Why God Made Mexico

Nothing but warm breezes and waving tides. Ahhh its good to be in Paradise.

Joe breathes lazily and takes in the Acapulco skies. Life in Denver just was hard, the metal scrapping, the every day work grind and even his girlfriend was just killing him, and finally, he had enough. He quit his job on the GM factory line, collected on his pool of company shares, sold off his house, dumped his nagging girlfriend, hiked it up on the first trip to the sweet sandy beaches of Mexico.

And there Joe sat, in his own white fold out chair, ray bans, a straw hat, and beer in hand; watching that nice blue ocean almost glow out in the distance. This is the life, he thought.

His flat lay off some three miles down the rode, but the walk here was definitely worth it. The beach around him was almost empty, surprising for the evening hour of 7:30 but who cares. Its so quiet and serene, he could almost fall asleep.


He saw only a lazy shadow off to the right of him, a good few feet away. Rolling around his head, Joe was gifted with the sight of one of the most gorgeous looking bombon he’d seen in his time here. Long black hair, nice green eyes, and nice tan skin that would put Sofia Vegara to shame. Even better, she was sporting a nice strapless black top as she clopped her way down to the beach.

That’s right, clopping. Her front crotch and rear end was covered by a large, beach shawl, but back behind it, followed a sleek black equine body, kicking up sand from her hooves and swishing her skinny tail on her way down beside him.These girls, these fine ladies, are something that Joe hadn’t really thought of going for before but, nonetheless, he was dropping his ray bans to gain the hole scope of that magnificent body.

She plopped off a few yards beside him, unfurling her beach towel and sprawling over its brightly colored design. Her bag slopped off her arms and, by god, she looked like she had glistening skin already.

He chaste himself for a second and slipped his shade back up his nose. If he was going to gaze, he was going to do so discretely.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a book and a small orange-brown bottle, opening the book to the marked page and used her bent front hooves to hold the book in place. Then, taking that bottle in her hands, she popped the cap and out came some light white sunblock.

Joe was not believing his fortune, on the beach with a beauty in reach, rubbing herself down with sunblock. Before his camper could pitch a tent, he removed his hat and put it in his lap, over his crotch and kicked the chair back. Reaching down, he picked out a fresh new beer from his cooler and popped the cap, taking a swig and glancing at the luscious belleza. He developed a bit of a small routine. He’d take a drink of beer, looked out at the beach, then looked back at her. Drink, beach, beauty, drink, beach, beauty. Joe figured this to be quite the evening. 

Then, he glanced over one more time, bottle still in his lips, and was struck to find she was looking right back at him.

“Hey!” She called out, “You done being a perv?”

Good lord, her accent was even better than he’d thought. “Uh, excuse me?”

“You think I can’t tell when a guy is starring at me?” She folded her arms.

Joe knew he’d been found out and stuck his beer in the sand, “My bad. Couldn’t help it.”

She capped the bottle and adjusted herself, “Then try to help. Come over here and rub my back will yah? And bring a beer over for me too.”

He was struck for a few seconds. Was this really happening? he thought. Like hell he was gonna pass it up, so when in Rome…

He took up his hat and two beers and strode over to her towel, holding the fresh cold one in the air beside her. “Trade yah the beer for the bottle?”

She tossed up the bottle, which he caught, and stuck the beer in her hands. Now came the hard part, mostly due to Joe’s lead pipe in his cargo shorts. He unscrewed the bottle cap and shook out a glob of sunblock and rubbed his hands together.

Now that he looked, she was actually quite small for her kind, about a three foot run from her human back to her rump. He came up over her equine back and lightly sat on her back rubbing his hands a bit more nervously, “Ready?”

With a curt nod and flick of her tail, Joe took that as the cue to start working, and that he did. His hands weren’t really all too callused but he just hoped they weren’t to hard on her silky skin. He was right earlier that her skin was glistening, it was already showing signs of sweat as he rolled over her shoulders.

“Hey, mind undoing the top back here so I can get everything?” It was a bit low of him, he could get it done regardless, but Joe just had to see her without it, breasts or not.

She flipped a page in her book and undid her front clasp, which dropped the top. She clutched her arm around her chest and covered her well endowed breasts.

Oh god, her muscles are hard! Sliding down, they felt like smooth hot rocks under his palms. Joe could reach around to the sides of her stomach and feel along the bare borders of her soft stomach, completely opposite from that of her back.

His miner was just itching to burst from the cave of his shorts.

Then, just as he was about to go on to offer to do the front of her too, she whirled around and pulled Joe by his white ragged shirt and pulled him head first into, as he could barely think to describe, the most passionate kiss he’s ever had.

Her long tongue went places he didn’t even know were allowed, much less gave his a run for its money on how salivated it was. She suddenly she pulled out from him, a loud audible pop coming from their lips.

Her face was bright red, and Joe could swear her eyes weren’t as glazed when he had been first talking to her.

“Listen, the only man I’ve had recently is Jose Cuervo, and he don’t do jack shit for me-” 

Joe interrupted, “When and where?”

They both just looked at each other for a second and laughed, although no arousal lost.

She tugged at his shirt again, this time seeping a hand into the shirt, “I’m Morena…and you?”

The lead pipe was ready for some action, “Just your average Joe.”

She looked down at his crotch and flicked her ears as she smiled, “Something tells me, you’re not too average there.”

“How about we find my house and I can show you?” He smirked and brushed his hands over her hide.

His efforts illicit a shiver out of Morena, “Oh lead the way me amor~.”

Thank God for Mexico.

.   .   .

Joe’s flat was a barely that of a blueish paste concrete exterior, faded red stucco shingles and a few dark brick pathways leading inside. The door was a shitty piece of yellow and the carpet was dirt brown from the previous owners, leaving a small couch and the beds inside really the only thing cleaned.

But by the time he and Morena made it inside the doorway, they were too busy with each other for her to take notice. She snatched him up and charged straight for the couch. Basically trying to drown him in her breasts; sandwiching his head between her two mounds with her beach top still on. 

Joe manages his hands up and lifts the top off over her head and the two puppies busted out to greet him with puckered tips and flashing, silver nipple rings. Now, Joe hadn’t ever had someone with these before, so he was a bit new to the idea of piercings. 

She giggled, “Don’t worry they won’t bite.”

Snappy come backs hit him like a sack of bricks, “Oh, but I do.”

With that he latched right on to pink nipple, suckling it like a new born babe. She shivered a few breaths and brought her front hooves on to the couch. I glanced up at her to see her ears pinned back and biting her lip with a wild grin.

Time to beef it up, he thought.

He hooked his tongue around the ring and pulled on it, stretching out her teat fingering around the other one the same way. She let loose a yelp, one so cute she covered her mouth. 

Joe’s passion set ablaze as he lifted off her tit and pulled both rings with a devilish smile. Her front legs began to wobble and shake a bit, the treatment on her breasts more effective than he had imagined they would. Before he could resume suckling, she brought her arms around him and pressed his lips open and kissed him. 

Again, unlike any kiss he ever had, her long tongue coiled completely around his and touched around his cheeks. Finding his senses, he flicked on of the teats and set her off into another one of those cute moans out the corner of their kiss.

He pulled away, “Good thing I don’t have spurs, huh?”

She grinned from cheek to cheek, “Too bad, I may have let yah use them.”

This girl…

Suddenly, Joe felt her hand slide down his shorts and unzipping them. Her nibble hands slide them down his thighs and stood him up, face to face wit his almost painfully erect cock.

“Mmmm, look at you. Told yah you weren’t average.”

Before a clever line could be said, Joe saw her tongue extend out of her mouth and wrap around the crown of his cock. He let out a gasp of astonishment and watched her slowly crawl her lips down his shaft and take the whole thing into her mouth.

Then she sucked on it long and smoothly, pumping it into her mouth quickly and then slowly drawing it back out, the sensation made Joe’s body shiver as her warm throat pulsed around his entire shaft and made his knees want to buckle from beneath him.

Morena’s face served only to turn him on more, her lips locked on his member and and her ears drooping back and forth with the motion of her head. Her eyes almost seemed to glow, darting between his and the cock filling her mouth with that same wide grin of satisfaction.

Then that feeling seized him, his cock tightened in her mouth. Not even being able to utter a word of warning, those green eyes widened and suddenly started pumping her mouth on his cock, little trails of drool now trailing down her chin. She kept going until a dam finally burst and Joe plunged her head to hilt on his cock, as he shot tides of hot white cum down her throat. 

Her body shook in taking his seed in her mouth, her tongue slurping up and taking down every last drop before finally slithering it back into her mouth. 

“Ohhh its so thick and fresh.”

Her fingers absentmindedly touched the tips of her lips as she was still stuck in the feeling of the warmth in her throat to see Joe regain some strength.  He leapt beside her and grabbed at her round equine ass, watching the ripple go up the back of her body and taking a surprised yelp out of Morena. 

It was her turn to lean down on the couch, pushing out her ass to Joe with a reddened blush plain cross her face.

Now this was another thing Joe was not too familiar with, it was an ass’s ass after all. But something about it now seemed like it was no big deal, and Joe was not about to complain about anything. He gripped tight on her meaty ass and looked at the large equine pussy, its folds now dripping wet from that fantastic blow job. 

She whimpered and shook her ass, “Come on! You can look at it later, just…just put it in already.”

Joe lined up to her pussy and tempted her by dipping it in only a slight bit and then pulling away, until finally pushing his cock inside. He had thought it would be bigger than that of what he was used to, his ex was a tight fit on him to begin with, but to his surprise, it wound and gripped his cock like a flotation device.

Morena jolted, panting as he plunged into her depths, the front legs now slouched deep into the cushions of the couch. Joe felt the walls of her pussy convulse as he started to rock his hips in and out of her drenched insides; making squelching wet noises.

Joe felt the sudden urge to grab the base of her whipping tail, pulling hard as he jumped balls deep into her pussy, sending her into wails of Spanish. The insides of her snatch seemed to comb over every square inch of his shaft, sending shivers up and down each other’s spine; Morena giving into her pleasure, tongue out and her hips knocking against his.

Swept up in hazy ecstasy, Joe shot his hands around her back waist and shoved harder into her ass, threatening to swallow him as his orgasm approached.  Her nails dug into the couch cushion and squealed in Spanish and hitting a high scream as he made his last great thrusts.

And then, Joe felt like he exploded. His cock erupted inside her, drowning it in his cum and sweep a chill up Morena’s spine; hearing her scream once again before her hind legs collapsed from under her. Joe dropped onto her back, panting and exhausted.

Laborous pants filled the room; he slowly pulled himself beside her. She flailed her arm over his shoulders and pulled him into her bosom once more, the rings hot against their chest.

Semental….mi semental…” She could barley breathe out the words.

 .   .   .

He laughed, “Okay, okay. Now how do you say, ‘where’s my beer’?”

She held up the bottle and drew out a long swig of ‘Shiner from Joe’s cooler, ” It’s Donde esta mi cerveza?”

He hiccuped and tried to sound it out with his horrible American accent, pretty sure butchering a few words too. But that didn’t matter when Morena is laughing at his attempts, especially when he’s trying to flirt.

Between them, Joe had told of his boring, cold life in the GM factory, and she told of her table-waiting at the cheap diner down the road.

“I mean really, who names a diner, the Sombrero ? I tell you, some of these gringos are just stupid!”

“Oh? And does that make me one of those gringos?”

They hadn’t bothered with getting dressed again, much less get up. Morena’s large beach towel lay over them like a blanket and the smell of sex and beer filled the room.

She encircled her legs and arms around him and pulled him in closer against her soft breasts, “Nope, you’re my semental….my stallion.”

A wave pride overtook him, as Joe could feel his rod start to become hard again. “So does that make you my mare?”

She blinks her eyes all flirtatiously and kisses the of his cheek, “You know that’s a bit of a proposal to us, right?”

He brushes his hand up her back and to her chin,”If I can wake up with this, everyday with some tequila and a nice  warm breeze, I’d be in heaven.”


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  1. Very nice, I like your writing voice, though I’d recommend running it through spellcheck and proofreading it a couple more times. There was nothing terrible, just some niggling typos. Keep up the good work!

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