“It hurts, doesn’t it?”

The soft texture of her silken stocking glided effortlessly across the skin of the man’s member, making a wet sound as it became soaked by the fluids he was leaking. Her toes could feel the every ridge and vein as they walked up to his frenulum, then played about the head. She let them rest there, the barest touch of the smooth fabric tickling the man’s most sensitive area. Smug expression upon her face, she looked into the man’s eyes, awaiting his reply. When none came but a gasp of pleasure and a dribble of pre-cum, she grunted and slammed her foot down, driving the sticky rod into the coarse hair around the man’s crotch.


“Ye-yes! It h-hurts!”

A broad, sharp-toothed, grin split the lily-white skin of her face. Some of the pressure was relieved from the his cock and yet he whimpered like a dog having his favorite toy taken away. At this pathetic response, his tormentor only laughed harder and began to work her toes around the head, massaging the most sensitive parts with innate skill.

“Oh, you like that do you?”


“Ahhh, you like feeling pain, don’t you? You want to cum so bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, oh Chief God please, yes.”

“Shhh, shhhh. There’s only one God worth praying to, and she’s not interested in your prayers, only. Your. Moans!”

With a wicked titter, she pressed hard onto the tip again, twisting her toes in just the right way to make the whole of the rod shudder violently. The man let out a groan of pure ecstasy and bucked his hips forward before releasing a fountain of fluid that soaked through the thin stockings, semen sticking in between her toes as it gushed over her and onto his chest for what seemed an eternity. The white fluid mingled with the fresh, bleeding furrows all over his chest, but he didn’t seem notice. When he was finished, he collapsed back with a contended moan, aftershocks squirting out little spurts of semen down his length.

She removed her foot and took stock of what she’d caused. It was warm and sticky, like having a foot sink into a bog, though not at all unpleasant. A rich, masculine odor exuded from the whole scene, and she inhaled deeply it in, licking her lips in satisfaction. Unfortunately her exultation was cut short as the sound of chains rattling from behind broke her concentration.

A scowl came over her complexion momentarily before it was replaced with the sadistic grin from before. Her foot hit the ground with a wet, “plop” as she turned about to face the source of the rattling. Across from her, chained to a wall and without a scrap of clothing was a very tall woman with long, black hair. Her muscles, which were prominent and defined in her nudity, strained against the her bonds as a wild, almost feral expression played on her face.

Foot squelching and leaving little white stains on the stone floor, her captor walked up to her and stroked the woman’s face. She leaned in close, unafraid of the captive’s fury and said, “You want that too, don’t you? You want to feel your lover’s thick, HOT, stinking semen all over your body, hmm?” She giggled and lifted her foot, which dripped with cum, up toward the woman whose eyes snapped down to watch with hunger.

Manipulating her foot with the dexterity of an acrobat, she gently dragged it across the woman’s tight, muscular abdominal muscles, tracing them with the sticky substance as she continued to speak. “Ah, but the change has already fully taken hold, hasn’t it? The moment you saw your dear’s full erection, you couldn’t but wait to have it impale you and flood your deepest regions, could you?”

The captive shuddered, letting a low, bovine sound utter from her lips and her captor chuckled in response. She removed her foot and instead traced her fingers along the woman’s torso, across her impressive bust that was raw from being lashed, and down the large patch of black hair that now ran from her pelvis and down her backward jointed legs to cloven, bovine hooves.

The flicker of a thin tail with a tuft of black fur appeared behind her and her captor followed it for a moment before raising her hand to stroke the two curved horns that had sprouted from the captive’s head. The woman… no, the Minotaur, had finished her transformation quite splendidly if she did say so herself.

Once more did the captive Mamono strain at her chains, and the wall shuddered at her prodigious strength, amplified greatly by her transformation. The captor thought about letting her burst free in a fit of lust and rage, but decided against that course of action as rebuilding walls was tiresome and boring work. Of course, someone could get hurt…

She sighed and relented to her better judgment. Her hand reached between her moderate bust and produced a small key, which she placed into the lock on one of the manacles. Without turning the key, she looked into the Minotaur’s eyes and asked, “Are you ready for your new life?”

The Mamono’s brown eyes, which once shone with demure grace, now sparkled with a hunger that was so different from how she was before, she was almost unrecognizable as the same person. Still, she snorted and pawed her hoof at the ground before nodding her head. “Yes, Lady Vanessa, thank you.”
Vanessa chuckled, patted her cheek, and released the beast.

The man barely had a chance to utter a cry of joy before the Minotaur crashed into him, dragging her tongue over his semen and blood covered chest to lap up his milk as she positioned his throbbing erection to her womanhood. With a loud, “Moooo!” she plunged down onto his cock and they began mating like animals, oblivious to the world around them.

Vanessa watched them mate for some time, her own fingers gliding along her nether regions, the rush of the past few hours coming to a head within her. Letting out a low moan, she shuddered as she orgasmed, and she brought her hand with its slender fingers and sharp nails to her face to admire the glistening moisture there. Oh how she did so love her work! The rewards for a job well done were so very exhilarating! But all good things must end in time and, with a sigh, she put on her boots, not bothering to clean up the semen, and readjusted the short tunic she wore. The garment hugged the curves of her chest and exposed an indecent amount of cleavage (such as it was) but didn’t quite reach the tight fitting, thigh length spats she wore. She gathered up her tools and with a final, lecherous glance to the lovers, made her way upstairs from the dungeon and into the outdoors.

Sunlight streamed down upon her, warm and inviting, and she took in a deep breath, feeling at utter peace with the world. She stretched her slender, average height, figure to release some tension. Leaning forward, she stretched her backside and extended her slender, white, spade-tipped tail to its full length. Next she leaned back and her large, white wings extended from their place at the small of her back. Returning to a neutral position and feeling quite limber, she let out a sigh of contentment.

With a hand, she swept aside her short, white hair from around her curling back horns and out of her face before looking up at the sky once again. Frowning, the Mamono, for she clearly was not human, made a clacking noise with her teeth. With a sigh, she ran forward, beating her wings to generate lift, and leapt into the air to begin flight to the north. She did so want to play longer, but she had somewhere to be!

“Besides.” She mused, scent of sex still clinging to her despite her flight.” It’s going to be awhile before those two clear out of my damn dungeon anyway.”


With a slurping gulp the length of meat slid down her throat. It hung in her mouth and she felt her muscles straining to push it down her esophagus so she could breath. The feeling of being stuffed full of thick meat made her feel giddy and her knees weak. She relished in the sensation for a long while before swallowing it whole, the wiener slipping into her stomach. She licked her lips of fatty grease and snickered, grabbing another sausage from the picnic table to toss into her mouth, deciding to chew this time.

“I swear, we never get everyone here.” A rich, feminine voice said from behind her. Turning her head around, sausage still hanging from her mouth, Vanessa listened in as a group of three Mamono similar to herself stood around speaking.

“We have many sisters, and you know our beloved in Wonderland rarely deigns to visit the rest of us.” One of them in a blue outfit said. “Still, I suppose it’s worth leaving the sands every now and then.”

“Yes Ilassa, and it is nice to see the family, even if mother and father can’t be here.” Another said, her white sundress and wide-brimmed hat fluttering in the breeze. “And it’s nice to have the little one see her aunts.”

“Yes, I am very interested in seeing what my dear niece has to think about our mother’s plans. Do you think she-” Another, wearing a dark and very revealing outfit that exposed the many pleasure runes on her body, started before being interrupted.

“Druella, please. I will let her decide on her own future, thank you very much.”

“Boring Mari, boring.” Druella said, rolling her eyes.

“Hefy guss, wuh uh tulkin hout?”

The three stopped their conversation and looked toward the newcomer, her mouth still stuffed with meat. They stared at her as she chewed on the succulent sausage, looking around at her sisters and waving at them as juices dripped onto her breasts.

“Vanessa, could you chew your food before speaking? You sound as if you have a cock stuck in your mouth.” LIlassa said, sighing. The other two Lilim had dreamy looks come over their faces for a second before shaking their heads and looking critically at the younger sister.

“Ohf, righ.” Vanessa mumbled, chewing quickly before swallowing the rest of her meal. She sighed in contentment before wiping her chin with the back of her hand and smiling. “My bad! So, what are you guys talking about?”

“Oh, nothing much, just commenting on how it’s nice to have the family together is all.” Ilassa said, seeming a little annoyed for some reason. Vanessa clearly didn’t get the hint, and she nodded her head with enthusiasm.

“Yeah! It’s cool to see everyone and hear about their stories. Even those losers over there.” Throwing a thumb over her shoulder, the other three Lilim looked to where she pointed. Standing around a tree stump were three other Lilim who stood around bickering and creating quite the scene.

“I swear to mother, if you look at me one more time with that mutant eye of yours Laila, I’m going to beat your face.”

“Hmph! While you played around conquering nations Victoria, I studied the blade.”

“Why am I even talking with you two, this is embarrassing.”

“And while YOU were rolling around in your bouncy castle Selene, I mastered the blockchain.”

“I hate both of you.” Selene growled.

“And while BOTH of you wasted your days in pursuit of pleasure, I cultivated Inner Strength!”

“My life is suffering.” Victoria sighed.

The three older Lilim turned to look at each other as poor Victoria began to cry into her hands. They gave each other uncomfortable looks before returning their attention to Vanessa who chuckled softly. “Warriors, am I right?”

Sighing, Mari pulled out a little book and a quill as pitch dark magic gathered at the tip. “While I must draw this, you know how rude it is to make fun of your elders.”

“Please, leave poor Victoria out of this, you know how she despises art of herself.” Druella said, waving a hand, and Mari shrugged, continuing to sketch.

“Yeah, anyway. So, we were talking about corruption stories, right?” The younger Lilim said, a sparkle in her eye.

A twinkle of amusement appeared in Druella’s eyes. “No, but I suppose we can. Have you conquered any nations yet?”

“Phah, nation conquering.” Vanessa said, waving a dismissive hand. “Not really my thing, it’s too much work.” When her sister gave her a flat look, she hurriedly added, “Of course, I am committed to Mother’s goal! Why just before I got here, I finished converting a woman into a Minotaur!”

“Ah, that’s why you were late.” Ilassa said, nodding her head. “How did you do it?”

Vanessa giggled, a malicious giggle appearing on her lips. “Ah, so while I was flying about, I saw a woman looking very sad and staring off toward a nearby mansion. Deciding that she could use a little cheering up, I used my power to knock her out and drag her to one of my dungeons where I chained her up and asked her why she was so sad!” Mocking wiping tears from her eyes, she continued by chuckling.

“Ehehe, she was a little afraid at first, but after a few lashes of the whip, she started crying out in pleasure and told me all about the sweet boy she loved! Well, I just couldn’t let her cry for help be in vain, so I promised to give her everything she ever wanted if only she’d submit to me. It took a little more convincing, maybe a few more lashes, and this one point I used my tail as a rather thick dildo, but she saw my way of thinking and I leaked some of my mana into her before leaving.”

“When I came back with her beloved kicking and screaming, she’d already begun to transform, and upon seeing the man she loved, she started braying like a cow, which was appropriate because that’s what she was becoming, ehehehe.”

“So, so, he whined a little about being ‘kidnapped’ and struggled, so I had to rough him up a little and maaayyybbeee stomp on his cock some.” She leaned in close and said in a loud whisper, “Would you believe that he got hard as a damn diamond because of it? Haha!” Pulling back, she continued, breathing a little harder than before.

“Seeing how he liked it so much, I started rubbing him with my foot and he moaned so very, very beautifully, clearly loving as I mashed his balls with the heel of my foot. I might have edged him a few times, but he had to be prepared to give his new wife a good time, right, right? Oh, but when he came, it got all over him and my toes! It was so damn thick I thought I’d lose my fucking mind! But, but, but, I kept my cool and let the new Minotaur lick it off his prostrate form while she went to work breaking his pelvis!”

Small titters racked her form as she held her wait, food falling from the plate in her hand while she broke into full laughter. She threw her head back, eyes glowing red as she let loose cackles that drew the attention of all the Lilim present, their conversations stopping as they stared at their sister. The laughter lasted perhaps a minute before she dropped her head and snickered, doing her best to collect breaths in between laughs.

No one made a sound until she stood up straight and took in a final deep breath, stabilizing herself as that wicked smile came over her face.

“So yeah, that’s how I spent my afternoon.”

Ilassa frowned deeply at Vanessa while Druella looked more than a little annoyed. Mari sighed and closed her sketchbook, the sound of the pages clapping together drawing attention to her. Her eyes trailed over her little sister and lingered on her foot for a moment before continuing to her face. She squared her jaw and said, in a low voice, “You didn’t hurt them, did you?”

As if realizing the gravity of the situation, Vanessa stood up straighter and said, “Nothing lasting, and they enjoyed it, so it’s fine. You’ve all done similar.” She looked between the other three Lilim and said, “What I do isn’t as grandiose as conquering a nation, but I’m bringing us closer to the dream that Mother wishes for us!”

“I wonder.” Ilassa said, her frown deepening. “I wonder if you truly understand what her dream is. If you know what you’re doing.”

“The end result is the same! Mamono fucking incubi! Making a world where love and pleasure conquers all!” Vanessa said defensively. “It doesn’t matter how we get there, only that we don’t kill anyone without reason!”

A loud cracking sound resonated through the field as Druella slapped Vanessa with enough force to send the younger Lilim staggering backward. Angry, red welts boiled on her face for a moment before quickly healing, yet Vanessa stood there, stunned by the sudden blow.

“That you think that shows how young you truly are.” Druella said, looking disgusted. Vanessa stared at her with clear surprise, same as the other Lilim who didn’t expect their more ‘radical’ sister to say such things. “Perhaps it was a mistake to let you out on your own so early. You don’t understand anything.”

Silence descended upon the whole gathering, and Vanessa looked between her older sisters, but saw disappointment in their eyes. She spun about and even the three bickering warriors turned away from her, as if unable to behold such shame. Her breath began to grow shallow and her eyes darted in rapid motions between her sisters, as if looking for a way out.

“Vanessa, please. Calm down. We can talk all of this out. Let’s sit down and be rational about this.” Ilassa began, holding out a hand, but Vanessa recoiled, stepping backward with her wings outstretched.

“I don’t need your damn pity! You all think you know what’s best because you’re older, huh? Well fuck you! I’ll make this whole damn world into the place Mother dreams it to be!”

No one tried to stop her as she took off running before leaping into the air and taking flight, disappearing into the cloudless sky. The other Lilim looked at each other uncomfortably before breaking out into murmurs of concern.

“Tell me sister.” Ilassa said, looking off to where Vanessa vanished. “Were we ever this foolish?”

Druella didn’t answer.


Wind whipped at her hair and stung her eyes which were already red from tears. She didn’t try wiping at them, instead letting the pain suffuse her as she flew at top speed, though she had no idea where she was flying. To the west, the sun began to set, casting the world in an amber hue and she stopped, her wings beating to help her hover in the air as she looked about her surroundings.

Below her lay a large stretch of forest, spreading out for miles all directions climbing up low mountains in the distance. She could feel that there were Mamono below her, though they were few in number, yet she had no interested in them. Turning to the west, she thought about flying off again when she noticed a small glade in the distance. Something about the secluded clearing caught her attention, and she hesitated only a moment before changing her heading.

Leaves scattered at her wing beats, the grass rustling when her boots touched the ground. Her white wings folded behind her as she wiped her eyes while surveying the clearing. The area bordered by evergreen trees was small, perhaps fifty feet in diameter and covered in debris of the forest. A solid log from a tree that had fallen some time ago lay near the middle of the clearing, overgrown by various grasses and fungi that gave it a peaceful, if forlorn appearance.

Vanessa wiped at her eyes before taking in a deep breath and walking over to the log. With her tail, she cleared off a section of recently fallen leaves before sitting down and leaning forward on her elbows to let out a long sigh. Her damn sisters think they know what’s best just because they’ve conquered nations or something? What makes their methods any better than hers?

“Don’t understand anything… I understand plenty.” She grumbled, flicking a pebble on the ground with her tail, the tiny projectile flying across the glade.

“Oh!” Came a soft voice from that direction.

Vanessa was on her feet in an instant, wings flaring out, sharp fingers splaying as she faced the intruder. At the edge of the clearing stood a human woman, perhaps in her early twenties, with long, brown hair and a slender build. She wore a rough spun, woolen outfit befitting of a village girl, and in her hands she held a basket filled with various mushrooms and other edible forage from the forest.

The two held each other’s gazes for a long while, neither daring move until Vanessa closed her eyes and took a deep breath, dropping her aggressive posture to take on a more neutral stance. With tired eyes, she looked at the woman. The intruder made no movements, yet did not have fear in her eyes as she looked toward the Vanessa. Was she another who had fallen captive to her beauty, as was wont to happen when mortals gazed upon the Lilim?

“Uhm. Sorry, I thought no one was here.” The woman said, coughing into her hand. She blushed slightly. “Sorry, I’ll be going then.”

“No.” Vanessa said with authority, not really even knowing why. “What are you doing here?”

“Uhm…” The woman said, looking abashed. “Gathering some mushrooms and berries for dinner. I just came here to sit and rest for a little while, but noticed you were there and ah… anyway I’ll get out of your hair.” She turned to go, but was stopped as the Lilim called again,

“You show no reaction to seeing a Succubus before you. Why is that?”

The woman turned about slowly, blinking a few times. “What use would fear have? If you were going to attack me, wouldn’t you have done so already?”

Vanessa’s face darkened with uncharacteristic rage for a moment before she reigned herself in, surprised at her reaction. How dare this lowly human not bow to her and-

“Are you alright?” The woman called, cocking her head in response to the odd expression on Vanessa’s face. “Do you need some help?”

The Lilim paused for a moment before turning her head slowly to the woman. She looked over her young, supple form, brimming with vitality and vigor. She would make a fine Mamono if-

Vanessa paused and thought it over. Actually, yes, yes she could be the start to turning her whole village into a small demon realm filled with lust and pleasure. From there, she’d work her own brand of corruption into this land, wherever it was, and claim it for herself. Then her sisters would see that she truly understood Mother’s goals, oh yes, they would see.

A wicked smile parted Vanessa’s lips, and she licked them sensually with her tongue, feeling her form suffuse with vitality and purpose. All it took was one seed to grow a garden after all, and what better place to plant a seed than in fertile ground?

To her credit, the woman didn’t run but still pulled back a little, a hint of concern in her eyes. She was about the same height as Vanessa, though her bust was clearly larger, despite her homespun clothes. The Lilim cursed softly, always being second fiddle in that particular regard. Must have gotten her breasts from her father after all.

When she reached the woman, she placed a hand upon her hip and leaned slightly, letting the curves of her body out on display as her tail swished in languid motions behind her. “Well now,” she began in a slow drawl. “Aren’t you a brave one, standing your ground before me. Or am I just that enchanting?”

“You are quite beautiful ma’am, but I am afraid I don’t understand your meaning.”

Vanessa’s eyes went flat for a split second before she smiled again and said, “Oh, never mind then. So, out collecting mushrooms all alone? My, my, there must be some poor man waiting at home for you to return.”

“Oh, I’m afraid not.” The woman said, blushing. “I am not being courted at the moment.”

“Mmm, what is your name?”

“Ah? Oh, it’s Felicia.”

“Felicia, my that’s a nice name. Tell me Felicia, how is a woman with such a beautiful body as yours not being fucked all day by a big, strong man?”

“I- I’m afraid I don’t know, I-“

Vanessa took the opportunity to slip in close place her hand around the woman’s chin, fingers trailing along her smooth, suntanned skin. She cooed softly, “I can see it in your eyes. The hunger for a particular man. Tell me his name, quickly now.”

Felicia’s eyes darted to the side as she stuttered, “U-uhm, I don’t think I should-” She yelped as Vanessa dug her fingernails into her chin, making the woman wince and say, “H-Hank. His name is Hank.”

“Oh my, Hank, that sounds a lot like Hunk. Is he big and strong?”

“Well, he’s muscular I suppose from working in the fields, but he’s not exactly… uhm.” She trailed off, looking uncomfortable. “Are you going to kill me?”

A bark of laughter exuded from Vanessa’s lips at the absurdity. “No! I would never do that! It’s actually your lucky day, because I’m here to fill your life with every pleasure you could ever want.”

Felicia looked into Vanessa’s eyes and saw the eager earnestness present. When most people saw the truth of look, understood that the Lilim spoke no falsehood, they often became more relaxed, ready to submit. Her own mana leaking into them may help some with the process, but no one could resist her. Of course, making them utterly submissive before having some fun with them would be boring!

“I believe I am quite content, thank you.” Felicia said, with a little too much haste.

Vanessa nodded her head. “Ahaha, very good then. Let us begin the first step of- wait, what?” She stopped mid-sentence and stared at the woman with a stunned expression. Felicia looked back at her, chin still cupped by the Lilim’s claws. Her eyes darted back and forth, as if seeming to understand that she’d said something off-script and was looking for a stage exit.

“Haha…I’m sorry, what did you say?” Vanessa said, shaking her head. “Did you tell me no?”

“Err, not exactly, but-“


“I guess!” Felicia squeaked.

Vanessa stared at the woman again before her smile turned into a scowl. Her hand, which had so recently been cupping the woman’s chin, slid down to her neck and with a powerful shove, she thrust Felicia’s back against a tree, shaking the branches from the force of the blow and tossing her basket to the ground. A shower of leaves fell down among them, and as they fell, Felicia watched Vanessa’s scowl turn back to an almost manic grin.

“Ah, I get it now. You don’t know what you want! How cute! You’ve lived such a sheltered life that the thoughts of sex have barely crossed your mind. Don’t worry, I’m here to teach you all about how pleasurable these things can be! With my guidance, your body will shift into the perfect being for Hank. You’ll become a creature of lust and pleasure which will drive him wild. You just don’t know that becoming a Mamono is what you’ve always wanted.”

Felicia’s eyes went wide in panic, and she tried to speak, but the pressure on her wind-pipe was too strong. Only gasping chokes issued from her throat as Vanessa reached into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a pair of manacles. Felicia squirmed to get away, but Vanessa merely slammed her head against the tree again and applied the cuffs, slinging them over a branch which was low enough to allow the woman to touch the ground, but high enough to stretch her arms out over her head.

Vanessa nodded her head in approval at her work and Felicia coughed out, “W-why are you doing this?”

“Shh.” Vanessa said, grasping the front of the woman’s dress. With a monstrous strength, she ripped the rough fabric down the center, eliciting a cry of alarm and pain from the captive as her breasts spilled out without the support of the clothing. With little effort, Vanessa cleared away the rest of the clothing, leaving the woman bare to the late afternoon forest.

“Mmm, I thought you were hiding something good inside that outfit, and I was right. You deserve clothing that accentuates that figure of yours! Or perhaps even that is too much, hehehe.”

Felicia whimpered, and Vanessa drank in the sound like fine wine. Ah, how could her siblings be right when this felt so good? This was the way things had to be! Eyes brimming with renewed energy, she grabbed the mounds of fat upon the woman’s chest with both hands, squeezing tight. Her nails dug into the soft flesh, leaving small bloody trails, to which Felicia cried out.

“Oh, did it hurt? Don’t worry, you’ll grow used to it, in fact, you’ll crave it soon enough.” Vanessa cooed as she massaged the pair of breasts. “I can feel your nipples hardening, your pulse racing. You’re enjoying this, even if you say you’re not.”

“Y-You’re right. It.. it feels good, but- ahn!”

“But what?” Vanessa cackled, her nail drawing a line of red down Felicia’s right breast.

“B-but you… you said you wanted to turn me into a Monster!”

“We prefer the term Mamono, but yes. To be a Mamono is to live a life of near constant pleasure! To be one with the man you love as he has sex with you every waking moment, filling you with his rich, powerful seed so you can produce beautiful children. It’s the dream all women want, isn’t it?”

Felicia gave no answer, to which Vanessa frowned and lowered her fingers to the woman’s crotch, which reeked of sweat and feminine odor. It was also currently moist, Vanessa’s ministrations and mana driving the sweet thing into heat. The Lilim looked up at the woman and slid a finger along the captive’s vulva.

Felicia let out a small gasp and shuddered, her legs twisting and writhing in response. Vanessa took it as encouragement to continue, and lubed up her finger with the woman’s love nectar before inserting one and exploring the tight, virgin pussy.

Another gasp escaped Felicia’s lips and she shook, chain rattling against the tree limb as Vanessa used expert precision to find and assault her captive’s most vulnerable places. All the while, she dragged her fingernails to create bloody furrows down the woman’s chest, squeezing her breasts firmly, or pinching her nipples, all the while gaining a sadistic joy in feeling the woman’s insides writhe in pleasure at the pain.

She didn’t even notice she was laughing until she felt Felicia’s hips buck and the woman let out a half-scream as she experienced orgasm, a soft spray of fluid dribbling down Vanessa’s fingers. Lost in the warm wetness, her fingers only left Felicia’s insides after a long while, a string of sticky fluid drawing a line between digits. She admired the sight as Felicia let gravity take her down as far as it could, her body shuddering in light aftershocks, breath coming in shallow gasps.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Vanessa said, tittering.”It’s so much better with a man’s cock in you though. His thick member driving up deeper than my fingers, filling you with warm semen.” She removed her boot and held the filthy, semen encrusted foot up to Felicia’s nose, the powerful musk washing over the woman’s face. “You’ll get addicted to it, once the transformation comes over you. Just let it in, and all your pains will go away. You can have this pleasure forever.”

Felicia shuddered and swallowed, trying to catch her breath. It took her some time, but with a ragged voice, she said, “Please stop.”

Rage consumed Vanessa. Pure, unadulterated, blind rage assaulted the Lilim, as she jammed her fingers into Felicia’s slit with one hand, the other propping up her head. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME? I GRANT YOU PLEASURES BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN KNOW, AND YOU DENY ME AGAIN?”

Crying out in both pleasure and pain, the captive’s back arched and she screamed, “NOOOO!”

Her eyes gone completely red with anger, Vanessa pressed her body against the naked flesh of Felicia, her eyes staring deep into her captive’s. “I will give you one last chance. Accept my gift, or I will FORCE you to accept it.”

Tired eyes looked down for barely a second before flickering back up to meet Vanessa’s gaze. Ragged breaths coalesced into a word, which drifted forth from Felicia’s lips.


Vanessa closed her eyes and sighed to keep herself from doing something she would regret. She’d never been refused before, so the experience was new and unknown. Mixed with her earlier emotions, she was bound to do something foolish. Taking a calming breath, she began to use slow motions to stimulate Felicia’s inner walls, infusing them with more of her mana as she spoke in a soft voice.

“Why do you refuse this thought? It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Y..yes, I’ve never f-felt anything like it.”

“Your whole body feels good, doesn’t it? Why don’t you let it take hold of you?”

“B…because I’m scared.”

“Scared? Of what? Of betraying your false God?”

“I do not fear losing my faith, I fear… I fear losing myself. Of no longer being human.”

Vanessa paused in her actions, already feeling a change come over the woman. She looked into Felicia’s eyes to see them shifting, her pupils narrowing to slits and her canine teeth growing sharper. She frowned and said, “Why would you be afraid of that? What’s so great about being human?”

“I.. I could ask what’s so great about being a Monster?”

“Joy as long as you live, free to live with your husband as you choose and to wash in all the pleasures of intimacy with him whenever you like. An existence destined to be free of strife and worry, because your only greatest thoughts will be about sex.”

“And that is what I’m afraid of. If my thoughts are predominated with sex and pleasure, will I still be me?”

Vanessa frowned, as if this was obvious. “Of course you will, only you in your most true self. You’ll be free of your inhibitions to choose whatever path brings you the greatest pleasure. You can do anything, even still pick mushrooms or whatever if it makes you happy.”

“And what if my greatest pleasure is being the way I am now?”

Gritting her teeth, Vanessa began the assault on the woman’s nether regions again, drawing a pleased gasp from her. Already she could see hair growing from the woman’s forearms, her ears becoming indistinct against her head as lumps of flesh began to mold themselves atop her head according to the form that the Lilim demanded. It was too late for this, she would be a Mamono.

“I don’t understand.” Vanessa muttered, a confusing frustration building up in her, driving her to work her fingers faster. Felicia let out soft gasps and moans, but didn’t fight it as much, seeming to enjoy the pleasure, though it brought no smile to the Lilim’s face. “No one has refused before. If it feels good, then why deny it?”

“There’s, uhn! There’s more to life than just pleasure.”

“Like what?”

“Pain, in all its forms.” Tears began to well up in the corners of Felicia’s eyes. “Something you seem to be well acquainted with.”

Vanessa’s fingers worked mechanically as she bit her lip, unable to create a proper response. Felicia let out a soft meow as Vanessa’s fingers stroked her most sensitive place, but she was too lost in thought to enjoy it. She barely heard as the woman said, “To struggle against is to be human. To fight against everything when you lack power and triumph brings a greater joy than… meow… than can having the power to have everything you want. When you face no true adversity, when you have no greater ambition than to drown yourself in pleasure all day, are you truly alive?”

“I…I don’t.”

“And what happens when there are no more humans, meow?”

Vanessa blinked in confusion at the sudden question. “I don’t… when there are no more humans and all peoples are Monsters and Incubi, then there will be everlasting peace and harmony as people live in a state of near bliss. It will be paradise for everyone.”

“What about you though?”

“Me? Yes, of course it will be wonder…ful.” She frowned deeper as she thought about the implications. When everything was changed to her Mother’s will, then she will have fulfilled her purpose. She could live in everlasting harmony with her husband, whoever he shall be. Her mountain will have been climbed, and with her view from the summit, she would see…


Vanessa felt smooth skin and silken fur press against her as Felicia coiled her sensuous body along the Lilim’s side. In such a short time, the woman’s scared expression had become half-lidded with drunken pleasure. Her human ears had vanished, replaced with tufted feline versions that swiveled atop her head. Her hands and legs too had changed shape into feline paws, and a brown furred tail sprouted from her back, flicking in agitated motions behind her.

The woman had become a Werecat, as Vanessa had decreed with her touch. She should be happy with her work, pleased to see her Mamono mana turn another lowly woman toward the greater purpose of her family. But as she saw the last sparks of the thoughtful woman begin to succumb to pleasure under the assault from her fingers, she felt an uncharacteristic sadness that tore at her heart. Her lips worked without sound before she closed her eyes and said, “I’m sorry. I truly don’t understand.”

“M…meow. I think you do.”

With that, Vanessa closed her eyes tight and twisted her fingers, sending the woman over the edge and into a climax that ended her life as a human. When her hips sank back down to the ground, the hesitation was gone, replaced by a lust that was not there before. Vanessa looked at the beautiful creature chained to the tree and she shuddered in revulsion. Feeling sick, she quickly undid the manacles and the Werecat dropped to the floor on all four paws. Felicia, or what was once Felicia, looked over her new body and then to Vanessa before cocking her head and smiling.

“Nyahaha, I don’t know what I was so concerned about before! I feel wonderful! So full of energy and vigor, meow!” She chuckled and looked at her torn clothes before looking at her body and shrugging. “I feel way more free this way, you’re right! What was I thinking, trying to fight this? It’s amazing! I want to show Hank how great this is also.”

The Werecat writhed in a sensuous motion at the mention of his name before looking back to Vanessa. As the sun finished setting, the Lilim saw her feline eyes twinkling in the twilight. “Thank you.” She said, before scampering off into the woods, presumably toward the village where her beloved lay. They would likely fornicate and flood the village with Mamono mana, whether the people there wanted it or not. It would be the start of her garden, all from one, fertile, seed.

Vanessa sank to her knees and vomited bits of sausage and bile.


The doors of the small manor house creaked open, letting a ray of sunlight into the darkened room. Two figures entered, their forms backlit by the strong light of the midday sun. From the town behind them, moans of pleasure and high pitched screams of lust drifted into the room, muffled as the doors were closed again. Looking toward each other, they nodded and clasped hands, placing a human sized palm into an oversized furry paw.

A few small lanterns gave soft illumination to the room, despite the sun outside, but they were necessary as the windows were closed and shuttered. Their eyes adjusted to the dim light, and they looked about before spying a large chair in the corner where a figure sat, legs crossed, cheek resting on her fist. Hurrying over, they stopped in front of makeshift throne and bowed. The shorter of the two, a human male with exceptional musculature and a rather large bulge in his pants, stepped forward to speak.

“My lady Vanessa! Please, forgive our intrusion, but we wished to give our thanks to you.”

The Lilim did not shift in place upon her throne, but slowly moved her eyes to the two supplicants. Her expression was one of neutrality, betraying no emotion and looking for all the world bored. She looked over the man and then the Mamono next to him, a tall, red-haired Manticore with furred limbs and a chitinous tail dripping with lewd fluids at the end. She did not speak, and the two shifted with uncomfortable motions under her gaze.

“M… My Lady, you must be quite deep in contemplation. We will not be in your presence for long.” The Manticore said, bowing her head. “We merely came to thank you for releasing us from the burdens we had before. My husband and I have never been happier than we are now! When he holds me tight I…” The Mamono shuddered, a lewd glaze coming to her eyes. “I can hardly wait to bear his child!”

Vanessa looked at the lust in the eyes of the woman, saw the almost fanatical devotion she had for her husband, and the barely restrained need to throw him down and milk him dry. Her expression never changed as she asked in a monotone, “Who were you before you before I came here?”

The Manticore looked taken aback for a moment, blinking in complete surprise. “I…I don’t understand. I’m Greta the same as I was before! Just… better!” She giggled and snuggled her husband. “So very, very much better…”

“I see.” Vanessa said with a tired voice, closing her eyes. “Go forth with the blessing of the Demon Lord, and spread love through this land.”

Sharp teeth showed from the Manticore’s mouth as she gave a lecherous grin and scooped up her husband in her massive mangrabber paws. She winked to Vanessa before charging to the entryway, throwing it open, and running outside, leaving the doors to creak closed.

The beam of sunlight from the open doorway washed over Vanessa, forcing her to narrow her eyes as she looked outside. A crescendo of pleased cries came through the portal, the normal music of her life now. Once, she would have joined in, laughed and played with these lovers, these pleasure-seekers. Now she sat upon her throne, such as it was, unable to feel anything about it.

From the seed of one corrupted Catgirl did spring this garden of excess, a village of lust twisting toward a demon realm. She had everything she was supposed to be working toward, and even one of her sisters had acknowledged her work. She was supposed to be happy, and yet…

She closed her eyes and took a deep, shuddering breath as the light and voices faded with the closing door. As the manor grew dark and silent once more, she whispered to herself,

“You don’t understand. And I wish I didn’t either.”

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  1. Very nice! These kinds of interpretations are great! While I love the MGE setting and all, it is kind of thought provoking to wonder how a monster girl would react if they were suddenly look up and go, “Hey… maybe there’s more than life to just sex?” and you handled that very nicely here; forcing a Lilim to understand a concept that she’s completely unknown to her. Very enjoyable, thank you for posting this.

  2. ‘mamono’ is the correct spelling. Good story, but not my cup of tea. Not sure what number to give this for like or dislike, so won’t do so.

  3. Well, this is definitely quite the deep work, i like it. Just… could you not use the “Nyahaha” as laugh? Still bring back mixed feelings to me since i watched a certain catgirl being not as cutsy as she seemed. (Thanks Bakemonogatari for the nightmares)

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