Valentina Inc. Chapter 1

Author’s Notes: This story is a plot bunny that has consumed my interest to the point where it’s actually distracting me from my other stories so as I do with these things I put up a word document and put fingers to keyboard. Fast forward several months later and my interest has not waned. Since it made it through creative limbo I decided to release it into the wilds. This story may or may not be related to Daily Life With A Lilim, I haven’t decided yet.  

Anyway enjoy!

~The Elysium Rendezvous~

After four years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears Roland Wayne has graduated university. To commemorate this pivotal milestone of their young adult lives he and his friends decide to hit up a local nightclub to celebrate. Now Roland wasn’t exactly plugged in to the night life scene like his friends were even if they try their hardest with hot often they drag him out to parties. This time he decided to go along with them without putting up a fight as this was a very special occasion.

He should have known things wouldn’t be simple but he was still riding the high of his academic success so he didn’t notice the red flags. Things like his friends failing to tell him where exactly they would be going until he was in the car and they were already driving to their destination. The club they decide to go with was the Elysium which Roland has never heard of. Though they assured him the reason for that was because the place opened relatively recently yet has become really popular especially among single men.

The reason for this became obvious when they arrived and he found himself beholding several monster girls enter the venue. So clearly this club caters to monster girls and if Roland knew this fact beforehand he might have been a lot more apprehensive about joining them. Not because he had a problem with monster girls or Mamono but because if his friends are going to hook up (which they will) he won’t be receiving a ride back to his apartment.

As for the mamono themselves they were a mostly unknown quantity to him as they were a relatively recent phenomenon despite exploding into the hearts and minds of the world population and pop culture. His knowledge on them mainly comes from PSAs, news reports, forums and social media none of which he put his entire trust in as a source of information. What he did know was that there are a race of supernaturally beautiful ‘monster girls’ whose personality and culture seem to revolve around love, sex and general lewdness.

It sounded like something straight out of a stereotypical weeb’s wet dream but it’s the truth and they hardly made it a secret. When he first heard about it he didn’t believe it then he saw pictures and videos of them and initially it painted a very promising picture of his future relationship status. Then time went on, more information about Mamono came out and suddenly the idea of a mamono encounter seemed less promising.

The information was not anti-Mamono propaganda, trolls, general racists or stories from unreliable sources but rather documents and reports about peculiar habits and facets of mamono culture that just wouldn’t fit in with modern earth sensibilities. Most of them are unverified but very plausible and for better or worse it colored his impression of the interdimensional beings in a way that would not see him encounter one by himself in a private setting.

Roland can imagine that the portal connecting their world to earth is a hotbed of bureaucratic red tape akin to an immigration office made worse by the fact that Mamono are a completely different species from an entirely different world. All this is to say that currently there aren’t a lot of Mamono on earth right now so Roland doesn’t have a lot of experience with them.

So understandably Roland was a bit leery about going into a nightclub that was more or less established for hooking up Mamono with human men. That was another big thing about mamono culture that was very much public knowledge at this point. They have a peculiar emphasis on finding romantic partners and having children. It’s a pretty big deal for them in the same way that most people wanted to get rich and live a happy life. And just like most people some Mamono will go to some dire lengths in order to secure their happiness.

At least according to some less than savory rumors that are all too plausible when given enough context. Roland chose not to entertain said ideas however as he and the boys entered the club with no issue. He even managed to ignore the big burly yet plainly good looking horned woman (Minotaur) acting as the club’s bouncer shamelessly checking them out. Once inside Roland was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds, the smells and especially the sights. There was flashing lights, loud music and a lot of beautiful exotic women fawning over men and vice versa.

Within the next few hours Roland found his apprehension melting away like ice in the summer heat as he and the boys drank, danced, and rubbed shoulders with both human and Mamono alike. Turns out when you get past the ‘monster’ aspect of monster girls it turns out that they’re just people. Exotic, a bit eccentric, beautiful and yes even lewd but people all the same. The only thing that threw him off (aside from some of their appearances) was just how aggressive some of them were with the flirting.

Roland was by no means ugly and he kept in pretty good shape but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a lot of the women he mingled with were out of his league in the looks department. Imagine someone with Kim Kardashian levels of beauty walking up to a random normal guy and start flirting with him.

It was actually a bit daunting and Roland ended up turning down a few women out of sheer panic and mild discomfort. He had no idea what a Manticore’s venom does to a man or why said Manticore kept bringing up her tail and ‘milking’ but he saw a dangerous gleam in her eye and bailed out of there faster than the Flash. Its encounters like this that made Roland stop drinking after the third beer because he really did not like how some of the women ogled him.

Eventually the initial excitement wore off and Roland broke off from his friends who were more successful in their own pursuits or got worn down by pursuers. He’d been periodically checking the time and was surprised to find that he’d been at it for a few hours now. The fact that he lasted so long was a genuine shock since he’s usually the type to leave parties early.

And speaking of leaving…

‘It’s as good a time as any I guess.’

He planned on paying his tab, informing his friends about leaving and calling an Uber to pick him up since he’s pretty sure they’re going to be going to a hotel after this. Unfortunately he found an unlikely obstacle sitting at the bar in the form of a pretty woman. Actually to call her ‘pretty’ would be an insult as she was easily the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, period. She wore a strapless crystalline dress that sparkled in the lights, a matching choker, white heels, crystal earrings and carried a pink clutch handbag over one shoulder. The dress reached her thighs, hugged her full figure and showed off her cleavage. Her platinum silver white hair was let down past her shoulders and paired with her unblemished fair skin made her seem like an ethereal figure.

“Whoa…” was really the only thing he could say.

The woman quirked a brow seeming amused at his response and while he attempted to recover from the embarrassment she took the time to a seat herself on the barstool directly next to where he stood.



“Aren’t you going to take a seat?”

“I was actually leaving…” he trailed off pointing at the vague direction of the door.

“Oh I’m sure you can stay for a while longer.”

Roland bit his lip looking around for an out in the form of his friends.

“Your friends seem to be occupied” his gaze snapped to hers as she gave a half shrug “or so I assume. Let me guess, they left you all by your lonesome the moment you stepped into the room?”

“Something like that” he frowned though given where he last saw them (chatting up some stunning Mamono women) he couldn’t really blame them for ditching him.

It still sucks since they were his ride home.

‘Gonna have to call an Uber’ he thought only to be interrupted by the mysterious woman.

“Oh then that means you aren’t preoccupied” she chirped “and here I find myself without any company to enjoy the night with. Won’t you keep me company for a bit?”

Roland pursed his lips in indecision. Despite being approached by all manner of exotic beauties this night (an already unbelievable prospect for him) he could feel that this woman was a cut above the rest. The way she looked, the way she talked and just her general presence spoke of something…more than any other woman he’s encountered that night or ever really.

So here was the most beautiful woman giving him a chance now the question is was he chump enough to let such an opportunity slip past him?

Hell no!

“Yeah, I guess-ahem” he mentally cursed his knee jerk reaction and coughed into his fist “I mean sure I would love to keep you company, if that’s all right with you Miss…”

He didn’t think he pulled off sophistry in his tone like she did but it didn’t matter.

She gave him a dazzling a smile and practically purred her next word “Maddie” she answered “and you are?”

“Roland” he stuck his hand out without thinking causing her to glance at it before once again giving him an amused expression.

Before he can retract his hand she grasped it gently “charmed.”

‘Her hand is soft.’

And his are sweaty.

‘Shit I should have wiped them first.’

He attempted to do that as subtly as possible but whether she noticed or not is a mystery as the bartender approached with his requested tab calculation. Roland already had his wallet out and dipped in retrieve his credit card when he was halted by Maddie.

“Consider your tab paid” as she said this a black credit card materialized between her fingers before passing it off to the bartender.

“You didn’t have to do that” Roland said feeling not right with what just happened.

“You’re absolutely right” she said not looking at him “but now you’re obliged to sit with me for at least an hour to make up for it.”

Roland’s mouth dropped ‘is she serious?’

The way how she stared at him unerringly seemed to answer his question but before the outrage could come Maddie broke the stern calmness with a snicker before it turned into a giggle. He thought she would go further however the giggling eventually tapered off when the bartender returned with her card.

“Relax Roland, you don’t owe me anything. I simply did this as a gesture of goodwill” she explained “if you want you can still leave. I won’t think badly of you if you do though it would be disappointing.”

He would be lying if the smoky eyed look she gave him didn’t send shivers down his spine but he shook his head. No he already made the decision to stay so he took a seat beside her to which she only said one thing.


After ordering something and giving Roland free reign to get whatever he wanted the two did a little toast and got to talking.

~Private After-Party~

Roland is a man who prides himself on his self control. As someone who was raised in an environment that constantly exposed him to people who lacked self control it created a stigma against letting loose so to speak. It’s the reason why he didn’t go out to parties often and when he did he intentionally limits himself to mostly non alcoholic beverages if any.

His friends called him boring because of it but he didn’t see anything wrong with being ‘boring’ if it kept him safe and his face out of any embarrassing videos that always circle social media after parties. He’s not even going to go into the alarmingly high number of times that the drinks at the parties they drag him to end up being spiked. The only reason why he even deigned to touch alcohol in the club was because it was too much of a respectable establishment for the bartender to try that crap.

With Maddie however Roland’s self control was tested in a way that he’s never quite experienced before. Along with being incredibly beautiful Maddie was also apparently rich so she’s someone clearly out of his league and he wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be someone really important. Figuring out what kind of Mamono she was (because he didn’t even entertain the idea of her being human) turned out to be a lesson in futility and he didn’t feel brave enough to just come out and ask her.

It’s a situation where if she didn’t bring it up neither would he. He had this feeling she knew he had this particular dilemma and was deliberately obfuscating her true nature. He knew this because from their conversation Maddie turned out to be a very intelligent woman. Unlike everyone else he’s talked with tonight their talk veered into subjects that don’t typically make for conversations had by two strangers sharing drinks at a nightclub.

Regardless he found their talks to be engaging and for once he wasn’t flip flopping. All of that combined made for a pretty big distraction because at some point he lost count of how many drinks he had with her.

“Shit” he suddenly spoke putting down the half empty glass.

“Is something the matter?” she asked a bit taken aback by his sudden curse.

“I’m feeling tipsy” he held his head, the room was becoming just a bit slant and he could feel his faculties getting slow.

“Already?” she half taunted finishing the rest of her drink that she’s been guzzling down like a fish since they first began.

‘How is she still fine?’

Part of the reason why he’s like this was because he’s been following her lead as she was the one paying for the drinks it felt rude not to. At the back of his mind he figured once she stopped or showed signs of being drunk he could have a gracious out to not continue. She never did stop and out of the two she seemed just as sober as when they started.

‘Am I this much of a lightweight?’ he wondered to himself feeling a shot to his pride as a man ‘or is she cheating?’

As far as he knew all her drinks have been red wine while he stuck with the least alcoholic drink on the menu.

He shook his head ‘wait, what time is it?’ he thought fishing out his phone only to boggle when the time read ‘2 AM!?’

Holy shit!

And it looks like his friends sent him a message that they already left. One of them took picture of him drinking and smiling with Maddie mid conversation. It had a caption below it.

–Don’t fuck up 😉


“It’s getting pretty late” he stood up and took a moment to steady himself.

“Is it?” Maddie hummed taking a gander at her phone before humming “so it is” she confirmed before draining her glass and paying their tab “shall we?”

She then started walking away and Roland decided to follow her lead. He made a careful effort not to stare at her ass as she led him to the exit. Or so he thought but they weren’t heading in that direction.

“Where are we going?”

“VIP exit” Maddie spoke while looking over her shoulder.

‘There’s a VIP exit?’

They headed into a section of the club guarded by a team of burly yet gorgeous Mamono bouncers who scrutinized him on contact. Once they saw he was accompanying Maddie however they gave a nod allowed them access. From there it was a short walk to another set of doors guarded by bouncers who let them out into an underground parking lot.

‘This place is insane’ he thought in amazement as the seemed to exclusively house expensive top of the line luxury cars.

The sound of a car alarm chirping brought his attention back to Maddie who was heading towards a Tesla. She just about opened the automatic doors before turning to look at him.

“What are you doing?”


Good question.

“Don’t tell me one of these belongs to you” she gestured to the parked cars.

“N-no” he answered.

“Did you bring your own vehicle?”


“Then get in” and she did just that before the passenger door opened.

Roland only hesitated for a moment before getting inside and trying his hardest not to react to the interior as he secured his seatbelt. He wasn’t very much into vehicles like some of his friends but even a neophyte like him could appreciate the luxurious upholstery. There was a moment of silence as Maddie drove them out of the parking lot but before thing could get awkward she broke the silence.

“I know my identity must be tickling your curiosity at this point.”

…did he say break the awkward silence? He meant pour gasoline over the fire.

Roland tried to play it off “I didn’t want to be weird about it.”

“I can’t speak for other women Roland but I don’t mind the question.”

“Then what are you?”

“Hmm…nope” she answered.


“Not telling~” she sang.

Roland made a noise of befuddlement “why bother saying you don’t mind me asking if you’re not going to tell me?”

“I never said I would give you an answer now did I?”

After a moment of thinking on it Roland sighed “you can let me off at that corner.”

She proceeded to drive past the corner which understandably made Roland both confused.

“Hey you missed my stop” he pointed out.


She said nothing and now he was starting to get a tad nervous.

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere appropriate” she answered vaguely.

“That doesn’t answer my question” he stated with brows slowly furrowing as he spoke.

“…” Maddie gave a brief sideways glance but kept quiet.


“You know” she interrupted “to tell you the truth I have been frequenting that nightclub for a rather long time” her grip on the steering wheel tightened enough for the leather to audibly creak “too long in my opinion.”

‘That’s disconcerting’ Roland thought while subtly checking he locks on the door.

As they slowed at a traffic light Maddie lightly sighed “I thought tonight would have been yet another waste of my time until I happened upon you at the bar” turning her gaze towards him and gave him a dazzling smile “I’m really glad that I met you tonight Roland~”

Roland could feel his cheeks warming and turned away from her gaze much to her amusement. Focusing on anything but what she said and the tingly feeling that elicited from him Roland noted that he had no idea where they are right now yet as they pulled into a parking lot he realized exactly where they are…sort of.

“We’re here.”

Upon seeing where they were Roland gulped nervously.

‘Oh man.’

Looking out the window he found that they were now in the parking lot of a hotel and not just any hotel but a love hotel.

Without taking his eyes off the sign he asked “what uh, what are we doing here?”

“We’ve spent hours talking to each other so I know for a fact that you’re not a fool Roland” she replied with an expression that was decidedly unimpressed.

Roland turned to see her looking at him with her piercing blue eyes and swallowed “I guess I’m just…surprised.”

“Your self esteem is too low for someone so handsome” she observed then smiled saucily “hopefully spending the night with me will fix that.”

“What?” he most certainly did not squeak.

“Come Roland and don’t even try to run away” she added playfully “because I will hunt you down and drag you back here.”

…for some reason he couldn’t help but feel like she was being a little serious there.

And it might be his imagination but he swore her eyes flashed a different color for a split second.

Roland once again followed behind her but this time too much in a daze to appreciate her swinging hips. He only gained some of his coherency when they got into the hotel proper. Roland was surprised to the front desk operated by a mamono, this one a young looking Kobold who perked up upon seeing them.

As Maddie went to converse with the woman Roland only gave them partial attention as he looked around the lobby which was devoid of people. A curious thing considering they were still in a metropolitan area

‘Must be a slow day’ is what he chose to believe with how shady the place looked.

Suddenly he was pulled along by the arm causing him to let out a surprised “whoa.”

“I hope this absentmindedness isn’t going to last terribly long Roland otherwise this won’t be nearly as satisfying as I hope it will be.”

Her words got a reaction out of him ‘she’s right.’

He remembered his friend’s message and while still allowing her to pull him along Roland took a deep breath to calm his nerves. They entered the elevator and Maddie pressed the button to their floor. Roland having finally gotten his nerves under control and feeling the need to save face decided to do something bold. Maddie gasped as she was suddenly pulled into his arms and locked lips with him. It only took a moment for her to get over her shock and lean into the kiss.

They separated and Maddie opened her smoky eyes “hmm~ much better” she hummed running her tongue over her lips as if savoring the taste.

Roland couldn’t help but smirk but before he could go in for another round the elevator doors opened. Luckily no one was on the other side and the duo left with Maddie leading the way with a deliberate and exaggerated sway of her hips. This time Roland allowed himself to stare because god damn she had an incredible ass. They arrived at their room with Maddie entering first and immediately tossing her purse away. The moment Roland closed the door behind him they were all over each other swapping saliva as they made out aggressively.

As the two kissed Maddie’s hands roamed across his broad chest while Roland’s hands dipped down to her ass and gave it a harsh squeeze eliciting a moan from her mouth. Roland used the brief respite to find the bed and as she re-engaged their lip lock he shuffled them over to the bed until both of them fell onto it. Roland rolled on top of her attempting to dominate but Maddie gave as well as she got.

Eventually he had to come up for air and for a moment he simply hovered over her staring. It cannot be overstated just how beautiful Maddie is. Her long platinum blonde hair spilled on the bed like a splayed halo, her lipstick slightly ruined and her pale cheeks darkened red.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet after all that” she asked teasingly.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met” he said plainly with a straight face “and I’m just taking in that fact.”

Maddie’s teasing expression morphed into one of shock as her cheeks darkened further “you flatter me.”

“I know I’m probably not the first guy to tell you this but I just wanted to get that off my chest anyway.”

Her lips pursed as she caressed the side of his face “you certainly have a way with words Roland” then she pulled him into a searing kiss that made his head spin “now prove to me how serious you are.”

~The Long Night Stand Part 1~

In response Roland took off his shirt revealing his muscular frame and causing Maddie to bit her lip upon seeing it. Roland felt more than a little pride at that. Years of being the chubby quiet kid in highschool made him commit to the gym life in university. This is the result of four years worth of dedication to his health and fitness but he wasn’t done yet. Fighting the urge to literally flex on top of her Roland climbed off the woman before pulling her to near the edge of the bed.

The sudden movement elicited a little shriek of surprise out of her and he hiked her skirt up to reveal that she wore a white thong that was already stained wet. Smirking at the visual and the fact that he turned her on just as much as she did him he settled between her thighs. Roland set the white fabric aside and hummed in appreciation at the fact that she was clean shaven yet disappointed all the same.

He wanted to know if the carpet matched the drapes.

“What do you think you’re doing down there?” Maddie’s question was answered by Roland diving face first into her folds “Oh! Aahn~”

Now Roland’s sexual exploits were limited and in none of them did he ever do this so everything he’s doing right now is copied straight out of porn, hentai and erotic novels. Still of all the things he mentally prepared himself for when he committed to doing it he didn’t expect for Maddie to taste like this. And combined with her scent caused him to momentarily lose himself until the hand running through his short hair suddenly pulled him into her muff bringing him back to the present.

Maddie let loose a lusty moan and Roland was suddenly assaulted by a face full of fluids squirting at him while her thighs squeezed. The pressure of being squeezed between her thighs was shockingly heavy and Roland could do nothing but hang on and ride out her orgasm. Roland damn near suffocated between her legs and when she finally relented he had to take a gasp of air while coughing to get his breathing back under control.

“Dammit woman, next time warn a man if you’re gonna try and pop his head like a watermelon!” he exclaimed while wiping his face.

“Apologies” she said breathlessly “I did not expect you to be so good at this.”

“Glad you liked it” he quipped sarcastically.

Maddie laughed “and to think I assumed you to be a virgin” she paused “or perhaps you’re so good at eating pussy because you are a virgin.”


Roland felt offended, if only because this wasn’t the first time someone assumed him to be a virgin. He once complained about this to his friends who agreed that for some reason there was something about him that gave off ‘virgin energy’ as they put it. He has no idea what even meant but it pissed him off all the same. Sure he’s not a playboy taking women to his bed frequently but he’s not a virgin either. With his primary focus being on his studies Roland actually had a decently healthy sex life all things considered. Whoever thought that a tall, fit, intelligent and handsome black man would be an attractive prospect for women?

Regardless he took her words for what it was, a challenge, and Roland felt the need to meet that challenge. So after regarding her with a blank expression for a few seconds he unbuckled his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers.

“Oh my~” the older woman gasped staring at his tool with widened eyes “so it is true what they say about black men” she said while licking her lips.


‘I am going to wreck this bitch’ he though and his erect penis bobbed in anticipation.

But before he could administer proper justice a glint suddenly entered Maddie’s eye and she instead ordered him to “get on the bed.”

They switched places with him kicking off his pants and boxers and Maddie getting on her knees. The moment she got to work proper it was all he could not to immediately bust one off. The way how she moved those soft hands over his hardness, cupped his sack, licked his glands and finally sucked him off could be turned into poetry of the highest caliber if he were articulate enough. But he wasn’t so all he could really say is Maddie gave good head, the best he’s ever had which wasn’t really saying much since he’s only had his dick sucked twice before.

Third time is definitely the charm though.

The entire time she worked his pole Maddie maintained eye contact, basically showing off her skills as she manipulated his cock like a professional. Not that he knew what a ‘professional’ cock sucker was even like but it was clear to him that she has experience in this regard. After an eternity which was likely a few minutes Roland felt about ready to cum and Maddie must have noticed because she did something that took him completely off guard.

She took his entire length down her throat in a single breath.

“Oh shit~” Roland groaned as he finished in her mouth.

Even as he came he could feel her sucking intensify, her tongue swirling around his glands and her hand squeezing his balls. It’s as if she’s trying to get as much out him as she possibly could. It stretched what is usually a few seconds of pleasure into what felt like a whole minute. Roland ended up copying her earlier reaction by grabbing her head forcing himself deeper into her warm tight throat. After another eternity in his mind he felt her start to pull away slowly and throughout that process she was still sucking as she went.

He didn’t know the kind of sounds he was making but from the clear amusement on her face it was probably something very manly. He chose to believe that otherwise the embarrassment of reality might just make him flaccid. Luckily he couldn’t really think much on that since eventually Maddie ran out of meat her lips left his head with an audible pop and her tongue darted out to give one last lick as a parting shot.

Suddenly a wave of fatigue suddenly hit him and he gasped realizing that he had held his breath throughout the entire process of removing Maddie’s lips from him. Catching himself by his hands Roland had to blink a few times at the tingling sensation spreading throughout his body.

‘What the hell?’ that was a lot more intense than he thought it would be.

Before he could think more on this his attention was taken by Maddie smacking her lips with a look of consideration as she savored his cum. She caught his gaze and opened her mouth show the collection of white before swallowing it with an audible moan and sigh. She opened her mouth again to show that she swallowed it all before using a finger to wipe her lips of residue and suck on it.

“Hmm~ delicious~” she finished with eyes burning with lust.


That was the most erotic thing he’s ever seen outside of a video (and even in video) and Roland had nothing to say to it that his hardening erection wasn’t already expressing. She noticed this as well and her smile grew even more at the sight.

“Oh you’re already up, good” then she held up hand and dangling from her delicate index finger was her underwear.

‘When did she even take that off?’

In his defense Roland was distracted and that distraction continued as Maddie took the rest of her dress off revealing that she wasn’t even wearing a bra which Roland figured.

“I want to keep the heels on. I hope you don’t mind.”

Roland shook his head “the heels make you look sexier.”

“Good~” she practically purred before lightly tossing her panties at his face briefly obscuring his vision.

As he picked the undergarment off his head Roland realized something “I didn’t bring a condom.”

And he mentally kicked himself for that but in his defense he wasn’t exactly looking for or expecting a one night stand though in hindsight he really should have given the context of what he and his friends were going for tonight.

A derisive scoff broke him from his musing as Maddie spoke “if you did I would have destroyed it and slapped you for good measure” her eyes narrow “I should slap you anyway for bringing it up.”

‘Not a fan of contraception got it.’

It wasn’t a Maddie thing from what he understood but a cultural thing with Mamono. He didn’t really get it but since she felt so strongly about it he won’t ruin the mood by persisting. Though he sure as hell hoped he wasn’t about to get her pregnant because of it.

“I won’t get pregnant from this” she informed as if she could read his mind “you aren’t that special I’m afraid.”

‘Why does she sound disappointed?’

“In any case enough distractions” she spoke while strutting towards the nearest wall like a super model “you know how to use your mouth and you have a better tool than most. Now let’s see if you know how to use it” she braced her hand against the wall and pushed out her ass towards him “if you manage to impress me enough I might just let you even keep that.”

Roland glanced at the underwear in his hand with a look that said ‘seriously?’

However his incredulity was gone the moment Maddie starting swaying her rear hypnotically. The moment Roland saw her moist slit dangling in front of him like bait he lost higher brain functions and reverted to his primal instinct.

“Now show me what you can do.”

Like a horny fish Roland took that sexy bait with gusto. Marching up to her he clapped his hand on her cheeks with a meaty *smack* and lined himself up before slowly pushing inside.

Roland let out a groan of pleasure “damn, you’re tight” he hissed.

Maddie looked at him over her shoulder “surprised?”

‘Yes’ he thought because she was really tight and it only got worse (or perhaps better) for him as he forced himself deeper inside her.

It was by no means uncomfortable but at this rate ‘shit I think I’m going to blow.’

“Don’t hold it in on my account~” the vixen purred “cum for me.”

Roland almost blew his load right as he reached as deep as he could get but he held on with gritted teeth “not…yet…”

On his pride as a man he was not about to embarrass himself like that and before he could he decided to just start thrusting taking Maddie off guard as her surprised exclamation turned to a drawn out moan of pleasure.

“Oh yes~”

Knowing that he wouldn’t last long Roland would at least make sure that he brought Maddie down with him and so leaned forward to cup both her breasts getting another moan out her. He fondled them incessantly while continuing his thrusting switching between gentle rubs and harsh gropes while pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers. He was pleased to know his ministration got a reaction out of her every time even if they were still measured in soft moans and squeaks unlike him who could hardly control his voice and whose long deep strokes turned into short jerks the further he went on.

Eventually his time came and so he did giving a deep thrust before spilling his seed in her depths. He let out a curse as he inseminated her while Maddie simply released a drawn out hum of content. After a few moments Roland withdrew from her however if he was expecting to see his seed spill out he would be disappointed.

‘Is that normal?’

He had no idea he only ever saw that in videos, this is his first time doing it raw because he’s not dumb enough to risk a woman getting pregnant.

“Hmm, well that was…” Maddie spoke as she pushed herself off the wall and turned towards Roland only to trail off as she stared.


“You’re still hard.”

At that he snorted “I ain’t no one pump chump.”

Good~” she purred while flashing teeth “I’ve still yet to orgasm.”

Roland opened his mouth to say something but decided against it opting to save the energy words would expend and let his actions speak for itself. To that end he silently approached the woman, pinned her against the wall and assaulted her lips before lifting her up much to her delight as she immediately wraps her legs around his waist. Somehow despite still locking lips the entire time they managed to position themselves well enough for him to slip inside her again.

It was easier the second time around and he wasted no time in bouncing her at a languid pace. As he did this he looked into her eyes or rather she held the sides of his head forcing him to maintain eye contact. Roland almost lost himself looking into those lidded and mesmerizing crystal blue orbs. The fact that she kept whispering dirty words to him only made things worse.

His orgasm was accompanied by a long drawn out groan “fuuuuck!”

Maddie for a her part also moaned more pronounced and he gave her an expectant look to which she smirked “better” she peck him on the lips “but not quite there.”

Roland scowled at her. He was starting to flag but he refused to back down from this challenge and walked them to the bed where he dropped them on the bed. Maddie hit the bed back first with an “oof” before laughing.

“Careful now, I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“You don’t look a day over 28”

“Flattery will get you no closer to your goal Roland.”

“How about this!?”

He punctuated the last word by positioning himself over her in a missionary position. He drove himself deep while pulling her in and this time Roland finally saw her mask of confidence and amusement crack. Her eyes widened, her mouth gaped and he could feel the nails on her fingers dig into his back.

‘Now or never!’

Seizing the opportunity for what it was he started bucking into her at a frantic pace. Far from being smooth as it was it served its purpose as Maddie started audibly moaning now.


Even better her nails kept digging into his back with each thrust the continuous pain providing enough of a distraction for him to focus on. Gritting his teeth he focused on the pain instead of the tight wetness that seemed to be undulating around his member. In his mind he treated it like he would a workout, counting in his head and determined to reach the quota. Unfortunately he would fail in this endeavor as Maddie suddenly let out a shriek of pleasure.


The discomfort of her loud screech and the feel of her nails digging into his back (definitely drawing blood) was overwritten by the feel of her tight, wet and hot walls constricting him with a vengeance.

“Oh…shiiit!” he moaned once again as he finished inside her for the third time.

He was again rewarded by the feel of warm liquid splashing against his pelvis which had him grunting in surprise.

‘Mission accomplished’ he sluggishly thought as he attempted to pull out of the woman.

Key word being attempt as just as he got his hands from under her knees her legs suddenly sprung back to life and closed around his waist. The grunt of confusion turned into a yell of surprise as in the next instant Roland was quickly flipped onto his back.

“Whoa!” he yelled out only to be silenced when a slender hand smacked into the bed just shy of his head with surprising force.

That was surprising but not compared to the shock he received upon looking up at the woman currently straddling him. Maddie looked very different from how she looked just moments ago though no less beautiful. Her cerulean eyes were now a deep ruby red with a vertical slit at the center and seemed to glow in the low light. Her ears are now pointed and her skin seemed to take on an even paler form yet still healthy. Yet most notable to him at that moment were her now sharpened teeth or rather fangs.

Seeing this a single thought came to mind that perfectly encapsulates just how fucked he potentially was in the this situation.


~The Long Night Stand Part 2~

Maddie is a Vampire.

The thought froze Roland on the spot though his mind was the complete opposite being a whirlwind of activity.

For her part Maddie gave him a fanged smile “I knew you were something special the moment I laid eyes on you~”

She punctuated this by bringing a hand to her lips and licking the residual red off of each finger. At that moment Roland became acutely aware of the stinging sensation on his back which solved the mystery from earlier.

“You…” Roland swallowed a bit “you’re a Vampire.”

“I am” she admitted easily as her eyes narrowed ever so slightly and her tongue trailed over her fangs “is that a problem?”

“Don’t know yet” he said honestly.

She wasn’t attacking him or anything so that was good but being faced with a creature out of popular legend was a bit daunting for him. Roland was unable to hide his nervousness something she picked up on if her next words are anything to go by.

“I’m not going to hurt you, you know” she said while tracing his jawline with a finger.

Roland couldn’t quite keep himself from flinching as the previously thought manicured nails took on a claw-like appearance to his perception..

“Okay…” he edged “can I go now?”

“You want to leave?” her head tilted a bit before she giggled “so soon?”

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

He just busted a nut four times back to back with hardly any rest between them. That right there is a miracle, a testament to his strength and proof that his regimen actually works. Not to mention that her sudden reveal as a Vampire was kind of ruining the mood despite her looking somehow even more beautiful for it.

“I’m not exactly up for another round” he informed.

At that Maddie started slowly grind her hips and it was at that moment Roland realized that his flaccid dick was caught between his stomach and her wet slit creating a friction that was just as much painful as it was pleasurable. Unfortunately even with her efforts thanks to his body’s limits as well as post nut clarity was hitting him like a motherfucker she was unable to revive him. At this point Roland just wanted to get the hell out from under the only Mamono species he knew to actively prey on humans for more than just sexual gratification.

Maddie herself seemed to realize this as she stopped not long after she started “that’s a shame.”

“Yeah so you mind getting off of me?”

“I suppose I’ll just have to invigorate your spirit” she continued disregarding his words.

“What do you mean?”

Rather than answer and before he could react she lunged for his neck and he felt the distinct sensation of something sharp sinking into his neck. Worse is when he both felt (and heard) her sucking and at that point he knew exactly what was going on.

“Hey-yo what the fuck!?”

His attempt to push her off was halted before it even began when her hands suddenly gripped his wrists pinning them to either side of head. His resistance ended up being futile as the woman’s size belied her strength. Not only that but the initial panic he felt quickly began to subside in the wake of a heat inexplicably spreading throughout his body the origins of which came from where she was currently…feasting.

Said heat left him feeling light headed yet refreshed in a way that saw him feeling a fourth wind coming on. By the time she separated from him Roland felt like he just a shot of adrenaline to the heart and he was at full mast.

“How are you feeling now?” she asked coyly.

His breath came out in pants, his heart was beating a mile a minute and his erection felt almost painful. Eventually she released his wrists and with his newfound freedom Roland scrambled back until his back hit headboard.

Roland blinked back spots dancing in his eyes and Maddie looked on with little concern “the first time is always the most intense.”

“What did you do to me!?” he all but yelled.

“As I said I would” she answered before crawling towards him.

“Stay-stay back!”

Maddie ignored him and instead set her face right before his hardened member. The swollen thing with pronounced veins rigidly pointed to the sky and ever so often it would pulse with some fluids escaping the tip. Maddie grasped his shaft softly yet firmly causing Roland to suck in a breath as her cool skin met his hot rod. Then she began pump him slowly, methodically all the while her sensual gaze hardly left him.

“Wait! Wait-wait-wait-wait-STOP! Stop doing that!”

Once again his feeble pleas were ignored and instead while still looking him in the eye she dragged her slightly longer than natural tongue up from the base to the tip, lapping up pre-cum as she went. After flicking the tip for a bit she enveloped him in her mouth with a sensual moan. If the previous sensations caused Roland to twitch then the feel of vibrations running through her hot wet mouth practically paralyzed him.

He wouldn’t have been able to get her off him even if he wanted to.

To make matters worse whatever she did to him made him more sensitive and in no time at all he came inside her mouth. Not only did he cum but he did so with an intensity and volume that betrayed common sensibilities.

The action was followed by Maddie giving another throaty hum “hmmm~”

Once again her vacuum sucking threatened to slurp down all that he was worth and it was all he could do not to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure.

Once done Maddie pulled herself away with a lewd gasp “ahn~ this flavor.”

Despite the voluminous orgasm Roland was still hard and rather than calm down he felt even more turned on than before.

As Maddie continued to stroke him off at a languid she rubbed her cheek against his shaft actually slapping her face with it as she gazed upon him with lidded red eyes.

“With your exquisite blood and your hmmm~ delectable cum I honestly don’t know which one I should drain first” she moaned “what do you think Roland?”


What the fuck kind of question was THAT!?

Roland could hardly think before but now his eyes are laser focused on the Vampire currently playing with his erection almost like a cat. In that moment of observation it occurred to Roland that Maddie was making fun of him or at the very least she wasn’t taking this situation seriously at all! At first he figured she was doing it on purpose as part of some sick psychological warfare after all she is a Vampire and he’s basically her food. The more he observed her however the more he thought that it wasn’t quite the case.

Her pale cheeks are flushed red, her deep red eyes were slightly unfocused and her grin came off as less impish and more…dopey for lack of a better word. Even her words were came out the tiniest bit slurred when she speaks. With all this in mind Roland’s frazzled mind came up with an answer that is as ludicrous as it is impossible.

An answer that he blurted out.

“Are you drunk right now?”

Maddie hummed in response and Roland winced as she did it while she had his cock poking inside her cheek.

She regarded him for a long moment before answering “me? Drunk?” she tittered “don’t be ridiculous Roland I am simply *lick* savoring *slurp* our time *suck* together.”

Her words would have had more weight to them if she wasn’t currently treating his dick like a literal lollipop. Not that it wasn’t working considering he bust again all over her face much to her joy.

Fuck I could bathe in this stuff~”


Roland had no idea what was even happening anymore. It threw him for a loop to see the mature, sharp, quick witted and cultured woman he met tonight acting like a giggling schoolgirl while she played with his dick which for some reason won’t…go…soft. Yet as she continued to slurp, suck and play with his dick, even going so far as to slap her cheek with it Roland’s confusion and apprehension began to melt away. In its place a white hot rage was building fueled by the ever pervasive lust.


“Hm? What was that?”


The Vampire startled at his sudden exclamation and regained some of the coherence she had previously lost. Not that it made a difference as with a speed and ferocity that surprised even her Roland lunged at the unawares Mamono pinning her under him.

“You think this is fucking funny!?” he yelled in her face.

The wide eyed Vampire looked into his glowering face for a moment before visibly calming “in a way yes.”

“You’re a fucking bitch.”

“So?” she gave a coy smirk “what are you going to do about it?”

As she spoke her legs widened and her hands reached down to lightly tug at his dripping erection.

“You’re trying to egg me on” he noted with forced calmness.

Her smirk grew “that was the whole point my dear and you’ll never be rid of this” she gave a pump that made him hiss “without a tight mamono pussy” she grinned showing off her fangs “so are you going to fuck me like a man or whine like a bitc-AAH!”

Her words were interrupted as Roland moved hooking his arms behind her knees Roland folded her legs back. Maddie turned out to be extremely flexible as her body contorted under his aggressive ministrations like putty until her ankles on either side of her head and Roland looming over her.

“You want to fuck?” he snarled using a hand to line himself up with her “fine!”

In response Maddie while using her arms to keep her legs in place reached down to spread her lips.

“Fuck me you stud.”

Roland drove into her with loud clap of colliding skin and a yell that soon devolved into a groan of pleasure


And thus their long night continues.

~An Unexpected Surprise~

Roland woke up tired, sore and confused.


It took a moment for him to get his bearings but when he did the events of the previous night came back to him, up to a certain point at least. He remembered going out with his friends to a nightclub named the Elysium, he could vaguely recall some encounters with a few Mamono but the one that stood out to him was an older mysterious platinum haired woman named Maddie.


The thought triggered a chain of memories that him jerk upwards to a sitting position. He remembered the woman, their conversation, their drive to a Mamono run hotel and finally their night together. A night that started off well enough but devolved into a mess once she revealed herself to be a Vampire and sunk her fangs into him.

Despite the revelations brought on by his memories Roland didn’t really panic. It helped that the subject of his anxiety wasn’t in bed next to him and after a check he found that the woman was indeed gone. Surprisingly the more memories that came from last night the less he felt inclined to fear her. It’s hard to really fear someone when you remember giving them back shots while they shouted lewd obscenities.

‘That explains the soreness.’

He wasn’t a stranger to post sex bliss but this might the most satisfied he’s ever felt along with being tired. It’s safe to say that his experience with Maddie was indeed the best sex he’s ever had and probably ever will.

‘Whoever I do it with next will have some truly massive expectations to overcome.’

Snorting at the thought Roland swung his legs over the side of the bed to gather his things only to pause. There was a covered tray next to the nightstand along with his clothes which were folded and seemed to be pressed and cleaned. Also on the nightstand is all his belongings he had in his pants pocket laid out neatly as well as a letter.

“What the-?”

That shouldn’t be possible, Roland is a relatively light sleeper for the most part so if someone came in collected his stuff, dry cleaned it, came back and delivered this cart he should have woken up. With a growing pit of dread Roland swiped his phone off the nightstand to check the time.

The time showed 2:42pm.

The discovery was punctuated by the number of messages and missed calls left for him by his friends. Gritting his teeth Roland spent the next few minutes texting messages to reassure everyone that he is still alive and doing relatively well. He made sure not to mention Maddie and ignored any questions pertaining to her. It was a half measure at best and he will be hounded about it the next time they meet but for now he just needed time to think.

He found that there wasn’t much to think about really. He went to Mamono nightclub, hooked up with a Mamono and now here he is the next day waking up to a empty bed. This is the textbook definition of a one night stand and while Roland still had reservations about how things went there wasn’t much he could do about it.

No use complaining over spilt milk or whatever.

His eyes are once again drawn to the nightstand where an envelope sat. He didn’t think that particular item was left by the hotel staff and from the looks of it contained some relatively beefy material. Picking it up Roland immediately noticed it bore the same aroma as Maddie’s perfume. Opening it he pulled out a note that was handwritten in a cursive script he only thought possible through writing applications.

It read: Thank you for a wonderful night and I hope enjoy your reward, you’ve earned it.

Upon reading it he flipped the card over to find a set of numbers written on the back. Ignoring that for now he opted to search the envelope and found two items. The first item is a wad of crisp folded bills that amounted to $5,000.

“She must have been really impressed with my performance” he said with a wry smile.

As much as that fact was a boost to his ego he would be an idiot not to recognize the implications of this little payout.

‘Well if nothing else works out for me at least I might have a successful career as a gigolo.’

After a moment he cringed, that joke was in too bad a taste even for being self depreciating. Seeing there was more he checked the third item in the envelope and froze before slowly pulling out a familiar white thong. Looks like Maddie was a woman of her word which was good(?) to know but at the same time…

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”

Shaking his head he stuffed the undergarment back in the envelope along with the note and sealed it. The money he put in his wallet after checking to make sure the staff didn’t take any undo tips. Finally he uncovered the tray to reveal a food platter consisting of bread, fruit, meat and veggies. He expected them to be cold but against all odds the contents are the appropriate temperature as if freshly delivered.

The sight made his stomach rumble and saliva built up in his mouth. Now suddenly aware of just how hungry he was Roland almost dug in right there. Then he caught a whiff of himself and made a face. He smelled like a mixture of sweat, cologne, expensive perfume and sex.

“Ugh, shower first” he muttered after a long considering moment then smacking his lips as he became aware of a certain aftertaste on his tongue “ugh”

God he hoped they have complementary mouthwash in the bathroom.

After covering the food he entered the bathroom only to pause and do a double take once he got a look at himself in the mirror. Along certain parts of his nude body Roland could see some scratches and bruises.

“Jesus, we really did go wild last night.”

And it seems Maddie embodied the phrase lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

The physical evidence of their debauchery aside Roland also remembered the woman egging him on with the filthiest dirty talk even through the lust induced haze. She was very creative and dare he say very obscene with those yet she managed to do so in a posh and dignified way people of class do. How she can do that while also moaning and screaming like a slut is honestly quite impressive.

After taking a shower and dressing himself in his cleaned clothes admiring the work done as he did. He ate the food laid out for him, pocketed the extra money in his wallet, reluctantly pocketed the envelope with his ‘trophy’ and left the room. That was supposed to be it really, a one night stand with a mysterious older beauty he met at a high end nightclub. He’d tell his friends, earn some rep and it would be a cherished memory he won’t soon forget.

…except she left him a card with her number on it and Roland had no idea what to do with that. Simple answer is she left it for a reason and was maybe probably expecting a call which was a…daunting prospect.

Don’t get him wrong he would very much like to push for an intimate relationship not just because Maddie was easily the most beautiful woman he’s ever met and last night was the best sex he ever had. Even before the sex Roland felt the two of them really connected during their conversation. He’s never met a woman who can make him so engrossed in a conversation that he forgets both himself and the situation.

On the other hand the whole experience was soured after she went and bit him. Don’t even get him started on whatever she did to make it seem like he took super viagra. He literally had sex with her until he passed out, losing count on how many times he ejaculated in and on her in the process. Some guys wouldn’t mind that but Roland wasn’t into that kind of shit.

He liked his sex very much vanilla. Leave that kinky shit for degenerate weirdos and older couples looking to spice up their marriage.

His mind went back to the number and with a grimace he muttered to himself “I can’t just sit on this can I?”

No answer came to his rhetorical question and with a sigh he pinched the bridge of his nose “god damn that woman.”

Whether it be to advance or terminate their relationship Roland would have to call her back. To not do so would make him feel too scummy. Even then there’s a chance that she could call him even if he didn’t give her his number who’s to say she didn’t swipe it from his phone while he was asleep.

‘Something to check later.’

If it wasn’t already obvious Roland wasn’t exactly looking forward to interacting with Maddie again, at least not so soon. Fortunately he just so happens to have the perfect distraction from that in the form of a job interview coming up for him in a few days. If he’s being honest that might be one of the few things that could distract him from thoughts of Maddie. See Roland had priorities and finding a sustainable job with good pay and benefits will always come before a woman he met a nightclub and had a one night stand with.

Roland was actually hoping that this new job will continue to distract him.

Yes he was very aware that this was procrastination.

Yes he was also aware that doing it would make him feel bad.

Yes he was also aware that this was a delaying tactic at best and even then she could end up calling him.

Frankly he was hoping for the latter if only because Roland knew for a fact that it would be a long time before he could build up the nerves to make that call and would rather have it made for him.

And so Roland made his decision to ignore the opportunity and procrastinate against his better judgment.

Several Weeks Later…

Roland stepped into the building wearing a white dress shirt, grey pants and black shoes.

‘Alright Roland you’re halfway there, all you need to do is ace this interview and you’re in’ he thought as he entered the elevator ‘can’t even imagine how many people are vying for an opportunity like this.’

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous about this job interview. Things haven’t been going so well for Roland and other recent graduates lately. For context in order to foster good relations with humanity the mamono leadership has partnered with various governments to create a schooling system to teach mamono modern earth education. Turns out this year happens to be the graduation of the first generation of mamono studying at the university level.

Long story short mamono are now officially on the market for jobs and companies are hiring them like hot cakes. There are various reasons for this such as diversity quotas and how companies can tap into a new market. Not to mention you can’t go wrong hiring a supernaturally beautiful woman for public relations. Plus in his opinion upper and middle corporate management are filled with perverts and mamono are essentially and easy out for them to get away with sexual harassment since the single ones don’t mind being paid overtime in taking backshots from the boss.

Was he being too harsh or exaggerating?

Maybe, but it’s been over a month now and Roland has been turned down everywhere he applied and he knew for a fact that it’s because a mamono applied for the same position. At one point he was made to wait with his competition who turned out to be a Succubus who looked like she came straight off the set of a porno set in an office. The interviewer came out, took one look between us, called the succubus in despite him arriving first and well…that’s all she wrote.

He didn’t even bother sticking around since he could tell the man’s mind was made up from the look in his eyes.

With his savings running low Roland had to resort to sending out his resume in a mass email through a job seeking website which was so fucking demeaning. He spent four years slogging through university graduating with honors and in the end he lost to a collective pair of tits. No wonder some of his friends decided to skip even attempting to get a ‘real; job and turn to social media. He would have called it unwise but they built up following throughout university and now that they were fully invested they were making decent bank.

Enough to throw him a few bones with some freelance editing work for their videos. It was the only reason why he wasn’t currently on the streets. Luckily his losing streak didn’t last and he managed to score an interview with a recent startup company. The only thing he knew about it was that it was recently established by a wealthy Mamono investor. The lack of information on the company was suspicious even if it was understandable but Roland didn’t care, beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Roland crossed the spacious lobby towards the elevator rode it up to the tenth floor as instructed in the e-mail. The elevator doors open to reveal a small reception area where beyond it were a few cubicles and to the side are a few offices. Owing to the fact that they are a relatively new and small company they don’t actually have their own infrastructure yet so they are currently renting space in a building.

As he observed the quaint office space he couldn’t help but notice how empty it was, there was literally no one there. He also noted that the place seemed to be undergoing renovations. Even the logo on the nearby wall marked Valentina Inc. wasn’t finished yet.

‘When they said new, they really meant it.’

“Excuse me sir?”

Roland turned to find that a woman now stood beside the reception desk. She was a few inches shorter than him with bright auburn hair styled into twin braids that go over each shoulder. She had smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks just under her green eyes which looked at him with curiosity. She was beautiful and for a moment Roland was at a loss for words which stretched the silence on a tad too much.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh yeah-I mean yes” he coughed fighting down the blush as the woman regarded him with a raised brow that was oddly familiar for some reason “my name is Roland Wayne and I’m here for the job interview.”

For a brief moment the woman looked at him with confusion blinking before looking to the side with a frown.

Her reaction raised his heckled somewhat causing Roland to ask “is there a problem?”

“There just might be” she grumbled in a way he guessed he wasn’t supposed to hear before she gave him a plastic smile “wait here a moment I need to speak to Miss Valentina.”

Roland watched her leave. She wore a blue long sleeved dress shirt, black pencil skirt, nylon stockings and heels. His eyes trailed down to her rear which the pencil skirt complimented very well.

‘I really hope I get this job.’

The redhead left him in suspense for a few short minutes before she came back looking mildly disgruntled.

“Miss Valentina will see you for the interview now.”

Luckily it did not seem to be at him but whatever was said between her and the boss. At least he hoped however the expression she shot him had him mildly worried. It looked like a cross between curiosity, dread and pity which raised a red flag.

‘Dammit I should have known this was too good to be true.’

He imagined that interviewer would be a hard ass or come to realize that his new boss is someone disagreeable, the working conditions to harsh or the pay to be subpar. What he didn’t expect was to be greeted with the sight of a familiar woman sitting behind the office desk looking at something on a computer monitor. It’s been a few weeks, her hair was done up in a French braid, she wore reading glasses and she wore a white dress shirt showing a genuine amount of cleavage but there was no mistaking her.

Same complexion, same alluring blue eyes and the same sophisticated tone when she spoke “thank you Loraine.”

The redhead that was now named Loraine said something but Roland missed it staring in incredulity at the woman whose eyes never left the monitor.


Looking over his shoulder Roland saw the door locked before turning back towards the woman sitting behind the desk. Roland found his heart rate picking up when he saw that those familiar blue eyes were now staring directly at him.

“Do take a seat Mr. Wayne” Maddie spoke “we will be conducting your interview now.”

At the end of her sentence her red lips curled into smirk and her eyes briefly flashed into something that sent an ominous chill down his spine.

‘Aw fuck.’

~To Be Continued~

Author’s Notes: Not gonna lie, I’m a bit uncomfortable releasing this story since I’m not really dedicating my time to it. This is purely a passion project and I only wrote it because it was distracting me from writing other stories, sad to say that its continued survival is dependent on my whims so if you like it let me know and I’ll continue. Drop a like, follow the story, make a comment, do something to let me know you want me to continue since I won’t be paying much attention to this one.

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