Veronica’s Sabbath

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Veronica’s Sabbath

1. A recent picture of the Sabbath members…

The members of this Sabbath are militarists through and through, yet unlike a standard uniform, their clothing choices seem to expand to mimic militaries of all types from guerilla fighters to regimented bright uniforms. Their only real consistent feature is that the uniforms only become more uniform, showing rank even, the closer they get to the HQ of the sabbath. The other constant trait is that every uniform is stylized to be a brighter, “cuter” version of the actual uniform it represents.


Unlike most Sabbaths or monsters, members don’t find these clothes restrictive. In fact, they relish trying to make love while keeping their “uniforms” on as a form of domination towards their partner. To them, the cute nature of the outfit shows strength, and to keep it on even in their most intimate acts shows their dedication to that power.

Veronica appears shorter than even your typical Baphomet, and has given herself fully to the ideal of “cute”. Her plush body is a patchwork of brightly colored pastels, with even her eyes being a mismatch between soft blue and bright pink. Her horns seem bigger than her head and appear soft enough that one wonders if she even needs a pillow to sleep at night. This along with her orange hair seems to clash with her near-constant expression. An expression that appears to be a mix of smugness that can only come from a superiority complex and absolute joy from that superiority complex being fed.


The photographer of these photos is quoted as saying, “…when she was in the room everyone stopped and held at attention till she gave the order otherwise. I myself was half tempted to go up and pat her head, but one of the members gave me fair warning otherwise. I got a demonstration as to why when one of her own top brass couldn’t contain themselves and gave her a hug. That member was sentenced to “overstuffed past sensitivity in the cuddle pit for no less than three hours”. I don’t know what that meant but if that’s how she treats plush members, I shudder to think what she’d do to a non-plush outsider.”

2. The name of your Sabbath…

Veronica’s Sabbath (Common names: Cutedom Sabbath, Fighting Plushies Sabbath, Military Subsect of the Plush Sabbath)


3. The symbol of your Sabbath…

A plush angry goat with oversized horns and weapons stuck between them.


4. The name of your representative Baphomet…

Veronica- The Pint-Size Plush of Power


5. Activity details…

Ensuring order is kept within the greater plush Sabbath, territory acquisition, spreading the ideal of cute supremacy, and defending the greater plush Sabbath through numbers.


6. Typical races…

Monsters that are typically known for their “cute” appearance. Goblins and imps are a common example, though anyone willing to undergo the plushification and their specialty “cutification” process, are allowed to join, though all new members are required to serve one year in compulsory service to HQ.


7. “To you…”

“Halt citizen, it appears you are both not a plushie, and are without a soft partner. That’s a level 3 offense and carries the punishment of a multi-hour cuddle session. Come with me so I can carry out your sentence~”

-A grizzly convert talking to their soon-to-be partner. She’ll release the citizen after a good few hours of cuddling and “cuddling”, acting as their permanent “parole office”. Such duties are very time-consuming meaning their partner will scant be leaving this grizzly’s side any time soon~.

8. Sabbath particulars…

This sect is one of three major sub-sects in the coalition of the Plush Sabbath. Their main focus when working to further the goals of Plush Sabbath at large, as well as their own, lies in three key tenants; Cute, Strength, and Domination. Ultimately this doctrine has led to some calling this a Sabbath of warmongers, but how could a group so cute be warmongers?


The doctrine of “Cute” is exactly that: to be as cute as possible. To any non-plush and non-members of the Sabbath, the first reaction would most likely be to hug, squeeze, pet, and protect them in that order, much to the sabbath’s dismay. To them, cuteness and by extension plush should inspire submissiveness in those who are not plush. They do however use their disarming looks to use to their advantage.


“Strength” is the doctrine Veronica’s Sabbath uses in order to break the mold of everyone’s expectations for cute plushies. While not specially magically inclined, this Sabbath more than makes up for it in strength, specifically that of numbers, body, and mind. When the Plush Sabbath lays claim to an area or plot of land, it’s not uncommon for thousands of brightly-colored conquers to storm the land and everyone in it, placing the whole area under a militaristic rule until the sister Sabbaths can show up and more properly stabilize the area. What makes dispatching them hard is not only the fact that they are oft supported by their sister sabbaths, but because their physical strength only increases with their mental state, a power speculated to come from the “Cutification” process. So long as they believe in their supremacy their strength follows suit, meaning when established, this sect and its branches are focused around instilling that image as much as possible.


“Domination” is the tenet that is followed when this Sabbath has had a chance to properly plant its roots. Their whole goal is to keep the ideal of “Cute = Strength” in the minds of not just members, but everyone else as well. Non-members finding themselves under the rule of this Sabbath might find themselves living under unusual,  draconian rules and laws. While each territory is mostly autonomous and make their own laws to better conform to each territories situation, most follow a similar principle, such as requiring all member to undergo the Plushificaition and Cutification processes, requiring all non-plush citizens to be accompanied by a plush citizen or member at all times, and to submit to the wills of members. They will also instate mandatory cuddle times, as well as rules for plush citizens giving guidelines and requirements for dominating non-plush citizens. Failure to abide by the current leadership or the laws they instate can lead to draconian punishments such as mandatory plushification, multi-hour, day, or week-long cuddling sessions, and even re-education to the belief of plush supremacy. Plush citizens might find even stranger punishments such as being over-stuffed and left in front of key buildings for anyone to treat as cutely as they want or being given to unmarried witches and familiars as temporary cuddle companions.


As for their base of operations and permanent institutions, one might struggle to call them “buildings” and not “fortifications”. They take the shape of defensive structures such as bunkers or forts and are almost always colored aggressively brightly while being plastered with a mix of propaganda, cute imagery, and graffiti made by the locale regiment. Along with lacking easy identifiers, the local leadership constantly moves between and stays in different structures, making it hard to get in contact much less find and assault where they are residing should the locale populace try to revolt.


9. A word from Baphomet…

“I am Veronica Smiles, Commander of my Sabbath, Chief of my staff, and General of my armies.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve been treated with no respect. All anyone ever saw in me was a cute face, something to be “proctected”. I grew up without being taken seriously, my opinions and wants obfuscated by my looks. It wasn’t until a fateful visit to the land of Bombacio that I learned that that didn’t need to be the case. I allowed myself to be turned even cuter, and I allied with others who felt the same we have turned that cuteness into strength and power!


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