s not entirely a lamia. While she does have the lower body of a serpent, it’s much larger than a typical lamia’s thanks to the fact that several generations of her mother’s family had previously lived in central Southern America before moving up north to the U.S.. If I had to guess her lower body is around thirty five feet long, and while she’s never told me how much she weighs (and I suspect she never will), she has to weigh nearly eight hundred pounds. Her snake half is also covered in snow white fur with baby blue accents and highlights, rather than scales. She also has some of that same thick white fluff on her arms, starting from about her elbow and going on to cover her forearm and hands; she also has hands more akin to the paws on a yeti than regular human appendages.

The rest of her body is fairly average for a lamia, if not slightly more “generous” in certain areas than others. She has the same elfin ears as other lamiae, and the waist-length hair on her head is the same white-and-blue combination as the fur on her snake tail, much like how the hair on a regular lamia matches or closely resembles the color of her scales. Her unblemished human skin is a rich mocha brown, although most of it is covered up by the thick woolen sweater she’s currently wearing. Her alluring hips are perfectly wide, and her soft, cushiony rear end accents her feminine curves to an almost criminal degree.

Two of my favorite parts about her body, however, are the incredibly soft and absolutely massive pillows she calls her breasts. Neither of us are entirely sure if it’s because she got lucky with genetics or the fact that she’s had a sweet tooth for holstaur milk ever since she was an infant, or perhaps both, but Selina’s chest would put even some cowgirls to shame. They constantly stretch out whatever shirt or sweater she’s wearing, and each breast is easily bigger than an average-sized watermelon.

As I stand there staring at my voluptuous snake girlfriend, she looks over her shoulder, smiling softly when she notices me standing in the entryway. I smile back, walking over to the couch and wrap my arms around her shoulders before giving her a loving kiss.

Selina looks into my eyes for a few moments after I break the kiss before pulling me back in for another one. “Welcome back honey,” she says softly after letting me go. “How was work today?”

“Alright, I suppose,” I respond, heading over to the kitchen to make something hot to drink for the two of us. “It was more of a pain getting home actually.”

“That bad outside, huh?”

“Oh, like you would know Selina. All you’ve done for the past week is sit in our nice, warm apartment while I have to go outside in the cold to go to work so we can actually live here,” I retort sarcastically. “But yes, it’s pretty bad.” I say as I turn the stove on.

“Meanie,” Selina pouts, crossing her arms over her impressive bust and turning away from me.

“I love you too dear,” I say, chuckling as I hear her mumble the same thing. Shaking my head, I walk out of the kitchen and down the hall to our bedroom to fish out a few extra blankets from the closet.


After retrieving the extra blankets from the bedroom closet, I head back into the living area and put them down on the coffee table in front of the couch before walking back to the kitchen to tend to the hissing teapot on the stove. After making two mugs of hot chocolate, one mixed with holstaur milk and a dash of peppermint for Selina and another without the milk for me, I add the miniature marshmallows before gingerly walking over to the couch before handing my girlfriend her drink. She smiles warmly, placing her mug on the nearby end-table before lifting the blanket off of her and slowly pulling me down into her lap before wrapping her fuzzy serpentine tail around my legs and waist and allowing me to rest my head on her warm, pillowly bosom.

As I pull the blanket back over us, Selina snuggles ever so slightly into the couch cushions, making herself more comfortable before picking her mug of hot chocolate back up and taking a sip.

“I always like this time of year,” Selina sighs as she clutches her mug. “I get to be nice and cozy inside while it’s cold outside,” she says as she leans forward to give me a peck on the cheek, “and I get to cuddle all the time with my one and only,” she whispers in my ear.

“I do have to admit, it is nice having a tatzelwurm for a girlfriend,” I respond. “She’s all warm and fluffy, and isn’t afraid to pull me in for hours and hours of snuggling,” I say, looking into Selina’s soft blue eyes before kissing her deeply. “I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie,” she responds, holding me close to her thick body. “Do you mind if we watch some more Homelands?” Selina asks.

“Again? You’ve been watching nothing but that dumb show about orcs for the last month,” I groan. “Besides, you know I don’t like the show.”

“But I want to catch up before the new season comes out!” my girlfriend begs, pleading with me.


“Please?” Selina pouts, looking at me with pursed lips as she gives me kobold puppy eyes.

“Alright, fine,” I concede, gasping in slight pain when she envelopes me in a soft but tight hug.

“Yay!” You’re the best sweetie!” Selina says, giving me a hefty smooch. I look back at her with an annoyed expression, making her blush slightly before I pull her in for a hug, cuddling up with her warm body.


Sometime later, I check the time on my phone and notice that there’s only about ten minutes left before the calendar rolls over. “Ready to watch the ball drop Selina?” I ask, freeing myself from her grasp after having been stuck for the past few hours.

“I suppose so,” she giggles before giving me another quick smooch.

After struggling to find the remote, finding it in between two of the couch cushions, I turn the television on to the Times Square livestream in New York City before downing the rest of my hot chocolate and snuggling up with Selina. A few minutes later, Selina tugs at my arms while looking at me pleadingly, and I groan softly before rolling over to face her just as the countdown starts. I peer into her sparkling blue eyes, looking at the woman I fell in love with all those months ago. Selina looks back at me with equal admiration, her eyes sparkling with pure joy as I gently caress her cheek.

Right as the fireworks and sparklers start, we slowly lean towards each other, our eyes fluttering closed as we gently press our lips together as we welcome in the new year in our own special way. Selina wraps her strong, fluffy arms around me and hauls me closer to her as her tail constricts ever so slightly around my legs as if she’s afraid of letting me go. Eyes still closed, I let my hand glide down her torso before I find the hem of her sweater, and I slip my hand under the woolen fabric. As my hand slides back up her body, Selina starts pressing herself against me, hungrily kissing me over and over again before she stops with a short gasp when my hand reaches her hefty breasts.

She slowly opens her eyes to look up at me before giving me a mischievous smirk, and she pulls me away from her with her tail before stripping off her sweater and dragging me back in. She gives me another passionate kiss while forcibly removing my own shirt before moving her fluffy paws down to my beltline. Her tail uncoils from around my legs just long enough for her to remove my pants and underwear before trapping me back in her fuzzy embrace after having thoroughly denuding the two of us.

Kissing me yet again, Selina brushes her soft paws across my member, causing it to slowly harden as she massages my crotch. Not wanting to be left out, I manage to free my arms from her constricting coils and occupy myself by playing with her immense chest, making her gasp and moan into my mouth as we lock lips over and over again.

As my girlfriend continues to caress my nethers, I let out a small moan of pleasure as my member twitches in between Selina’s furry digits. Looking up at me with a lecherous grin, she positions my manhood right at the entrance to her pussy before tightening her thick tail around me, causing me to slip inside her wet channel. Holding me close, Selina gently presses my face into her warm cleavage as I instinctively wrap my arms around her torso. She follows me closely by wrapping me almost entirely in her feathery coils, leaving only my head free as she lets out low moans of pleasure.

As Selina holds me tightly against her, I can feel her inner walls constricting and rippling along the length of my shaft, milking me for my seed as Selina’s tail muscles undulate around me, giving me a full body massage to go with the full body hug and passionate love making. Sooner than I would have liked, I can feel my groin tightening up slightly before I groan in bliss, shooting my cum directly into my girlfriend’s pussy. She coos into my ear, stroking my hair with one of her large paws, occasionally gasping in delight as I spurt another load of my seed into her.

Even after I finish climaxing, Selina holds me close against her as her exotic pussy keeps my manhood rock hard. Her slick channel continues to ripple along my shaft, the already sensitive organ set alight with new electric sensations as her body coaxes out another orgasm from me. I moan pathetically into her deep cleavage as I ejaculate inside her pussy for the second time, but Selina simply coos softly, ensuring me that everything’s going to be okay as her wet love tunnel starts working on milking a third load of cum from me.

My girlfriend’s breathing starts to become slightly more labored as her body continues to massage me all over, and I can feel her pussy trembling slightly faster as she moves ever so slightly towards her own orgasm. As I feel a third climax welling up within me, Selina relaxes her grasp ever so slightly, letting me move my hips finally and allowing me to properly make love to her. She pulls me away from her squishy bosom and hauls me in for a wet and passionate kiss, tenderly holding my face in her soft, fuzzy paws as she lets herself go. Her considerable breasts wobble slightly as the sofa starts to creak softly under our love-making, and I reach forward and mash my lips against hers hungrily, overtaken by lust and love.

Without warning, she breaks the kiss and cries out loudly, her entire body constricting around me almost painfully as her pussy spams around my throbbing shaft. I manage to slip my arms out from her strong coils, and I reach forward to grab her soft paws just as she falls over the edge. Selina instinctively throws her head back into the pillow resting on the couch, crying out in bliss as I join her and orgasm for the third time, filling her up with my seed.

Several minutes later she finally comes down from her orgasmic high to the point where she uncoils her body from around me slightly, allowing me to adjust myself to a more comfortable position but still keeping me as close to her as possible. Panting with exhaustion, I rest my head on her large chest as she hugs me softly, enjoying the warmth of her skin and the almost inaudible sound of her strong heartbeat. Eventually sleep starts to overtake me, and I shift my body so that more of my weight is in her lap.

As I snuggle up in Selina’s lap, I hear her let out a soft, content sigh as her soft arms encompass me. “I love you sweetie,” Selina whispers.

I raise my head up off her plump bust and look her in the eye again. “I know Selina, I know,” I whisper back, caressing the side of her face with one hand as we share a tender, yet loving smooch. “I love you too.”

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