Umbra, World Guide

Hey, everybody! I just had this big list as a frame of reference for my characters, settings, etc.. And after sprucing it up a bit, I decided to share it.

Spoilers will be found below, as well as hints to future story aspects. And since Umbra is still a work in progress (and will be for quite awhile), this page will be receiving frequent edits and additions. A rough estimation, about every six chapters or so.

Oh, and here’s the world map I use for reference, just in case any wanted to to take a peek-

And a few polls related to the story, just in case anyone was interested-




*Aaron Axenus

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 6’3 ft/ 192 cm

Weight: 180 lbs/ 82 kg

Bio: A former Holy Legion soldier on a quest to avenge his brother, sister-in-law, and niece. They were murdered right in front of him by a man named Lucero, the inheritor of the divine blade, the Sol Saber. Lucero even ran Aaron through with that very blade, but Aaron survived the encounter thanks to the help of a mysterious black knight whose image still haunts Aaron.

Consumed by bitter hatred, Aaron stewed on thoughts of revenge as his injury finished healing. Needing to discover a way to counter the Sol Saber, Aaron decided to take the words of his departed mentor Gale to heart and search for the fabled Lost Archives, knowing if there was any way to overcome Lucero’s legendary weapon, it would most likely be found there.

After giving the last of his family a proper burial, he set off down the coast with plans to hitch a ride across the sea and reach the desert nation of Misr, where the Lost Archives were supposedly hidden in the sandy dunes. 

He’s an unrefined individual, caring very little about what others think about him and often engaging in numerous vices such as heavy drinking and casual sex. Due to his feelings of guilt and shame of his numerous past mistakes, he always strives to do what he feels is the right thing, but that usually ends up putting him in even deeper water.

Aaron tends to be harsh and bitterly sarcastic around those he distrusts, but wouldn’t hesitate to lay down his life for those he holds close. He has a dark sense of humor and considers himself a realist, but he tries his best to use his bitter experiences as a fuel to push himself forward instead of letting it bog him down.

Likes: Booze, scary stories, swearing, nice asses, spicy foods

Dislikes: Stuck-up assholes, his bad luck, being kidnapped, being assaulted, math, Lucero




Race: Hellhound

Age: 27

Height: 5’2 ft/ 158 cm

Weight: 125 lbs/ 57kg

Bio: A perky, fun-loving hellhound. Despite the fearsome and blood-thirsty reputation of her race, she’s highly averse to unneeded violence. Though her mother was the greatest warrior in her tribe, Valerie wanted to go on her own path and fulfill her dream of becoming an actor. Surprisingly, she’s highly convincing when it comes to acting.

She lived in the barren tundras to the north of the Legion for her entire life, right up until she attempted to leave with a traveling troupe of entertainers. But after finding out she couldn’t dance or sing, the troupe kicked her out. When she tried to return to her tribe, they refused to let her back for leaving them. Downtrodden and with nowhere left to go, she wandered south, sneaking past the woefully undermanned border guard of northern Graeme, and right into the backwater country, aimlessly traveling.

But after running into Aaron and taking a fancy to him, she decided to aid him in his quest. She also hopes to avenge her mother, who died during a failed raid by the hand of the strategical genius of the Holy Legion,  Generalissimo Alexander.

While Valerie can be a selfish crybaby at times, she cares a great deal about her friends and has a heart of gold.

Likes: Hunting critters, collecting intriguing items, having fun with friends

Dislikes: Unnecessary bloodshed, vegetables, being cucked



*Kiera the White Lion

Race: Griffon

Age: 31

Height: 5’9 ft/ 178 cm

Weight: 165 lbs/ 79 kg

Bio: The pride and joy of the nomadic tribe of black harpies, the Roaming Ravens. Her adoptive mother found Kiera’s egg on her doorstep while the tribe was traveling through the continent of Terra, wrapped up in traditional griffon clothes that held a map listing the locations of numerous rare treasures.

As she grew older, Kiera hunted down these treasures with her tribe, tremendously helping them grow and increase the population of black harpies, who once teetered on the edge of extinction thanks to the Legion.

After meeting Aaron and helping him infiltrate a Legion temple, she decided to join him on his journey to Misr in order to find any clues about what became of her blood parents.

While she was arrogant in her youth, the death of her partner and childhood friend caused her to quickly mature. Now in her early thirties, she acts as the level-headed and motherly guide to the group. Despite that, she’s still not very experienced when it comes to sex, and can quickly become flustered when it comes up.

Likes: Her tribe, her sisters, treasure-hunting, martial arts, coffee, whittling

Dislikes: Cheaters, cowards, whiners




*Lucero Lambert

Age: 26

Race: Human

Height: 5’11 ft/ 156 cm

Weight: 152 lbs/ 69 kg

Bio: The inheritor of the holy blade, the Sol Saber. Along with an unbelievable amount of strength, the weapon also gifted him the power to see the souls of other men. Using this power, he can tell if a man has ever slept with a monster.

Not only did Lucero murder Aaron’s friend Miles in cold blood, but he also saw that Aaron’s brother, Douglas, had slept with a monster. While Aaron and Douglas had managed to avoid him initially, Lucero eventually tracked them down and murdered Douglas and his family right before Aaron.

Currently, he’s fighting on the frontlines in Lusitania. While the war has been in a stalemate for years, his presence is starting to turn the tides in the Legion’s favor.

Lucero is a zealot at heart, and will shamelessly maim and murder all those who he deems heretics. He believes Ganymede has selected him to be the messiah to cleanse the world of sin, and will stop at nothing to ensure the Legion has conquered Lusitania.

Likes: The Legion gods, fighting, orange juice, freshly-baked croissants 

Dislikes: Heresy, degeneracy, monsters, spicy food



*William Highwind

Age: 24

Race: Human

Height: 6’1 ft/  186 cm

Weight: 160 lbs/ 73 kg

Bio: Aaron’s former best friend. They met in the Legion’s army, where they swiftly bonded during their training. Along with their mutual friend, the crossbowman Miles, they made a fearsome trio and quickly earned the respect and admiration of the rest of their company.

After their tenure ended, Aaron decided to return home while William elected to stay in the army and train to become a paladin. As the tides of fates would have it, William heard of Aaron’s treason during his training and went off to confront his former friend.

Will is a determined and proud patriot, and while he does feel bad for having to kill monsters and thinks Lucero is extreme, he ultimately believes that’s what humanity has to do to survive. 

Likes: Picking up girls, whiskey, money, his country

Dislikes: Betrayal, annoying brats



*Cronan Kane

Age: 28

Race: Born human, transformed into incubus

Height: 6’0 ft/ 182 cm (human), 6’5 ft/ 198 cm (incubus)

Weight: 170 lbs/ 77 kg (human), 200 lbs/ 91 kg (incubus)

Bio: A mysterious man with a shadowy past and left arm made out of sludge. He travels with a trio of monsters, and somehow has the ability to track down relics.

His ultimate goal is to overthrow the Demon Lord Lilith, who he claims to have admiration for, but finds too soft for the good of the world. Once he becomes the Demon Lord, he plans to revert monsters back to their primal forms until he’s able to overthrow the major governments of the world, then turn them back into the form’s Lilith gave them and continue with her designs. He even goes as far as describing the transformation into an incubus as an ‘evolution’.

While he originally appeared incredibly pale and sickly as a human, once he turned into an incubus he gained a fair, healthy complexion. Not to mention the transformation had the side-effect of significantly increasing the size and power of his sludge arm.

He’s violent, driven, and psychotic, but ultimately believes what he’s doing will be preventing further pain and suffering and usher in a permanent era of peace. 

Surprisingly enough, he’s extremely calm, understanding, and sweet to his three girlfriends. But good look catching him in the act.

Likes: Monsters, fancy chocolates, ventriloquy, being edgy, being dramatic 

Dislikes: Roaches, those with human privilege, the Legion, Aaron




Age: 29

Race: Cheshire cat

Height: 5’1 ft/  155 cm

Weight: 113 lbs/ 51 kg

Bio: An incredibly dangerous and mischievous woman, she’s loyal to both Cronan and his cause. With the powers to turn both herself and her surroundings invisible, short-ranged teleportation, and access to a hammer-space, she’s not a monster to be trifled with.

Likes: Lewdness, pranks, snark, smirking, being smug, being scratched behind the ears

Dislikes: Bees, dogs, being snuggled by Akami




Age: 25

Race: Ushi-Oni

Height: 6′ 7 ft/ 204 cm

Weight: 347 lbs/157 kg

Bio: A simple woman whose blind love for battle rivals only her blind love of Cronan. Not carrying much for complicated ideals or motives, she simply follows Cronan and enjoys life’s simple pleasures to their fullest.

Likes: Meat, booze, brawling, snuggling Lorna

Dislikes: Waiting, big words, snooty people





Race: Dragon

Height: 7’0 ft/ 213 cm (base form), 45’0 ft/ 1372 cm (dragon form)

Weight: 250 lbs/ 113 kg (base form), 10000 lbs/ 4526 kg (dragon form)

Bio: An arrogant and proud dragon. She is an incredibly dangerous opponent and can transform back into her primal form for a short time for even more power. The only catch is that it greatly drains her stamina, and taking the form for too long or in rapid succession can exhaust her to the point she can barely move.

With Lorna’s powers of invisibility and her impressive flight speed, she can ferry Cronan’s gang across long stretches of land without being spotted.

Likes: Fine wine, hand-holding, keeping her scales pristine

Dislikes: Peons, getting her scales dirty or damaged






Many have argued what exactly defines a monster. What most could agree on was that a monster is a creature not quite a man, but far wiser and more ferocious than a beast. And they crave nothing more than the flesh of man.

In more ways than one.

Around half a century prior, just before the days of Sir George and the founding of the Legion, all of monsterkind took on a radical transformation. 

While most humans still don’t know why this occurred, it was because a new Demon Lord had taken the throne. Her name is Lilith, a succubus who, for whatever reason, loves mankind and wants to create a peaceful world where man and monster live as a conjoined species.

And so, she exerted her power as Demon Lord over the world and transformed all of monsterkind to be half-succubus. Now, instead of attempting to rend the flesh off of man’s body, they try to seduce him.

Of course, no two monsters are perfectly alike. Some of them prefer the company of other women just as much as men. Some are still just as violent and foul, while others are sweeter and kinder than any human could hope to be. Some only look for one-night stands, while others want a devoted husband.

But they do share one common desire- to get laid.

Something important to note is that the modern-day monster can only give birth to more of her own kind, and one giving birth to a son is unheard of. 


*Spirit Energy

A peculiar energy that can be found in all humans, as well as wildlife and plants. Despite countless decades of research, it’s secrets have yet to be unlocked by the modern day sorcerer.

Curiously, it’s been recorded that high levels of spirit energy can be found in semen. This has led some scholars to believe it’s an essential component in ‘creating’ a soul and feeding into the old rumor that spirit energy is, in fact, simply one’s soul.


*Demon Energy

Arguably what makes a ‘monster’ a ‘monster’. While spirit energy takes on the form of a soft blue flame in the physical realm, demon energy appears to be a pulsating black sludge with a purplish sheen.

Many, usually those who hold prejudiced against monsters, claim it’s an inherently malefic force. The most common counterpoint to this is that ‘demon energy’ could be found in creatures that weren’t considered monsters even before the great transformation, such as dwarves and dragons, which share a mostly peaceful relationship with mankind. Yet still, they changed with the rest of the monsters.

Like spirit energy, it is still a mystery to most of the known world.



To the layman, it’s a natural force that creates the energy required to cast spells. Fundamentally, however, things aren’t quite so simple.

It shares an undeniable link to the forces of demon and spirit energy. Some claim that they’re one in the same- others claim that through some divine force or inner alchemy, one can turn their spirit or demon energy into mana in order to cast spells. Regardless, one has a finite pool of it to summon forth at any given time, but can always rest and recover to fill that pool back up.

Regardless, mana energy has also been recorded as a naturally occurring phenomenon, and can also be stored in inanimate objects, if said object is properly crafted to do so.

An odd thing to note about mana is that some magic-wielding monsters seem to able to convert spirit energy into almost pure mana, greatly boosting their magical prowess for a short while, or helping to recover lost mana.

Of course, this means absorbing it through a man’s semen. But many find this concept ridiculous and say it’s nothing by a physiological reaction from the pleasures of sex.


*Mana Crystal

Much like mana, demon, and spirit energy, mana crystals are wrapped in a veil of mystery.

What is undisputed fact is that mana crystals are the result of a build-up of mana that occurs in nature, taking on the form of a crystallized elemental force. 

They’re highly coveted by those who study the arcane arts, as they can be used to both power and enhance enchantments and spells.

Many have attempted to artificially recreate a mana crystal, but there has been little-reported success.



What becomes of a man when he absorbs too much demon energy, and the key to Lilith’s plan to unite man and monster. In addition to a dramatic increase in all physical prowess,  his appearance changes. He gains sharp fangs, a serpentine tongue, and pitch black sclera, with a fused iris and cornea.

However, it should be noted that simple copulation with a monster usually isn’t enough to spark the transformation. The man’s body must be absolutely overflowing with it for the transformation to occur, although it is technically possible to achieve it through sex.

This, in addition to the fact that monsters can’t birth males, seems to the biggest kink in Lilith’s plan to unite the races. Whatever she’s doing in order to rectify this is unknown.



A broad term to define the mysterious devices with a wide range of functions that have been found buried under the earth for countless millennia. It is unknown where they come from, but it is common knowledge they’re powered by magic, usually having a to be charged by an outside force or having the fragment of a mana crystal within them.







The continent at the center-right of the world. Because of it’s former large monster population and number of warring territories and barbaric tribes, it was considered a hell on earth by the rest of the world. However, from that chaos the Holy Legion was forged, cementing a mighty empire that wiped out nearly all monsters from the continent and united it under a single banner.

It has a mostly mild climate, blessed with rich soil and bountiful coasts, helping support it’s large population. The lands to the north are mostly barren tundras, where roaming tribes and monsters still cling to life by a thread.



The continent to the center-left of the world. While most of their land is divided up into separate nations, the vast bulk of them have banned together to form the Lusitanian Coalition to fight back the invading Legion. While there are over thirty kingdoms joined together, the six most powerful are the ones leading the charge- they are unofficially known as the ‘Big Six’.

Curiously, Lusitania and Coelum share numerous cultural similarities tracing back to antiquity- not to mention cartographers have pointed out that the eastern coast of Lusitania and western coast of Coelum appear to able to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

Many in the Legion take this as evidence that the old story of Ganymede splitting the world in half with a strike of his hammer is more than mere legend.



A continent to the east of Coelum, separated by the Pontus Sea. Bearing a diverse population and a stifling heat,  Terra is covered with deserts and jungles. 



A large jungle island that can be found to the south of Terra. It’s home to all manner of rare animals and monsters, but contains no centralized government.



The continent to the north of Terra, connected by a small strip of land. It’s home to a variety of great dynasties and rich cultures, and a countless number of exotic warriors and monsters hail from their various nations.



A smaller continent, but one that’s filled with both verdant forests, snow-topped mountains, and searing deserts. The people there are technologically unadvanced,  still traveling in hunter-and-gatherer tribes, but their shamans seem to have a deeper understanding of magic than even some of Terra and Lusitania’s greatest magicians.

Perhaps their respect for nature has led them to keep their primitive lifestyle intact. Or perhaps they’re just savages.

Either way, the people of Lusitania are too busy fighting the Legion to bother them for some time.



A mysterious landmass to the southwest of Lusitania. No one has ever set foot there and returned, on account of the gargantuan cliffs in the shape of a crescent moon surrounding it. Though several brave explorers have tried to sail around the perimeter of the cliffs and through the point where the ‘crescent moon’ opens up, they’ve never been heard from again.

It is rumored that Incagnita is the birthplace of monsters, and a terror great enough to drive a man mad lies in wait at its heart…



An endless chunk of ice that stretches from one end of the world to the other. Located on the very edge of the map and containing nothing but an unfathomable chill and ferocious beasts, only a madman would pay a visit Arkitos.




The largest nation in Lusitania, and a mighty empire that has spread over countless other lands and kept them for so long their old names have been lost from history. While it holds providence over a vast stretch of territory, the empire lacks the cohesion the Legion shares. Cut into many city-states, most of the power is held divided in the hands of a number of dukes and other nobles instead of the kingdom’s rightful heir.

Not only that, but Jungtine has had a long history of oppression and conquest with the other countries of Lusitania, Ohgam and Batavia in particular. This has led to a great deal of friction between the nations.

They have the largest army of the Big Six,  a strong navy, and are willing to use a wider range of sorceries than the Legion. However, the Legion’s sheer numbers and superior training methods have proved Jungtine their lesser time and time again.

The current ruler is the young Prince Richard, who relies heavily on his trusted mentor and wise adviser, Chancellor Henry.



Another member of Lusitania’s Big Six. Unlike the other countries, it’s led by a monster. It’s infamously known as a hotbed for interracial breeding, which has also resulted in its powerful army of monsters.

It’s a beautiful place, famed for its fauna. Many rumors have spread about the land becoming tainted and twisted by the large influx of demon energy in the country, but most outside of the Legion just take this to be propaganda spread by them.

Its current ruler is Queen Adalice, a lilith and blood daughter of the Demon Lord.



 A land of flat plains and great mountains, full of fiery and proud warriors. It’s famed for it’s strong cavalierly,  as well it’s order of centaur knights. They serve as the vanguard of the Big Six.

It’s currently lead by the mighty King O’Conner.



 A small territory and the weakest of the Big Six, but a nation that has the richest mines on the planet. Gold, silver, and fine jewels are almost commonplace there, leading to its vast wealth. It’s also one of the few places on the planet where you can mine mythril. Mythril is as strong as steel but lighter than bronze, not to mention highly resistant to magic. It’s this ore that has lead Batavia to its supply of fine arms and armor.

It’s considered a country tolerant of monsters, as the many races that inhabited the mountains and forests, such as dwarves, elves, and fairies, shared generally friendly contact with humans before the grand transformation.

However, there are still many provinces within where monsters are looked down upon as second-class citizens only useful for mining resources.

Still, that doesn’t stop many monsters from around Lusitania from moving there for both career opportunity and finding a manly miner to make an honest man out of.

Its ruler is King Erik, a whimsical man with a heart of gold but little talent for military strategy, which he leaves to his trusted friend, General Oliver.



 An island nation off the coast of Jungtine. It’s known as the friendliest kingdom to monsters that still has a human rule. Like Batavia, they and the local monster population have shared friendly relations even back before the current Demon Lord’s reign.

That’s due to the fact Noreg is the birthplace of the mighty dragons. Back in the primordial days of man, the meek humans of Noreg saw the dragons as gods, and worshiped them as such.

Many of the dragons took pity on the humans and protected them from the other monsters, as their power was so great they were able to resist the violent influence of the old Demon Lord.

Eventually growing tired of the dragon’s treason, the old Demon Lord sent wave after wave of his underlings to destroy them and the humans they took under their protection.

In the following battles, the humans rode atop the dragon’s weaker cousins, the wyverns, and fought back the demonic hordes. Eventually, the dragons themselves began to carry humans on their backs, and by the time the old Demon Lord cut his loses and decided to leave Noreg be, the island became known as the legendary home of the dragoons.

When the new Demon Lord took the throne, her influence proved to be even more powerful than the mindless bloodlust with which her predecessor ruled. The dragons and wyverns took the form of women with the rest of monsterkind. While the humans of Noreg had stopped worshiping them as divine beings long ago, they still held a deep respect for the dragons, and welcomed them as equals.

Hundreds of years later, Noreg is still a force to be reckoned with because of it’s dragoons. Although they couldn’t fully resist the new Demon Lord, dragons and wyverns are still able to revert to their primal forms for a short period of time, making them even more dangerous compared to the rest of monsterkind.

An old tradition has been held in Noreg ever since the new Demon Lord took the throne- the king can be replaced at any time if issued a challenge by another dragoon. If that challenger and his mount come out of the battle with the king and queen victorious, they’re crowned as the new rulers.

The current king is known as the Gold Knight Oswald, and his queen and mount is named Audriana.



A rough country that can be found in Lusitania’s frigid north. With their entire nation stuck in a permanent winter and their land untillable, the people of Kirgiz have grown to be the hardiest in the continent.

Deep in the freezing depths of their craggy mountains, an ore even more precious than mythril can be found- orichalcum . The people of Kirgiz believe this to be the goddess Vedia’s gift to them. While not nearly as light, orichalcum is several times more durable and just as resistant to magic as mythril, not to mention can be found in even greater supply.

However, the kingdom has been in a theocracy for hundreds of years, and put under a devout following of the Path of the Blue Rose. As such, their mighty warriors refuse to use any sort of elixir, spell, or work in direct contact with mages or monsters, minimizing their effectiveness in the war.

Their current monarch is Tsar Nikolai the Third, but is more infamously known as Merciless Nick.




Religious Organizations 


*The Church of the Holy Legion

Banding together the broken kingdoms and fighting back the newly transformed monsters of Coelum, the good Sir George and his Holy Legion filled the void of power and evolved from a simple religion with a few thousand members to a mighty theocratic empire that spanned across a whole continent.

While set under a strict code of divine law, many vices are allowed within the Legion. Drinking, gambling, homosexuality, and many other things those in other lands would find sinful are allowed within the laws of the Legion’s gods. 

There are but two strict tenets that are enforced. The first is that humanity needs to stay pure, and the second is that it needs to be strong and dauntless. Of course, this means that interloping with monsters is seen as the worst crime imaginable. This also places any sorcery not classified as a ‘divine gift to man’ as heresy and akin to dark dealings with monsters.

The Legion has an elite sect of warriors- those few who’ve hardened their bodies, sharpened their spirits, and mastered holy magic. These are called paladins, and there are only around 1,000 in service.

But beyond even them are the Praetorian Guard. And elite team of warriors from around the world, the Praeotrian Guard began as a squadron guards for the imperial palace, but over the years, their branch evolved. Eventually, they became so selective that their only currently eight warriors within the guard. 

As the empire was founded from a religious organization, their government, church, and military are inseparably connected. However, a single man can be found at the head of each branch- respectively, they would be Holy Emperor Maximus, Generalissimo Alexander, and Pontiff Conway. 

An important distinction between the military and church personal are that the military typically use the caricature of a red hawk against a background of yellow thats facing to the left, while the church uses a yellow hawk against a red background facing right.


*The Followers of Vedia

The second most prominent religion of the world. Unlike the polytheistic faith held by the Holy Legion, the Followers of Vedia believe in a single deity- Vedia, the Almighty Holy Mother, she who birthed the world from nothingness and gave life to the barren earth.

However, the Followers of Vedia are not a centralized religion, as there are three major sects of it, each with radically different viewpoints, although many of their manuscripts are shared. The three branches are the Path of the Blue Rose, the Way of the Red Camellia, and the Hyacinth Orthodoxy.


*Path of the Blue Rose

Founded by the Warrior Saint Aratus.

It is said that Aratus had slain an entire army of barbarians before finally collapsing in the middle of the blood-soaked battlefield. Crawling through the gore and muck, he was just about to die from his injuries when he found a blue rose sprouting from the barren soil.

Suddenly overcome with a desire to touch it, he used the last of his strength to reach out and pricked his finger on one of its thorns before experiencing a vision of the Holy Mother.

After Vedia told him how all forms of magic and monsters are wicked and a blight to the earth, Aratus suddenly found himself back in the barren field, all of his wounds healed and his strength returned to him.

With a renewed sense of self, Aratus stood and dusted himself off. Returning to his homeland, he founded the Path of the Blue Rose.

As according to divine vision of Aratus, they believe that all forms of magic are an insult to Vedia, and share a similar view of monsters as the Legion.

The Path, however, is based solely in the nation of Kirgiz, and is a very unpopular religion outside of it’s borders. Not only do they neglect to send out pilgrims or missionaries, but they’re seen as incredibly backward by the rest of the Lusitania for their views on magic, even against those who treat monsters with disdain.


*The Way of the Red Camellia

Founded by the Vagabond Saint Gerome.

Gerome was a wandering mercenary who cared only for coin, taking on any dirty job as long as it paid well. Treating both man and monster with cruelty and viewing them only as means to an end, he was soon marked as an infamous rogue and hated wherever he wandered.

Gerome’s lifestyle soon led him to a deep depression that saw him constantly on the edge of death. He soon began drinking far more than what was healthy and taking hallucinogenic drugs.

When his body had finally given out from the abuse, he collapsed in a dirty back alley,  too weak and sickly to even cry out for help. Just as he was about to pass on, the Holy Mother appeared before him.

Kissing his cheeks, she told him to let go of the hate and bitterness that had clouded both his heart and mind and forgive himself and all those who had wronged him, and those he had wronged would do the same for him. 

When she vanished, Gerome suddenly found himself a ramshackle house, filled with abandoned children of both human and monster blood. 

Then he remembered. Right as he was knocking on death’s door, a little kobold girl had saved his life. She had grown a basket full of red camellias and was out selling them  when she had stumbled across his body. Quickly dragging him all the way back to their home, she gifted him with their precious little food and water and the very last of their medicine until he had made a full recovery.

Eternally grateful to every last one of them, Gerome swore off drugs and alcohol and began fighting bandits and thieves for various townspeople. He gave every last coin he earned to the orphans, living on a meager diet of bread, lettuce and jerky.

Eventually, the children’s run-down shack in the slums of their city turned into a thriving orphanage. Then it expanded even further and they constructed a homeless shelter right beside it. Then, a hospital. In the span of just five years, that slum had blossomed into a thriving community offering charity and aid to man and monster alike.

Gerome, having settled all of his past debts, hung up his sword for good when the combined lifetime of combat injuries and substance abuse finally caught up with him. That didn’t upset him at all, however. He was still healthy enough to read and write and spent the last of his years recording his dreams, where Vedia passed on her final testaments to him.

It’s said that he spent the last day of his life watching the kobold that saved him all those years ago marry her husband, and he couldn’t have been happier.

Regardless of how he truly died, the teachings he passed on from the Holy Mother eventually turned their little charity into a fully fledged religion, known as the Way of the Red Camilla.

In the current day, the Way is a religion practiced widely by both man and monster alike, and teaches peace and coexistence between them. It’s practiced all over the world, but the largest number of members reside in Ohgam, Batavia, and Gaul.

It’s led not by any one person, but a council of ten cardinals, that often change every few years.


*The Hyacinth Orthodoxy

Founded by the Scholar Saint Bram. Very little is known about his personal life, although it can be assumed he was a native of Jungtine.

Deep and introspective, he spent most of his life surrounded by books, and his disciples could always find him in his garden, absorbed into a text surrounded by the yellow hyacinths he had planted.

It was there, one day, he fell asleep and had a vision of Vedia. Bolting awake, he recorded the laws she had outlined for him.

Nowadays, the Hyacinth prides itself in carrying the most faithful translations of the ancient texts of the Follower’s of Vedia. They’re the largest of the three Follower branches, but have the least sway on the politics of the countries they inhabit.

The upper echelon of the church is unable to take a stance on monsters or magic, as the texts of the Followers had said nothing about either subject, and Bram urged his flock to remain impartial before he passed.

The head of the church is the Grand Oracle. She follows tradition by never stepping out of her temple to be seen by the public eye,  and spends her days in quiet meditation behind her small, elite force of warrior vestals. Like her forebearers, she does this in hopes of receiving a divine revelation from Vedia.

Unfortunately, it seems the flames of war have disturbed the peaceful religion. Without a strong head authority to guide them, many cardinals enforce their own ideologies upon the lands in which they reside, and the Orthodoxy is starting to rot from within…




In the Legion’s religion, Ganymede is known as the King of Gods. He’s also a divine blacksmith, never seen without his mighty, lightning-infused smiting hammer. Wanting humanity to be free and strong, it is said that it was who forged the Sol Saber and gifted to the nameless hero.

He also is said to have split the formerly conjoined continents of Lusitania and Coelum in two during his battle with the evil God of Demons, but many take that with a grain of salt.



Also known as the Holy Mother. She is often associated with fertility, motherhood, and flowers, and depicted as being perfectly just and omnipotent being beyond the mortal coil. She is credited in all three branches of her religion in birthing the world and giving life to it before the dawn of time.

Unfortunately, it seems that many disagree with what her actual ideologies are, or even if she exists at all.

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5 thoughts on “Umbra, World Guide

  1. Star rating spread.
    2 votes, (3.00)
    One- 5 star rating and One- 1 star rating.

    I voted five, because it showed me that someone took the time to not only develop his/her characters, but also the world they lived in.
    I’m curious as to find out what the ‘1-star’ awarding motivation’s are. (If any).

    1. Probably the same guy who gives a one star rating to ever other chapter of Umbra I upload. I really don’t mind, but I kinda wanna know why he thinks Umbra is so shitty every single chapter deserves a one-star.

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