Wizardquest 2: Chapter 22 [End] & Epilogue- Rock Comes to Rest

Full of questions and renewed determination, you set out the next morning to head back to the Mountain pass. Angling more to the southwest, you pass close enough to see the Chasm again to it’s end before angling directly south. You have no further nighttime visitors after the first attempt on your life though you’re not certain why not. If Phallia could try and be rid of you without anyone finding out, why wouldn’t she just obliterate you?

The Grand Wizard suspects it’s due to her leaving a magical signature upon you that Nerg could detect when you cross over. It’s just speculation, but if that were the case then she couldn’t hide her involvement from him and it would fall back on her. Either way, you set up stronger watch and Tabitha locks you in place with her legs when the two of you go to sleep. It is at once endearing and incredibly uncomfortable, but at least you’re not going anywhere.

Due to your change of course, you end up not passing through Gahn again. Of course, since it’s so small, it would be easy to pass the village up with a minor course correction, but you’d rather make better time home. You’ve said what you need to say to Chike, might as well leave it at that for now. You’ll return someday, if the Gods are benevolent… though now that you think it, they very well may not be.

It takes a few days but you eventually reach the trading outpost on the border between Deleor and Ectria. You make one final stop that evening to resupply and get your things in order before making your way to the border pass the next morning. The curious thing about this outpost are the newer additions between your visit before and now. Much to even the surprise of the citizens, you find Wurms slithering around town.

None of them seem to recognize you, though you’re not certain they’ve been looking for you. Asking the innkeeper where you’re staying (and have smuggled in Helene) you find out that they recently migrated in some numbers to this part of Ectria. Finding the climate agreeable, they caused a nuisance for a few days before being given physical labor to perform. They took to this quite well and have actually been readily accepted by some people. You’re not surprised to hear that not a few of them have found men to be with as well- though the language barrier is… odd at times. Ah, they’re Wurms so it’s fine.

When you reach the checkpoint next morning the guards present are different than those you saw before. The people present seem sharp and committed to their tasks and you see more than a few detained slaver carts. Seems harpy word does travel fast here and Ammon’s connections must easily have moved for less corrupt officials. Good to see he’s not going back on his word after all!

They wave you through without issue and you head back into the mountain pass. Though you know you’re not yet in Deleor, it feels… somehow different crossing that threshold. It’s as if you took a step through a door outside the house you’ve been in for years. It’s at once disorienting and exhilarating as it finally hits you that you’re going home. That begs the question though… where is home for you?

As you ride along in the wagon, thinking this over you pose the question to Tabitha who thinks about it deeply herself. Folding her hands in her lap she says, “I’m not certain really. I know we mentioned it but… neither of us really has a place we belong, do we?”

“I have the place I lived back in Deleor.” You say. “But it’s not really meant for a uh… well, a family.”

Tabitha’s eyes widen for a moment before she looks down, smiling. Her hands fidget in an uncharacteristic way as she says, “A family, huh?”

“Well, we are married so… I mean, I’d hope you’d want to-“

“Of course I want a family.” She says, and you realize she’s on the verge of tears. “It just never… never really occurred to me that I could have one is all.”

“Well, you can, and you ah, well, you will.”

“Get a room.” Helene groans, rolling her eyes.

“We’re trying to think of a good place to make that happen.” You shoot back, to which Helene smirks.

“Mmm, fair enough. I suppose I’m in a similar boat, nowhere really to go.”

“There’s always Blackfire Reach.” Tabitha says, shrugging. “The place is great for reptile Monsters and will certainly have an influx of people coming here shortly. At the very least it’s a temporary place.”

Helene considers this for a moment before frowning. “Well, if it’s so nice, why don’t the two of you live there?”

Both you and Tabitha exchange looks. You’d considered it but…

“Well, there will be a lot of families starting up there…” You say.

“They’ll need strong people and someone familiar with the earth…” She says.

“Plenty of fighting to keep things in check…”

“Lots of rocks…”

The two of you cross your arms and deliberate on this in deep thought until Erwin saunters in between you two and plops down, yawning. He sends, {It’s pretty warm there. Nice and cozy for naps, if smelly. Sure, let’s live there.}

{Hey, you can’t decide-}

He gives you a flat look. Welp, maybe he can decide.

Tabitha chuckles at your resigned expression before taking your hand. “Blackfire Reach it is.” She smirks, “Besides, it’s where we met after all.”

“Huh… so it was.” You say. “So it was…” It seems like so long ago that you were last there, fighting against the Wurm Queen to return the Reach back to its ancestral people. You know Tabitha didn’t want to say it, but returning to such a home and raising a new generation in the ways of the Lizardmen appealed to her greatly. You really can’t blame her and frankly it would make you part of history. Something about that tickles you pretty for some reason.

When the wagons stop for the evening in the Outpost between the two borders. You arrive wary, however the Deleorian guards present shy away when they notice you. You see a few familiar faces and sigh in disappointment. It seems more work is to be needed on your side to get things in order, but at least you have the leader of the Monster Nation who can speak with the King. Helene draws a few stares from the guards but no Ectrians seem to be in attendance today so there doesn’t seem to be any problems with her in plain sight, something she feels rather good about.

Once settled in, the first thing you do is open your [Port-O-Glass] alongside the Grand Wizard. The man’s fingers move over the runic keys with impressive skill as he pulls up information about what’s been happening in Deleor. He whistles softly and waves over his wife who reads the information with a look of worry.

“Blasted fools in Galmathoria.” She mutters, reading over reports in the country. “Look at the damage they’ve caused. Damnit, we should have been there to keep everything in line.”

“Looks like there’s still things for us to do.” The Grand Wizard says, nodding his head. “We’ll need to hurry back to Sanctifrond and get things in order. I’m afraid we can’t go home yet, though I honestly have no idea where Chaika or- oh hells.”

The man hurriedly accesses his leymail and curses. “This is going to take for fucking ever to read through. Fucking hells.” He shakes his head and just decides to type one mail before passing it to his wife who does the same on her own account. “At least everyone knows we’re not dead now.”

“That’s good.” You say, worried about the damage done in Deleor. What would have happened in the Grand Wizard and Selene had never gone to Ectria? If the Pharaoh attacked while this was happening? Or perhaps this never would have happened at all.

Questions without answers, unfortunately. You’re merely left with the present you have now and the future you want to make going forward. Still, you ask if there’s anything you and Tabitha can do with all of this.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but not really. Most of this is politics.” The Grand Wizard sighs. “Besides, you two deserve a break, some happiness.”

“If you need a place to stay, there’s rooms in Sanctifrond I can get for you in the Embassy.” Selene says. “For Helene as well. As far as I’m concerned you are friends of the Monster Nation.”

“About that…” You begin before telling them of your intentions. Both the Grand Wizard and Selene smile at the suggestion, finding it a great one for the two of you.

“Good, live your life, look to the future.” Selene says.

“Having a family is a joy that you can’t understand until you have it.” The Grand Wizard says. “And should Phallia or Galmathoria or anyone cause trouble, I’ll know where to find a dependable ally. You’re really not that far away.”

“I suppose.” You chuckle. “I think we’ll have to go to Deleor every now and then, but for now-“

“You have more important things to worry about.” Selene says, cutting you off.

“Besides.” The Grand Wizard says, shrugging. “There’s always the leymail and El Dorito. Speaking of which…” He gets your leymail address and sends you a message with his, Selene’s and their daughter’s leymail. “There, now we’re all in touch.”

“Thank you.” You say, nodding to him. “This means a lot.”

“Yep, which means you better invite us when Tabitha pops one out.” He says, giving you a big grin.


“And I’ll know when it’s happening! I have to come service her legs every now and then anyway!”


“That’s just who is he.” Selene says, patting your shoulder. “And I guess I love him for it.”

The three of you laugh at that and spend the rest of the evening getting caught up with the events in Deleor and what it all means in the future. None of you want to say it, but you have a feeling that something big is going to happen soon. Something which Phallia eluded to, but didn’t outright say. If… not, WHEN the time comes, you’ll all be ready.

The next morning both you and Tabitha deliver the news to the rest of the group. While disappointed, they all understand, though Sylphie has to try not to look like she’s going to cry. Sophie shakes your hand before sighing and giving you a hug while her sister outright hugs you enough to make it hurt a little. Alice nods to you and Tabitha, giving the two of you a worthy send off.

“When I next see you, I’m going to be the better swordswoman.” She says to Tabitha, who merely smirks and says,

“Is that a challenge?”

“You bet you scaly ass it is.”

Surprisingly Mr. Ed walks up after the farewells by the twins and Alice, the horse stands before you to look down into your eyes. Snorting, he lowers his head and touches it to your forehead. It shocks you to hear a strong, masculine voice in your mind say,

{It was an honor, Wizard Rommel. You have done well by the young ones and I hope one day we can meet again.}

You stare at him in shock as he pulls away and wickers before walking over to Sylphie and nuzzling her shoulder. With their farewells said, the Grand Wizard and Selene usher the others onto the wagons, leaving the four of you to travel on your own to Blackfire Reach.

You settle everyone upon a large section of stone you plan to cast <Rock Slide> on and sigh. Tabitha touches your shoulder and asks, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Just… overwhelmed.”

“Me too.” She says, leaning her head on your shoulder. “But I’m also excited.”

Chuckling at that, you slide the rock forward, off toward Blackfire Reach.


The journey there is relatively short and, surprisingly, easier than before. Many of the random rocks lining the pathway have been removed and you see the signs of wagon wheels in the dirt. Though you see no one else on the path, clearly people have been moving through recently. Something else you see that surprises and worries you are the signs of Wurm tracks, fresh too. So some of them are still around here then…

You arrive at the massive gates before Blackfire Reach to find them closed. Looking between yourselves, you stop and get off the rock, walking toward the gates. As you approach a Wurm sticks her head out from the side of the gate. Her eyes go wide and she says, “Woooaaah, it’s Sveth! He’s back!”

“Huh? What are you talking about, that’s just a man.” Another voice calls. A moment later a black haired Lizardman with red scales pops her head out from the other side of the gate. She looks at all of you for a moment before her eyes go wide. “Holy hells, is that the Wanderer?”

Tabitha blinks in surprise. “Another Lizardman? Here so soon.”

The other Lizardman nods from her post on the gate and says, “Let me get this gate open! Chello, get your side working!”

“Right-right!” The Wurm replies, and a moment later the gate grinds open. The Lizardman appears soon after, beaming as she walks up and takes Tabitha’s hand.

“A pleasure to meet you. My name is Jeanne.”

“Well met, but what’s going on here?”

The Lizardman smiles and waves you inward. “Oh, you’re going to love this.”


As you walk through the other gates you gain more and more of a following. A mix of both Lizardmen and wurms trail you, as well as many human men and women. You spy some younger Lizardmen in the crowd too and it begins to dawn on you just how many have already arrived here. You didn’t think you were gone long enough to gather so many people but you’ll be damned if they didn’t arrive in droves.

The city itself looks much changed as well. Under the direction of the Lizardmen, many of the Wurms who hadn’t left the city for whatever reason instead turned their destructive tendencies to rebuilding. With the help of the Lizardmen, they’d begun repairing much of the broken structures and they now look lived in somehow. Perhaps the years of banishment into Deleor had gained a new found appreciation for color, but a sense of vibrant life exudes this city now.

Tabitha takes you hand and squeezes hard the more she sees, tears forming in her eyes. She even puts a hand to her mouth at one point as she sees one of the ancient statues (somewhat) formed back into a semblance of it’s former glory.

Jeanne leads the four of you to the Palace where you find, much to your surprise, Emphrasea, Queen of the Wurms present and speaking with both Wurms and Lizardmen. At your approach their conversation stops and the Lizardmen bow with respect to Tabitha while the Wurm Queen does the same. She licks her lips and looks to Tabitha before gulping.

“You’ve… returned so soon.”

“You’re still here.” Tabitha says with a flat voice.

“You have to understand.” Emphrasea says, holding out her scaled hands. “Some of my people left for Ectria, but without you present here to make them go and myself in poor condition, I found it difficult to make more leave. When the first Lizardmen came, I also needed to keep them from fighting between each other and one thing lead to another and…”

“And we’re working with them to rebuild.” A younger, yellow scaled Lizardman says, introducing herself as Lorielle. “My husband and I had learned that we were welcome here again and came as soon as we could. Though the stories my mother told me of the Wurms filled me with worry, I’ve found that once we could talk with each other, we can come together and work to make this city great again.”

The man next to her in the uniform of the Order of the Heroic Brotherhood introduces himself as Jake and says, “The Order is keeping an eye on things and is supplying trade to the city as Deleor desperately needs the ore and gold here. People who want to escape the conflict between Galmathoria and Deleor have come here in addition to the displaced Lizardmen as well as those who just want a new life.”

Emphrasea shrugs. “I’m told even the descendent of the last Queen has been found too. Perhaps she will come of her own volition someday.” She cocks her head and asks then, “What brings you back here if I may ask.”

Tabitha looks to you and you nod, squeezing her hand reassurance for once. Things aren’t exactly as she thought they’d be, but you’re both here and Blackfire Reach is on the path to being on the map again. Still, you leave it to her if she wishes to stay and she knows this just by your touch.

Taking a deep breath, Tabitha sighs out and says. “I’m here to finally stop my Wandering. If you’d have me, let myself and my husband stay here and help build a new home.”

The assembled peoples and Monsters welcome all of you, Helene included, with open arms.


You flop down upon the bed and let out a groan. It’s been a week since you’ve been in Blackfire Reach and you still don’t have a house of your own. Most of the usable rooms have been taken already and both you and Tabitha agreed it would be fine to stay in one of the guest rooms of the Palace for now. Thankfully the beds here are still very comfortable and you appreciate the soft blankets after your day.

Despite your recovery period, your geomancy is in high demand so you’ve sucked it up and gone to work in the mines and around the city. It’s rewarding work helping everyone, but man does it leave you tired. Still, you feel your recovery is going well and you even tried to eat whole food yesterday with success.

Rolling onto your back, you hear the door to the bedchamber open and you look up to see Tabitha enter, a smile on her face. Feeling a smile come to your lips as well, you wave for her to come over and she does, sliding up onto the bed next to you and snuggling in.

“How was your day, oh great Wanderer?” You ask her.

She rolls her eyes. “Ugh, not you too. Everyone calls me that still and I have to pretend I don’t care about the title.”

“They look up to you though.”

“I know, I know. It’s nice being on the council to get things in order, but it can be taxing mentally.” She rubs at her temples and then sighs. “At least I hear things are going well for you?”

“Pretty good. Cleared out another mineshaft with the Wurm crew and helped restore a few levels of a building. Things are moving well here.”

“Good to hear. How about your sister?”

“Oddly enough the children ADORE her. She’s taken a liking to babysitting and interacting with the children of all kinds.”

“Huh, interesting.” Tabitha says. “Maybe she feels protective of them like she did with you?”

“I guess, but she’s still a little clingy.” You chuckle before looking about. “Have you seen Erwin?”

“I’ve seen him sauntering about this place and riding on Wurms like he owns the Palace. He’s having way too much fun out here.”

“Hmm.” You say. “I should find a vixen for him. Having a lover of his own will kill him in line I think.”

As you say this Tabitha purses her lips and rolls over to lean her chest onto you. “Speaking of lovers… I wonder if-“

“Tabitha, you know they said that we should-“

“Shhh, I’m just going to take a check.” She says, reaching over and pulling down your trousers to reveal your member. A glint of lust enters her eyes and she touches your flaccid member with her hand, her cool fingers sliding across your head. Though it should feel odd with her cold blooded touch, you only feel a spike of pleasure shiver up your spine.

“Oh? What’s this?” She says, looking up at you. “It seems to be working.”

You look down to see your cock rising under her caress, filling with all your repressed longing. Gods does it feel good to have her stroke you like this, but… You try to protest but Tabitha merely shakes her head and readjusts herself so that she can lean over and take you in her mouth.

You hips buck softly as you swell within her mouth, to which she utters a pleased sound. She hungrily slurps upon your manhood, using her scaled fingers to caress your balls as her head moves up and down your shaft. Unable or perhaps unwilling to fight it any longer you just lean back and wallow in the pleasure of her servicing. Soon enough you feel yourself come to your limit, brought to the brink by the lack of such actions for so long. She feels it too and works all the faster until you explode within her mouth.

A feeling of ecstasy washes over you as she pulls her head away, reptilian tongue licking up your semen. She moans in pleasure and looks at you with the hungry eyes of a beast that isn’t satisfied. You know you shouldn’t, and that the motions might be too much for you, but you say fuck it and smile at her. Her eyes flash and she hurriedly removes her clothing, exposing her toned, pale body and glittering green scales. It amuses you that her tail swishes behind her in gentle motions too.

“Damn you’re beautiful.” You say, to which she puts a finger upon your lips and hushes you.

“Don’t tell me. Show me.”

Though she says this, she pushes you down when you try to get up and instead takes your cock again in her hand, stroking you until you feel yourself grown hard again. The whole while she rubs at her own loins, sticky fluid running between her fingers and down her thigh in longing. When ready she uses her shining legs to lift her above you, positioning her vulva to your manhood and then sinking down atop you.

Both of you throw your heads back as you’re once again awash in the sensations of each other’s body. Tabitha’s tight, powerful pussy latches onto your penis which bulges within her, as if stretching out to reach her deepest places. She lets out a gasp of joy and then sinks further upon you until your entire member is within her body, pressing up against her womb. With a smile she begins to move, using her body shaped for battle to now ride you with sexual prowess.

Her hips move in powerful, ryhtmic motions that you find yourself matching, bringing both of you to greater heights of pleasure. Her breasts rock up and down as she moves, entrancing you with their beauty until she leans down and kisses you with a deep passion that you return, thrusting into her hard enough that she lets out a moan and pulls away to shudder against you, a look of bliss on her face.

“Is this showing you enough?” You say through short breaths as you continue your onslaught of her pussy.

“Ah… ahn, yes, I… I think this is getting the point across.”

You feel a familiar wave building up within you and you give her a wicked smile. “Let me bring it all home then, shall I?”

Her eyes go wide as you grab her legs and thrust even harder as you feel yourself coming to your limit. She grasps your hands and clamps down tight upon your cock, as if begging you for what is about to come. With a gasp of release, you let forth your sperm into her, flooding Tabitha’s womb with waves of white fluid. Weeks of pent up lust for your wife flow out from you, seeking her womb with a singular purpose.

When it’s finished, she leans down atop you and pants, her cold fingers warming up from the sex and your hot, sweaty body. She looks at you with tears in her eyes and kisses you deeply before pulling herself off you and touching her vulva which leaks trails of your freshly implanted semen. She sighs with joy and looks in your eyes before growing concerned.


She gasps as you rise up and push her onto her back. Taking your shirt off, you lean over and kiss her on the mouth, something she doesn’t fight. When you finish she takes short breaths and asks, “What is this?”

“Did you think we were done with just one time?” You ask, gesturing to your cock. It stands at full attention with barely contained glee to enter her again. “They say it can take many tries to make a Lizardman pregnant.”

“Well then.” She says, eyes sparkling. “I guess we’ll just have to keep trying until we get it right?”

She lays back and spreads her legs open, giving you a great view of her fantastic body. To her surprise again, you ask her to roll over. She does, waving her tail in your face until you grab it with one hand and her firm ass with the other. A gasp escapes her lips and as if on instinct she lifts her butt into the air, exposing her swollen pussy to you.

“Rommel, you aren’t going to- ahn!”

Her protests are cut off as you plunge within her from behind. Still gripping her tail, you slam yourself into her with a passion that distantly aggravates your wonders, though you could care less. She lets out a series of moans and gasps of pleasure from your powerful thrusts which quest deep within her. The cum you let loose early mixed with a new wave of her own juices lubricates your latest thrusts, bringing a heightened pleasure to both of you.

Your fingers stroking her scaled tail hit a spot which makes her let out an almost embarrassing cry of pleasure and you continue to tickle this while pressing yourself into her to tickle her womb as well. She turns about and gives you a tear filled scowl but the illusion is ruined when she next lets out a gasp of pleasure.

“R-Rommel.” She says through moans of pleasure. “Please- Please, let me hold you for t-this.”

Fucking hells, you can’t say no to this. Pulling yourself free from her, you turn her onto her back, the lewdest of all positions- Missionary. She holds out her arms to you and you lean forward to insert yourself within her again and allow her to envelop you in her embrace. As you thrust again her cold, metallic legs wrap around you almost without her knowing and you remember your first night together.

Kissing her gently on the lips as you thrust you say, “I love you Tabitha.”

“I think… you’ve made that point clear.” She says, smiling at you. “But I love you too.”

“Are you ready for this then?”

“What, the future or your load of hot spunk?”

“Why not both?”

She smiles and kisses you before leaning back as you thrust faster and faster to reach your climax. “I’ve spent my whole life being ready for you and all you have to give me.”

With those words you let loose again, feeling somehow as if this ejaculation is stronger than before. Her back arches as you fill every last inch of her with your sperm before both of you collapse into a heap, panting from the exertion. Still connected, you kiss her upon the lips and say,

“Nothing is going to stand in the way of me making you happy.”

“Is that a promise?”

“You can count on it.”

She lets out the most genuine laugh you think you’ve ever heard her give. It’s possibly the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. For that purpose and so many others, you’re thankful for your journey to Ectria. You left on a journey of adventure, exploration, and to settle a grudge, but in the end you found something far more important.

You couldn’t be happier.

The End



“Rommel?” Helene asks, holding a Wurm child in her arms. “Can you help me with something?”

Sighing, you get up from where you’re sitting and walk over to your sister. She promptly hands you the small, wriggling ball of Monster who giggles and tries to crawl into your jacket. Groaning, you start patting the little girl’s head and she lets out a small sigh and then falls asleep. You give your sister a frown and ask, “Did you just want me to make her sleep?”

“Maaaaayyybbbbeee.” Helene says, taking the little girl back. She chuckles and places the child down in a little bed to drift off to sleep before sighing and nodding to you. “Thank you for the help.”

“At this point, I figure it’s part of what happens when I’m here.”

“Heh, took you two months to figure it out?”

Shaking your head you sit back down at the table and regard the room you’re sitting in. Helene’s house, granted to her due to her work with looking after children is small, but roomy enough for her serpentine body. She’s decorated quite nicely, even incorporating some Ectrian designs into the décor. You’d never really have taken her for such a domestic but she confesses that one of her greatest dreams was to find a loving husband and be a homemaker.

“I sort of figured that was off the table.” She confesses, places some cookies down before you on the table. You munch on one, your stomach much improved since your wound, savoring the flavor.

“Not half bad.”

“Please, they’re amazing.” She sniffs.

“Hmph, if you say so.”

She chuckles and shakes her head. “Gods, I never really expected things could be so… peaceful for me. But I really love it here you know? It’s nice and warm and there’s plenty to do. I was afraid everyone would be afraid of me, but no one’s heard of an Apophis! It’s nice.”

“Adjusting well though?”

“Oh, yes. I’m starting to wonder how I got along with two legs.” Another chuckle escapes her lips before she sighs. “To be honest I’m still working on the lust thing though. With all those shirtless men working on all that rock, sweating like that…”

“That’s… descriptive enough.” You say, holding up your hand. “Haven’t you been spending a lot of time with Hector though?”

She looks embarrassed. “Well, I mean… maybe a little. He does seem to like to drop by every now and then and thinks my eyes are rather enchanting.” She flashes her fangs before hiding them with a hand. “Oh Gods, why do I keep wanting to bite him when I think of that?”

“Maybe… it’s an Apophis thing?”

“Ugh… I should look it up I guess.”

You laugh and pat her arm. “Well, I’m told one of the daughters of the Grand Wizard’s friends is quite a scholar. Maybe she’ll know something.”

“Hmm. Perhaps.” She says, tapping her chin. “Speaking of which, how are things in Deleor? I’ve been thinking about taking a trip there to see how things are.”

A sigh escapes your lips. “Well, it could be worse. Places like Cair are in poor shape from the assault by Galmathoria but things are sitting on a razor’s edge now. Deleorians are still scared but with Selene back in place and the Grand Wizard using his influence, they’re able to start getting things under control.”

“What about Phallia, has she made any moves?”

“Not that we know of except for the Cradle. They’re still not allowing people in and the Deleorian government isn’t in a position to do anything about it. Biomancers are worried about the magics they sense, but keeping the country together is far more important.”

“I suppose.” She says, pursing her lips. “It doesn’t make much sense though; this war has actually driven the Monsters and the Deleorians closer together. Many of them consider Deleor their home too and they will defend it, even working within the Order of the Heroic Brotherhood.” Shrugging her shoulders, she says, “This doesn’t really seem to serve Phallia’s stated goal.”

“I know, which is why no one seems interested in listening. The Lord Commander of the Order has taken it under consideration but he has his hands full as it stands.” Groaning, you lean back and look up at the ceiling. “I’m wondering if she was bluffing or…”

“Or is something else brewing?”

“Yeah.” You say with a frown.

She shakes her head. “Well, I think that we might as well just treasure this peace for now. Build ourselves up and prepare for what could happen. No sense in living in paranoia, right?”

“I suppose not.” You say, shrugging. “Ah, I’ve heard about the twins by the way. Looks like Sylphie’s gone on a pilgrimage out west toward Hudson while Sophie has headed to the Monster Nation’s capital. They send me leymails every now and then and they’re both doing very well. Looks like Mr. Ed has had to deter more than one suitor for Sylphie and Sophie is learning some hard knock politics.”

“They’re nice girls. I wish I could have known them better.”

“Aye, they are. I’m glad they’re doing fine though. Ah, speaking of which Alice has joined the Order again and immediately has been sent to the frontlines. I haven’t heard much from her, but The Grand Wizard says she’s making a name for herself- a good one this time.”

“Huh. Any word from Ebe or the others from Ectria?”

You sigh. “Just a letter from Ebe. I’m surprised it actually found us, but the leylines haven’t connected yet so we can’t get in better communication.” Patting your pockets, you pull out a piece of paper and unfold it, releasing the scent of perfume. Helene raises an eyebrow and you cough into your hand. She leans over and furrows her brow.

“Can you read Ectrian?”

“I pick things up quickly.” You say, clearing your throat and reading from the letter.

“Dear Rommel,

It feels like it’s been so long, yet it’s only been slightly over a month. I hope this letter finds you well! I hope you and Tabitha are doing good and have settled down somewhere nice. I sent letters out to Sophie and Sylphie too, but I don’t know if it will reach them. I hope they’re doing well too!

Things here are going well here, better than expected. The people in the outlying villages have been starved for some change and so far Ammon seems to be quite for the people! I’ve been sent out to see the people at times and they love the aid he’s sent. Some people in the capital don’t appreciate the change still and some die-hard cultists cause trouble here and there, but the troubles are few and far between.

I met my Mother again and she’s so happy! I’m glad you said goodbye to her before leaving. Hopefully we can meet again soon too! I’ll send you more letters if I can, but I’ve been really busy. Maybe this leymail will come to us soon as well? I’d really like to talk with everyone again!

Oh right, I forgot to mention, but the Sphinx you met before, Farya is here and she’s so CUTE. Zoras and her are getting along great, though no one knows where Polah is. Well, Ammon might, but he’s not saying anything.

That’s all for now, but I hope all of you stay safe!

Love, Ebe.

P.S. There’s this cute boy named Urien I’ve been seeing. I’ll send more details later.”

You fold the letter back up with a smile on your face, one which Helene shares. She sighs and says, “I do wish I had been on part of your adventures. You met some… interesting people.”

 A thought crosses her mind and she says,

“Oh, speaking of interesting people, I’ve heard Erwin…”

“Oh Gods. Yeah. I know.” You sigh, rolling your eyes.

“You know, when I saw that fox enter here I was a little surprised…”

“Yeah. I know.” You groan.

“Who would have thought he’d get close to her and…”


“There, there.” She says, patting your arm. “He’s still your best friend.”

“He never shuts up about how soft her tails are. He keeps flaunting it around for some reason and I know he’s just fucking with me but Gods damn.”

“Well.” Your sister says, shrugging. “Nia is a very cute Kitsune.”

“Honestly, if that fox was a human he’d be a dirty old man.” You grumble.

“Aww, are you jealous of him?”

“Not at all. I’m happy for him.”

“I know, I know. I’m just teasing you. He’s a good one, he just needs to get out every now and then and have some fun. Maybe he’ll meet a nice, normal fox one of these days.”

“Hmm.” You muse before nodding your head and leaning forward again. “You’re right, of course.”

“I’m sure you hear that enough from your wife.” She chuckles.

“Gods, yes.” You say, taking another cookie. “But I still love her.”

“Ah, but how are you ‘loving’ her? I’ve heard the two of you are still-“

“Lizardmen don’t get pregnant easily.” You say, cutting her off. “Ask any of the older ones here.”

“Oh, I know.” Helene says, pointing at a sleeping Lizardman child in the next room. “The parents here keep telling me all sorts of tips and tricks to pass on to you. Did you know that if you apply lemon to her nipples-“

“Yeah, I think we’ll stick with the conventional way.” You say, cutting her off.

“Haha, well it will happen soon enough.” She says, giving you a serpentine smile. “I’m happy for you though. It’s nice seeing you smiling all the time.”

“I am?” You ask, cocking your head as you think about it. Over these past few months you have been pretty happy now that you think about it. Your work is nice and you even claimed a good home for your family and are in the process of turning it into a home. The leaders of Blackfire Reach, a council at the moment with Tabitha upon it look to you for your magically acumen so you have some respect in the community too. Honestly, things are going better than you could have imagined.

There is, however, one black spot on all of this. You failed to tell her about something the Grand Wizard and Selene told you in confidence the last time you met within El Dorito. During the conflict with Galmathoria, certain artifacts had been found with the potential to pull even a God into this world. While only a few people have been made aware of their existence, the concept scares everyone involved.

For now though, you’re using some of you spare time to search for clues about such items, for they’re assumed to not be the only ones in existence. It may be nothing, but if it’s even a possibility then whomever controls such artifacts could either drag this world into chaos or keep it stable. Either way, in order to protect the future you wish to create, you need to pay attention to this.

A knock sounds at the door and Helene gets up, slithering over to it. As the door opens you see Tabitha on the other sigh, a smile on her face as she asks. “Helene! Is my husband here?”

“Why yes, he is.” Helene says, smiling.

“Uh. What?” You ask, your attention taken from the doom and gloom and returned back to the present.

“Ah good, you’re here.” Tabitha says, walking over and sitting down next to you. She takes a cookie herself and waves it at you. “The council wants you to help mine some more mithril down in shaft three. Think you can help out?”

“Shaft three? That place smells like rancid farts!”

“I’m sure you’ll survive.” She says, taking a bite of the cookie with a loud crunch.

Rolling your eyes, you shake your head and say, “Yeah, I’ll gather a crew and head down there. They better thank me for this.”

“I’m sure they will. Maybe we’ll get a choice on some of the new good that have come in from Ectria. Ammon got those trading rights set up damn quick, didn’t he?”

“A good thing too, they’re shipping in food Deleor desperately needs.”

Your wife nods her head. “It’s good work and useful mineral. Besides, maybe you’ll find another bit of runite down there?”

“Maybe.” You say, looking down at your coat which has a vial of the mythical mineral. You’re not certain what you can do with it yet, or if you’ll ever find more, but legends say it can create magic weapons of incredible potency. As it stands the little pieces in your pocket resonate with magic easily, so who knows?

Tabitha shakes her head and leans over to kiss you on the lips before leaning forward and whispering in your ear.

“Don’t worry, once you come home tonight I’ll make sure to give you something to reward your hard work.”

Suddenly, all of your worries, even shaft three, seem so very trivial.

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4 thoughts on “Wizardquest 2: Chapter 22 [End] & Epilogue- Rock Comes to Rest

  1. I finally finished reading WQ1, IQ and WQ2 over the past few days, and it was quite a ride. This is going to be a mega review for the series so far.

    The AU changes from canon are a welcome sight, especially in regard to how corruption works and the rich cultures of the different settlements and nations shown.

    While the stories made for a good read, I have many reservations about it. Since this website is very unfriendly to long posts, I’ll highlight the main ones.

    1. Too much wordcount was spent on character interactions instead of plot. The Wizardquest setting is a total AU but there is minimal worldbuilding exposition and wordcount is wasted on memes, jokes and one-off background characters. After reading hundreds of thousands of words, I still have no idea how the Monster Nation or Monster Lady position works. Why is Galmathoria such a threat and why hasn’t it logically collapsed? Etc.

    2. Flippant tone to heavy situations. I dislike WQ1 because of this, and I only read it for background context for IQ and WQ2. The setting treats rape on the same level as theft. The WQ1!Protagonist’s flippant attitude can easily be read as callousness demonstrated in instances like not caring about starting a turf war in Feldergrod, nuking Cair, not taking the Monster Invasion threat seriously and various killings of various bystanders throughout the story. Fortunately, Tobias and Rommel in particular, know the weight of their actions even if they were justified.

    3. Power balance: Magic is so overpowered it is hilarious. In WQ1 we have a fresh Wizard that within months becomes stronger than warriors (Blake, Tabitha, Veronica) that have spent decades training. In IQ, Tobias is nigh unbeatable by anyone who isn’t another Illusionist. Truly, only an Uchiha can beat an Uchiha. Then in WQ2, we again have Rommel, who has been a Wizard for less than a year legitimately defeat Tabitha, who has spent decades in active combat and training in a duel which Lizardwomen specialize in. Finally, there’s Selene who has somehow managed to live for over a thousand years, able to use different kinds of magic unlike other Monsters/Sorcerers, and is strong enough to singlehandedly destroy an entire city killing tens of thousands. The Cat ‘o Nine Tails species raises my Mary Sue flags as they are simply better. Monster profiles on the MGE have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses, but the Nine Tail Cats are perfect.

    4. Unintentional Grimdark: The casual way the setting treats rape and Monstergirl attacks seems to indicate that this is normal behaviour. Not really sure why raped males can’t just up and leave after the initial raping which means mindrape was also involved.

    5. Underlying Grimdark: Monstergirls have existed for more than 1500 years (from Selene’s exposition) and somehow have a large population despite still being dependent on human males to reproduce. I have no idea how this is possible. A shame that Corruption/Monsterization or no male Monsters problem wasn’t addressed in the climax of WQ1 as the underlying long term problems of MGE are still present in Wizardquest-verse. As of WQ2, people are ignoring the population problem of Monsters/Humans as they hope that Solus will do something about it before it reaches extinction crisis. Reminiscent of modern attitude to global warming where people ignore problems and let it fester for future generations to deal with the crisis.

    Overall, I enjoyed reading IQ and WQ2. In particular, Rommel’s story was very well written; the plot was compelling, it wasn’t distasteful and Rommel himself was a fantastic Protagonist being likeable and having strong agency. Out of the three, I found IQ’s cast to be the most interesting with Orphelia, Patricia and Clarissa being highlights. Unfortunately I didn’t really like WQ1, and read it for context as WQ1!Protagonist was too flippant, rude and unlikeable to follow. I was very close to abandoning the series at WQ1 but recommendations for IQ and WQ2 made it worth it.

    Thank you for writing, and I look forward to the next installation in Wizardquest. I’ll start reading your shorter stories and one-shots.

    PS: Did you draw the artwork in your stories? They are fairly high quality, especially the more recent ones featured in WQ2. Just wondering since I haven’t seen any names credited.

    1. First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this! It means a lot when people slog through the bad grammar and spelling errors to get here. (I’m working on fixing that, slowly but surely.)

      Let’s see if I can’t address some of the concerns…

      1. Due to the nature of the story being a CYOA, I was able to directly interact with people and give some lore tidbits. For the character interactions, that’s always been the strong suit of the stories, so I’m told. It’s fun to write those and make the individual updates for the CYOA seem like self contained stories within a story. Mashing them together can seem a little odd at periods!
      I was also making it all up as I went along, which is why the Monster Nation didn’t get much talk, but there was no reason to go into the politics of it, tho Selene touches on it in “chapter 6.” Galmathoria as well… well, just like the Chantry, it didn’t get the attention it deserved and people didn’t dig into it on the CYOA aspect so it wasn’t a focus of the story and didn’t get much time. Also, the Monster Lady was akin to the Monster Lord in MGQ when this all started (because i’d never heard of MGE at the time :^). Illusionistquest would be a good place for me to go back and touch on it more considering what that story turned into.

      2. You have to understand that the protagonist to WQ1 is literally an 4chan or 8chan poster. He is flippant by nature and incredibly selfish. While he starts out not caring, hopefully it feels like he changes somewhat as it goes on. Yes, he is an asshole shitposter tho. Literally.

      3. CYOA aspect- the players have to be able to win in the situations with the tools they have. Some battles (especially in WQ2) should probably be changed. Now as far as Selene goes, I have a reason for why she and her daughters break the rules.

      Y-yeah. Totally planned the entire time, not because they’re an OC donutsteel race I made up on the spot. Nah, not at all.

      4. This is where I borrowed the most from MGQ and MGE. Also, most men would be kidnapped after being raped and either find it enjoyable or can’t leave. The first aspect is more implied.

      5. This is mostly addressed in the fanstory (Yes, Wizardquest got a fan story!) called Barbarianquest and Warriorquest. It’s an issue I chose deliberately to gloss over in the stories because it’s difficult to handle and not the goal of the stories. It’s one of the major gripes in MGE and I didn’t want to… bring it up. I suppose I’ll probably have to when I start WQ3, hopefully in January, which I’ll make a post about in the shoutbox when I do. It’ll be on 8chan’s /monster/ like the others!

      Thanks again for sharing your opinions, and it’s so interesting to see various communities views on the three stories and their opinions for why! I know I made goofs in each of the stories and for specific reasons, but I’m glad you found enjoyable aspects. I hope you’ll be part of the story next time!

      Also no, Crobat did the art for WQ1 while Illusionisquest and WQ2 are by Manosdetrapo. I had all the art for WQ1 redrawn by her so I’ll change that out when I put in the edited version of WQ1 which should be… soon?

      1. For all my critique, you have written an excellent series. A notable point of praise is how you have made the inherently broken MGE setting into something decent – as evidently shown by the existence of Barbarianquest and Warriorquest.

        I read the aforementioned works, and my lore questions regarding Galmathoria, grimdark elements and Magic OPness were largely answered, or hinted to be resolved as part of existing plotlines.

        Reading the 8ch threads directly was quite interesting as I saw the author’s lore drops, and anons debating about what action to take.

        I understand your reasoning about WQ1!Protagonist’s characterization but I stand by my original assertion. Tobias, Rommel and Bernsen were similarly driven by 8ch posters but they are likeable and respectable main characters.

        Perhaps it was an intentional characterization when Wizardquest initially started – being more fun and cracky with highly concentrated murderhobo tendencies and juvenile toilet humour. Thus, a dissonance was created when the story became increasingly serious in tone and content.

        While reading the post-timeskip stories, I was thinking that no wonder Deleor is having so many political and PR disasters if people like WQ1!Protagonist and Selene are the premier public faces. Fantastic fighters and magical engineers they may be, but international diplomats they are not.
        Fortunately WQ1!Protagonist’s poor attitude (even 20 years later) is not considered a good thing as multiple characters call it out. They respect the power and intelligence, but not the person.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond, and I’ll eagerly look out for your announcement on WQ3.

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