Without Leave Ch. 4: Keeping Tabs

Well of course the Corporal had cash on him. He always tried to be smart with his money. He didn’t blow all his cash on overpriced souvenirs or anything like that so his pocket book wasn’t starving by any means. Tyler was pissed that his Cheshire guide casually sat across from him, smiling like the happiest little kitten as he freaked the fuck out over the bill. As Tyler clenched his white knuckled fists against his lap, Nyu Nyu watched. As his mind darted from one anger induced thought to another, Nyu Nyu watched. She never took her eyes off of him. She was amused by the quick changes of his expression. Utterly fascinated and unashamedly turned on by how he just fumed in his chair like an alchemist’s lab without ever exploding into a boot stomping rage.

In return, the Corporal bitterly mused that the only thing missing were stray canary feathers and her look would have been complete. She had deceived him. He was in a vulnerable position and was lead to believe that this would be her treat. Then when the food was eaten and the exotic tasting waitress set the receipt down, the guide told her “Treat” that she never said she would be paying.

“With a little coaxing I bet he would give a good hate fucking.” The Cheshire Cat thought to herself. She picked up the kettle and topped off his cup of tea. Her companion had been silently sitting there ever since she asked him if he had any money. That had been about six minutes ago. Since then she had been maintaining an innocent smile and observing his changing expressions. Nyu Nyu couldn’t wait to see what Tyler would do next. She didn’t have long to wait.

His initial panic was over and he tried to think things through with a calm head. Tyler had money in his pocket, both U.S. and Jordanian currency. Unfortunately, this was neither the United States nor the Kingdom of Jordan. Here, his money was worth less than Weimar Republic bank notes during the Depression. Good for burning. Good for wiping your ass. But a German citizen would need thousands of them to buy a loaf of bread. It was then when Corporal Emond’s initial panic calmed and he tried reaching for his wallet that he realized this sad fact. That’s what sent him into his little rage. He didn’t know why this was happening. Truth be told, he felt empty. It was as if he spent his time in the service just existing day by day. But at least when Tyler was back in Jordan he understood where he was and what he needed to do. He got to see the old city of Amman a few days prior. Traveling and seeing the world. That’s what he wanted most, right?

But now Tyler was in a strange new world. Now he was dealing with what couldn’t be explained by rational thought. As his emotions got the better of him, he wanted nothing else than to go back to organizing boxes of food and medical supplies at the Base. That was when Nyu Nyu picked up the kettle and poured him another cup of tea. He knew better than to fall for her innocent smile. She was the trickster responsible for this debacle. True as that may be, he just couldn’t really get mad at her.

“Thank you.” He said as calmly as possible. Tyler inhaled, counted to three, and exhaled before sipping the tea. It reminded him of Earl Grey though it seemed sweeter. It helped to calm his nerves. He thought it would have helped even better if the tea were mixed with lemon and whiskey. But Tyler knew he couldn’t have everything.

“Still, what I wouldn’t give for some hot chocolate right now.” He thought silently to himself. After that, the Corporal realized he was feeling much better and tried to look at the situation from another angle.

The Café food tab. No matter how he looked at it, there only seemed to be three options. Leave fifty bucks and hope the waitress doesn’t realize it’s worthless. But if the Cheshire waitress was half as clever as Nyu Nyu proved to be then that plan would fall apart before they could get ten paces worth of distance from the café. That left plans B and C. Tyler’s plan B required sticking around the Café and working off the debt and Plan C was to simply dash.

Tyler didn’t want to leave without paying but he also had a sneaking suspicion of how he was expected to work off his bill. He thought the waitress had a nice, tasty pussy but he didn’t like the idea of cleaning dishes and screwing the Café waitresses and patrons to pay his debt.

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

That had to be it, Tyler thought. Nyu Nyu must have planned this. He steeled himself and did everything he could to avert eye contact with her. Nyu Nyu would get a kick out of watching him plow the waitresses or wear the café uniform and screw customers.

Clever cat. Even after unraveling her plan, he still wasn’t mad at her. For now he would play along with her little game.

“Where are you going?” Nyu Nyu looked on curiously as Tyler abruptly stood and drank the rest of his tea.

“I’m going to go work off our tab for the Café.” He said as he walked towards the door of the quaint little restaurant. Nyu Nyu ‘ported’ to his side right as he pushed the doors open. It only took Tyler a few strides before he was again face to face with his waitress. “Can I speak to your shift manager? It‘s kind of important.”

The Cheshire employee went over to another uniformed woman with a nice plump ass and a big hat. Tyler raised an eyebrow. If his companion and the waitress were Cheshire Cats then this woman must be the Mad Hatter. She nodded to the waitress before turning towards the two customers. Tyler was impressed that she didn’t give his army combat uniform a side-long stare before introducing herself. Then it dawned on him that if she was in fact a Mad Hatter then her head would be too addled to care.

“Hello, my name is Candice. I’m the owner of Wonderland’s very own Tricoromille Café branch. What can I do for you?” She asked jovially. The noncom was pleasantly surprised that Candice didn’t seem as mad as everyone else around her. She certainly didn’t speak like a mad woman. It was absolutely refreshing for him.

“Unfortunately my guide and I have lost our money so I wanted to negotiate an alternative payment plan.” Out of habit, Tyler made sure to maintain eye contact and keep his gaze from her cleavage. He witnessed more than a few guys get slapped or kicked in the groin for less. Not that it mattered. His face and dick were both still wet with Cheshire love but the Mad Hatter simply nodded with a smile.

“I completely understand, sir.” She spoke in a consolatory voice. “It happens more often than you think. Now then, what did you have in mind?” That left Tyler the opening he was praying for.

“I don’t think you accept Visa here and unfortunately I’m not very good with cleaning dishes.” He simply shrugged like it was of no consequence. “But you and these lovely ladies on staff are always on your feet and tending to customers.” Tyler paused before continuing. “I think a little stress relief would be good for you and your ladies.”

Many had taken notice to the man in Scorpion W2 camo when he entered the Café. But Nyu Nyu and almost all of the waitresses took notice when he mentioned them and “Stress relief.” Before, Tyler’s Cheshire guide was simply curious. Now, she was anxiously anticipating how this was going to play out.

“Yes… I see where you’re going and that would be an acceptable payment.” The owner and general manager of the café looked Tyler over as if sizing him up. “Although, I do have to look out for my employees.” She began to unbutton her clothes right there in the middle of the dining area. “I’ll see how good you are first. If I approve then I’ll let you have a go with the others.” But Tyler cut her off before she could continue.

“No. Not here. Somewhere private. I have to keep my techniques a secret.” Tyler insisted and did not budge until the Mad Hatter agreed. In the end she didn’t put up much of a fuss over it. Nyu Nyu was the one that needed to be convinced to stay put. “If you stay here and wait, I’ll relieve your aches and pains as much as you want. For as long as we travel together.” For Nyu Nyu those were the magic words. She wasn’t smiling about it but she promised to stay where she was.

Then the Corporal scrounged through the kitchen until he came across a sealed bottle. “I’ll need this, just add it to the bill. Trust me, It’s worth it!” Then he hurried into Candice’s office. Between the secrecy and the mysterious bottle, Nyu Nyu was eager to see how Tyler was taking care of the food bill behind the closed doors of the Mad Hatter’s office. The Cheshire stood with her arms crossed for almost fifteen minutes before she got impatient and pressed her ear against the door. All she could hear was the Mad Hatter as she softly moaned her pleasure.

“Yes, that’s it. Right there. That’s the spot~!”

Nyu Nyu slipped a paw between her legs as the moaning continued. She wanted nothing more than to open the door and see what the fuss was about. She wasn’t the only one. A couple customers and waitresses were also listening in from the other side of the door. But then the moaning stopped. Everyone stepped back from the door and waited. The Mad Hatter slowly pushed the door open. She pulled the blindfold away and Nyu Nyu could see her eyes were dazed and she had a blissful look on her face.

“H-he…” Candice tried to make a coherent sentence but stuttered. “He could teach my husband a thing or two!” Looking past their boss, the other girls could see her desk had been cleared off. Tyler sat on it with his ACU blouse draped over the chair.

“Next, please.” He wore a cocky smirk as the Cheshire waitress grabbed the blindfold from her boss and scurried inside. After that, no one was listening when the moaning began. The monsters were more interested in hearing Candice describe her experience. She walked back and fourth, holding her hat in one hand and emphatically waving the other as she searched for the right words to describe what happened. The Mad Hatter was so caught up in the moment that she had forgotten to re-button her uniform after putting it back on. Or maybe she didn’t care, that’s quite possible too.

Nyu Nyu’s tail swished back and forth out of agitation. One after another the Café workers went into the office and came out looking dazed but otherwise very happy. The Cheshire Cat was absolutely confused. None of the girls were marked by his essence, not even the mateless ones. However, she could smell olive oil on all of them. When Tyler finally came out of the office, she could tell he was still a virgin. She could hardly believe any of this.

What super secret fuck-fu could Tyler know that would make them so happy, require olive oil, and not require his virginity? The olive oil bottle was completely empty. Many of the café patrons protested when the Corporal refused to perform his technique on them but he only did it to pay off their bill. He was genuinely surprised when Candice handed him a coin pouch. Each silver coin was minted with the mark of a stylized heart with a spaded demon tail and bearing a crown.

“What’s this for?” He asked.

“I took into account what food you ordered and the olive oil that you used,” The Mad Hatter explained. “And the service you provided for me and my girls was of a far greater worth. That should make up the difference.”

Tyler returned the Mad Hatter’s smile. “Thank you, that’s got to be the best compliment I’ve received so far.” He took out a silver coin and flipped it through the air. The Cheshire waitress that served them caught it with her paws and looked up at him and cocked her head to the side. Corporal Emond thought it was really cute.

“The customer service was excellent.” He explained to her.

“Thank you sir and please come again!”

Now that the Café escapade was out of the way, the stranded Corporal and his Cheshire companion continued on their little adventure through Wonderland. However, Tyler soon realized everything wasn’t sunshine and rainbows. Nyu Nyu seemed upset. She hadn’t spoken at all since they left the Café. Once they were back in the woods, she stopped and wouldn’t go any farther. When Tyler realized, he turned around to face her.

“Okay, I’ll bite. Is something wrong, my fair guide?” Tyler’s expression might have been neutral but his voice revealed that the Corporal knew exactly what was wrong with the green furred Cheshire but he wanted to hear Nyu Nyu say it.

“You said,” She began while pointing a claw towards him in an accusatory fashion. “You promised you would relieve me when that was over.”

“Oh, is that what this is about?” He asked innocently enough.

“You know it is!”

He could tell by her voice that this had gone on for long enough. If he played dumb any longer she would likely blow a gasket. Tyler simply smiled at her.

“Well, let no one say I would refuse a request from a pretty lady.” He gestured toward the grass. “Lay down.” Nyu Nyu ‘ported so she was right in front of him and let out a growl. Tyler started to feel uncomfortable but he held his ground.

“Neow, not in the grass!”

“Why not?” He asked with an eyebrow raised. “I need full access to your back.”

“It’s not the same. We don’t have any olive oil and there isn’t a desk!”

“Well then lets go back to your place and we can-” Before he could finish, she grabbed him and forced another kiss just like before. This time Tyler didn’t even struggle against it. In fact, he put as much passion into the spontaneous love making session as she did. Tyler didn’t know but he figured she would be great at hate fucking.

When they both pulled away for air, Tyler opened his eyes to see their location had changed again. Now they were in a cozy looking house. It wasn’t as strange the second time but he still wasn’t used to the concept. Corporal Emond would have to get used to it until he could return home. In the meantime, there was a moody Cheshire to unwind.

Nyu Nyu was rummaging through the cabinets from the moment they broke away from the kiss. Tyler used this opportunity to have a look around. The house was the same as the rest of the town, he couldn’t find anything remotely close to what his world had. From what Tyler could tell Wonderland was at least two centuries behind Western civilization back on Earth, technologically speaking.

“Nyaha!” She said in triumph. Tyler turned to see her holding a jar of olive oil. “Let’s start right away.” Then she skipped out of the kitchen and into another room. Tyler followed behind and wasn’t surprised that she led him straight to the bedroom. She grabbed a dress and was about to tie it around her eyes before he stopped her.

“We don’t need it this time.” He assured her. Nyu Nyu was about to insist. She wanted to replicate the same conditions that the other girls went through. But Tyler was able to convince her that this would be better than what they experienced so she set the dress aside.

“Good. Now undress and make yourself comfortable.” He took the olive oil from the cat and went back into the kitchen. The Corporal hadn’t worked a wood burning stove in almost a decade but he figured it was like riding a bike. Except with fire. A few matches and minutes later and he was heating up the olive oil. When that was finished, he went back into the bedroom.

This was the part of the job he enjoyed. Both her dress and skirt were on the floor beside her little dress shoes. The Cheshire was sprawled out on the bed. Quite the beauty. Tyler had to resist the urge to pin her down and start tickling her feet paws. It would serve her right for trying to make him pay for the meal with nothing but his dick. He certainly didn’t feel like getting monster clap on an unknown world. Not if he could avoid it anyways. Nope, he thought this way would be much better.

Tyler took his blouse and cover off to begin. He got a good amount of oil on his hands. It was important that the his hands and the oil were at room temperature. Which was why he had to use the stove. Once that was taken care of, he sat beside Nyu Nyu on the bed and got to work. The Corporal started down by her feet, rubbing her fur covered ankle. Slowly, he moved up one leg, giving attention to all the muscles and never letting his hands leave her skin. If the hands parted away then the person getting rubbed would never know where the hands would be next. That could cause Nyu Nyu to feel uneasy so he avoided that as much as possible.

The Cheshire gave a contented sigh as he worked on her calf muscle and moved up to her thigh. Normally, if the person getting massaged didn’t want their gluteus muscles rubbed then they would leave a towel over the area but Tyler hadn’t told her about that. He figured she wouldn’t mind and moved his hands up to her rounded cheeks. She was purring and didn’t protest. Tyler didn’t spend too much time on this area since he still had the other leg to take care of. Thoughts of swatting her ass came into his mind and he smiled at the thought of seeing it jiggle. Logic was adamant and firmly insisted for him to be patient and that it wasn’t the right time to strike.

Nyu Nyu’s tail feebly wrapped around his wrist as the Corporal moved his hands down the other leg. She obviously didn’t want him to stop rubbing her ass but his rhythmic massaging of the muscles felt good no matter where she was being rubbed. He needed more olive oil so he slid one hand onto his other before pulling it away to get re-oiled. Then he slid it down beside the other hand and continued massaging her calf and finally to her ankles.

“How does it feel so far?” He asked the Cheshire as his hands trailed back up to her butt. He slid his hand down between her legs, briefly rubbing across her ass hole and lower lips. She didn’t squeak in surprise or tense up or anything like that. It’s like the swift motion was completely expected.

“It’s good.” she sighed. “I can’t wait until the fun begins.”

I can’t wait to see the look on your face. He thought as his hands trailed back to her buttocks. As Tyler listened to her soft purring, his hands were kneading her ass as if it were dough. Grasping the tissue by pressing down with the palms down on the muscles then pushing the fingers together and moving upward in a lifting motion. This little technique was done on each side before moving on towards the lower back.

Nyu Nyu was enjoying the massage immensely. She had thought about disappearing. A simple, mad thought was all it would take for the situation to be reversed. A quick ‘poof’ and she would be the one running her paws up and down his body. But she really didn’t want to; at least not yet. The feeling of his hands slowly trailing up her back was too relaxing. Her thoughts were slowly turning into gelatinous mush just like her muscles. But that didn’t stop Nyu Nyu’s tail from constantly brushing against his arms and getting in his face.

Tyler took pride in his work. Prior to military service, he had practiced massage because it was something most girls could appreciate in a guy. Even so the Corporal wasn’t a professional masseur by any means so he took great care when doing his work. It wouldn’t take much to fuck up this nice relaxing treatment beyond repair so he didn’t dwell on areas of the spine for too long since his second favorite part was next. He positioned himself parallel with Nyu Nyu’s body and began karate chopping her upper back with both hands. He thought it was always fun to listen to someone moan or try to speak when their lungs were being rapidly chopped.

“N-n-n-ya-ah-ah wh-ah-ah-at eh-v-er y-uh-er d-oo-oo-ing d-oh-nt s-s-t-ah-ah-ah-ahp~”

It was music to his ears. The worst part of massaging multiple people one after the other is the toll it can have on the hands. But Tyler couldn’t let something like that keep him from continuing especially after Nyu Nyu just gave him such a great reaction. In fact, he thought it was almost as satisfying as getting to knead her plump Cheshire rump. So he ignored the aches and pains of his own hands to get a new coat of oil and continue the massage with her shoulders and finally the neck.

When Tyler was finished he said, “If you want me to keep going then I’ll be happy to do your front.” But Nyu Nyu continued to lay there face down and unresponsive for a few seconds before rolling over and stretching out.

The green and black furred Cheshire thought on it for a moment, giving the Corporal ample time to admire her gorgeous figure. But in the end she shook her head

“Neeow, lets just get on with it.”

Tyler sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her with his eyebrow raised. He asked her, “On with what?”

“It felt great but we haven’t even fucked yet.”

Even though he didn’t know a damn thing about the game, Corporal Emond had a good poker face. “I’m sorry, but who said anything about sex?”

Before he could finish asking, her content smile was gone and she had shot up to a sitting position faster than he had expected.

“You did.” She said flatly. “Don’t pretend you don’t remember”

“Don’t get me wrong.” He began. “I am grateful for all your help and you are drop dead sexy and very charming… But Army regs are pretty clear about non-fraternization…”

Nyu Nyu practically yelled her response at him. “Non-what? B-but you can’t just go against what you told me earlier!”

Tyler turned over and laid on the bed with his back to the ceiling. “I’m pretty sure I said I would relieve your aches and pains. Which I did. But never once was fucking mentioned. Though I might be wrong.”

Nyu Nyu was far from amused. To her, Tyler was downright acting like a prude. “Alight fine then, you never ever said anything about sex. So what? You admitted you think I’m charming so why not fuck? You want me to beg you for it, is that it?”

“No of course not.” The Corporal said in the most mellow voice he could muster. “I just don’t want sex is all.” It was a lie. Of course he would love to but he wasn’t finished getting back at her for her Scheme. The Cheshire Cat had been simmering through his nonsense but finally lost her patience.

She screamed. “Why don’t you want to fuck me?!” Right in his ear.

“I’ve wanted to since we met yesterday. I’m just not going to.” He replied flatly.

“Why Not?!”

“No reason in particular.” He lied.

After that Nyu Nyu remained quiet as she put her thoughts together and tried to calm herself. She realized Tyler was just being stubborn to get back at her because of the whole food bill thing. She took a deep breath and and exhaled before she spoke.

“Tyler,” She tried to say in a calm voice. “I am not mad at you for tricking me. It was a great jest, don’t get me wrong. But you obviously don’t understand how serious this is. You NEED to ram this pussy.” She said without any sign of a smile. Before he could reply, Nyu Nyu disappeared from the bed without a trace. He looked around and couldn’t see her anywhere in the bedroom. Then faster than it takes to blink, she reappeared on top of him. The Cheshire was straddling the man’s head, forcing his face down into the bed. He thrashed about in surprise but she quickly grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his back. Between his struggling and trying to breath air through the bed, he quickly passed out.

When he opened his eyes again, Tyler found that he was sitting in a chair and completely naked. His wrists were tied behind his back and bound in place to the chair. Nyu Nyu strolled into the room with all her nude glory. She was holding the olive oil jar.

“There, Nyu Nyu got it reheated.” She said while dipping her paws into the oil. Setting it on the bedside table, she began rubbing the front of her body. Beginning from her gorgeous breasts and slowly moving down to her belly. Nyu Nyu knelt down and looked up at him, smiling sweetly as one oiled paw started caressing his chest and another began stroking his dick. Of course getting to stare at such a beautiful naked woman for the past half hour meant he was already aroused so it didn’t take much effort on her part to get him fully erect.

He loved the feeling of her paws against his bare skin but it didn’t last long as she stood up and got into position on his lap. Tyler looked down at the her pussy teasing his dick as it was just barely rubbing against his head. With a paw she raised his chin up so he was looking her in the eyes and she gave him a wink. The Cheshire knew he was a virgin. Nyu Nyu was about to be his first and she wanted to see his expressions when it happened and commit them to memory. Perhaps a little selfishly, she also wanted him to never forget her face either.

Was he scared? Definitely not, the Cheshire thought. Probably just anxious. Without warning, the Cheshire slid down all the way onto the Corporal’s cock. His eyes widened as he sucked in a breath of air in surprise. No description could do this justice or truly prepare him for his first time. The feeling of his cock being squeezed by her inner muscles was enough to make him tremble. Then she lifted herself all the way back up until only his head was inside and held that position. She used his shoulders for support and forced his face into her bosom.

Once again, without any indication she impaled herself on his shaft. After a few agonizing and unpredictable thrusts she began riding his erection at a steady rate. The Corporal tried to gasp but it was hard to breath from in between Nyu Nyu’s oiled tits.

He could feel the pressure building up down below and knew he was going to cum soon. But their lovemaking was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Nyu Nyu teleported off of Tyler, to which he groaned in protest. She told him she would be right back and walked out of the room with her bare ass swaying back and forth with every step. Tyler’s head slumped back and he let out another groan. He was right on the edge and ready to bust a nut and his so-called tour guide just left the room to answer the door. Since his hands were tied there wasn’t much Tyler could do about being left there on his own.

The house was pretty small so Tyler could hear the conversation at the door. He heard two women. One sounded stern and serious while the other sounded upset.

“Ma’am this March Hare was walking by and overheard an argument coming from inside the house.” said the stern voice.

“Is it true?!” Cried the upset March Hare. “Did someone say he wouldn’t fuck you?!”

“Under the Queen’s authority, I must investigate this.”

“Oh, so this what a domestic dispute looks like in Wonderland…” Tyler muttered in disbelief. Then he heard multiple footsteps as they went through the house and approached the bedroom. Tyler’s heart started to race. Realizing he was naked in a chair he looked around in desperation for something to cover himself with. But while his rock hard member was at attention, his hands were tied behind his back. Actually, his wrist bindings were tied to the chair as well meaning he was stuck sitting there. With no other options, he lifted his legs up to cover himself as much as possible. As the girls entered the room, Tyler tried not to stare straight at them like a deer in the headlights. The first was a woman sticking out of a giant playing card. She was wearing a red cap and holding a spear. According to her card, she was a four of hearts.

After her came Nyu Nyu, still naked and then hopped in the Hare. Just like Nyu Nyu, she possessed animal features, in this case, the legs and ears of a rabbit. And Tyler was very conscious of the fact that these three ladies were all looking right at him.

“Well you see,” Nyu Nyu began, just as casual as her nudity. “I was explaining to my lecherous tourist here that leading a girl on and then denying sex is a the same as insulting our great Queen. Tantamount to treason. But he is a foreigner from far away and ignorant of the Queen’s laws and therefore protected under the Very, Very, Very, Short Grace Period Law. But as you can see everything has been resolved now.”

“But why is he hiding himself?”Asked the card soldier. When Tyler didn’t answer quickly enough, she persisted. “Speak, knave!”

“I’m not used to so much… attention.” Tyler could feel the heat in his cheeks as he spoke. The Corporal just wanted this to be over with.

Fortunately, his answer seemed to satisfy the Trumpart. “Ah, has a Club’s personality, does he? Many folk like you been arriving now a’ days. Carry on then.” She told them before going inside her card which then began to collapse in on itself until it vanished into thin air.

That only left the rabbit girl.

“Hey, don’t you have something important to do?” Tyler asked. The white furred March Hare didn’t seem so tense but at the same time she still didn’t seem so certain that the situation was alright and Tyler got irritated with her staring at him the way she was.

“Yes I do have someone to do.” The rabbit woman said jovially before going wide eyed and shrieking, “Oh no, I’m running late!” And with that she hopped out of the room and was soon gone from the house entirely. Tyler could hear the Hare chanting “Gotta meet my date! Gotta meet my date!” All the way inside the bedroom.

“See? You’re lucky to have such a diligent tour guide.” Nyu Nyu said as she began putting her clothes back on. “If you don’t play by the Queen’s rules, you will be punished.”

“W-what are you doing?” Tyler asked. He looked pitiful as he looked at her in confusion. He was hoping to continue where they left off but the Cheshire Cat was acting like nothing had happened in the first place.

“Cheshire Cat is getting ready to leave.”

“You gotta be joking…”

“You should too.” She insisted, but Tyler was unsure if she meant he should joke or get ready to leave.

“I’m tied up at the moment. Will you please help me?”

Nyu Nyu snickered. “Nyaa~ Such a needy tourist.” She had a smug smile spread out across her face as she stared at him, helplessly bound to the chair. “Very well, just let me finish getting dressed.”

After that the room fell silent with the exception of Nyu Nyu’s humming and the rustling of her clothes. As Tyler was festering in his own frustration, an audible clank echoed throughout the bedroom.

Tyler turned his head to see a nice fat coin purse sitting at Nyu Nyu’s feet.

Both Cheshire and Corporal stared at the coin pouch for a beat before meeting each others gaze.

Overcome by lust and frustration, Corporal Emond screamed,

“Damn it, Nyu Nyu!”

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3 thoughts on “Without Leave Ch. 4: Keeping Tabs

  1. Pretty funny how the March Hare is so stereotypical of one in Wonderland. ‘I’m late, I’m late, a very important screwing date!’

    Also, with Cheshy-chan screaming at Corporal about being wanted, I wondered who was being teased and denied there. 😉

    Overall, excellent story. The sex, setting, and how Nyu Nyu messes with Tyler and the other inhabitants is adorable yet frustrating all at once when you think of it happening to you.

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