Umbra, Chapter 18

A young legionary sighed in frustration, gazing up at the crescent moon hanging so high in the night sky. Behind him lay a mighty wall, standing almost fifteen meters high, and running a third of its length in width. The shoreline was within a stone’s throw of the massive structure, which stretched along as far as the eye could see.

Looking back, the soldier still couldn’t help but be awed by the staggering structure. It was called Barbarossa’s Great Wall, named after the ancient king who ordered its construction.

From what he had understood, when the Holy Legion was still based solely in the west and just started spreading east, a long dead kingdom of barbarians sailed in from Lusitania and tried to lay siege to the growing empire. Barbarossa recognized the area of its construction as an essential choke point, as landing anywhere else around the western coast would force assailants to cross countless miles of hazardous and barren terrain.

Even long after the barbarians had been repelled, the wall was kept guarded and repaired in the event of any more western invaders.

‘Emperor Maximus must’ve been damn glad his family kept this thing in shape. Without it, we would’ve lost this war by now‘ the young soldier thought to himself, shuddering as a childhood memory returned to him. His father was also a guard stationed at the wall, and he had manned some of the cannons and ballistas running along its perimeter.

The legionary still vividly remembered those ferocious knights riding atop of wyverns, despite the fact he was watching the battle from some distance away with his mother’s telescope. The winged lizards flew in with chilling roars and spat searing flames down at the wall, only to be sniped down by the ballistas or repelled back to their warships by a thick rain of bolts and arrows.

“Hey, kid. You alright? Ya look out of it.”

Snapping to attention, the soldier turned around to meet a fellow guard approaching from behind.  The legionary puffed out a nervous breath as he realized the newcomer was a fellow grunt instead of an angry superior officer.

“Sorry. Just a bit bored, I guess.”

“Well, we better get back to our patrol. You know how many terrorists we’ve caught trying to plant bombs around here just this year?”


“Yeah, and I was the one who caught the bastard. So don’t try to make me do all the work next time, kid.”

“Alright, alright. Catch ya later.”

The young legionary turned away from his veteran partner, continuing to patrol along the inner perimeter to search for any threats.

The crescent moon was shining bright, and the stars sparkled so brightly that the legionary barely required his oil lantern. Still, the tongue lashing his sergeant gave him last time for letting the moonlight guide his patrol was one he was still healing from, so he lit it anyway.

Suddenly, a loud neigh echoed in the distance. Aiming his light towards the darkness, the young legionary jumped back in fear at what he had revealed.

A black knight, charging forward. His horse was as pale white as a bone, but the heavy plating around its body was dark as a moonless night- just as dark as the knight’s own armor. Although the mighty steed’s armor was bulky, it seemed to not slow it down in the slightest. A single horn on the horse’s helmet threatened to skewer anyone in its path… if the knight didn’t happen to cut down that obstacle first with that crimson flamberge gripped in one of his gauntlets.

As the enigmatic rider came even closer, the young legionary spotted his face. His helmet featured a pair of ivory ram horns, and its faceplate was shaped into the scowling face of a demon. His eyes glowed a fierce violet as it rode ever forward.

The young guard’s comrades had taken notice as well. The rest of the patrol rushed to his side, forming a rigid line. They brandished their spears forward while the soldiers atop the wall and in the ramparts began firing down at the mysterious knight with their crossbows.

“S-stop right there!” the legionary cried along with his comrades, a cold sweat cascading down his back as the knight continued to ceaselessly charge towards them. The bolts continued to rain down, and they continued to harmlessly bounce off his black armor.

He didn’t stop. Quite the opposite, in fact. His steed further increased its speed as he whipped its’ reigns. With a thundering neigh, it followed its riders instructions and bounded right at the line of legionaries.

The legionary was taught to never break rank and file. That when he and his allies stood and fought together, that they would be able to surmount any obstacle they could dream of. That even if they did happen to fall in battle, the gods would have prepared each of them their own feast. That they would be able to see their loved ones once again. That Ganymede himself would grant each man his own private mansion…

But the young legionary had always thought that was a load of bullshit deep down, and with what very well could have been Death incarnate bounding towards him, he had but a single thought.

Fuck that.

Tossing his spear to the side, he dove for cover, slapping his hands over his head and planting his face in the dirt. His comrades didn’t have time to react to his cowardice. Whether they were loyal to the bitter end or frozen with fear, the poor fools were all split in half from a single stroke of the knight’s wicked flamberge.

They didn’t even succeed in decreasing his velocity. The knight kept dashing towards the wall, picking up speed if anything.

I-is he insane?! He’s going to crash and die!’

He didn’t.

The horse and its rider simply smashed through the wall as if it were made up of a thin clay, galloping onwards and out towards the sea.

“W-what the fuck?!” the legionary nearly sobbed, looking back towards the corpses of his comrades, then at the smashed wall. He sat on his knees, his whole body shivering. But not just from fear and pity for his fallen comrades.

It would’ve been hard for him to put into words. Rage. Anger. Despair. It was like all manner of negative emotions were concentrated and funneled into an evil aura that lingered behind the knight like some sort of foul stench. And it shook the young legionary to his very core.

He may have had his doubts on the subject of any higher powers, but as of that moment, there was one thing that the young soldier was sure of- whoever that black knight was, he wasn’t of this world.

“Don’t be so uptight… it was an accident.”

“Accident? Do you think I’m a fool? That’s the fifth time this hour. I’m warning you, mutt… step on my toes one more time, and I’ll make you pay!”

Aaron’s right eye twitched as he listened to the two monsters trailing behind him start their twentieth argument of the day… it was the twentieth, wasn’t it? He had lost count right after Angel’s Fall was out of sight.

Kiera didn’t have a sendoff proportional to her grandiose standing. With tears filling her eyes, she simply stood before her tribe and gave a short speech about how proud she was to be a part of them and how thankful she was to Chieftess Ranna.

Then, they were gone. To stay any longer would’ve been inconvenient for Aaron and Valerie and painful for Kiera.

After another full day of travel, the sun was setting against the horizon as the city of Remington came into sight once more.

“Oh yeah? You’re going to make me pay? Trust me bitch, you’re going to have a hard time collecting!” Valerie barked back at the griffon. Snarling at each other, the two squared off, their claws extended…

“SHUT UP!” Aaron howled at the monsters, shocking them out of their stances. Although they were both several times stronger and faster than him, they immediately shrunk at his rage.

“I’m not looking for a fucking girlfriend, alright?! I’m trying to avenge my family! Now, if you two want to keep fighting, go ahead and do it somewhere far away from me.”

Aaron’s heart twisted up in guilt as he saw both girls look at him with a teary, heart-broken expression.

“Ah… I’m sorry I snapped like that, but I’m sick and tired of you two bickering. Seriously! I’m not asking you to be best friends, but can’t you go five minutes without picking a fight?”

“Hmph. A true warrior would never seek out a petty argument. Valerie’s the one who always instigates it!”

“A ‘true’ warrior wouldn’t use that fuckin’ kiddie logic and take the higher ground!” Aaron shot right back the griffon. Watching Kiera’s lion tail tuck between her fuzzy thighs, Val placed a claw over her mouth and snickered.

“And what the hell are you laughing about, Valerie!? Kiera may not be reacting in the right way, but she’s right! You’re the one who’s trying to start shit with her!”

Val’s smug expression disappeared in a heartbeat. In its place came yet another teary pout that made Aaron feel like he had just sunk an entire sack of kittens in a lake for a thin slice of bread.

“I-I’m sorry… bah! Look. Please, just try to get along, alright? I seriously don’t think I can handle anymore fights between you two.”

The two monsters huffed at each other and stepped away, both of their tails tucked between their legs. Aaron shook his head to himself, turning to survey the area around them. It was a small clearing, but with plenty of room to pitch up the tent and the trees around them providing decent cover for them.

“Well, here’s as good a spot to make camp as any…” Aaron said, tossing off his pack and rolling around his stiff shoulders. He had elected to carry around their one half of their swiftly diminishing supplies, while Valerie hauled the other half and Kiera lugged the camping gear.

“I’ll go gather some firewood and water.” Kiera offered, setting down her own pack and removing their bronze pot.

“Since I am the better hunter, I’ll go get dinner~” Val said, sneering up at Kiera.

“Ha! The only reason I can’t go hunting is that a human might spot me when I’m in the air. Once we’re out in the wilderness, we’ll see who’s the superior huntress…”

Stop. Fighting.” Aaron commanded with a huff, both monsters grimacing and turning their backs on their rival.

Valerie was the first to leave, diving into the shrubbery and taking off to the forest. Kiera folded her wings behind her back to make more room before she dashed between two tall pines. Just as Aaron thought the monsters had left, they peeked their heads out of the forest to say goodbye, Kiera shooting him a playful wink while Valerie blew him a kiss.

Then, as they ducked back into the woods, Aaron found himself all alone.

“Guess it’s up to me to set up camp…” the swordsman sighed, watching the blades of grass and leaves the monsters kicked up on their speedy exit gently float back to the ground.

Aaron was quick at work, digging a fire pit and pitching up the tent, setting up the sleeping mats inside… not that they would need all three. Against his wishes, Valerie and Kiera would most likely try to snuggle up to him, as they had the night prior.

Figuring that was the least of his problems, Aaron finished up his duty far before either of the monsters returned.

“Alright… time for a little training.” he decided, placing his hands on his hips and taking a deep whiff of the gentle breeze. It carried the scent of honeysuckle and fresh grass, and filled him with a warm optimism.

He took a look over at his bandolier, which he had hooked the sheath of his claymore to. Removing his main weapon and tossing the bandolier back over his tunic, he looked over at a small break between the trees.

Deciding it was as good a place as any to start, Aaron walked down the wooded path until he stumbled another small clearing. Among the tall grass, there was a heavy rock with a relatively flat top.

“Perfect,” Aaron smirked, picking up a stray pinecone and placing it on the stone. It would make as fine a target as anything else. Removing all five of his knives, he held four between the fingers of his left hand and used his right hand to rear the fifth behind his back.

“Alright… let’s do this!”

The blades made an impressively loud whistling sound as they soared through the air, and Aaron was somewhat proud of the fact he was starting to throw them with a respectable amount of power. Still, that bright mood was sullied by the fact he missed he still overshot his target by a wide-margin on every throw.

Muttering a string of curses, Aaron gathered up his throwing knives and returned to his previous spot. Rearing another behind his head, his muscles tensed as he prepared to let it fly…

“Babe! I caught us some dinner! Whatcha doin’?”

Aaron nearly jumped from his skin as Valerie’s warm body nestled into his back, her fuzzy paws wrapping around his chest and nearly cracking his ribs as she squeezed down.

“Just… practicing…” he wheezed to the hellhound, surprised she was back so soon.

“Throwing knives, huh? Are you self-taught?”

“Sorta…” Aaron replied, catching his breath, “I’ve seen the proper stances and motions you need to make when you throw, but I could be remembering it wrong. It’s not like they’re not coming out without any force, it’s just… I can’t aim for shit.”

“Is that right?” Valerie murmured, tapping a claw against her chin, “Oh, that’s it! I have a neat idea, babe~!”

Valerie skipped over to the rock, she snatched up the pinecone Aaron was using for target practice. Taking a seat atop the stone, she merrily popped the cone atop her head, balancing it between her twitching ears.

“Alright… try to hit it off my head with one of your knives~!”

Aaron’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull.

“Are you insane, Valerie?! I’m a horrible aim! I’ll hit you for sure!”

“No you won’t. You’ve just never had any proper motivation~!” the hellhound giggled, “I’m sure the thought of poking an eye out of my cute little face will be enough.”

“No. I ain’t doin’ it.” Aaron made his ultimatum, turning his back on the hellhound.

“Ah, fine…” Valerie sighed, removing the pinecone from her head and giving it a few whiffs before hopping from the rock and putting it back in place.

“But I think you do have a point about motivation… I’ve been thinking about how reliant I am on getting up close and how it’s nearly killed me, but that just ends up making me angry and even sloppier…”

“Hm… sloppy huh? That gives me a few ideas~”

“I’m… I’m sure it does.” Aaron chuckled nervously, the hellhound pacing around him like the hungry predator she was. After circling around to his back, she placed her paws on his shoulders, stood on her toes, and whispered into his ear.

“Hit the target with one of those five, and I’ll suck your dick.”

Even though he had been drugged, the memories of Kiera’s lips wrapped tightly around his shaft was still a clear and pleasant memory in Aaron’s mind. Val’s body was naturally hotter than Kiera’s, and the idea of the hellhound fellating him sent goosebumps crawling across his skin.

“C-c’mon, Val. Don’t say stuff like that.” Aaron stuttered, forcing the dirty thoughts from his brain.

“Fine.” the dejected hellhound sighed. Turning away from the human, she folded her paws behind her head and paced off, her tail wagging behind her with every step, “You probably wouldn’t be able to hit it anyway.”

“H-hey! Give me a break here. It’s not like throwing knives are an easy skill to master. I’ll be able to hit the target with some more practice.”

“Then prove it!” Val said, swiveling around and pointing at the pinecone, “You play how you practice, Aaron. If you want to hit the target, you’ll have to keep your focus on it and toss that knife with all you’ve got!”

Spurred on by how vigorously supportive she was, Aaron pumped his fist into the air and homed in on his target, “Fine. I will!”

Rearing the knife behind his back, Aaron took a deep, controlled breath. The rest of the world seemed to go black as the pinecone became the center of his universe. The steady rhythm of his heartbeat drowned out the soft chirping of the birds and insects until it was the only sound left.

Tossing his arm back forward, he let the knife fly from his fingers and slice through the air. Whizzing by, it chipped a scale from the pinecone and caused it to tip over.

Aaron blinked, unsure to count his throw as a success or failure, “Urhm… well, that’s a start, I guess.”

Valerie snuck up behind Aaron once more, hopping onto his back and whispering into his ear. A shiver was sent down his spine as he felt her warm breath tickle him. Rolling out her tongue, she ran her tongue around his ear and whispered into it.

“Close enough~”

Hopping off his back, Val hopped forward, dragging Aaron right behind her. Taken by surprise, he could only stumble ever forward. Reaching the flat rock, the hellhound tossed Aaron right atop it.

“Oof! Hey, take it easy, Val! I don’t-”

Aaron was interrupted when the hellhound snuggled up between his legs, merrily rubbing one cheek against his groin, and smiling when she found him already growing hard. After hastily tossing off her own clothes and unbuckling his belt, she pulled down the crotch of his pants so fast she nearly ripped the fabric.

“Hehehe! Looks like Lil’ Aaron missed me~” the hellhound laughed, pleased to find Aaron already half-cocked. She gave the head a quick kiss, sending a jolt of pleasure down his shaft and making it spring up to full mast.

“D-don’t call it that…” Aaron muttered, his face going red.

Without warning, Valerie dove down and took his cock into her mouth.

Aaron would’ve complained, if he weren’t too busy gasping and recoiling in shock. His mind went numb, having his penis so abruptly taken in by the hellhound’s heated mouth. Gritting his teeth together, he could only press his tightened fists against the stone below as the cheeky monster swallowed up even more of his dick.

The moment Valerie felt his tip hit the back of her throat, she gagged and pulled back. Panting for breath, she smiled as she saw she and Aaron were still connected by a thick trail of drool running from her chin down to his crown.

“You like it…?” she asked hopefully, slowly rubbing the shaft up and down and smiling up at him.

Aaron had a half a mind to snap at Val for her haste, but looking down at her cheery face as she stroked his spit-coated cock, he could only find the heart to smile back, reaching down to gently scratch between her ears.

“Yeah. You’re doing great, Val.”

Two bursts of flame fired from her eyes at the praise. Removing her paw from his member, she bent back down and gently kissed the tip. After that, she started gingerly licking around it, and took half his length into her mouth before pulling out and repeating the process.

Sensing he was close, Val sealed her lips around his cock and licked up and down the head. Aaron rolled his head back and let out a long, gruff moan, his hips bucking up, his balls clenching, and his pent-up release finally firing off.

The fire from Val’s eyes blazed forth as she tasted the thick, salty nectar splash against her tongue and stick to the roof her mouth. Sucking out the last few bits, she popped his cock from her gullet and smiled.

“Ah! So much…” she mewled, her thin pink tongue poking out from her lips and licking up the semen that had escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

“D-damn… I think you’re a natural, Val…” Aaron panted, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“That right? Am I better than Kiera…?”

“Are we not going to be able to have sex without you turning it into a competition with Kiera now?”

With what Aaron could only describe as an adorable little pout, Val wiggled her ears and looked back down at his cock, “Alright then. Let me try something new…”

Unrolling her tongue, Val let the mixture of cum and spit dribble onto the ash-black mounds of her breasts. Placing her paws up against them, she rubbed the impromptu lubricant around.

“Mine may not be as big as Kiera’s, but let’s see if she can match up to this~”

Leaning forward, she squeezed her tits around Aaron’s shaft.

Aaron threw his head back as his still sensitive member was entrapped by the maddeningly warm softness, “Ah, fuck! Don’t do that so suddenly, Val!”

“Sorry~” she pouted, but didn’t let up. Slowly and methodically rubbing her breasts around his cock, she bounced her body forward just a bit with each movement, rubbing his leaking crown up against the patch of red fur on her chest.

Up, down, up, down. Valerie smirked as she watched the human above her twitch and gasp with every stroke of her breasts. Moving down just a bit lower, she licked away the precum gathering at his head.

Staying in her position, the hellhound squeezed her breasts together and bent down to meet his cock, taking the few inches that poked out into her mouth. With Aaron’s meat stuffed in her mouth, she continued on stroking him up and down with her rack.

Each time she went up, just as the human’s cockhead was about to escape her lips, she bore back down, not stopping before her mammaries hit Aaron’s groin and pulling up once more.

“S-shit…” Aaron mumbled, one eye shuttering closed and sweat cascading down his shivering body, staining his thoroughly soaking his black tunic.

Val pulled her lips off his shaft, and with a cocky grin, slid her breasts down with a final, painfully slow movement.

Hitting his limit once again, Aaron grunted and fired off another few spurts of cum. Several long, pearly ropes shot up and stuck to Valerie’s chin and neck, then fell back down onto her wet, sticky tits.

With a wide smile on her face, Valerie pulled away and used both paws to scoop up the goopy mess and eagerly licked it off her paws.

Aaron let out a long groan as his vision came back into focus once more. But looking away from the greedy hellhound feasting at his legs, he saw a disheartening site between his thighs.

After two hard, consecutive orgasms, his erection still refused to go down. That couldn’t be healthy…

Licking the last dollop of spunk from one finger, Val peeked one eye open and noticed Aaron’s little problem for herself. And if the sudden gouts of flame and perked ears were anything to go by, she was just as shocked.

“Damn, babe! What the hell kind of diet have you been on?!” she marveled, barely refraining herself from reaching out and jerking it up and down.

“Ah, really? Are you fucking serious? I swear to the Gods, Beatrice, if that potion permanently fucked up my libido, I’m going to kick your ass to the moon…”

“B-Beatrice? Isn’t she that fucking doll that brewed that potion that drove you sex crazy?” Valerie snarled.

“Y-yeah. But her girlfriend’s mansion is about ten miles northwest of here. We don’t have time to go pay them a visit… besides, something tells me you wouldn’t exactly give her a hug and thank her for helping me out.”

With another pout, Val wiggled her tail and ears about. Aaron couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his lips after seeing that… she really was adorable.

“Ah, well. This works out for the best.” Valerie giggled, unable to smile back at the human. Sitting Aaron up, the hellhound dropped herself onto the rock, spreading out both legs. Sticking a paw under her crotch, she stuck one finger on each lip and spread her pussy open.

“I think it’s time you gave me some attention, babe~”

Aaron’s calm, rational side urged him that any further sex might be consequential. That his body may react negatively to any further stimulus with his strange condition.

But looking down at her dripping twat, looking so warm and eager to take in his load, his more primal side won the mental tug-o-war. With a perverted smirk, Aaron dropped one hand beside the hellhound’s head and leaned over her back.

“Well, that’s only fair, I suppose…” he whispered into her ear. Licking at the lobe, Val let out a shuddering moan.

Sinking her claws into the stone beneath her, Valerie laid forward and let Aaron go to work. Rubbing his groin against her needy twat, he slipped the first few inches in with ease and was warmly welcomed back by the pink, fleshy walls.

Her cunt gripped down on him with a bestial lust, eagerly sucking him in and begging for further penetration. Aaron couldn’t be quite sure, but he could swear she was even tighter and warmer than the last time. Did that have something to do with his enraged cock? Or was Valerie that needy and eager?

Either way, Aaron couldn’t help but suck in a breath and push forward.

“Y-yesss~” the hellhound mewled, feeling the thick cock penetrate her heated walls.

Aaron leaned forward, laying on the hellhound’s back and trapping her happy tail between them. Placing both hands at either side of her head, he squared himself and slowly moved in and out of her pussy.

Soon enough, their slow, comfy sex picked up. Shifting his weight into his left hand, Aaron used his right to run up the curvy length of her body. His greedy fingers soon ran up her slender neck, finding and gently cupping her cheek.

Sticking out her tongue, Val wrapped it around Aaron’s index and middle fingers, licking at them and pulling them in for a good sucking.

Pausing on the sex, Aaron laughed at the strangely pleasant tingling that shot down his digits. Her tongue coiled around both of them together, licking and sucking at them. But after a short few seconds, Aaron pulled them from her mouth, letting a thin trail of drool escaped from the hellhound’s lips.

“Thanks, Val…” Aaron said as he pulled his lubricated fingers back. With a sinister smile, he lifted himself from her back and pressed his wet fingers against the tight pucker of her anus.

“E-eek!” the monster squealed as she felt one of the thick, calloused fingers pierce her backdoor. Although she ground her teeth together, she couldn’t stop the lusty moan from escaping her lips as Aaron sunk his finger even deeper into her and began fucking her pussy once again.

“Damn. You really do like it in the ass, don’t ya?” Aaron teased between relentless thrusts.

“D-don’t say it like that!” Val whimpered, “Seriously, how would you like it if I- EEE!”

Aaron added the second finger into her hole, now moving them back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusts. The flames around Valerie’s eyes burst forward as her red pupils fluttered. Sinking her claws into the stone beneath her, she threw her hips back into his thrusts, her tail excitedly waving around all the while.

Clenching his teeth and furrowing his brow, Aaron slammed into the hellhound a final time and fired off his third load.

Pulling out of the hellhound, he uncorked the sticky mixture of their combined cum, causing a small stream to leak out of Val’s stretched hole and dribble onto the stone below. His cock finally seemed satiated, going totally limp.

Spotting his stray throwing knife in the corner of his eye, he reached over and snatched back up, putting it back in it’s place with his bandoleer. Wiping his cock clean, he tucked it back in and wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Thank you, babe… that was amazing.” Valerie breathed as she snuck behind him, pulling close and licking his cheek.

“Ha… stop it, Val. You’re making me blush here.”

Ignoring his pleas, Val continued to kiss and lick at his cheek. Gripping one of his hands, she ran her thumb over his…

Then pulled back, eyes widened. With his wrist still locked in her palm, she looked down at his fingers and muffled a gasp. There was a deep, nasty scar, running right across his right thumb… and it looks like it was still scabbing over.

“W-what happened to your finger?”

Looking rather sheepish, Aaron relented and answered her question, “I… I cut it last night.”

“Trying to practice throwing your knives…?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t do that! Like you said, babe. We’ll get stronger together… there’s no reason to push yourself like that!” she huffed, smacking his chest.

Aaron recoiled, grabbing at his peck, “Ouch! Hey, I know that… it’s just… I’m having these nightmares lately.”

Grabbing each side of his head, she aimed their gazes together. Analyzing his face, the hellhound puffed out her cheeks and let out a low hum, “You’ve… you’ve been getting enough sleep, haven’t you? Your eyes… they’re still just as baggy as when we first ran into each other.”

“I’m sorry, Val. Next time something’s botherin’ me, I’ll talk to you about it.”

“Pinky promise…?” she asked hopefully, sticking out her smallest finger and wiggling it about.

Aaron rolled his eyes, but he nonetheless shook pinkies with the hellhound, “Alright, fine… pinky promise.”

Slipping her finger around Aaron’s, she vigorously shook it up and down before pulling away, standing up on her tiptoes, and pecking the human on the lips.

Stunned for just a few short moments, Aaron let out a pent up breath, “Yeesh. We better get back to camp. Hey, what did you catch for dinner anyway, Valerie?”

“I caught a bear! He was a big, juicy one… he roared a whole bunch, but he was just a big wimp in the end.” bragged the hellhound, rubbing her empty belly.

“I thought you didn’t like to fight and kill…”

Valerie hopped before Aaron, proudly planting both hands on her wrists and puffing out her chest, “Pft. Yeah, I don’t like having to kill people or other monsters. Hunting down critters is tons of fun, though! Now, let’s get going back to camp, babe.”

Aaron grimaced as a heavy breeze rolled by, lifting the hellhound’s odor into his nostrils. The scent of sweat and sex still clung to them both, and looking a bit closer, Aaron saw small bits of his spunk still clinging to the patch of fur on her chest.

“W-we should probably find a stream we can wash off in first…”

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