Urban Ruin Chapter1

I am just walking home from high school today. Today is a Friday, and I’m relief to the fact. As of today, I finished my homework at school. I raise a fist in the air in relief, and also in exhaustion.

Though the sky is gray, it hadn’t rain for the moment. The sun still breaks among the clouds. However, the sun isn’t shining through them. The rays of light pierce at certain holes in the sky.

Streets are full of life as usual. The bars become rowdy in the afternoon hours. Stores have more customers coming. Cars beep as they went by. Girls groups take most of the walkways. School kids are on their way home.

I walk by the electronics store and stared at the TV. the news seem to report another kidnapping from the area. Adding insult to injury, it is broadcasted on a cable news network. Thus, it has been becoming nationwide known. To be honest, I never want my quiet town known like this.

These kidnappings happened about two months ago. It started with a 20-year-old college student going missing. He was not from here, but came from the town south of here for education. From there, 50 other men were captured, including young high school boys. According to reliable news sources, they don’t know what’s the cause. Though, they did state they age range was 16-25. Others think it’s a conspiracy to engineer superhuman soldiers or are used an ranson from someone. Quiet typical for ignorant people to claim.

As the sun wans towards the horizon, a large bird-like figure flies by. Then it comes back. Then it repeat the motions. Until a young looking man comes in front of my sight, I hear a swoop. He is gone in one swing. I turn pale for a second. I have a bad feeling in my gut.

More of those bird-like figures came by. Then dragon-like figures come in next. In a few seconds, the sky has turn into a full shade. Weird lights come on the ground. With an instant, there were dog-like humanoids coming out. They snatch every man that’s in sight. Spider-like humanoids come next, then horse-like ones. From the looks of this, it doesn’t look too good.

Fireballs fell out from the gray clouds. They leave craters of lava upon impact. Winds enrich the fires of each crater that are on the surface. The roads crack and open. Some have form into sinkholes.

Panic ensues among the public. Women too are taken this time. Cars pile on the streets. Pedestrians run over one after the other. Many run back home, or at least try to get home. Children are hidden away from sight.

Knowing it would be futile to outrun, I run for cover. As the waves of vehicles jammed, I’m certain I could’ve been meat. I headed towards the alley for refuge. As I got there, there was a hidden cellar trapdoor. I went in and manage to keep silent. Yet, I wonder what may happen.

The chaos outside is crazy. Cars crashing can be heard every minute. Women screaming every second. Screams of men howl in fear. Explosions are heard every now and then. Screeching metal deaf my ears.

After the sound settle, I look at the cracks of the door. Night has come from the outside. There are a few screams among the darkness. For my own safety, I decide to sleep in the cellar for the night.

When I left the cellar, the sun has risen from the horizon. The streets are in ruins. So much junk and holding rubble has piled. Glass panels have been shattered. Electricity crack every few blocks. The electronics store TVs went black. Cars either are destroyed or stayed intact.

Silence creeps the ruins. No man has a trace among the streets. The quiet breezes give a howl, but almost mute. The flickers of flames are dying by the seconds.

A boom of wind comes over. Looking up, I see two bird-like beings from the clouds. Then more winged beings appear as shadow. Then there’s more. All have a female figure. I’m starting to worry if this is a frenzy.

“OVER THERE!” Shouts a woman. “A MAN!”

Looking back, I see a dog-like female in black fur. She starts to run towards me. I pick up my flight response and run. As I try to flee, she throws herself on me. Her breath is touching my ear. I’m starting to whimper.

“You’re mine,” she whispers.

For some reason, my back becomes light. I begin to stand to see what’s up. Looking around, a scorpion-like cat girl threw the black dog at the wall. That dog’s eyes glow like fire. I bet she’s angry.


“Shut up, you hellhound bitch,” the cat girl bluntly reflects.


That hellhound got up fast and tried to beat the manticore up. However, the manticore stings her. They seem to be occupied for the moment. I take my chances and fled the scene. As I fled, I hear moaning from the distance. It seems the hellhound had been subdued.

“Stop it!” She begs. “I’m going to cum!”

From afar, I hear a loud moan. I can rest a bit easily if they are quite competitive. However, I must be alert for others. Who knows what may lurk in the ruins now. I may be lunch in a second. The other may lead to me getting raped.

I head towards the mall for food. There should be a few machines there, but doubt they are functioning. I pick up a bag, dagger and bat for my survival in the mall. As I search for a vending machine, I salvage a first-aid kit from the rubble. I took some clothes so that I don’t smell, which may be irrelevant now, but will be essential in the long run.

Upon finding a two vending machines, one for chips and one for drinks,, the adjacent jewelry store has its jewelry salvaged. I look for my surroundings and wield the bat. With a swing, I broke the machines. I quickly loot chips, water and soda as the sound echoes.

As I was finishing packing, a pale blonde girl in a black dress approaches. She is limping as she approaches. I approach her since out of dataconcern. As I see her eyes, I assume she’s albino. Although, I wonder what kind of albino has golden blonde hair.

“Are you okay?” I ask with concern.

She then smiles at me with those eyes. I wonder why she approached me.

“I’m okay if I’m with you, Darling,” she answers.

With that, I am thrown off from her. She then tries to wrestle me down the ground. As I tried to wrestle her, I can see a 14 karat gold watch with diamonds encircling the clock face. With the last of my strength, I topple her over and pin her.

We blush a bit. Our eyes connect towards each other’s silently. Her gasp becomes a smile. Her hands are feeling and cupping my cheeks. I start to get flustered, I have never met such girl that was bold.

“You’re mine,” she whispers.

By instinct, I start to lower my head to kiss her. I know it’s bad to do it here, but I can’t help it. She closes her eyes as I close my own. We feel each other’s breath. I am giving into the beast within me. Our tongues touch by the tip. Before we have it fully, I am yanked out from my trance.

A snake tail coils me as I am dragged. The drag can be felt from behind. I land into another lady as the coils unravel. I travel the tail’s movements to find out it belongs. Looking up, I face the face of the girl. She gives a toothy grin at me. I gulp from from surprise that she’s a lamia.

“No fair!” The blonde girl yells. “It was getting good!”

“Have some class, Marissa,” the lamia taunts. “Why should you claim a barbarian if you could get yourself a useless pretty boy, huh?”


Extending her arm out, a sword is conjured in Marissa’s hand. I wonder to myself “What?! Magic?!” as I stare at her. The lamia tenses for anticipation, and my chest gasps for air. That lamia may kill me any second now. Marissa is closing in to attack.

Marissa jumps and the lamia dodges the slash. The sword left a crater in its place. Marissa looks at our new area of standing. Her eyes show anger. The hanging hair amplifies her anger. Her teeth grit in tangent of her growling. With rage, she prepared to strike once more.

Marissa backs up and returns to her original stance. She then jumps and dives towards the lamia. I fear this may not end well. The three of us may die now. I wish I should’ve been more careful. I close my eyes in fear and brace for death.

As I open them up, Marissa didn’t stab me. Instead, she backs up in frustration. Her desperation to claim me comes to light has her breath gives off steam. Marissa is gasping for air. I must admit, I do feel sorry for her.

“Let him go, Python,” Marissa demands, “or I will cleave that snake head off!”

Python smiles. “See if you can, waste of a rotting beauty.”

Marissa didn’t take that lightly. I have a feeling this is like that time when that hellhound and manticore fighting over me. She slowly approaches us as both her and Python circle around. I am certain I may not make it.

I felt something soft yet wet on me. I lay my eyes to see a spider’s web. It seems only I can see the web. Tracing the path, it leads to an arachne from above. Her toothy grin makes my eyes widen. I have no choice to but my head back towards Python.

“Hey, Python,” I warn her hesitantly, “you better hold me tight.”

“Wait,” she asks, “what you mean by-”

That arachne pulls me towards her. Python tries to hold me as the webbing stretches.  In the end, the webbing wins the pulling. As that spider tries to real me in, Marissa cuts the webbing. However, it only cuts one strand of the webbing. She then cuts more until I am free.

I fall onto the hard flooring and groan in pain. As I got up, I can see that I’m behind  the three of them. It seems the force of the cut webbing hurled me here. Nevertheless, I took my chance to flee from them

“Get back here!” Marissa orders.

“You should not get him, Mari,” Python remarks. “You’re not fit!”

I didn’t care of the talking. I have to run from them. Rubble is thrown in front of me as I ran away. For every debris, I have to parkour my way through. After coming out of the dust, I run into a random store blindly and got up.

Looking at my surroundings, I seem to be at a tea and coffee shop.  It seems to be damaged by the initial invasion. Chairs splinter no matter where I lay my eyes at the shop. Tea and coffee bags litter the floor. The counter has been chipped of its painting. Knocking on the counter lightly, it seems to quite hollow.

I stockpile on some green tea and coffee if I get tired of soda. Powder coffee may make help to repel an arachne, assuming the biology is similar to spider’s. As such, I stockpiled on more coffee.

Subtle clicking comes near the  shop. I hide in the hollow counter and wait. The clicks become loud as I wait for it to pass. With a few clicks, the sound is close to me. My breathing starts to shorten from fear. I feel like I’m going to die.

I anticipate the fact someone there must be after me. Instead, the clicks went away from my position. As I sweat from fear, the sound becomes softer by the second. Then, the clicking stops. It was strange for the moment, but I am certain that I am safe. However, I wait for a few seconds to be sure the clicks stop. After those few seconds, they have stopped.

I open the counter slowly as I get out from my spot. I stretch silently before getting my bag in the counter. Before I leave, I tidy myself from the dust built up in the counter. With caution, I slowly walk around the counter. As I take a step at the exit, I feel my foot being tangled. Looking at it, it is tangled with the same webbing, this time is thinner. Knowing this, I take the dagger out and attempt to saw the webbing.

“Found you,” a female voice calls seductively.

I turn pale for a moment, and even shivered from the voice. I frantically try to cut the webbing off, but the strings are a bit tough. As the webbing starts to pull me, I too pull myself away. With a few cuts and pulling in combination, I manage to get out of the web. However, I am forced back into the shop from the force.

As I got up, that same arachne has guarded the door. Her grin goes from cheek to cheek. She lays a finger near her chin. Her tongue comes out and licks her finger before going back. I can tell she may be thirsty. Though, good thing that I have that coffee powder on me.

I slowly opened my bag and sent my hand in for the coffee. I pick up two packs of powdered coffee and open them slowly. As I look at the arachne, she is wondering what’s up. Nevertheless, she got interested on me. As her grin returns, the packs are ready for being thrown.

“Is that going to save you?” The arachne asks. “That looks a bit silly.”

“I’m not sure,” I answer sarcastically in fear. “Aren’t you a spider, though?”

“Hardly,” she answers sarcastically.

She approaches me slowly. I got the powder ready in my hands.. When we are about a meter apart, I hold my coffee hand and swing the arm. The coffee lands on the arachne’s face and throw the other pack at her. From the commotion, I decide to leave the shop quickly to evade more problems.

“Curse…………….you,” that arachne gasps.

From those two words, she fell in the shop. At first, I doubt that the coffee may work. Regardless of doubt, I run towards the mall doors that are on my left. Coincidentally, everything is silent for now. I assume that those ladies left the building. Though, I should be more aware of Marissa and Python. Without a doubt, I must be alert of others and them.

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  1. If I may offer a bit of constructive feedback? The work is rough, you do have a solid premise but it does need a good amount of editing with some of the word play and grammar. English would be a second language for you? I do encourage you to continue your work, take some time to edit maybe get a friend to proof read? Remembering my first work, I know practice makes perfect and I do believe you can better yourself. I also do know the urge to hit that Publish button- just sometimes you have to go over your story a few times.

  2. Yeah, I gotta be honest, the concept, and idea behind all this kept me driven to finish it to the very end. I think you really nailed the atmosphere despite some grammar issues which I am also guilty of. Here’s to the next chapter coming soon I hope!

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