Truckercore CYOA finale

Careful… careful… oh god where’s the dock? The trailer is completely eclipsing it now…

Savannah watches silently from the passenger seat, alternating from watching you and looking at the side mirror.

Slowly, cautiously, meticulously, you let the truck back up ever so gently. The only indicator of the trailer’s distance from the dock is a light – which is currently red – signaling that you still have a ways to go.

You asked if one of them could stand at the side and be your guide, but they both declined.

“Ya’ll never get anywhere ‘less ya learn to do it the right way,” Savannah had said.

Why did the right way have to be so hard? Backing things up was difficult enough; you’d even caught the mocking stares of some others as they backed in and then left before you’d even managed to get the thing lined up properly.

That wall was looking awfully close now. It felt like the rear of the trailer was inches, if not less, from it now. And still that light wouldn’t change. Things weren’t this bad during the CDL exam; though maybe that was because it was a prop dock that wasn’t part of a massive concrete structure, and it would simply fall over if you got too close.

“Heh, what’re ya waitin’ for darlin’?” Savannah said with a yawn. “Not to mention yer slippin’ the hell outta that clutch. I’d appreciate it if ya didn’t wear it down to nothin’ doin’ this.”

You mumbled something about patience, but didn’t see or hear her response as you were too busy focusing on the task at hand.

“Even experienced folks sometimes smack the trailer on the loading dock. So long as ya ain’t goin’ too fast, it’ll be fine.”

Gritting your teeth, you ignore her and continue at your glacial pace, until finally the light turned green.

With a sigh, all the tension bled from your body as you completed your first haul since acquiring your license. Savannah clapped her paws together, drawing the attention of Clare from the back.

“Hoh? Took you long enough, huh?” she said, appearing behind you and looking out the driver’s side window.

Rolling your head back, your eyes meet hers as she peers down at you. From this position you can see that her typical grin just barely reveals her tiny fangs.

Yeah, you say, but at least you got the job done correctly, and without incident. That’s what counts, right?

Clare’s smirk widens, and then, without warning, her paws clamp together on either side of your head. She quickly leans down and plants a kiss on your lips, her neck and jaw obscuring your vision. Then, holding it for only a few seconds, she pulls back.

“Well~ there’s your reward for a job well done,” she says, her paws still wrapped around your cheeks and ears.

“That’s yer idea of a reward? Hah!” You hear Savannah boast as she looms into your sight. “Ya gotta do it like this, Clare.”

Glancing to the side, you spot Savannah bending over, followed by the sound of rustling clothing and something hitting the ground.

“Aw, that’s no fair,” Clare complains, and then releases your head.

As she does so, the back of the seat suddenly drops back to a little above vertical. Savannah is staring at you, naked from the waist down.

“I was trying to be a bit tactful…”

Clare? Tactful? Well, you admit she’s calmed down remarkably from her exhibitionist ways in recent months. It’s still an amusing thought, enough to get a short chuckle out of you that draws her ire. Even Savannah looks like she’s trying to stifle a laugh and turns away to hide her face.

“Hmph. Fine then,” Clare says, leaning back down to kiss you, though this time she holds it longer and deeper. Breaking off after a long moment, she pulls back and begins taking her top off, exposing her bountiful breasts that lift up and then sway down heavily as they spring free once her shirt is gone.

“Well, looks like ya ain’t too embarrassed to be seen with us in public,” Savannah calls from near your legs. Turning your attention from Clare as she stands and begins undoing her pants, the manticore is moving into a position to straddle you, swinging one leg in between yours and resting her crotch on your leg. Instantly you can feel her warm moisture soaking into the material of your pants, spreading across the top of your thigh.

“Ah ah,” Clare taunts, pulling your chin back lightly with a paw. “Focus here, please,” she says as she smothers you with another deep, upside-down kiss.

While her tongue invades your mouth, she begins to massage your chest with her paws – and you reciprocate the gesture. Her large breasts hang down inches from your head, making the reach slightly awkward, but you take each of them into a palm to massage and caress. Clare giggles into your mouth, and then gives a happy moan as you feel her nipples harden at your touch.

Savannah begins to undo your belt, slipping the buckle free. Then she works on the zipper, and carefully tugs your pants down until they’re around your feet. Freed from its prison, your erection springs up from the parting in your boxers.

“Looks like someone’s happy to see me,” Savannah coos, and you can feel the fur on her legs tickle against yours as she swings herself around so that both her legs are on the outside of yours. She begins to slide forward, letting most of her weight rest on your thighs, then against your crotch. As she slowly scoots forwards, you feel something warm and moist slide up against the bottom of your cock, pinning it against your stomach.

Though you try to look down, Clare won’t release you from your duties of kissing her and kneading her soft, warm breasts. Finally, she breaks her kiss for a time longer than required to take a breath. Instead of freeing you, however, she slides forward until her breasts are over your face, then her tummy.

She pauses with her naval directly at eye level, making you wonder what the two are planning. Savannah is rocking herself back and forth against the bottom of your dick, coating it in her fluids, but stops moving her hips right about the time Clare halts above you.

You can hear them whispering, but can’t make out what is being said. Soon, however, Clare lifts herself up and gives you a smirk. Savannah does the same, but her purpose is to line you up. Glancing down, you see her position you directly at her glistening sex, her furry paws soaking in some of the fluids from earlier. Then, licking her lips, she drops down and slams you home in one quick run, settling down against your pelvis with a soft clap. Her thighs and breasts jiggle slightly from the impact, and she lets out a soft gasp of pleasure.

Clare sidles forward, until her crotch shadows your face. She’s flying at full staff as well, sexual fluids leaking from both of her organs. But, she doesn’t halt there, continuing forward until her steamy labia is directly over you, its musky, womanly scents enveloping you. Carefully, she lowers down until her lips are resting on yours, the insides of her hot thighs pressing against your cheeks. Her weight continues to increase, until you’re forced to use your arms to support her, your hands finding purchasing on her plush ass cheeks.

At the other end, Savanna begins moving in slow, purposeful strokes. Rather than leaning forward onto you, it feels like she’s leaning backwards – possibly against the steering wheel. Her hot, silken folds suck and massage your cock as it slides in and out of her, and despite her tightness you can feel warm, sticky tendrils run down your shaft when she reaches the peak of her stroke.

Rather than delving straight in, you run your tongue up and down Clare’s slit, cleaning off her tart secretions. She shudders slightly from your oral caress, then doubly again when she shifts her pelvis and you give her tender sack the same treatment, running your tongue as far across her as possible.

Her position changes again, this time to one that’s a bit laid back – she must be propping herself up against the separating wall behind the seat. From this position you’re able to dart your tongue straight into her depths, probing as far as you can manage. Every time you enter and wiggle your tongue, you give her ass a firm shake, causing Clare to let out little happy gasps.

Savannah is starting to build up her pace, rising faster and letting her weight carry her down, her thighs and ass clapping against you. She’s starting to moan, and the copious secretions she’s exuding are beginning to trickle down your thighs and balls, pooling underneath you.

Thank goodness for scotchguard.

Suddenly Clare lets out a moan and a deep shudder, despite your tongue doing nothing different. Thinking of giving her dick a bit of attention, you shift one arm to reach in front of her, only to discover a large, leathery bulb has firmly attached itself to Clare’s crotch. The outside is pulsing; no doubt the intensity is that much more on the inside of the fleshy tailpussy.

Ever the sensitive one, Clare’s vocalizations quickly exceed Savannah’s from the combined assault on her pussy and cock, making your task that much more difficult as her hips constantly buck forward, lured up by the desire to delve deeper into Savannah’s living onahole. Fed up with her bucking on your face, you snake your arms up the inside of her thighs, then wrap them down and support her ass and to lock her into place.

Pulling her down further until her engorged and drooling cunt is nearly mashed against your mouth, you’re able to push your tongue further into her tangy folds and ridges, driving the cat mad with pleasure as the tailpussy goes into overdrive at the same time, shoving Clare over the edge as she lets out a yowl of ecstasy.

The manticore riding you has wicked up into a fast, strong pace, no longer letting gravity alone bring her down against you. The double action of a cock in her tail and another in her snatch must be akin to being double-penetrated, and her rapturous moans are testament to the pleasure it brings. Her soppy, drooling cunt suddenly wrings tight as her body hits the first climax, grabbing your entire length and glans hard and fast, rippling and undulating as her entire body contracts and relaxes are random.

Both of them orgasm at nearly the same time, and you shift Clare backwards slightly, dropping her taut sack against your lips. Her hard, powerful contractions while firing off the seed from within causes her balls to rise and lower with every spurt into the manticore’s tailpussy, tempting you into licking and sucking on them, rolling the pair of heavy orbs in your mouth.

Having both of them orgasm atop you, the scents and stickiness of their fluids, the sounds of their delight, and Savannah’s cunt gripping and wrapping firmly around you brings forth your own climax. You let slip your own satisfied moan as your cock twitches and bucks within the manticore’s grasp, lifting up your own hips to bury yourself within her as far as possible. Just as your glans kisses the entrance to her womb, the first of your thick tendrils works its way free and paints the inside of her womanhood a pearly white. Several more voluminous, white-hot loads burst forth into Savannah, filling her up with your virile seed.

For a while all is still, save for the panting of the three of you. Clare shifted herself off of you, sliding back against the wall to the ground. Savannah flopped forward, lying against you, smiling happily as a bead of sweat rolls down her chin and onto you.

After a few minutes of recovery, Savannah shifted slightly to remove her shirt, finally freeing her massive breasts. You’re pretty sure Savannah has been getting heavier, but everything has apparently been going to her thighs, ass, and chest.

“How about someplace a little more comfortable,” Clare suggests, her voice coming from behind. You and Savannah both look to her as she stands and stretches. Her release continues to trickle down and out from both of her sexes, though you notice a twitch of her shaft as she eyes you and Savannah pressing together, naked.

“Ya, that was fun, but a bit uncomfortable…” Savannah says, standing up. As she turns around, you can see that was indeed leaning against the wheel – a faint red half-circle is imprinted on her lower back, just above her ass.

You grin a bit, but decide to avoid telling Savannah about her telltale mark. Though as you get up, you can see that people indeed caught your show, and are still hanging around. They probably couldn’t see you, but most certainly could see Savannah’s back and maybe some of Clare from the outside. Well, no point in being embarrassed about things – you give a wave to the audience. An older man gives you a thumbs up, and another guy maybe around your age frowns, assuming the display to be over. There’s also a scantily-clad Kitsune standing just in front of the truck, a hand tucked down the front of her skirt. When your eyes meet hers, she sticks a finger from her other hand into her mouth and sucks on it, throwing you a wink.

You briefly consider if Clare and Savannah would mind a third girl, but dismiss it with a sigh. You shrug out the window, much to the disappointment of the fox-woman.

“What’re ya doin’?” Savannah calls to you. Well, it’s rude to keep a woman waiting.

On the bunk in the back, they’ve already lifted away the top portion. “Come and lay down…” Clare says, eyeing you suggestively. She’s already hard again, and waiting to get the show on the road. Savannah is looking impatient as well, sitting spread eagle in the corner, massaging herself with a paw.

Such hungry women. But, you want to be a bit more assertive this time around.

You ask Clare to lie down instead. She seems to consider your offer, and then agrees wordlessly as you take hold of her and push her down gently, then orient her so that her legs are facing the edge of the bunk. Parting them like the red sea, you take hold of her sack and cock with each hand. Massaging her taut sack and stroking her shaft, using your thumb to tease the tip of her glans, Clare gasps loudly, but soon has her mouth occupied by a manticore cunt.

Savannah begins to palm and massage her breasts as she rocks her hips on Clare’s face, though her eyes are fixated on you, but occasionally cast furtive glances toward her friend’s dick. The cat’s member is already oozing pre, and her ass cheeks are coated in a new sheen of her secretions. Finally ready for action yourself again, you decide to do Clare another favor and slide into her tight ring. It resists you at first, but then her asshole opens up to allow you passage, a moan from the cat muffled by Savannah’s snatch. Pressing forward, you feel a familiar firm bump along the top of your glans, then shaft. As your length runs along her prostate, the amount of pre from Clare turns into a steady stream, punctuated by small white globs.

Savannah smiles while looking at the throbbing thing being teased by your hands, and decides to forgo the cheshire’s mouth. Walking on all fours forward, she leans up when she reaches you, until she comes to her full height while kneeling above Clare’s crotch. She then wraps her paws around your neck, and stares down lovingly into your eyes. Dropping her hips in one swift motion, she impales herself on the catcock with a gasp.

With the height difference, your face is perfectly level with her breasts, and she takes full advantage by pulling you in tight against them.

Rocking your hips back and forth, spearing Clare’s asshole on your inches, you’re forced to hold her legs wide open to make room for the manticore. Savannah is kneeling, her legs tucked underneath Clare’s, your arms holding the cat’s legs up and open. You’re kind of amazed at the flexibility of the two of them; every time Savannah drops herself, she also winds up crushing Clare’s legs against her calves – but that doesn’t seem to impede either of them.

The cat is moaning loudly, her hand-paws wrapped firmly onto Savannah’s hips to aid her movements. Clare’s tight, rippled colon clings to your cock, the feeling highlighted by her powerful ring, and every time you bump up against her prostate the moan turns into a yowl, and by now, thanks to your pace, her yowling is constantly.

Savannah pants just above your head, your face smothered in her breast. She twists and turns her torso to present her nipples to you, encouraging you to tease them. Taking one of her firm, thick nipples into your mouth, you suck mightily and flick it with your tongue. In no time at all you can taste her milk as it begins to seep out, encouraged by your actions. She buries her face in your hair, grabbing onto you for leverage as she bucks her hips wildly, slamming down against Clare over and over again, her hot breath spilling out across you.

Clare’s ass is beginning to clamp down around you tightly, signaling her impeding climax, but the action brings you to finish before she does. With a grunt, and releasing one of Savannah’s abused nipples from your mouth, you concentrate on loading up Clare’s guts with your love, drawing out nearly all the way and then hitting home hard in time with every hot, mind-numbing jet you release. Your actions inadvertently cause you to spear up at an angle, focusing your glans on her delicate prostate.

Her eyes screw down hard and she grits her teeth hard, her back arching up to a nearly impossible angle as an orgasm you could only dream of rocks her body. Her legs curl around your sides, somehow trapping both you and Savannah in their grasp, her foot-paws gripping your shoulders. A deep growling groan turns into a high-pitched yowl, her anus biting down hard and then spasming as she unloads a fresh volley into Savannah’s thirsty cunt.

The leg-lock loosens a bit, and as you back out of Clare’s asshole, Savannah allows herself to tumble backwards. The cat immediately shifts her arms to lock around the manticore’s midsection, and begins to thrust up wildly in time with her pulsating climax, stuffing Savannah’s already full womanhood with a truly massive load of catspunk. With Savannah and Clare both on their backs, you have a full sight of the view, including when her vagina finally overflows, spurts of semen blowing past the tight seal around Clare’s dick.

Many panting, tired minutes later, you realize you never unhooked from the trailer.

“It’s fine,” Savannah says, rubbing a paw on your chest. “We’ll be bringin’ this same trailer somewhere else once they unload it then load it with other stuff.”

Heh heh, loads, you think to yourself giggling. Then you come to a dead halt as you realize what you just did. What have these two done to you?

Savannah gives you an eye, wondering what the hell you just thought. Clare is already sleeping, curled up like… well, a cat, on the bed. Fortunately she picked the wettest spot, leaving relatively dryness for you and Savannah to cuddle.

“Still, we’ll have to do something even more special to celebrate your first haul,” Savannah says grinning at you.

Wasn’t this special enough, you ask?

“Nah, this was just a good ole’ fuck. One we ain’t had in a while, so that was fun too. But yea, I’ve got somethin’ planned for you tonight, just ya wait ‘n see.” To emphasize her words, she squeezes you tight against her.

What could she be planning?


Sometime later, you’re awoken by an odd sensation – something furry and warm is clinging to you, and you can feel pointed pressure on your shoulder. Is it some kind of hairy vampire? A demon? Something horrifying?

Oh, it’s just Clare.

Who is currently clinging to you like a body pillow, holding your legs with hers and clutching you tight. Somehow your shoulder got pressed against her face, and her top fangs are poking into your skin. And she’s drooling all over.

As you attempt to wriggle free from her grasp, her eyes flutter open and she lets out a yawn, relieving the pressure of her pointed teeth from your skin. She blinks a few times, then smiles happily at you and licks your cheek.

“Good morn…evening~” she says cheerfully.

Typical ‘morning’ behavior from her, though you’ve no idea how she got you away from Savannah without waking either of you up.

Gaining awareness of your surroundings as you wake, you then realize it’s well into the evening hours – no trace of daylight remains, and the moon is shining brightly. It’s not quite yet a full moon, but it should be within the next night or two.

Finally, Clare lets you go of her own accord, but as she does so you feel something brush up against your leg. Looks like she had quite the happy dream about you two.

She runs her tongue across her upper lip, then holds it at the corner of her mouth. “Hmhm, feel like going another round, lover mine?”

While going at it again with her is enticing, Savannah had made mention of something special planned for the night. But, as she never made mention of what time these plans would unfold or where, you’re left to wonder what sort of plan could be revealed at any given moment.

Speaking of Savannah, you turn behind yourself to see where she is – and she’s still asleep. Maybe. Her bare ass is facing you, and it’s in the air, her face buried in pillows. There’s no way someone would sleep like that naturally; she has to be awake and taunting you. Though, she is kinda… dry; you’d expect her to be wet if she was turned on enough to tempt you. An exploratory tap on her rear with your foot elicits a snort and twitch of her tail, but nothing more.

Doesn’t look like she’s going to be getting up of her own accord anytime soon.

Looking back at Clare, she’s still waiting for a response. Well. A quickie couldn’t hurt.

–Clare 69 action ahead, go to [End69] if you wish to skip–

You tell her sure, since Savannah is still sleeping. Clare titters happily, then shifts to a kneeling position and places a paw on your chest.

Does she want to be on top this time, you ask. “Well, I had something else in mind,” she says, approaching closer.

Oh, you say, what might that be?

Clare licks her lips again, but doesn’t speak. Moving her paws to your crotch, she strokes your dick with one paw, and kneads your sack with the other, tumbling the heavy orbs within. The soft, supple sensation of her pads along with her piercing, lewd gaze bring you to full attention in a hurry.

As she strokes and caresses you, you reach out to reciprocate the gesture – running your fingers along her already-hard length and teasing the tip of her glans. The horny Cheshire shivers slightly, then begins to move. She brings her face close to your shaft, but begins to swing her hips closer to your face.

So that’s what she wants to do.

Seizing a bit of iniative, you pick her up by the waist and swing her crotch over your face, then set her back down on her knees so she’s straddling your head. “Mmm, I’m glad to see you’re as anxious as I am,” she says, looking over her shoulder at you.

Not one to waste an opportunity, you slide two fingers into the snatch poised inches above your face, and wrap your other hand around her cock. Still facing you, you see her eyebrows push together and crinkle upwards, along with a slight bite of her lip as she gasps at the sudden dual sensation.

She glances towards Savannah’s ass hiked up in the air not far from her, then back towards you. A sly, appreciative smile adorns her face. “Don’t tell her this, but the way you touch me… Mmmm, is better than anything she can do.”

Well, it’s nice to know you’re appreciated.

You tell her that she’s not bad herself – in fact, you’d like it if she would demonstrate her techniques sometime soon; maybe now?

Clare giggles softly and flashes a mischievous smile. “I think I can do that…”

Refocusing her attention on your dick, she brings her face down, and you can see her lips open as they just about touch your glans. But, she stops. Instead she remains as she is, breathing heavily on your shaft. The warm, moist air currents surround you, filling you with a sense of urgency. She’s so close, but won’t proceed. Clare continues her teasing for some time, breathing – panting – on your glans and shaft, occasionally repositioning herself so her hot, lusty breath rolls over a different part of your throbbing erection.

She even begins to dart her tongue out infrequently, taking short, painfully short, exploratory licks. The rough texture of the organ had worried you the first time she performed oral, but she’d become rather proficient at the art and managed to use the roughness to her advantage. You want to buck your hips up and ram yourself into her open, waiting, hot, wet mouth, but the teasing is… fun.

However, as you were lost in desire, you’d forgotten to tend to Clare’s needs. She wiggles her hips, looking back at you again, feigning a look of hurt. “Did you forget about me?” she mewls, placing a paw-finger against her lips.

Maybe that’s why she’s been teasing you – she’s waiting for you to see to her needs.

Obliging her, you again slide a pair of fingers into her snatch, though now it’s drooling its desire, the musky fluid trickling down her testicles. An audible shlick is heard as your digits push aside her warm folds, though they immediately contract and massage, letting you feel the ridges as you explore her depths.

Your other hand finds her erection, now pulsing and jumping slightly in time with her heartbeat. Matching her slit, a bead of pre has already formed at the tip of her glans. Touching her urethral opening with a finger, you slide the sticky fluid down along her the underside of her cock until you reach her sack.

Removing your hand from her soppy box, you take hold of her dick momentarily, slathering her vaginal juices on her own shaft. Dipping back into her honey pot several times, you give her a generous coating in order to grease the processions.

All the while, Clare has been eying you, her face twisted in lewd bliss. Small tremors originate from her core, radiating towards her posterior and head. As you take firm grasp of her matched genitals, she lets out another soft gasp, and finally turns her attention back to you.

Snaking your fingers into her ever-increasingly wet cunt, you hook your fingers downward to press against her g-spot and begin working into a firm, yet slow rhythm. Your other hand wraps delicately around her trembling shaft, and begin to stroke her length in time.

Satisfied with your attention to her lurid need, she finally takes you into her mouth. In one shift motion, she takes your entire length, her lips pressing against your groin. Her tongue presses firmly against your urethral distention as your slide into her oral cavity, and then your glans bumps and slightly parts something soft and hot.

Almost as quickly, her lips form a tight seal, and she begins to crane her neck to pull you out of her throat, her tongue playing and cavorting along your length in light touches as she sucks in mightily. As your glans nears its exit, she halts her movement for a moment to trace her tongue along the ridge of your crown, then it plays across the tip, splitting your urethral opening.

Tasting your pre, she lets out a happy moan with a mouthful of your cock, the vibrations adding another layer of pleasure.

 A small groan escapes your lips as well, an aspect not lost on the dual-sexed cheshire. Wanting to feel you as well, she drops her hips suggestively, shaking her pelvis up and down in short hops.

Releasing her cock from your grasp, you then angle it slightly and open your own mouth. Touching the tip of her with your tongue, you can taste the mixture of her precum and girl-lube. It creates a salty, musky, almost savory taste. Feeling you taste her sets off a desperate need within Clare, and she completely drops herself.

Fortunately she’s not huge, so you’re able to take her length without feeling like you’re going to choke. Unfortunately she seems to have taken some leave of her senses, and proceeds to act a bit more rough than you’re used to. She pumps her hips up and down, in essence face-fucking you. There’s still a measure of delicacy to her movements, at the very least.

As she works herself in and out of your mouth, you do your best to suck, nibble, and lick at her entire length, servicing her parts in equal measure to her now-fevered pace on your own dick. Her cunt is sadly neglected now, both your hands finding purchase on her bountiful ass and hips in an attempt to somewhat control her pace.

She lets out another series of quiet moans, almost non-stop, forming a barrage of wet, hot, rough, and soft vibrating sensations that envelope your most sensitive places. In a co-de-grace, she cups your balls with a paw, resuming kneading them like a pair of stress balls and rams her face down on your groin hard, pushing you deep into her throat. She holds herself there, letting another moan roll through her throat and over your cock as she begins to tug on your testicles as well.

Her tongue is snaking all across your shaft as her throat vibrates, and finally it’s too much. You can feel her gasp as your orgasm builds, and your testicles contract inward against her grasp. A heat spreads through your groin, then focuses to a point as the first wad worms its way through your urethra. White-hot pleasure bursts forth from your tip, blasting the cat’s throat with thick, salty strings.

A throat full of cum is all she needed to give her the final push, and as you cum into her neck her cock begins to jump and pulse with desperate release. She grinds her hips down hard, overcoming your resistance. It’s almost gag-inducing as you’ve never taken her this deep in your throat before, but you somehow force yourself to relax around her.

As your third or fourth jet erupts out, emptying your balls of their hot seed, Clare’s own production comes into full swing. You can see the traveling distension on your tongue, and then you can feel something sticky and hot lance out into your throat. A salty, but somewhat sweet, flavor rises up from your throat onto the back of your tongue.

Reaching up to support her balls, you can feel them contract and churn in time with the pulses of her cock on your tongue, and the lances of her catspunk as they splash against your throat and down into your stomach.

She pulls your cock out of her throat, making a loud gasp as your still-hard member springs free. You feel her head press against one of your legs, and she lets out another moan, even louder than before. “Fffuck, you’re so good to me,” she practically howls. “I love you so, so much!”

Unfortunately the productive feline still has a lot of love left to pour out, and after the seventh or eigth pulse and splash you wonder if she’ll ever be done.


And, her sudden loudness awoke Savannah. Though you can’t see due to the crotch mashed against your face, you can hear her.

“What th- are you two fucking again? Ya horny assholes, leaving me out!”

“Mmmhmm… ohhh yess… sorry Savannah… ya know…” you her Clare respond in-between moans.

Mercifully, after who knows how much, she’s finally spent, and starts to relax. Waiting a short while to recover, she shifts herself off of you. Savannah is now standing, staring down at the two of you and looking most unhappy.

“The fuck was that? Suckin’ each other off not but inches away from me?

Laying on her side, Clare scratched at herself with a paw. “Wellll, we just didn’t want to wake you up, you know?”

Savannah rolled her eyes.

You tell her that, well, it did seem rude to wake her up as she slept so… gracefully.

“I’ll bet,” she says, crossing her arms and glaring at the two of you. Then she snorted. “Hmph. Anyways, let’s get cleaned up. I still gotta take ya someplace tonight, and ya can’t be stinkin’ of sex and all… mussed up like ya are.”

Where exactly is she taking you, you ask.

The surly manticore scowls at you, but says nothing as she picks up and dons pieces of clothing from the floor.

Clare yawns, and you sit silently, watching Savannah dress herself. Maybe a little too closely. For someone of her age and with a bit of chub on her tallish frame, one might expect there to be some sad, unfortunate sagging. However, as she bends and stretches, you can make out powerful, taut muscles moving underneath her shapely proportions. Most likely the musculature gifted to her by her species’ heritage has kept her looking remarkably perky.

She catches you eying her body, and hooks a little grin. “Like what ya see, do ya?” she says, turning away from you and bending over, giving you a full-on view of her thick ass and clean-shaven vulva for a brief moment before her tail drifts down, obscuring your view of her sex. “A shame ya had to leave me high ‘n dry,” she says, picking up her underwear. Sliding the garment on, she lets the band snap against her audibly as it digs slightly into her soft hips.

You let slip a sigh, feeling the pangs of regret.

“Aw, don’t bully him Savannah,” Clare says as she rolls over against you, then hoists herself up, using you as a support. “He’s been a verrry good boy.”

Thanks for the support, Clare, you say. She winks in response.

Turning about to face you, Savannah props a paw on her hip – though your eyes are drawn a bit south to her breasts, rather than her face. She drops down, forcing you to look at her, and brings her face near yours. Then she lets out a snort.

“If ya like starin’ so much, maybe next time ya’ll including me, eh?”

With that, she snatches a shirt from the floor and wiggles into it, though it happens to be one of Clare’s. Her chest is a bit too ample, as evidenced by the straining of the fabric. However, Savannah is a touch too proud to admit something is amiss, and she slinks off to the cab.

You say that you still don’t know what’s going on, or where she’s taking you. Oh, and you’re sorry for not giving her the D.

The shirt flies through the curtain separating the can and sleeping area, wrapping around your face. A perfect throw.

“First we’ll get cleaned up, then ya’ll see. Yer lucky I’m so nice,” she yells from the cab, a hint of poutiness present in her voice.

Apparently she’s intent on driving topless now. You look over at Clare, and she shrugs at you, and then flops back down on the bed.


Indeed, the stubborn manticore had no qualms about driving topless. The other truckers most likely appreciated the view, as well as anyone who happened to be able to see up through the windshield or door.

After a short drive, the three of you arrive at a rest stop with showering facilities. Perhaps it’s just the time, or maybe the location, but there’s very few people inside.

Savannah still seems kind of upset; the why is a bit of a mystery. She’s had no problems with you and Clare going at it without her in the past, though she had started acting a little more selfish about it recently. Was it simply because of having sex right next to her while she slept?

You’ll just have to give her some special attention later on.

The two women arrive inside the rest stop a minute or two after you, peeking into the unisex locker room as you begin to undress.

You again ask Savannah what she has planned tonight as she strips her clothing off. You also notice she’s kind of ogling you, making you feel like you should cover up. Her eyes drift up from your crotch to your face, her ears wriggling. At least she heard you.

“It’ll ruin the surprise. Don’t ya worry none, ya’ll like it,” she says flatly, lifting up her breasts and then letting them fall down several times, like she’s weighing them.

She then frowns as she looks down at herself, proceeding to pinch and poke at herself all over. Then she meets your eyes again.

The confident Savannah wouldn’t ask that, would she?

“Do ya think I’m gettin’… a bit too soft?”

Apparently she would.

Clare is stifling a laugh as she watches and listens before silently slipping into the showers while you consider your words.

Right now Savannah is in a pretty good spot with her health as far as you’re concerned, but she is noticeably thicker than when you first met. If things continue as they are, it’s going to get… awkward.

Well, you begin, eyeing her carefully as you speak. You love her how she is, but she may want to consider maybe watching what she eats, or working out more.

“S’pose yer right,” she says, poking at her slightly rounded tummy, hooking her lips into a half-scowl.

The manticore then sighs, picking up her little shower bag and heading over to join Clare. You follow along a short distance behind, taking up a place on the other end of the stall. As Savannah walks past Clare, she gives her a sharp swat on the behind, causing the cheshire to yelp in surprise.

When Clare then turns to Savannah, the manticore whispers something to her, glancing at you. They continue to whisper back and forth, and after a few trades Clare looks like she’s lost the battle and scowls.

Savannah starts scrubbing herself as Clare finishes up; you decide to attempt a speed-clean to escape whatever the manticore has planned for you.

Sadly, the cat seems to be in an equal hurry to get done, rinsing off and speed walking towards the bench where her towel and change of clothes lay. As she dresses herself, she gives you a pitying look, then casting an unhappy one towards Savannah. With a final roll of her eyes, she stuffs her old clothes and other things into her bag, then disappears through the door out into the hallway.

Now it’s just you and the manticore.

She seems to be content to wash herself, though she’s been staring at you. And now with Clare gone, she’s licking her lips. Looks like she’s taking her prize sooner than you’d anticipated. You were going to give her some attention… but she wouldn’t in a place like this, would she?

Well, given how she’s now touching herself in a provocative manner, yes, she would. Though she isn’t making any attempt to close the gap between you.

At least, not while you’re watching.

As you turn around to rinse off the last of the soap, you hear – feel her quick steps, turning around just in time for her outstretched, wide arms to grab yours and haul you up against the wall, shifting you to the side to avoid the knobs directly underneath the shower head. She sort of pulls back at the last second to avoid slamming you painfully against the wall, though she’s still applying heavy pressure on your arms.

Some of the hot water sprinkles on her head, running down her face in constant streams. She licks her lips once more, bringing her face closer towards yours. Her normally kind, gentle red eyes now seem to burn with an inner fire as she fixates on you.

As she draws near, she shifts her grasp on your arms to hold you more towards your shoulders, rather than near your wrists. Then she begins to lift you by your arms as you’re pinned against the tile – just enough so that your toes can touch the floor, but most of your weight is now being supported by the manticore.

A lurid smile begins to spread on her face.

“How ‘bout I start workin’ out now, darlin’?”

Your attempt at a rebuttal about how this isn’t what you meant is silenced by a greedy, hungry kiss.

She presses your head back into the wall with almost as much force as she’s applying to your arms, her lips locked hard against yours as she shoves her tongue into your mouth, battering your own tongue aside as hers nearly reaches the back of your throat.

Savannah constantly breaks the kiss only to begin another, her head at a slightly different angle each time. With every successive kiss her lust and desire seem to spike to a new level, and she begins to chew and suck on your lower lip in between kisses. Tendrils of saliva hang between your mouth and hers, only to be washed away by the streams of water from above.

In all your time together, this is the first you’ve seen her like this. Frantic would be an apt description.

Now panting, though you’re not sure if it’s from desire or lack of breath from all the kissing, she continues to stare into your eyes for a time, before she casts them down to your crotch.

“So ya enjoy bein’ held like this?” she asks, smiling impishly, clearly enjoying what she sees.

You again try to speak, but your words are cut off by another fierce, desperate kiss.

The passion of her kisses and her soft, warm flesh pressing against you were more than enough to bring you to full attention. You test her grip as she kisses, but conclude you’re more or less helpless. Despite her strength and intensity, it seems she has the presence of mind to keep herself in check lest she injure you.

Again she draws away, panting more heavily than before. Then you see her tail creep up over her shoulder, pointing its opening at you. Full of bumps, ripples, and that thick, warm fluid, the opening flares a few times.

“I just haven’t been usin’ this on ya enough lately, have I?” Savannah says as if she’s scolding you. “I’ll have ta fix that…”

Her tail swings down between her legs, your eyes tracking its path, following it as it pulls level with your erection.

“If ya want, that is…”

Flexing the tip open and shut, dragging lightly on the very tip of your glans, she grins, awaiting your response.

You nod, though you’re not sure if she was seeking actual consent or was merely relishing her power over you. Maybe a little of both, all things considered.

The very beginning of her tailpussy slowly envelopes your glans, but halts at the ridge. It begins to sort of suck and rotate slightly, spreading its juices around you. Even at the very end of her lewd orifice there are bumps and small cilia-like appendages, stroking and caressing, sometimes pushing slightly into your urethral opening.

Working on your tip alone like this causes you to quake with ecstasy, but it’s not nearly enough to get you off. You need to work deeper into it, to feel everything it has to offer along your entire length.

But Savannah has other plans.

As you attempt to thrust your hips forward to delve deep into her tailbulb, she pulls it back slightly, then brings up a knee to press against your pelvis.

“Oh darlin’, we can’t have any of that now…” she coos.

You complain that you’re going to go insane if she keeps this up. Even just a few seconds was amazing, but unfulfilling.

She quirks an eyebrow and flashes a pair of fangs beneath a smirk. “Can’t have ya cummin’ on me too quick.”

Her vermillion eyes disappear from your view as she leans her head against your chest, though more to help hold you still than anything else as her tail resumes focusing solely on your glans.

Despite her awkward stance of holding you up while pinning you with a knee and her head, nothing you do can shake her. In fact, the more you struggle, the happier she seems to become.

Savannah has been kind of a tease before, but nothing like this; it’s kind of worrying. At least she’s not causing you any pain… in a manner of speaking.

Occasionally she makes the whole thing vibrate, and alternates between gentle rotations, sucking, and simply pumping back and forth slowly on your glans. Never once does she slip beyond your crown, though occasionally the cilia present near the opening slip around your ridge and work the most delicate area right underneath for the barest of moments.

There’s a copious amount of thick, warm lubricant drooling out of it, running down your shaft towards your testicles before dripping off. Even that sensation feels like it might get you off at any moment, but it never quite does.

All the while she just holds her head against your chest, laughing and sighing every now and then. Maddening minutes pass on, and your shoulders are beginning to ache from supporting all your weight, though the throbbing of your cock is nearly enough to block out all other sensations.

You try to will yourself to climax, but whenever you nearly get there Savannah dials back the intensity to leave you hanging by a thread. Every time your hips quake and attempt to thrust outward, she simply applies more pressure with her knee.

Why is she doing this?

Every sensation is so strong, and the want so great, you’re practically ejaculating a never-ending stream of pre-cum. You can even feel the thick, clear fluid working its way out of your urethral opening, siphoned out by the gentle vacuum of the tailpussy that’s been kissing your cock for who knows how long. All the muscles in your legs and hips yearn to aid you in your release, but the strength of the manticore is too much for them to overcome.

Endless, burning, raw need has taken over all your thoughts. The desire to cum into her orifice is overwhelming, but she won’t allow your release.

 “Do ya wanna cum?” Savannah finally speaks, looking at you with innocent eyes. “Or am I just not good enough fer ya?”

You gurgle an affirmative and say that yes, she’s very good. She giggles.

Rather than plunging totally onto you, instead her tail backs off. Disappointment would be an understatement. In fact, it makes you angry that she’s stopped. You glare down at her, but before you can speak her wet, sticky hole envelopes your testicles, taking the entire sack inside of it in one gulp.

It tugs and sucks, wringing and writhing, tormenting your testicles. The new experience draws out a shudder from your loins, your cock twitching and jumping, desperate to bury itself inside a warm, tight, soothing hole.

But there’s nothing around it except for the air.

“Mmmm, even though you just did it, they’re still so tender,” she practically moans as she shifts to grind herself against your leg, dropping her knee. “Doesn’t it hurt ta’ keep it all in? Don’t ya want to let it alllll out?”

Yes, damn it, you try to say with force, though your words waver as she works on your balls relentlessly with her tail.

Instead of responding, she begins to gasp and moan as her cunt works itself up and down your leg. Her tummy begins to rub against your cock as she slides up and down your leg, leaving a trail of pre-cum across her soft stomach.

Soon, far too soon, Savannah lets out a long, drawn out moan as you feel a wave of her girlcum spray out of her and wash down your leg. Still, her tailpussy never ceases, and at times it feels like it’s going to suck your balls right out of your sack.

Finally the tail drops free, allowing you to take a deep breath now that there’s no stimulation – aside from the manticore basking in her post-orgasm glow. Again she looks up at you. Before she can even speak, you tell her, nearly shouting, for her to please just let you cum.

She smiles.

And then in the same instant, you feel what has been held from you for so long. Your cock spears her tailpussy as its hot, tight confines clamp firmly around you, slamming down against your base in one motion.

“Shoulda just said so,” she says with a wink.

Instantly the intense sucking begins, and Savannah works her tail in a fast, hard pace. The tight grip feels as if it’s milking you from base to glans, as if pining for your heavy release more so than yourself. The interior caresses every part of your shaft and crown, sucking, squeezing, pulsing, and pumping. The thick fluid inside squelches and flies out in thick strands and droplets from the rapid pace.

“Give it to me… give it all to me,” Savannah demands, lifting her head from your chest and meeting your eyes. “Only me…” she whispers before locking you into another intense kiss.

The tight organ begins to squeeze tight in undulations, each tight grip starting at your base and ascending along your shaft, fading as it approaches the end of your dick only to renew itself from the beginning.

Seconds was all it took. Your balls churn and contract, and a fire spreads through your crotch. The point of no return has been breached.

The waves of relief blank your mind as you focus on spraying everything into Savannah’s tailpussy. Thick ropes of white-hot semen erupt out of your cock as powerful contractions force the sticky tendrils out with super-human force.

Gritting your teeth and letting out groans in time with every pulse of semen, you’re finally allowed to rock your hips forward, burying yourself as far as possible. Savannah matches your timing with her tail, thrusting it down to meet your bucking hips. The tip of your cock tickles the opening at the far back end of it, your semen ejaculating straight into the base of her milking appendage.

It continues to milk and suck and tug and vibrate and drives you to want to ejaculate into it endlessly. You want to reach down and grab it, hold it close to you and curl up around it so the pleasure never ends, but through everything she has a firm grasp on you.

Finally, with a weight on your heart that it’s over, you give one last feeble thrust as the last of your semen is sucked away, and then some.

Savannah’s tongue lolls out as she throws her head back, savoring everything you’ve deposited, closing her eyes and moaning softly. But, her bliss does not last long as her eyes shoot open, the hunger in their twinkle still present.

Though you’re utterly spent and weak, she does not let up. Her tail continues to stroke and massage your semi-rigid dick, though the sensations now are far, far more powerful due to your post-orgasm hypersensitivity.

Looking down at the manticore, her eyes are locked onto yours again. Something like contentment mixed with victory adorns her countenance.

“That was so much… I knew ya were still full up… ‘n I bet ya still got more.”

You attempt to protest, eliciting a sigh from the manticore. Besides, you say, your shoulders really hurt, and being forced against the wall isn’t much fun.

Keeping quiet may have been the better alternative, you think, as Savannah hoists you up and away from the wall, then pins you against the floor in one fluid motion. Through the entire movement her tail stayed firmly attached, draining you of the strength to struggle.

Her paws press your arms against the floor as she straddles you, her tail snaking around behind her to continue its ministrations, causing you to quake and buck as it works to keep you from going limp.

Though she’s looming over you, she doesn’t seem imposing.

Perhaps it’s due to the hot water raining on her back, the overhead lighting that shrouds her face in shadows as she peers at you, or the radiance of her eyes that draw you to them. Or maybe it’s the faint, familiar smile on her lips.

Then she begins to lower herself – and you brace yourself for another ravenous kiss. Instead, she simply lays her forehead to yours, and steals a light, almost chaste kiss from your lips.

Before anything can proceed further, a loud bang comes from the door, followed by some muffled voices and then silence. Savannah sits up, placing her paws on her hips as she looks from the door to you. “Guess this one’ll have ta be a quickie,” she says with hints of sadness.

You’ve still not recovered from your refractory period – something Savannah is rather aware of. She releases one of your arms, then reaches behind her. With a quick snapping motion of her arm, she turns to face you – now with a barb in her paw. Bringing it to your chest, she pops out a murderous-looking claw from one of her furry digits.

You want to shove her off, but she works her tail around your shaft with renewed vigor, causing your arm to tremble and halt mid-air.

She then lightly scratches you, causing you to let out a hiss of pain. “…Sorry…” is all she says as she brings up the barb, touching the tip to the thin line of blood forming on your chest. “But I don’t want to get ya too juiced up…”

It only takes half a minute before you feel a new warmth spreading through your groin. The hypersensitivity becomes more prominent, but even pain begins to feel like pleasure.

Savannah grins, clearly pleased with your expression “That’s the stuff, ain’t it?”

And then she stands above you, her footpaws to either side. Staring up, all you can see is her sodden cunt, still drooling down the insides of her thighs, her breasts, and the tips of her ears.

And then you can see her lewd organ, clamped down on you, sucking and tugging.

“If ya want it, yer gonna have ta take matters inta yer own hands…” she says, bending slightly to expose her face.

Wordlessly your arms reach up, fingers dancing along the plump, leathery bulb. The barbs are now retracted, allowing you to touch it wherever you want.

And touch you do, as you take firm hold of it and pump it on yourself like an onahole – though that’s basically what it is. A living, hot, semen-siphoning onahole attached to a busty beauty. Lined with all manner of things a toy could never hope to compare with.

Savannah grins, looking down at you, then begins to toy with herself. She slides her legs farther apart, parting her labia as she spreads above you. The venom is quickly restoring your ability to orgasm again, and it won’t be long now based on the increasing heat spreading through you.

Her furry finger delves inside her, accompanied by gasps and moans. Every time you thrust hard into her tail, she lets loose another throaty moan, and in no time her pussy is drooling straight down, covering your chest in her fluids.

The tail-onahole is gripping, squeezing, and sucking as it always does, forcing you to close your eyes and struggle to hold yourself back so you can enjoy it. You want to cum into it so badly, but you know that when you do the pleasure will end.

But, with your eyes closed, you missed the moving shadow above you. Savannah siddled forward, and now her secretions are dripping straight down onto your face, the tangy lovejuices from her folds entering your mouth.

“Go…on…end it,” she pants out between moans. With her tail constantly locked on you, she must’ve been riding the edge of another orgasm, and now she’s practically there.

Grunting and willing your arms faster, you pump her tail up and down with such a fervor that the interior distends and pulls out from the leathery case. The distortion heightens the amount of suction you can feel, and stretching the fleshy walls pulls them even tighter around you, and yet thanks to the lubricant they still manage to glide up and down your shaft.

Based on the loud wail and sudden outpouring, Savannah hit her peak once you began practically assaulting her poor tail, thrusting into it like a possessed beast intent only on your own pleasure.

From the rain of liquids on your face, it’s almost like someone upended a cup full of her honey onto you, but in the process wasting all that tart, sticky liquid.

The sounds of her orgasm above you, the taste of her on your tongue, and the sudden sharp contractions of her tailpussy that match her cunt’s desire to clamp around your cock bring you to another hard orgasm.

Your arms fall to the side feebly as your hips thrust up, pitching your groin and back into the air, your cock twitching and spasming as it unloads globs of thick semen into the manticore. Due to the potent venom, every thick rope is more voluminous, creating a noticeable feeling of distension as your cum travels up your urethra and splits your opening before spilling out.

“Mmm, so much… all for me…” Savannah says, her legs shaking and trembling as she struggles to keep standing, though she loses that fight and sinks back on top of you. Hey eyes close and she gasps with every ejaculation, biting her lower lip in utter joy.

Several hot jets later, you finally relax as Savannah milks out the last of your offerings, leaving nary a drop left on or in your shaft and testicles.

Then she collapses forward, her tailpussy losing its ability to stay clamped around you. Without the constantly pressure and massaging, you rapidly begin going limp as Savannah pants atop you.

It’s about then that you notice the door is being banged on nearly constantly, with words of “What the fuck is going on in here?” bleeding through.

“Well… no time for a nap, huh darlin’?” Savannah says, smiling at you as she hoists herself up. “Kinda not so clean now, but we’ll do…”

Helping you onto your feet, you both take a few precious more seconds to wash off your love before leaving.

As you two exit, you see Clare standing there nervously, with a small crowd of very unhappy people on the other side of her. Hearing the door open, she whips around.

“What the fuck was that? Took you two long enough,” she says in a whispered growl.  

The rest of the crowd seems rowdy as well, but Savannah stares them all down into submission. Perhaps it’s the wings or the tail, or maybe just her eyes, but whatever it is, it allows you three to leave the place in peace.

Heading towards the truck, now it’s Clare’s turn to be acting odd. Savannah is happy as can be, and is especially ‘touchy,’ constantly bumping against and lightly stroking you. You’re pretty sure it’s not specifically to piss off Clare, but the manticore would have to be pretty obtuse to miss the glares she’s receiving from the cat.

Once everyone is piled into the truck, Savannah sets off. “Shouldn’t take us too long,” she says, adjusting her ‘It’s not rape if they cum’ hat.

With her plain white t-shirt and jeans, the only thing she’s missing is a piece of grass hanging from a lip to complete the ensemble.

Clare is continuing to pout in the back, though she doesn’t appear to be as moody as Savannah was.

And, after a few minutes driving, you realize that you’re heading for the downtown area of MGC.

Easing to a stop in a parking lot, Savannah allows the engine to idle down a moment before shutting it off.

Other than the large park-and-ride style lot, there’s not much around. So, you ask Savannah what’s going on now from the passenger seat.

“I ain’t drivin’ through the downtown. Too cramped, ‘n I already get shit mileage as it is,’ Savannah says, stretching before she reaches for the door. “So, we’re walkin.”

Great. How far, you ask.

She smiles. “Not that far, don’t worry.”

The curtain to the sleeper rustles, giving way to Clare as she pokes a paw through to push it aside. She’d been brooding in the back, but appears to be back in good spirits.

“Walking huh? Are you sure you don’t want to drive, or are you just trying to get some exercise…?” Clare says, smirking mischievously. Maybe she’s still feeling a little vindictive after all.

Savannah blushes slightly, then rushes out of the door without a word. Seems she took your advice to heart.

Shaking her head and sighing, Clare looks down at you, her tail tip wiggling back and forth. “Well, let’s get moving.”

At least Clare seems to be herself, though you rethink that as she presses her breasts to your back when you turn to open the door. Not exactly one to complain about her marshmallow tits and firm nipples grinding into you, but she sort of stopped doing that after she’d earned your love.

Then she takes the opportunity to nibble at your earlobe while her breasts are planted firmly against your back.

No, you’re not doing this, not now.

What’s gotten into these two anyways? Darting from the truck, you look back to see Clare looking mildly annoyed at your sudden departure.

She exits after you, closing the door as you make your way around the truck to Savannah. Seems the blush has faded from her face.

“Right,” the manticore says, checking her phone for the time. “It’s just downtown, so not far from here.”

Without waiting for a confirmation from either of you, Savannah turns and begins walking.

An hour or so later, the three of you are in the heart of the city amongst the towering steel and glass buildings. Though it’s relatively late, the hustle and bustle hasn’t faded. The streets are packed with cars, and the sidewalks crowded with people.

The amorous mood of Savannah and Clare is still running strong; they walk with you in between them, hooking their arms around yours. Based on all the looks you’re receiving – specifically from other monstergirls – they must think you’re some sort of big-name to be strutting about with a manticore and a cheshire, seeing as how manticores in particular aren’t well-known for ‘sharing.’

Either that, or based on how they keep casting glances at your crotch, they might think you’re some sort of sexual deity.

It reminds you a bit of the resort, though now there are far more people, and far more curious eyes. And this sort of thing is far less common out in public.

Whenever you ask Savannah how much further, she always just says ‘Not much more,’ even though you’re pretty sure you’ve walked at least a mile since the last time you asked. There’s also the question of why you all walked, rather than taking the subway to somewhere closed.

When you asked Savannah that question, she seemed genuinely confused, but then shook her head and said that it was better to walk.

Considering their odd behavior today, maybe that’s not much stranger than anything else that’s occurred so far.

Eventually you notice the crowds are starting to thin. There are fewer cars, fewer people, until everything seems… quiet. Except for the chatty dynamic duo on either side of you, anyways.

After another mile, your patience finally snaps, and you turn, intent on demanding to know where the fuck you’re going.

But no one is there. Not Savannah. Not Clare. Not anyone.

Or rather, there is one person.

She appears to be a kitsune wearing a short yukata, near the entrance to a park. Tilting your head, you can’t help but think she looks familiar.

The air is warm, with a scent of something you can’t place. It makes you feel… at ease. Something in your mind is warning you that you need to be alert, but it’s such a small, quiet piece.

Why is the kitsune growing larger? Oh, it’s because your legs are bringing you closer to her. Funny, you don’t remember wanting to walk towards her. No matter, she seems nice enough. How could someone who smiles like that be anything but the nicest?

Closer and closer you get, and the more details you can make out. She’s blonde with long hair, and bright, fluffy tails that sway about… along with her ample hips. Is she moving the tails, or are they moving her hips? It’s hard to tell.

Her breast is… not as large as you’re used to, though it’s hard to imagine another woman who could live up to Savannah’s greatness; Clare isn’t exactly a slouch in that department either.

But something about her modest chest seems very charming and alluring. Why is it that you think that?

Once but a few steps away, she bends over and blows you a kiss, then extends an arm out and curls a finger inwards, beckoning you closer.

It’d be a shame to refuse her. You know what she wants, and you’re more than happy to provide.

Nearly in arm’s reach, she suddenly takes a few steps backwards into the park. Funny, when was there such a vast… forest in the city? You remember a park, but this is… quite massive. As quick as the thought arrived to you, it proved fleeting and dispersed. Who cares about that – that coy kitsune needs to be captured.

Every time you get close, she hops away with a giggle, repeating her gestures.

Where did all these blue glowy flames come from, anyways? Well whatever, they make it easier to see in the dark.

Then something urges you to turn around. You don’t know what. It feels like someone called for you. Sort of stumbling as you turn, you realize the entrance to the forest is so very distant. You probably shouldn’t be this far away from Savannah or Clare. They’d yell at you for wandering off.

Something then snaps your head around, as if someone took hold of it. Maybe someone did. Maybe it’s that kitsune, whose golden eyes blaze inches from yours.

But then everything is getting dark. So dark.

>>Anon has left the party! Please select a new party leader!


[You are now Savannah, the manticore.]

You stagger forward, using one of the many buildings here for support to keep you on your pawfeet. It takes all your willpower to stay awake; Clare was not quite able to overcome the effects, and fell asleep some distance back.

Those around you seem to regard you and her as little more than drunks or transients. Even when you yell for Anon as loudly as you can, watching him chase after some multi-tailed harlot, they do nothing.

Packed urban environments tend to be rather unforgiving.

It’s still something of a mystery as to how that fluffy floozy was able to charm and bewitch the three of you at once, but for the moment there are more important matters.

Yelling his name again as loudly as possible, you notice him start to turn around just inside the park, halting his drunken stumbling. Hopes rising as you think he can snap from the spell, they’re instantly dash again when the kitsune forcibly turns his head to face her using a fluffy tail.

He seems to stare at her for a moment before going entirely limp, falling into her arms. The kitsune turns your way, or so you imagine – it’s difficult to make out the finer details from this distance. But she doesn’t linger, and somehow vanishes within the small park.

Despite the fact that she’s disappeared, whatever hex she’s placed on you hasn’t, and what willpower you had has been completely eroded.

Slumping down against the building, you lose the fight against the encroaching sleep, closing your eyes.

Waking up to the feeling of someone talking to you and something fluffy striking your cheek, your eyes flutter open. As the blurriness fades, you see Clare’s face peering down at you, her paw tapping your face to wake you up as she yells your name.

“Oh good Savannah, you’re finally awake,” she says, looking slightly relieved once you fix her with a stare.

Extending a paw, she helps you stand from your awkward heap that you had fallen asleep in against the side of the building. Clare isn’t looking particularly well-off herself, staggering somewhat. Sleep is still heavy on your eyes and mind, though not nearly as bad as it was before.

As you glance around the city while standing, you notice the streets are nearly empty. It must be rather late in the night, or perhaps early in the morning now. The moon hangs high in the sky, though not quite full, a glance is enough to rekindle a march of lewd thoughts that’re difficult to suppress.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be rough,” Clare says, aware of your focus on the sky. She seems to avoid looking up herself, but based on the tent in her pants, she’s not doing so well herself.

Noticing your attention, Clare blushes slightly and flexes her hips to try and hide it. She never used to be shy about it… it’s cute, in a way, as well as causing your jealousy to flare up.

Finally on your feet and only slightly woozy, you turn your attention towards the park where Anon had been.

You then ask Clare if she has any idea where Anon might be.

She lowers her eyes and shakes her head. “I didn’t see anything… and when I woke up I got you up as well. I have no idea where he is,” she says.

You tell her that you saw Anon and a kitsune over at the park, but that was it before you passed out.

Her gaze turns towards the small, probably less than acre-sized park. “How could someone disappear in that?”

No idea, you say. But you both should probably check it out anyways.

Clare agrees, and the two of you approach the small area.

While you weren’t expecting much, you spot a note taped to a lamp post just outside the entrance. Or rather, you think it’s supposed to a note. It’s a blank sheet of paper as far as you can tell, flipping it back and forth in your paw.

Handing it off to Clare, she does the same, but then makes a comment. “Hey, there’s some golden fur stuck on the tape as well.”

No coincidence, then. But what’s the point of a blank slip of paper?

>>What do you do or say? [U4]

Holding the paper up to the light of the street lamp doesn’t reveal anything… or rather, anything you can make out. There’s a subtle trace of something or other on the paper, but nothing legible. It’s difficult to ascertain if it’s writing or simply shitty paper.

“Maybe it’s invisible ink or something?” Clare pipes up, watching you hold the paper up.

Maybe – but, you say, neither of you have a lighter or whatever with which to heat the slip.

Both you and Clare think about what to do; your tail swishes back and forth, and your ears wiggle slightly as you consider the options. With nothing better to do, you take a sniff of the fur stuck on the tape, but all you get out of it is a lingering scent of kitsune… along with something else. It’s hard for you to place, but you’d say she’s certainly been around something… reptilian.

Taking a whiff of the air, you sadly aren’t able to pick up the scents on the breeze.

Grumbling, you look back towards the lamp. It’s pretty bright. A bulb that bright has to put out a lot of heat, right?

Couldn’t hurt to try.

Flapping your wings, you take to the air, drifting upwards towards the light. You touch the surface of the lamp with an exploratory poke, and discover that it is indeed quite hot. Also quite bright; it’s difficult to see anything else this close to the light source.

With the paper pressed against the glass, you’re unable to really see if anything is appearing since looking directly at the light kind of hurts your eyes. You keep the paper applied until the heat on your paw proves to be too much.

Upon landing, your attempt to read the paper is made all the more difficult by the very large spots obscuring your vision from that fucking light.

Fucking shit, you say, making a pained expression.

Clare sighs, then plucks the paper from your paw. “Hmm… looks like there’s something, but it’s still kind of faint. Guess we need a flame or something… but why would they use some stupid shit technique like this?”

Whatever, what does it say, you groan.

The cheshire clears her throat. “Well, let’s see… ‘Sorry for the… method…’ I think is written… some stuff I can’t make out, something about a ‘hoard…” …something something Nogard Tower…”

As your sight returns to you, you see Clare tilting her head slightly, thinking about something. “Nogard Tower? That’s not too far from here, is it?”

Walking over to her side to check the note yourself, you confirm that it’s pretty much as she said. Some areas of the paper filled in with a brownish ink, but apparently only around the spots where your paw was directly pressing.

Why is a kitsune using some shit like lemon juice?

Well, it’s a semi-famous tower… one of the tallest in the area. Checking out the cityscape, you see it’s not directly in view, but it should be in downtown area. The other buildings here are most likely blocking it from line of sight.

Taking another short flight upwards, you ascend above some of the shorter buildings, and spot the tower you’re looking for.

You think.

It’s fairly close, maybe within two or three kilometers.

Once you touch down, Clare looks at you with worried eyes. “What are we gonna do, Savannah?” she says, clasping her paws together.

>>What do you do/say [U5]

You regard Clare with a bit of curiosity. Normally she’s one to take initiative on things; maybe it’s because she’s never cared about someone like this before. The circumstances are rather extenuating.

Scratching the back of your head and an ear, you let out a sigh. First, let’s see if we can get more of the writing on that note revealed, you say.

Clare nods. “You’re supposed to use a lighter or something for this, aren’t you? Wonder if there’s any stores still open…”

She looks around as she trails off; you mirror her action, looking the opposite way. Outside of a few people strolling about and the occasional vehicle passing by, the city is fairly quiet.

It’s most likely due to the moon – everyone is at home… enjoying themselves, or being coerced by some species or other. Now that you think about it, you wonder if that’s what served as the impetus for tonight’s kidnapping. You can’t say you’ve heard of someone trying to pull a man from underneath another monstergirl, let alone two.

The sheer audacity makes your blood boil. How dare that foxy whore try to claim what was yours. What kind of bitch just swoops in and steals someone’s man like that? Swoop? There better not be any harpies involved. Fucking. Harpies. Just, fuck them. With a rake.

A tap on your shoulder snaps you out of your building rage. Clare is regarding you with a rather troubled expression; perhaps your emotions surfaced a bit more than you had intended.

“I think there’s a store over there,” she says once you calm down some, sidestepping the issue of your anger. She’s pointing a way down the avenue, towards a lit sign.

Exhaling sharply, you release some of your pent up frustration and jealousy as the two of you begin walking towards the store.

“…I know how you feel,” Clare pipes up. “Pisses me off too, but we gotta stay calm to find him, right?”

Her forced smile does little to set you at ease, but her words ring true enough.

You can rip drumsticks off of harpies later, you tell yourself. For now, finding him is the most important thing.

One large-paw-sized lighter later, you wave the flame underneath the paper. The dried ink begins to brown, revealing much more to the message.

While attempting to read the freshly visible words, Clare lets out of a yelp.


Looking up to her in confusion, the reason becomes readily apparent. You held the lighter still a little too long, setting the paper on fire while reading another portion of it.

Of course, the immediate reaction most people have when something in their hands is on fire is to drop it. You’re no exception.

Fortunately Clare is quick to react, clapping the paper out of the air with both paws, snuffing out the flames at the same time. She groans.

“Savannah… What am I going to do with you?” she sighs out, her voice inflected with a certain cat-like quality.

Just hand over the note, you say, partly embarrassed and even more angry with yourself. Sighing again, she drops the paper into your outstretched paw, then shakes some of the ash from her own paw.

Unfortunately more than half the paper is burned away, but at the very least you have more to go on. ‘…art of her hoard. He’ll be at the Nogard Tower, in the penthouse suites.’

Kind of.

A quick check with the clerk of the store to confirm that the tall building you spotted earlier was the one named on the paper, you then begin to think about what to do.

The building is certainly going to be closed at this hour, but they had to have brought him in there somehow, right? Glancing at Clare, you remember that she can only teleport to areas she can see. Still, she can go invisible. A perfect stealth operative.

Feeling your eyes upon her, Clare quirks an eyebrow. “What are you planning?”

You shrug, and explain that’s exactly what you’re trying to figure out. For the time being, the two of you should make your way over there – plan and walk at the same time.

Clare nods in agreement.

As the two of you meander through the streets, you formulate plans. Or attempt to formulate plans. Neither of you really get beyond ‘break in and start punching shit.’ For you, anyways. Clare insists you’re a good puncher. She’d just sit back and watch. Maybe teleport onto people and the like, but for the most part she’d like to avoid any straight-up brawls. However, you’ll need to find some way inside without alerting the police or security staff that are probably innocent to everything going on.

Finally, the two of you reach the imposing skyscraper. There’s little traffic, and virtually no one besides you and Clare on the streets at this hour. Walking past the entrance, keeping a cool face, you spot a security guard reading a book at his station just inside the large glass doors. Pausing for a moment, you feel a push from behind.

“Don’t even think about it, Savannah. The cops’d be all over us in no time if we plowed in through the front,” Clare says, forcing you along.

Grumbling, you let her prod you forward until neither of you are in line of sight of the guard.

Well, you begin, maybe there’s a back entrance or something?

“Probably…” Clare responds, placing her paws on her hips. She studies the building for a while, her tail waving around. Following her gaze, you can’t figure out what she’s so interested in. “Let’s take a look around.”

Following her around the sides of the building, you keep your eyes peeled on various surface-level details, while Clare keeps her sight turned upwards.

Sure enough, as the two of you approach the side of the building that faces away from the main street, there’s a fenced in driveway that leads down into some sort of underground garage. With a flap of your wings you vault the fence, and Clare does her teleportation thing. Fences really don’t mean much in this city, do they?

To the side of the garage entrance is a large metal door for foot traffic. There’s some sort of card reader built into the wall just next to the door, along with a buzzer just above it.

“Think we should push it?” Clare asks, half-joking, half-serious. “Maybe whoever left that note will let us in?”

You regard Clare as if she’s either insane or stupid, then mention how it’d also give you away to anyone inside.

In response, Clare points up towards a concrete overhang. There’s a camera looking down right where the two of us are. “I think we’ve already given ourselves away…”

Frowning, you tell her that it doesn’t mean whatever person is on camera duty knows who the two of you are. Come on, you continue – let’s finish walking around before we decide on anything. Clare sighs.

Almost back to where you’d started your inspection of the premises, Clare comes to a halt, her eyes focused on a lit window that’s only a few floors up. “I think I can reach it,” she says.

Oh, that’s what she was up to.

“Yeah, though what about you?”

Hmm, maybe she could get to the door in the back and open it up?

“That could work… well, here goes…” she says, flashing you a grin before she vanishes.

 Immediately turning up towards the room, you just barely catch her appear within. Looks like it was a success. Though she appears to be… doing something. Maybe she encountered a janitor or something? From this steep angle you could only see her when she was right next to the window, but now she’s moved further into the room.

Without anything else to do, you return to the underground entrance, though you keep yourself underneath the camera to avoid detection. Left to your thoughts, you can’t help but laugh at the incredulity of everything that’d happened. Maybe it would be best to just notify the police, and provide them with the half-singed note as evidence… though how exactly would they investigate things here with any sort of expediency?

They’d have to get records of everyone who was here at the time, entry logs… start questioning people… it’d take weeks if only one person was on the case. Then, what if it was someone wealthy that’d abducted him? Would they be able to simply buy off the cops, or lead them astray?

So you’d found yourself in a wonderful situation that was essentially vigilantism, with very little evidence to prove your case should things go… not well.

The things you do for love.

Thinking of love, you begin to fidget restlessly. Things had been getting a bit tense, lately. Clare loves him, too, after all. You never thought you’d be in an open relationship like this, and while it was fine at first, you’re beginning to think it’s just not going to work out long-term. You’ve found yourself snapping at Clare more often, and just plain feeling jealous. There’s little doubt she’s feeling the same way, and something will have to give. The question is, when?

Or maybe it’d be better to just…

Before you can complete your thought, the door you’ve been watching pops open with a click. Yet no one opened it, as far as you can see. Until a familiar set of golden eyes and a smug grin fade into view. Clare winks and beckons you over with her eyes. Dashing forward, you slip inside the door, hoping that whatever guard is on duty isn’t really paying attention to the cameras.

Inside is a typical, poorly-lit parking garage. Or, it would be typical if not for the collection of rather expensive looking vehicles assembled. Limousines and exotic cars fill most of the spots. This must be for the use of the executives that work here.

Beside you, Clare allows herself become mostly visible; as usual she’s entirely naked. Despite the usefulness of her ability, having to get nude is kind of a downside.

So, you begin, did she encounter anything on the way down here?

“Yeah… there was a cleaning lady in the office I popped into… she spoke some foreign language and started freakin’ out real bad. I picked up a name plaque that was on the desk and kept pointing to it, then to myself. I think I convinced her it was my office… then I just grabbed some shit out of a drawer and walked out like it was something I forgot during the day.”

Smirking, you tell her that’s kind of what you figured happened. She rolls her eyes.

“I ditched my clothes in a bathroom and then had to figure out how to get down here… didn’t see anyone else while I was walking around.”

That’s good, you reply. So, the two of you should probably head up to the penthouse suites or something?

Clare nods, and as the two of you pass under a light you notice she’s blushing. And you realize she’s been kind of trying to cover herself, despite keeping her crotch and breasts invisible. “But first, let me go get my clothes…”

Oh? When did she become such a shy cat?

She glowers at you for a moment. “Well, you know…” she mutters, and you just give her a playful punch on the shoulder. Don’t worry about it, you say.

Never thought you’d see the day where she was actually shy about showing her curvy body off, dick and all. Then again, no guys had ever really treated Clare as something other than a sexual curiosity.

Reaching the door that Clare had come in through, she mostly fades from view again, becoming little more than a pair of ears floating through the air. “Just follow me… I don’t know how many cameras are around here, though…”

Waiting for her to dress, you lean against a wall outside the bathroom. So far, all had been quiet. No guard patrols, no encounters with cleaning crews… it was almost boring. Of course, this was still the ground floor. Things would probably get more exciting once the two of you got to the top.

Clare then bound out of the bathroom fully clothed, and you both then begin searching for the elevators that’d take you to the top. Several elevators and searching later, you discover one that goes up to the 58th floor – the start of the penthouse suites.

The ride to the top causes your anxiety and tension to build; you can feel yourself stirring for a fight. Clare’s looking a bit more timid, but then she’s never been one to be confrontational. Physical or otherwise.

As the elevator slows to a halt, you find yourself attempting to will the doors open. What will you discover? You almost can’t wait to find out…

A chime signals, and the sliding doors creek open.

Reading your claws, you take a bold step out… and into nothing.

Feeling rather sheepish, you wonder why you expected some sort of grand assembly, all waiting for you to enter. Clare walks forward cautiously, passing you as she peeks out into the hall.

“Good, you made it,” A voice calls out from your side, scaring the shit out of you.

Your fright causes all your muscles to tense; you can feel the darts in your tail fire off at random, then hear them strike the walls, ceiling, and floor. And the soft thump of one biting into flesh.

Aw fuck, you manage to say as you turn around to see who just received a full dose of venom.

A dart managed to embed itself in the shoulder of the person who spoke to you – a familiar looking kitsune, standing in the doorway of some sort of hidden panel that was in the wall. Her eyes are already dilating, and she’s starting to pant.

“Savannah!” You hear Clare yell as she scampers over. “What the hell! One of those almost hit… me… is that…?” she trails off, pointing at the kitsune, who is now shaking.

The kitsune’s eyes are almost feral, and they instantly lock onto Clare. “You!” She shouts. “You have what I need!” In a flash she pounces at Clare, though the cheshire is able to simply sidestep her clumsy attack without even needing to teleport.

Some of your darts didn’t launch out; good thing in case you need them for later, you tell yourself as you perform a visual inspection of your tail.

The kitsune is scrambling and pouncing at Clare, yelling and carrying on about dicks and cum, and how she can smell the cat’s seed in her balls. How very un-kitsune like. Fortunately, in her lust-mad state, she appears to have forgotten how to use her foxfire magic.

You yell for Clare to lure the kitsune your way, so that maybe you can capture her. The cheshire’s glare serves as her affirmation, and she begins making her way back towards you. Then, standing right in front of you, she dodges to the side without a word, revealing a ball of horny tails flying straight at you. There’s no time to get out of the way.

She winds up headbutting you right in the ovaries; your face contorts in pain as you clench your jaw and mutter all the obscenities you can think of in a fast string. But, not one to let a little pain to the babymaker slow you down, you grab the kitsune in a bear hug before she can bound away.

No matter how much she struggles and squirms, there’s no way she’s getting out of your grasp. In fact, she’s almost unaware of your existence as her arms and tails all reach for the cat’s erection no matter where Clare stands.

“So, what now?” Clare says, speaking over the snarls and grunts of the wild fox.

Can’t you do something about that, you say, pointing to her crotch with your eyes and coughing as the kitsune inadvertently elbows you right in the gut.

Clare blushes, and covers it with a paw. “I can’t help it due to tonight… and can’t you do something about randomly darting people?” she shoots back. “What if she was trying to help us?”

Well she shouldn’t have snuck up on you. She got a full dose, so she’s going to be at this for hours or until she’s satisfied. Time to put her to sleep and hope she doesn’t wake for a while, you say.

Shifting her in your grasp, you pin an arm against her throat and squeeze, choking off her air. As she begins to suffocate, her focus shifts from Clare to you, her hands clawing at your paws and fur. Fortunately the thick fur provides protection from her scratches, and soon she goes limp.

Easing her onto the floor, you check to ensure she’s breathing.

We don’t have long, you say to Clare. Time to book it through that door before she wakes. The cat nods, and dips through first.

Through the false door is a hallway that leads to an elevator. Surprisingly, it goes down instead of up, though just a few floors. As the doors slide open after descending the short distance, you discover two smartly dressed, human women are standing in wait. When you bring your arms up in a sort of fighting pose, the one on the right shakes her head.

“That’s won’t be necessary… but, what happened to the kitsune?”

Keeping your eyes focused on the pair, you explain how you sort of infused her with a full dose of manticore venom.

The women on the left sighs. “We’ll send someone to pick her up momentarily, then…”

“I’m Opal, and that’s Garnet,” the woman on the right side said as she pointed towards herself then to the woman on the left. “The kitsune was Beryl, by the way.”

You and Clare share a confused glance. Why are they named after gemstones?

“You’ve come for the fellow who was captured, yes?”

Yes, you begin slowly, dropping your stance somewhat.

Opal smiles. “The security staff alerted us of intruders quite some time ago, but we told them you were guests of ours.”

Ours? What exactly is going on?

“Don’t worry… the mistress will explain. Please, follow us,” Garnet says, motioning towards Opal. Opal turns about, and begins to slowly walk away.

Turning your focus between Clare and the woman called Opal several times, you frown and walk out of the elevator. Clare follows behind. Something about this feels off, you think to yourself.

Walking by Garnet, she simply continues to smile.

You hear Clare’s voice yell something, followed by a piercing jolt that stiffens your whole body, then drops you to the floor. A scream slips from your throat, and you paw frantically at the ground, but your body won’t cooperate. Shifting on the ground as best as you’re able, you spy Garnet dual-wielding tazers. Looks like she hit you and Clare at nearly the same time.

Why did you let your guard down? You’ve never been this trusting of people before, you curse inwardly, writhing in pain.

The two human women descend on you in an instant, binding your arms, legs, and tail with plastic straps. You try to fire off the last of your barbs, but the aftereffects of the shock have rendered you mostly unable to control your muscles with any degree of precision. Opal runs off, returning a few seconds later with an odd, thick leather pouch she slips over your tail, then cinches it shut.

“That’ll prevent any trouble out of you… Now, as for the Cheshire…”

Once Clare is bound as well, two large women, a giant cyclops and a minotaur, carry the both of you into a large room with some sort of domed cage in the center. Against one wall is something that looks like a throne… and seated atop it is a dragon. Around her on the floor and tending to her are several men.

And one of them looks very familiar, sitting as far away from her as he’s able. Soon as he sees you he moves to stand up, but winces as the dragon jolts up.

“Welcome! Welcome, my esteemed guests,” the dragon practically roars, standing and spreading her wings. She’s quite large, even for a dragon. Probably over seven feet tall, but not very muscular; instead she’s rather voluptuous, and she’s wearing little more than a transparent robe of sorts.

Some way of treating guests you snarl, speaking as loudly as you can from atop the minotaur’s shoulder.

The dragon simply gives you a cold smile. At your voice the man that’d huddled away from the others cautiously maneuvers around to the front of the others, meeting your eyes. He looks both relieved to see you, and quite worried.

You see the dragon woman utter something quietly, and one of the other men milling about her hands her a rope of some sort. When she tugs on it, the man you’d come for tumbles to the ground, snapped backwards. It’s quickly apparent he’s wearing a collar of some sort.

Clare recognizes him as well now, and begins yelling for him, though the giant simply covers her mouth until the two of you are brought inside the cage-dome. Once placed inside, the minotaur severs the bonds on Clare with a knife, then throws it a short distance away as the two of them exit the odd cage and close the door.

“A manticore and Cheshire cat duo, riding around with this human,” the dragon begins.

Looking around you see there are an awful lot of people here, spectating from various walkways as if they were an audience. Clare shuffles over towards the knife, and begins working on severing the ropes around her feet.

“Quite an interesting combination. What man could satisfy two women like you? When Beryl mentioned how she’d seen the three of you together, I was simply fascinated – fascinated! So, I had her tail you lot for quite some time.”

That bitch sure likes to talk.

With herself freed, Clare moves over to begin cutting your bindings off.

“Once she’d told me you all came back to this city, I decided I just had to see for myself what kind of person he was… but sadly,” the dragon says, tugging on the leash, “He’s been rather adamant about you two. Just won’t come to me no matter what I do.”

Now freed, you stand up and dust yourself off, and promptly ignore her. You yell out for anon, asking if he’s okay.

“I’m fi-“ he begins to speak, but is promptly backhanded to the ground by the powerful dragon. “Now now, I haven’t given you permission to speak.”

Who the fuck are you, you demand of the dragon, and what right does she have to treat him, and you, like things?

She sneers. “I am Avarine Draconis, master of this city. And this,” she gestures widely, taking in the entire room and its people, “is my hoard. All that is here is mine.”

Fucking shit. A megalomaniac dragon. Just what you needed.

Beside you, Clare lets out a low, angry growl.

The Cheshire vanishes, only to reappear in a flash of electricity just inside the cage, crumpling to the ground. “What the fuck was that?!” She groans, standing up and wrapping her paws around the bars, tugging at them.

Avarine closes an eye and wags a scaled finger at the cat. “Tut tut! My little playground here is fully adapted to contain magic users.”

“Why are you doing this to us?” Clare says, anger and sorrow mixing together in her voice. At her words he looks at her, and Clare’s expression softens when their eyes meet.

Another tug on his leash renews her anger.

“Wellll,” the dragon begins, her tone light and airy. “I like unique, special things. I was hoping lover boy here would be something special, but he just won’t fuck me no matter how much I ask. But, I was rather expecting him to be the loyal type, so I had Beryl leave that note for you two.”

Swinging her hips as she walks, the dragon approaches the cage, dragging the man you’d come for behind her with the leash. She halts a few feet away, grinning at you. Mirroring Clare’s actions, you wrap your paws around the bars and give her the most withering stare you can muster. You think about firing the barbs on your tail at her, but quickly realize it’d serve no purpose. Damn things take a while to grow back.

Now that he’s closer, both you and Clare attempt to ask him if he’s okay again… and you notice he’s quite bruised. He almost comes within range of you; you reach out to touch him, but the dragon quickly jerks him back.

“So, a little… house breaking is in order, I think.” Snapping her clawed fingers, the same minotaur from before enters the room, holding the envenomed kitsune. Except, she’s stark naked now, and just as lively as she was before.

Then, in a fluid motion, Avarine jerks his leash hard and sweeps his feet at the same time, sending him to the floor – though she sort of breaks his fall with her foot.

Clare gasps and shouts, and you can see her claws are fully extended. You yourself would love nothing more than to slash that dragon’s haughty face to ribbons yourself.

Carefully, Avarine extends a claw, and presses it against his neck, and then winks at you. Running it down, she begins to bisect his clothing, removing his shirt and pants in seconds, stripping away the garments and tossing them aside. Naked and held down to the floor by her foot, he begins blushing furiously.

The minotaur carries the kitsune over, and then begins to gently lower Beryl. Her wild thrashing quickly subsides as she spies the cock underneath her. She calms very quickly, and begins whimpering. “I..I.. need it, so bad,” she mewls. Her lustful secretions are running down in thick gooey streams, coating his groin; the stench of a kitsune in an overpowering heat wafts through the air.

Before it’d been covered by her clothing, but now was free to spread. He begins to struggle, but it’s for naught – the scent and her warm secretions quickly bring him to full attention. Clare has backed away from the cage bars and is attempting to conceal herself as well, leaning forward and thrusting her hips backwards.

“I could simply have him raped in front of you two,” Avarine begins, “Or you could indulge me. Manticores aren’t terribly common, especially ones that are willing to share. But, best of all, the venom on your barbs is especially potent. I’ve never seen Beryl driven into such pure, desperate need before! And you,” she says, looking towards Clare, “are ever so… unique.” The dragon’s eyes wander down to Clare’s cock, standing proud despite her attempts to hide it. “I’ve heard you produce more cum than a centaur… I wouldn’t mind a… taste.” The dragon licks her lips, and then gives a laugh, looking so very happy despite the murderous stares from you and Clare.

“So, how about this, instead? I play with both of you until I get my fill. Granted, I don’t have a cock so the manticore’s options are limited… but I’m sure you’ll figure something out, right?” Avarine flashes a wicked grin. “Once I’m satisfied, I’ll need you to take care of all my precious treasures as well,” she says, motioning towards her throne, where at least a dozen men are sitting on the floor.

“If both of you say no, I drop Beryl here onto his cock, and she rides him for hours in front of you. If you both agree, I have my fun with you.”

You shake your head in disbelief.

“And when that kitsune is done raping him, then what?” Clare hisses out. “It can’t be that simple!”

You didn’t think it was possible, but the dragon’s malicious smile spreads further. “Jade,” she calls out.

Moments later a thin, lithe manticore descends from one of the overlooking balconies on leathery wings, and lifts her tail up. “If Beryl looks like she’s enjoying herself, I think I’ll give him a bit of venom and take him for a ride myself. If he can make me cum, I’ll let you all go. Assuming he even wants to leave once he’s sampled what I have to offer.” She says, looking down at him like a precious toy.

Clare is trembling, from anger or fear or what you don’t know. Studying her more carefully, you can see she’s struggling to fight back tears.

Looking down towards him, he seems to be trying to tell you something, mouthing the words. It looks like… I… hate… dragon… pussy.

You smirk.

Isn’t there anything else you could offer or do, you ask.

“Mmhmm, I was hoping you’d say that. In fact, yes. I’m sure you fuck each other all the time in threesomes, yes?” Avarine says excitedly, clapping her claws together. “Why don’t you two just fuck each other right there in that cage? Whoever comes first loses… and the winner gets to take lover boy here home, and the loser stays with me for a while… and becomes my treasure.”

You blink, then look at Clare. She’s looking to you for answers as a tear trickles down her cheek. After telling the dragon to fuck off for a minute, you approach your friend, and ask her what she wants to do.

“I…I don’t know… they’re all such horrible options!”

Yeah, they are.

“So, what’s your answer?” the Dragonpussy asks, crossing her arms.


[You are once again Anon]

Laying on your back in the nude with a dragon lording over you is not where you thought you’d find yourself tonight. Or maybe it’s morning now. Either way, shit’s all fucked.

And you’re about to be fucked, with the kitsune being held over your crotch like a leaky faucet.

The dragon had not been terribly kind to you, especially when you refused her advances. “How dare you deny me,” and so forth. What a haughty bitch.

Seeing Clare and Savannah was nice, though the predicament they’d got themselves in was not so much. After the ultimatum had been issued to them, Clare seemed awfully distraught, and Savannah just got pissed. As Avarine waits for their response, Savannah went over to Clare, and the two began to whisper, casting furtive glances your way.

Clare’s expression rapidly shifts from tearful to… cockiness?

Then Savannah approaches the edge of the cage. “Can ya dodge?” She asks quietly and flatly . You think the manticore is referring to the kitsune being held above you, so you nod.

You can probably get out from under her, though after the initial dodge she’ll be all over you.

Avarine taps her foot impatiently, then shifts her weight. “If you two don’t answer, I’ll just do whatever I feel like.”

“Fine, fine, come on in ‘ere,” Savannah says, motioning to the dragon. “We’ll show ya a good time.” She smiles, and begins to strip off her clothing. Clare hesitates, but follows along, and soon the two are standing stark naked, showing off their supple curves.

“Hmm! I can’t wait to see what you two can do.”

Walking slowly around, the dragon seems to leave you alone – and most importantly, doesn’t seem to place anyone else in charge of you. The manticore that she’d called down is idling about nearby, and the minotaur is holding the kitsune, but otherwise you’re kind of free. Though, to avoid drawing attention to that fact, you remain still.

The dragon opens the door to enter; you note that there’s no real lock on it – just a sort of latching mechanism that prevents it from being opened from the inside. She slips inside, and the door clangs shut.

Whatever plan those two have, it better be something good. Clare and Savannah back off from the dragon as she approaches, slipping off her pointless robe/gown thing.

“Don’t be shy now, my dears, I don’t bite… much!” Avarine says, flashing a very wide, very creepy smile as she draws out the ‘ch’ on her last word.

She then begins laughing maniacally; the pair in the cage with her cringe. Savannah steadily backs herself towards you as the dragon takes a more keen interest in Clare. Carefully, you creep towards her as the crowd is focused on the chesire and the dragon. Avarine is now chasing the cat around, laughing about how she’s playing hard to catch.

Savannah’s tailpussy pokes out through a gap in the bars, within your touch. “Hey,” she says, “Give it a real sharp squeeze where it narrows… use your thumbs to really dig in right along the seams. Aim towards those guys over there…”


Taking hold of her tail, you aim the opening towards the men as instructed. The tailpussy itself has sort of indentations along the outside that run its length, so she must be referring to those. Tracing two of them down to where they meet the tail proper, you dig your thumbs in and get a sharp squeeze. Savannah practically jumps out of her skin and yelps. You also hear a familiar whistle, and notice all the barbs are now missing from the tail. A couple short yelps confirms that some of them had hit the men that were all sitting down.

“Now do it to that scrawny ‘core,” Savannah says as she charges forward to aid Clare.

The surly manticore breaks into a sprint and takes a massive leap. Aided by her wings she jumps onto Avarine with her claws exposed. Finding purchase on the dragon’s back, the pain from the manticore’s claws cause her to roar in agony.

The minotaur realizes too late what’s going on. She drops the kitsune, but you’ve already long since scuttled away. Beryl lands rather gracefully, and her burning eyes are fixated on you. She then licks her lips. However, after only a few steps one of the men that was darted bowls her over, more than ready to sate her desire with his own. She offers little complaint.

Jade, the manticore, is finally beginning to realize what’s going on, but it’s far, far too late. Now on your feet, you run over to her and manhandle her delicate tailpussy as you attempt to repeat the action from before. She lets out a cute moan as you squeeze your thumbs into it, firing off a flight of darts into the other men. Apparently they’ve been so broken they don’t react or do anything unless explicitly told… or unless envenomed.

There’s still a few of the flechettes left in her tail, so you shift your thumbs, re-aim the fuck-hole-turned-weapon, and launch the last few up into the crowd.

Unfortunately, your actions seem to have really turned Jade on. “Mmm, yes, hurt me more!” She gasps, draping herself across you.

A tempting offer, you say, but you’ve got other things to do.

Shoving her off of you, Jade tumbles to the ground, but stares longingly at you. You notice her ribs are plainly visible, and wonder if Avarine perhaps starved her in order to make the manticore that thin.

Another feral howl tears through the air, forcing your attention to the source of the noise.

Slamming her back – and Savannah – against the cage walls, Avarine sounds like she’s screeching something like ‘How dare you!,’ but it’s difficult to tell. Clare is taking swipes at her wings, tearing the thin membrane that’s stretched between the bones, further infuriating the dragon.

By now the men have taken to anything they can get their dicks into; except you, fortunately. Two are attacking the minotaur, and another is descending onto the manticore. The kitsune appears to have her hands… and ass, and cunt, and mouth, and an ear, and a tail, full, in, well, handling things.

One of the crowd has taken an interest in you, and unfortunately there aren’t any other dicks around to draw her interest. A harpy struts forward carefully, purposefully, sizing you up.

Time to go.

Turning about face, you haul ass towards the cage door, the harpy hot on your heels. Scrambling part way up the cage, the harpy simply flies up towards you and slams her body down on top of yours – though you’re on your stomach, so your dick is safely inside, away from her reach and nethers.

You hang on for dear life as she attempts to flip you over, but after a short time the harpy becomes increasingly frustrated and begins to claw at you. Just as you think you’re going to be either raped or sliced apart, she makes something of a mistake, getting a little too close to the cage.

A guttural, lion-like growl sounds just near your head. A moment later two massive, black-furred paws shoot through the gaps and grab hold of the harpies head, then snap down harshly. The bird’s head clangs against the steel, and instantly she’s out cold, tumbling down the dome to the ground in an awkward heap.

“Fucking. Harpies.”

Turning to face her, you flash Savannah a smile; she snorts and gives you a half-grin, before returning to aid Clare with the dragon.

The Cheshire’s teleportation abilities aren’t nullified within the cage, so she’s doing a fine job avoiding Avarine’s angry swipes, but every time she re-appears she’s looking more and more exhausted.

Now that you look at it, Savannah isn’t looking terribly well, either. She’s bleeding from several lacerations, and she’s running with a strained, awkward gait. Despite her tattered wings and bloody back, the dragon is still full of vigor, though her mind seems to be fraying. She’s yelling little more than insane gibberish about this and that.

Refocusing on the task at hand, you scuttle down off the dome and throw the door open. Yelling to Clare and Savannah, you tell them to get the fuck over here.

Clare hears you first, and owing to her teleportation abilities manages to escape from her tussle with Avarine, re-appearing just in front of you. From close up you can see she’s sweating profusely, gasping for breath. “Hah… about…time,” she pants out, breaking into a weary sprint out of the cage.

Unfortunately for Savannah, Avarine has no intention of letting the manticore escape, and moves to block the escape route. Savannah is managing to dodge the murderous swipes from the dragon, but isn’t able to slip past and make a run for freedom.

What to do? Clare’s in no shape to carry on right now… maybe? Sure, why not. Taking a deep breath, you then yell, as loud as possible, “DRAGONPUSSY IS THE WORST PUSSY!” And that all dragons are little more than flying lizards.

Avarine trembles, and whips around to face you. Her face is contorted in seething rage. You suddenly regret doing anything to draw her ire. Fortunately, Savannah is quick on her feet and seizes the opportunity to make an attempt at dashing by her.

But, Savannah doesn’t get away cleanly. The dragon lashes out with her claws as the movement catches her eye. The manticore makes an effort to sidestep, but it’s not entirely successful. Though spared the brunt of their force, the claws rend one of Savannah’s wings and dig a deep furrow across her shoulder. She clamps her eyes tightly for a moment and falters in her steps, but never fails to keep running.

Avarine realizes what’s going on just a moment too late. You manage to slam the door shut and lock it just as her body weight crashes against it, her arms and claws swiping out at you in a blind rage. “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” she shrieks, her voice piercing your eyes. “I’LL HUNT YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH! GET BACK HERE!”

Though her claws had nearly turned Clare into ribbons of meat on several occasions, she takes the opportunity to point at her dick while leering at Avarine. “Suck it!”

A loud hiss is all that the dragon gives in response, causing both you and Clare to laugh.  

Until you both realize the hiss is her breathing in.

“Fucking we gotta get the fuck outta here!” Clare shouts, grabbing your arm and pulling you away, chasing behind Savannah who had never ceased running.  

Bolting at full speed, you hear a low rumbling, followed by intense heat at your backside. Clare suddenly yowls, then vanishes. She re-appears a short distance in front of you – apparently that’s the limit of her range with how tired she is.

You also notice the tip of her tail appears to be a little crispy.

Based on the intense warmth still lingering on your ass and back, you’ve probably got at least the equivalent of a bad sun-burn. Better than having your flesh charred off.

“FUUUUCK YOOOOU” a voice bellows as you all crowd into an elevator.


Other than the elevator rides, the three of you never stopped running. The security patrols were quite surprised to see you, but you simply gave them a smile and a wave. Were they just that surprised to see you, or were bloody and naked monstergirls and men running around this tower not all that uncommon? Either way, they don’t really offer much resistance as you make your way towards the front exit.

Even out on the street you keep running. And running. But, after a few blocks the unending pace ultimately proves to be too much for Savannah. She collapses to her knees, gasping, shaking, and bleeding from a myriad of wounds. She’s looking rather on the pale side of things as well. Clare isn’t looking much better either, but she drops down and lifts one of Savannah’s paws over her shoulder.

“Come on, we gotta keep moving,” she says in between sharp breaths.

Taking Savannah’s other arm, you and Clare hoist her to her feet, and walk as quickly as possible as the manticore struggles to get her feet moving.

Savannah isn’t exactly a featherweight, and the extra weight is taxing you and the cat heavily. It’s a struggle to move at even a normal walking pace. The dragon and, or, her minions are going to be closing in at some point, and you need more distance.

In a small blessing, relief comes down the road from the way you’re headed in the form of a taxi. Clare notices as well, and begins flagging it down with her free arm. For once you’re glad to be in this city – it slows down and pulls over even though you’re all naked and bloody. Don’t ask, don’t tell seems to be standard operating procedure whenever full moons are close.

The cabbie is an old, grizzled man with an eyepatch smoking a cigar. He grunts at you, then speaks in a hoarse voice as you open the door. “Blood’s extra.”

“Don’t care!” Clare nearly shouts, sliding Savannah into the back seat. She’s almost completely limp now; her eyes are closed and she’s still breathing heavily. You move in next, and then Clare is the last to enter. Being squeezed between the two thick and naked women would be a lot better if you weren’t bloody and running for your lives.

Clare shouts some direction at the cabbie; he then turns around and begins heading down the direction from which you’d all entered the downtown. The old man looks at you in the rearview mirror, then furrows his brow as his eyes shift ever so slightly. “Friends o’ yours?”

Through the back window you see a set of headlights bearing down at incredible speed. Did they see you enter the cab?

Considering how they’re not making any attempt to go around, probably.

The one eyed man looks back at the other car and grumbles. “Chase’s extra.”

“Yes, yes! Just… escape or something!” Clare says, slapping clear divider between the front and back.

An invisible hand pushes you back in the seat as the cabbie accelerates, and you frantically begin to search for a seat belt.

Just as you click your buckle together, loud music begins to play, and the cabbie starts to laugh a hoarse, wheezing laugh. It’s kinda scary, but the tune sounds familiar. What was it? “Line” something.. with a color. “Amarillo Line?”

Your thought is interrupted as the car that was in pursuit is now caught up, and attempts to side swipe the cab.

“Damage’s extra.”

“Fucking whatever!”

As the cab twists and turns down the city streets with the other vehicle nipping at its heels, you do your best to support Savannah, wrapping your arms around her tightly. After one particularly harsh turn, your ass slides sideways on the vinyl seat, and you faceplant right into her mammoth mammaries with arms still around her.

“Can’t wait, can ya?” Savannah says groggily, roused by your accidental motorboating.

You mumble an apology into her cleavage; she smirks a little.

Fluffy paws grab onto your shoulders and pull you upright. “There’ll be time for that later,” Clare says, looking relieved – doubtless due to Savannah waking up.

The cab continues to lurch and jerk, tires screeching through turns in four-wheel drifts, throwing you between the two women. While they have shoulder harnesses, you’re left with a lap belt that does little but chafe your junk as your bare ass slides across the slick seat. Fortunately there’s ample soft padding on either side of you, though circumstances bleed any fun from the experience – in more ways than one.

There’s so much blood smeared all over everything in the back, you can’t help but think it looks like a slaughter house. How much extra is this going to be, exactly?

None of the buildings and signage blurring by look familiar; must be in a part of the city you’ve never bothered with before. Not that you can get a good look at anything with how fast you’re careening through the streets, anyways.

“When ya gonna lose ‘em?” Savannah coughs out as you smack into her shoulder through another turn.

With a grunt, the cabbie looks into the mirror again, though now he’s got this impish, spry-old-man grin. Racing down an avenue, he takes a sudden sharp turn, the entire car sliding sideways some distance before the tires hook up and the vehicle launches forward – straight towards a very narrow alley between two buildings.

“You’re crazy, old man!” Clare shouts, her paws wrapping themselves around your head and pulling your face into her chest. She lets out some sort of… scared squeak as the car barrels into the alley, its mirrors forced inward by the walls. The alley stretches for at least a block; then you see headlights behind you as the car that was in pursuit attempts the same maneuver.

Fortunately for you, their car is wider and winds up wedging itself solid; doesn’t appear they can even back out.

Opening her eyes after a moment, Clare looks at the walls rushing past in a blur, then lets you go and laughs nervously. “Ha ha ha, I k-knew we would be okay…”

You remind her that all her fur is fluffed up, almost like she was scared of something.

“I-is it?” she says, smoothing out her fur nonchalantly. Including her tail, with its charred tip. She holds the tip up to her face for a moment, then blows on it before frowning deeply.

Savannah is laughing quietly, shaking her head. “Nice work.”

The old man in front responds with a smug grin and a grunt.

Once you and Clare get Savannah settled into a bunk, Clare grabs a bank card kept in the truck for emergencies. She cringes, then heads outside to the waiting cabbie.

Watching her from the window, you see Clare deflate and nearly collapse when she’s given the bill. With no small reluctance she hands over the card; you can feel her despair from here. After signing the receipt, the cabbie smiles and drives away in his bloodied, banged up car.

Clare shuffles slowly over to the truck, then practically crawls inside.

You and Savannah ask how much the bill was. Making an effort to avoid letting you see, Clare shows the receipt to the manticore.

She was kind of sedate until this point.

Sitting up in a flash, her eyes go wide before narrowing. Crumpling the paper in her paw and letting it drop to the floor, she starts laughing.

It’s not a friendly laugh.

Clare shares a nervous glance with you as she rummages around for bandages.

After bandaging up the manticore and the larger wounds on Clare and yourself, you volunteered to drive… anywhere. Accepting your offer, Clare and Savannah curled up on the same bunk, quickly falling asleep; almost as if they were cuddling. Leave it to life and death circumstances to bring two friends together, you think with a wry smile.

Glancing in the back, you see the two have shifted and intertwined atop each other like a pair of kittens. You can’t help but smile; even when Clare begins to giggle in her sleep and briefly humps against Savannah’s leg.

As the sun begins to tint the morning sky pink, you think that a well-earned vacation is in order after all that’d happened.


“Damn it, I’m tellin’ ya I’m fine!”

“Oh yes, of course. You’re great! That’s why we’ve gone through loads of bandages.”

“So? Jus’ needs time. It’ll quit bleedin’ eventually.”

“It’s been a whole two days, Savannah. It’s not fine. At all.”

You sigh as you maneuver the truck into a spot in the back of a pharmacy parking lot. Those two have been arguing all day and would probably argue all night. Standing and stretching, you yell into the back that you’ve arrived.

“See Savannah? If you were fine we wouldn’t be having to stop yet again.”

The curtain to the back rustles and Clare appears with a scowl on her face. “Can’t you convince her or something?”

You shrug and say you’ve already tried, but Savannah is just too obstinate.

“Don’t I know it,” Clare snorts.

“Hey! I’m right here ya know,” Savannah complains as she shimmies into her shirt.

Walking past Clare into the back, you frown upon seeing the plastic bag heaped full of used, bloodied bandages. Placing your hands on your hips, you tell Savannah she really needs to get her shoulder looked at.

“I’ve had worse,” the manticore mutters.

Well whatever, you respond. You’re not letting her lounge in the truck.

Savannah rolls her eyes as you grab the bag to throw it in the dumpster outside.


“Hmm, you really ought to get this sutured. Butterflies aren’t enough, dearie.”

Smug satisfaction adorns your face and Clare’s as the nurse gives her verdict on Savannah’s shoulder injury.

Fortunately for you – and Savannah – there happened to be a nurse picking up her prescriptions in the pharmacy. She was coming home from her shift, so she was still wearing her uniform. Clare was on her in an instant, asking that she look at Savannah.

“And your wing too! My, look at it,” the nurse said as she ran her fingers along the manticore’s torn wing. “This isn’t something that will heal on its own.”

“C’mon, ain’t there something ya can do fer me? I’ll pay ya an’ everythin’!”

The nurse shakes her head. “Sorry. That laceration is just too deep for me to suture with a clear conscience. /Especially/ considering you told me it’s been two days. There’s a decent risk of infection.”

“See Savannah? That’s what I’ve been telling you!” Clare chimes in, nodding her thanks to the nurse.

Savannah grumbles something under her breath.

You thank the nurse as well, shaking her clawed hand.

“Not a problem,” she says cheerily. “There’s a hospital not too far from here,” the nurse continues, giving you directions.

You and Clare nod along and humor the elderly nurse even though the truck has GPS.

“It may be a deep wound, but you’ll be stitched up and back out in no time,” she finishes as you wave goodbye, following Clare and Savannah outside.

The cat smiles at her friend. “Yeah Savannah, it’ll just take a few hours. Don’t worry so much.”


“So tell me again. Yer keepin’ me overnight, why?” Savannah asks sarcastically.

The arachnee nurse gives little reaction to Savannah’s repeated question. She just continues to up the manticore’s torn shoulder, keeping her eyes on her task. “Because, Mrs. Stahl, your wound here is very deep and already has signs of infection. We’re keeping you for observation and so we can administer antibiotics through an IV.”

Savannah balks at the answer. “Bah, a little pus never hurt no one.”

This time the arachnee rolls her many eyes. “A little pus would be nothing to worry about. But, if the bacteria got into your bloodstream you could be looking at sepsis, my dear.”

She received a grumble in response from the cranky manticore. Savannah had been grumbling a lot today.

Sitting on a chair next to the hospital-gowned manticore, you simply sigh. Clare was busy rifling through everything she could get her paws on, inspecting this and that. Considering how long you’d been at the hospital already, her boredom was understandable, if it a bit annoying to the staff. They’d scolded her several times already, but eventually gave up the fight and let her do whatever so long as she didn’t break something.

“Interested in medicine, are you?” The nurse inquires, glancing towards Clare with half of her eyes.

The cat in question turns around, holding an odd device in her paw and grinning lewdly. Squeezing a lever, the device expanded and then contracted back when she let go. Savannah recoils slightly from the thing in Clare’s paws, and you simply tilt your head in wonder at what it was before the realization hit you.

“A little, but med school is so time consuming, you know?” Clare says as she fiddles with the thing in her paw. “Besides, I have a pretty fun job now.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“Well~ She and I,” the cheshire says, pointing to Savannah, “are truckers! Oh, and him too,” she added, gesturing to you.

“Uh-huh… so you’re a trio, then?”

“Yeah, we are,” Savannah grumbles, taking over for Clare.

“So how did… truckers get all cut up like this?”

The room fell silent. You looked away and scratched at your cheek. Clare became very interested with the thing in her paw and then a shelf. That left Savannah to answer.

“Long story. Ain’t tellin’.”

“Hmm, is that so?” The nurse says curiously, eying all of you like you were hoodlums involved in a street fight.

Well, that wouldn’t be so far from the truth in a way.

Nothing more is said, and the nurse works methodically to finish up the sutures. Savannah winces every time her skin is pierced with the needle, but is otherwise attempting to maintain a strong facade. Occasionally her eyes drift over to you and tremble ever so slightly. You give her some reassuring pats on her thigh, and she gives you a little smile in return.

Finally, the nurse finishes up the last suture. “Alright. I’ll return shortly with your IV and a few other things. Your shoulder and wing are both nice and sewn up now,” she says with a happy chirp.

Savannah gives a long sigh and pulls her gown back up over her shoulder. “That’s fine. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

As the arachnee exits the room with many quiet steps, Clare gives Savannah a sidelong glance and brandishes the thing in her hands. She then grins and takes purposeful, slow steps towards Savannah.

“Get the hell away from me with that, that thing!” Savannah protests, inching back further on the bed and squeezing her legs together. Even the tip of her tail is clamping down tight as she swings it around behind her.

The whole thing is rather fascinating in a way. Why is Savannah afraid of a speculum? You’re tempted to simply watch events play out, but it’d be best to stamp things out before they got out of hand. The nurse would not likely appreciate coming back to Clare spreading Savannah open. Or worse.

Darting up from the chair, you snatch the speculum from Clare’s paw and retreat back a few steps.

“Wha-? Hey!” Clare bemoans as if she was a child who just had a toy taken from her. She even stomps a foot paw down on the tile in a huff.

Savannah relaxes some, flashing you a relieved smile that turns back to a scowl when she returns her gaze to Clare.

You ask why Savannah is afraid of the device. You wouldn’t expect her to be quite so unnerved by such an innocuous thing. Especially given her… habits. And experience.

“And jus’ what’s that supposed ta mean,” she says while crossing her arms.

Clare snickers and takes a few steps towards you and pats your shoulder a few times.“Nyahaha! Savannah always gets all kinds of sore whenever she goes to the lady doctor,” she says, looking at the manticore sideways.

“Well no shit I get sore. Not like ya enjoy it or anythin’.”

Clare rolls her eyes, then leans in towards you. She suppresses another snicker before whispering into your ear. “They spread her tail open, too.”

Uh-huh. Is that so?

Speaking a little louder, you ask what exactly is so bad about the thing as you fiddle with it. Tumbling it in your hand, it’s not that large. Hell, you’ve fisted her tail before and she seemed to love it.

“Hey! Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout that all casually… An’ anyways, it’s ’cause it ain’t like I’m turned on when they stuff it inside. Here, look.”

Savannah’s tail ceases its anxious wavering and she takes the end into her paws then points the opening at you. The fleshy flower opens slightly, revealing its insides. Compared to what you’ve used to seeing, it looks kind of dry. Still moist, but not the drooling honeypot you’ve become accustomed with.

“Don’t forget down here!” Clare chimes in, taking a fast step forward.

Before Savannah can react, the cat flips her gown up to reveal the manticore’s vulva. Naturally, your eyes focus in on her tucked-in lips nestled between her luscious thighs. Sure enough – she’s entirely dry – a most rare occurrence for the woman who can turn into a waterfall. She gasps, then fixes Clare with an annoyed stared as the cat titters and retreats to hide behind you.

A little bit of moisture makes itself known on the rim of the manticore’s tail along with the barest of a blush on Savannah’s face. Seems Clare isn’t the only one with a bit of an exhibitionist side to her.

Savannah adjusts her gown back into place and her tail resumes its anxious dance above her. “S-so yea, it hurts ‘cause it’s dry. It’d be like someone putting a plastic bottle on your dick or somethin’ and jerkin’ ya off without any lube.”

The thought does makes you cringe as you set the thing back on the shelf Clare snatched it off of.

Mercifully, the arachnee returns through the curtain just as Clare opens her mouth. The spider’s appearance quells the cat’s words, sparing you and Savannah from whatever she was going to say or do.

Though you kind of wanted to ask Clare about her visits, considering her unique circumstances. …When exactly did you become comfortable enough around these two to talk about such things? Returning to your seat, you settle down and think about what exactly the dynamic duo has done to your mind.


Savannah was given her IV and then transferred out of the ER to a room for the night. Unfortunately the room was a double and there was another patient in the other bed. Clare, ever the curious one, had poked her head through the curtain that surrounded the bed. And you, despite your protests that she needed to respect the privacy of others, took a look yourself. Something about curiosity and cats was at play here. Though your actions were completely and totally under the pretense of getting Clare’s attention and making her behave.

Maybe you’ve just been in this city for too long. You’re actually disappointed when it’s just a normal human woman lying on the bed. She’s on her back with arms folded across her chest. Long black hair is tucked underneath her, and she’s rather on the thin side. The woman is hooked up to the basics – EKG, breathing monitor, and an IV.

“Hmm, wonder what she’s in here for?” Clare says loudly, tilting her head as she speaks.

No reaction from the woman, despite Clare’s volume.

There’s a rustle of the curtain as Clare suddenly retreats. Wondering what she’s up to, you feel a poke on your behind. As you turn around, Savannah’s tail retracts back to lie at her side like a serpent. “Y’all need ta quit bein’ so nosy,” she says, as if admonishing children.

You and Clare both apologize meekly, as if being scolded by your mother.

Savannah’s tail flicks up and down slightly after a long silence where she stares at you with an increasingly curious look. “So uh, who is it?”

“Just some human woman,” Clare responds as she settles down into a chair.

Yeah, you add. She appears to be unconscious or in a coma or something. Or maybe just a really deep sleeper.

The manticore frowns and looks over at the curtain. Her tail flicks a few more times until she shrugs. “Well whatever. At least she won’t be trouble.”


Small talk makes up the rest of the evening. Reminiscing and laughing about things that’d happened and the like. Curiously, when you mentioned how you wanted to take a vacation, they both seemed to be rather uninterested in the idea. They wouldn’t say why, but you suspect it had to do with money. Which did kind of make you feel like a bum – more so than usual. You’d just need to save up your wages and treat them at some point in the future.

A nurse had come by after a few hours passed, telling you all that the visitation hours had ended. But, with some fast pleading from Clare and a few fake tears, she’d managed to convince the nurse to let you and her stay at Savannah’s side. So long as you behaved yourselves. You and Clare swore to be on your bestest behavior. The nurse seemed suspicious, but left the room.

Clare eventually nodded off in the chair, leaving you and Savannah to talk quietly. She doesn’t last too much longer herself and drifts off to sleep while holding your hand in her paw. Left to yourself, you nestled up into your own chair and let the quiet calm of the room lull you to sleep.


Cracking your eyes open and blinking sleepily, the first thing you notice is that the room is still dark and quiet. Following that is the sensation of having some serious morning wood. Only there’s something else. Something wet and wild. Casting a one-eyed glance at Clare, she’s still dozing – though she’s packing her own wood that’s tenting the hell out of her denim shorts. Turning to the other side, Savannah is asleep as well, tail stowed at her side.

You shudder as a wave of pleasure rolls through you, snapping both eyes wide open as you realize that your pants are down around your knees. And there’s definitely something on your cock. But it’s very faint and bluish. There’s a human face with its eyes closed and head rolled back, but also what appear to be long, pointed ears and multiple, spectral tails. The head and tails are attached a naked body, and there are certainly some large breasts attached to said body and they’re certainly swinging up and down to match her stride as she hoists herself up then slides down.

Groping out with your hands, your fingers simply pass through the transparent, bluish thing as if it wasn’t there. And yet the sensation on your cock is certainly in tune with her pace as she rides you. For something you can’t touch, it feels pretty damn good. Looking downward, you can see the skin on your cock shifting and moving as her intangible folds somehow caress you.

In the seconds that you’ve been awake, you’ve come to the conclusion that a ghost is raping you. A ghost is riding you, without making a sound. You’re pretty sure it’s a ghost, anyways. Some sort of kitsune wraith. It just had to be a kitsune again, didn’t it? Was that fluffy-tailed harlot from before killed by the dragon, and now her vengeful spirit haunted you?

Of course. That was the logical thing – no wait that’s absolutely retarded there’s still a fucking ghost fox fucking you in a hospital and what the fuck is going on are you going to lose your soul and it’s a real actual ghost!

The last of your mental defense mechanisms fall away. You let out a shrill, girlish cry and stand up with a start, nearly knocking the chair over. The ghost gives no fucks and remains glued to your crotch, riding you as if you were still sitting down.

Stumbling backwards and swiping at the ghost-kitsune in vain, she finally appears to take notice of the fact that you’re no longer a sleeping rape victim. Her eyes open and she smiles at you. Yet, her ghost hips never stop. In fact, she seems to take delight in your actions as you try to push her off you, bringing a hand to her mouth and laughing silently as your hands pass through her and trail a lingering blue flame with them.

Your earlier shrill cry woke Clare up, and now she’s staring at you like you’re crazy. “What the hell are you screaming and jerking off about?”

You stare back at her open mouthed, pointing desperately at the ghost that’s raping you and giggling about it.

Clare looks at your cock for a moment, then back at you. “Yes, that’s your dick. What about it?”

Oh, good. Apparently she can’t see the ghost. In your incoherent fright, you manage to mumble out that you need help. Badly. Like now, because you can’t take it anymore.

The cat quirks an eyebrow, focusing her eyes on your raging erection. She then takes notice of her own tent. Seems she thinks you want her help for your ‘problem,’ based on her blossoming grin.

You shake your head and tell her that she doesn’t understand. Unfortunately you also gasp and your hips shudder as the ephemeral kitsune increases her pace. The spirit flashes you a bright, happy, ghostly smile.

Clare licks her lips when you inadvertently thrust your hips towards her. “Oh, I understand alright, you naughty boy~”

She’s on you in a flash. Pressing you against the wall, she drops to her knees and looks up at you with bright, shining eyes. Her mouth is wide-open and her tongue hanging out as she takes your length into her mouth, into her throat, then seals her lips around you. Now you can say with complete confidence you know what it’s like to have an incorporeal kitsune rape you while a Cheshire cat sucks you off. Is that something to be proud of? You’re not sure.

The pale blue ghost’s eyes open in surprise and she looks down through herself; Clare’s head is taking up the space where the kitsune’s hips should be. Then there are two sets of eyes on you. Clare is still looking up at you with a smile in her eyes as she sucks and runs her rough tongue all across you. The ghost is smirking as her hips gyrate and grind against you. She doesn’t seem to care that someone else is on you as well. If anything, it looks like she’s enjoying it.

Clare’s paws have already taken her shorts and underwear off, and now she’s stroking herself as gives you a blowjob.

Standing and pinned against a wall, all you can do is laugh crazily. This is all just too much to deal with. Before you know what hit you, your eyes cross and your laugh turns to a low moan as you climax despite all your fear and confusion from the ghost and clare combination. The ghost clings tightly to you as you cum; it feels incredibly different, like the ghost is taking something from you as you ejaculate.

Your moan turns to a fear-filled cry as you start gibbering about how your soul is being siphoned out of your dick like it’s a straw and how you don’t want to die and please someone do something.

Gulping noisily as she drinks down your seed, Clare gives you a pleasant expression like you’ve just complimented her. With one final lick along your length she releases you from her mouth and then licks her lips clean of the few drops of semen that dribbled out and down her chin.

“Siphoning your soul out? Are my mouth and throat really that good?” Clare purrs out with a lewd smile, still stroking herself.

The ghost on you appears to be quite satisfied herself. She also appears to have bit more… substance about her; you can make out her features much more clearly now. When she laughs you think you can hear her voice. Something definitely happened here. Good or bad, you don’t yet know. On the bright side, at least she’s no longer raping you.

Clare stands and places her paws on either side of your head against the wall and moves in to kiss you. “I hope you’ll return the favor,” she says softly, continuing to purr.

Damn it Clare, you begin to say.

But, just before you can shove her off and try to get her to understand, she stops of her own accord. Kind of. Her face is twisted in confusion. The she looks down at herself. “What the fuck is this shit!?” She shouts, leaping away from you and the wall.

Looks like the kitsune is clinging tightly to her now. You can still see the spectral woman, and she’s clearly pumping her wide, non-existent hips up and down on Clare with a wild, lustful look in her transparent eyes.

This, you say as you pinch the bridge of your nose, is what you needed help with. Though as you look at Clare while she swipes at herself futility, you wonder if there’s anything you could do. Or if there was anything she could have done for you. Maybe sucking you off was for the best since it got you to cum faster and got the ghost off of you.

The cat’s wild eyes snap to you. “Do something!”

You take one shuffled step forward before a bellow stops you in your tracks. “Jus’ what in the actual fuck are ya two doin’?”

Savannah is upright and scowling furiously. “Are ya two really fuckin’ at a time like this? And leavin’ me outta it?!”

Hearing Savannah’s voice, Clare attempts to turn around from you to the manticore, but winds up stumbling awkwardly into, and then over, the chair and falls to the floor. As she rolls around on the ground the ghost kitsune remains affixed to her cock, clipping through the chair and floor and whatever else as she pumps her hips and grinds her ghostpussy on Clare’s dick.

Despite it all. The fear, surprise – the angry manticore – your lips curl into the barest hints of a smile as you watch Clare cry and roll about the floor while being ghost-raped.

Through great effort you manage to tear your eyes off Clare and to focus on Savannah. Her eyes narrow and her tail lifts up over her head as if poised to strike once your eyes meet. Before you can say anything her tailpussy thrusts forward, and you narrowly avoid it by throwing yourself sideways to the ground.

“The fuck did ya dodge for?!”

From your position on the floor you do your best to explain what’s going on, but your feeble attempts only serve to stoke the flames of Savannah’s anger.

“Ghost? Ghost?! Are ya fuckin’ with me?!” She growls, striking at you again with her tail. You manage to catch the thing just before it envelopes you as a man would catch a sword swinging down at him.

Managing to get yourself to a standing position, you shamble forward towards Savannah with your pants and underwear around your ankles and her tail firmly in your grip. She tugs back on it like a fishing rod, nearly toppling you forward several times.

You do your best to put on your serious face and re-explain things. Clare continues to writhe about on the floor, moaning as the ghost-fox rides her. Between your new explanation and Clare’s apparent good time despite nothing touching her, Savannah appears to at least consider your words as she continues to try to pull her tail from your grip.

Remembering that shooting your load got the specter off of you, you ask Savannah if she can give Clare a good milking to end her anguish. The manticore lets out a long sigh through her nose.

“Yer serious, ain’t ya?” She says with a bit of pout. “I’d rather milk you darlin’…”

Sadly, any attempts from Savannah to appear affectionate are torn to shreds by the yowling beast on the floor. “Holy hell! What are you two doing?! Get this fucking thing off meeEEE!” Clare shouts, her voice going high as the ghost shifts on her.

Savannah groans and hoists herself out of the bed, mindful of the various cables still attached to her. “What the hell is goin’ on?” she mumbles to herself while sighing yet again. “Alright. Hold her still, will ya?”

You release her tail and Savannah positions it above the pleasure-and-fear-drunk Cheshire. You drop down and grab onto Clare’s legs, and as you do so the ghost turns to you and smiles, then begins leaning towards you. You recoil as her mouth moves to yours, but manage to sort of keep Clare still long enough for Savannah to do her thing.

Like a bolt of lightning the tail thrusts down and takes the cat to the base in one smooth motion. As with you, the ghost seems to only become curious when another object passes through her to take hold of the cock she’s riding.

And, as with you, Clare is now experiencing having some ghost cunt and physical pleasure at the same time. You can’t help but think she got the better deal here, given that the cat’s mouth is no match for Savannah’s tail. Especially considering how much she’s bucking her hips upwards. Finally, Clare bites her lower lip and her eyes roll upwards in her head as a long moan escapes her throat and her hips surge upward one last time.

The temptation to try out the ghost and tailpussy combo is so terribly strong. You can’t recall the last time Clare had an orgasm that blissful.

She trembles with every spurt as she releases all her kittycream into Savannah’s tail and maybe kind of the ghost. You have no idea what’s going on with the ghostpussy, but you’re pretty sure Clare had to have experienced the same thing you did when you came. Hard to tell though, since she’s simply collapsed onto the ground with a look of complete and utter satisfaction on her face. She could at least not have her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Dismounting from the cat cock, the ghost kitsune is much more visible now. Instead of a faint, barely visible wisp she’s now a very distinct, bright blue poltergeist, complete with several transparent., pseudofluffy tails. And she’s staring at you. And now she’s shifting over towards you.

You scuttle backwards away from her as she drifts lazily in your direction. With panic in your eyes you turn to Savannah, but the manticore simply looks perplexed. You cry out that the ghost is coming back to you and that you would really like it if she saved you.

“The fuck do ya want me to do? I can’t see shit!” Savannah growls, looking through the empty air where you’re wildly gesturing.

She pokes around the space with her tail and successfully scythes through the ghost, but there’s no indication that she knew she made contact with the blue, transparent kitsune. The ghost, however, seems annoyed by the action and shoots Savannah an unhappy look before returning to her slow, meandering drift towards you.

In a last ditch effort you ask the ghost what she wants as you skitter backwards on your ass across the floor with your pants still around your ankles.

She giggles, now quite audible, and points at you. She lifts her hands up into the air and wiggles her fingers and tails in your direction. Why, you plead, why must she torment you with her ghostly wiles?

“Torment?” She inquires, cocking her head. “Do not try to deceive me. I know men enjoy sex.”

Oh, wow. She actually spoke. Wait, was she speaking before? Maybe you should’ve tried talking with her earlier instead of just shouting at things. For some reason, being able to speak with her really takes the edge off the fear. Now you’re just a bit on the perturbed side of things. It’s still spooky, after all.

Yes, you reply, stammering a little. It’s fun, but not when it’s a ghost raping you while you sleep.

You glance towards Savannah, hoping maybe she’ll back you up. Instead, she simply regards you with the same worried expression someone might have when watching a schizophrenic talk to themselves. Thanks, Savannah.

Clare is still recovering from her sudden, forceful ordeal. Her tongue is still hanging out and one of her feet is twitching slightly. She’s about useless at this point.

No longer approaching you menacingly, the ghost-fox is now sitting in the air, one leg draped over the other with her arms crossed. You didn’t really think it was possible for a ghost to be smug. Every day with Savannah and Clare seems to bring about experiences you never even considered.

“I will have you know I am not a ghost!” The not-ghost says with a degree of exasperation. “You have been saying that all the time tonight. Frankly, it is wearing on my last nerve.”

Okay, you respond. So you’re not a ghost. Then what are you?

“Can you not tell?” She says with a ‘ hmph,’ performing a little flourish in the air with her tails. “Why, I am Kashikoi no Hime, and I am a Kitsune-bi.” She then covers her mouth with a hand and laughs daintily. “Oh ho ho…”

And what exactly, is a fucking Kitsune-bi? And why is she laughing like that?

Kashikoi no Hime looks at you with shock clear on her face. “You mean you do not know? Dear me, what passes for education these days…”

Look, Kashikoi no Hime, you begin. No wait, fuck that. Don’t you have a shorter name?

She scowls at you, then gives a resigned sigh. “Fine, I suppose it is a bit much to expect someone such as /you/ to be able to speak my full name. You may call me Kashi.”

Okay, Kashi, you resume. Just fucking explain what a Kitsune-bi is.

Kashi taps a foot idly in the air, then sort of shifts herself so she’s lying on her stomach. In the air. Her ghostly tails dance around, leaving trails of blue, wispy fire. “Simply put, I am desire made manifest. You saw the woman in the other bed, did you not?”

You nod your head and shoot Savannah another glance. She seems to be thinking of something on her own.

“Poor thing,” Kashi says while clucking her tongue. The Kitsune-bi looks like someone who’s lamenting a terrible misfortune that’s befallen a dear friend. “She was so repressed in her sexuality. Her latent desire drew me to her, so I then possessed her and gave her the confidence and ability satisfy those desires.”

Kashi beams to herself and once again covers her mouth and does an ‘Oh ho ho’ laugh before looking at you. “I am such a kind spirit, am I not?”

Yeah, sure. So what, you made her rape people or something? And then why did she rape you?

“That’s… Well, yes. She was a wild one, but she was still human. The strain of such vigorous activity wore her greatly. I had to use a bit of my own power to keep her together until she was brought here.”

Great. So she possessed someone and then nearly killed her through rape. What a kind spirit no wait more like what a turboslut.

“Who’re ya callin’ a turboslut?” Savannah chimes in, looking unhappy.

No – not her. The Kitsune-bi, you reply while pointing at Kashi.

The turboslut is not terribly pleased with your accusation. Her face is twisted in disgust and now she’s standing in the air, pointing right back at you. “How rude! I will have you know I take the utmost care with my charges. She was just… Just a little more frail than what I am used to. That is all. Now, for example,” she says, trailing off and looking towards Savannah, “she is more my speed. See? Watch!”

And just like that, Kashi propels herself straight into Savannah, trailing ephemeral blue flames through the air. The manticore’s eyes shoot wide before closing and she slumps against the bed, but manages to catch and steady herself.

And then you notice large blue, fox-like ears that overlay Savannah’s natural ears. Most horrifyingly of all, however, is that instead of kitsune tails, she has several ghostly tailpussies in addition to her own real one. You don’t like where this is going. Not one bit.

When Savannah’s eyes open, they have a hint of inner fire to them, dying her irises purple as her natural vermillion tint mixes with the blue of the fox.

“What’s… what’s happening?” Savannah strains to speak as she covers her head with her other paw.

 “What the whatthefuckisgoingonareyouokaySavannah?!” Clare shouts.

Oh good, she’s finally on her feet. And she’s had the presence of mind to pull her shorts back up.

You casually mention that Savannah has been possessed by the kitsune-bi – the ghost thing that sexed her up a few minutes ago.

Clare moves towards her friend, but suddenly one of the spectral tails strikes at the cat. Good thing she has her built-in abilities – she dodges back a short distance using her teleportation. Pale, dripping flames hang in the air for a moment before fading to nothingness as the tail returns to wave and dance at Savannah’s side.

“Hoh! You are rather nimble,” Savannah says.

It’s her voice. But those certainly aren’t her words. Savannah too suddenly looks very confused and unsure of what’s going on. But then her face flashes to some sort of haughty mask.

“To be expected of a cat, I suppose. Though you are just full of surprises,” the manticore says, eying Clare’s crotch.

You and Clare share a glance before returning your stares to Savannah. Her haughty mask vanishes, now replaced by one of anger.

“Hey! Don’t ya be talkin’ with my body!”

“Oh ho ho! My, but you are just full to the brim with desire! How /do/ you contain it all?”

“The fuck ya talkin’ about?!”

“You know /exactly/ what I speak of, my dear.”

During the exchange with herself, Savannah’s face alternates between what you’ve come to expect and love from the big girl, and to one that is more befitting some kind of wealthy, pampered girl. Then, more troubling still is when she sort of grabs and shakes herself.

“Quit… possessin’ me, ya fuckin’ ghost!”

 “But this is just too good to pass up! Come on now, there are two cocks in here just waiting to be milked! Hop to it!”

Her actual tail and the kitsune-bi’s imitation tailpussies fan out and strike once again at you and Clare. They fail to even come close to Clare as she darts away, but unfortunately for you and your non-monster human body, you can’t escape four tails at once. It’s good then that they stop just before they all plunge onto your dick. You think it’s good, anyways. Maybe just a little ghost tailpussy wouldn’t be too bad.

Either way, they’re frozen in place.

And there’s Savannah, absolutely livid and straining fiercely against something. Herself?

“Don’t ya dare suck either of them, ya, ya turboslut!”

“Are you calling /me/ a turboslut? Why you impudent, saggy manticore!”

“Saggy?!” Savannah shouts at herself. Then she slaps herself across the face.

Clare is simply standing slack-jawed. One of her eyes twitches and she gives you a very confused smile. The sort of smile someone wears when faced when an incomprehensible situation. “What the fuck is going on?”

You respond that it would appear Savannah is fighting against her possessor.

“Right! I can see that. But, what the fuck do we do?” Clare shouts and gestures wildly at Savannah.

Fuck if you know.

“Hey, that hurt! Why would you strike yourself?” Savannah says. To herself.

“So ya can feel it! Hah!”

She then punches herself in the gut and lets out a pained groan.

“S, stop that right this instant!”

The spectral tails flare out and wrap themselves around her own arms to restrain herself. Some of the free tails then coil around the tails that are around her arms and you have no idea what’s going on.

“Like hell! Get outta me!”

Attempting to seize on an opportunity, Clare moves forward towards Savannah. To what end you’re not sure, but you decide to help her by approaching Savannah from the other side. Maybe you can hold her arms so the tails will fight amongst themselves or something.

Just as Clare touches Savannah’s arm, something shifts in the manticore and her face twists into a triumphant grin. “Got you, little kitty mine!”

A handful of tails break free from the clusterfuck and slam into Clare’s crotch. They phase through her shorts like they weren’t even there. The cat lets out a terrified yelp that quickly changes to a pleased groan. She goes cross-eyed, shivers and twitches, then falls to the ground with the tails still firmly affixed.

Fuck, they got Clare.

“Untail her, you fuckin’ ghost whore!” Savannah roars, fully extending her real tail. The spines quickly withdraw as it whistles around like a whip and strikes her own legs. The manticore falls to the ground, pulling out all her various cables. You also hear an unhealthy sound as her head strikes the gurney. Her eyes flash, dazed, before closing and she slumps to the ground. Her hospital gown flutters up over her head, leaving her naked from the waist down.

“I, er, uh,” Clare begins to mumble as she stands. Her face is completely flushed, and once again her shorts are pulled quite taut.

She staggers over to you as you both look down at Savannah. You give her an exploratory tap with your foot, but she shows no response. It’s then that you notice the machine she was hooked up to is letting out a low, solid tone and a call light is blinking rapidly.

Clare notices as well, and she practically leaps over Savannah to hit it.

“What’s wrong in there? Mrs. Stahl’s EKG is coming up flat,” a voice sounds out from a small speaker next to the button.

“Er, nothing. She just rolls a lot in her sleep. That’s all.” Clare says, not entirely convincingly.

“Hrm, is that so? Well I’ll be there in a minute to hook her back up.”

The cheshire bites her lip and cringes, then looks down at the unconscious manticore. “We gotta get her back into bed!”

Your face mirrors Clare’s, but you agree and the two of you move to either side of Savannah. Hoisting the thick manticore onto the bed is no easy task. You both labor, grunt, strain, and sweat as you flop her onto the mattress.

Then the nurse walks in and flicks on the light. And discovers you and Clare very close to Savannah atop the bed with her. You don’t have any pants or underwear on. Clare’s erection is practically bursting free. Savannah’s gown is still over her head, and she’s lying on her back spread eagle with one leg hanging off.

The nurse simply freezes in place and blinks. For a succubus she sure is blushing a lot from what she’s seeing.

“W-w-what are you doing?!” She stammers. “T-this is completely unacceptable!”

Suddenly aware of your nakedness, you rush over to your pants and don them with remarkable speed. Clare slinks down, and takes a few steps towards the succunurse.

“It’s, well, a long story?” She says, scratching herself behind the ear.

The nurse is having none of it and takes an equal amount of steps backwards, staring at Clare’s tent. “And they call me a demon?!” She gasps out. “Back, you foul beast!”

Clare stops in her tracks; her eyes drop the floor and she visibly slumps.

This really is just way too much shit to deal with right now, but deal with you must. Now with pants on, you step up boldly to the nurse and explain that Clare is neither beast nor demon. She’s just a special, loveable girl.

The cheshire’s smile returns to her face.

One problem down.

Laying your hands across the nurse’s shoulders, you ask her if she’s even heard of something called a kitsune-bi before. She shakes her head. “No? What’s that? And why haven’t you explained what you were doing? I am going to call security-“

You stop her by giving her a good shake. Listen, you say. Savannah has been possessed by a kitsune-bi. There’s been a lot of crazy shit going on. You need someone that knows what they are so you can remove it from your friend.

The succnurse simply cracks a nervous smile and looks past you at the unfortunate manticore.

“How is her being possessed related to you clamoring all over her without any pants on? And why isn’t she waking up?”

Calmly, and with a bit of help from Clare, you give the nurse a brief rundown of everything that happened. Surprisingly, the nurse seems to actually listen to you.

“I, I can’t say I’m familiar with that manner of spirit. But o-okay, I will contact the chaplain.” She says. You release her shoulders. Then, with a nervous smile, she turns about and walks out of the room.

You and Clare both let out long, pent-up sighs. Then your breath catches in your throat as you hear Savannah groan. Both of you rush to Savannah’s side as she tosses about groggily. The phantom tails are lying still; as far as you can tell only her corporal body is currently active.

“Let’s get outta here,” she says weakly, grabbing onto your arm with a paw. “Don’t want no priest ‘n guards.”

She’s still looking rather dazed. You ask her who’s speaking right now. Savannah or Kashi?

The manticore closes an eye. “Does it matter? Think of all the shit they’ll put me through.”

Your eyes meet Clare’s. She’s just as confused as you.


You ask Savannah again if she’s sure. There’s the infection and all that other stuff to worry about. Like being possessed. Sticking around to take care of that little ailment might be a good idea.

“Yeah,” she says wearily, rubbing the back of her head. “I’ll be fine…ish. This ghost ain’t got shit on me.”

But, you say, the ghost has got shit on her. She’s been possessed after all. Savannah simply scowls at you. “I’ll deal with her m’self.”

Looking to Clare to be a voice of reason, she instead just shrugs. “Those religious types can get a liiiittle zealous,” she says, tilting her head back and forth in thought. “Who knows what they’d do to Savannah?”

All you can do is sigh. Giving Savannah a look over, she’s more or less back to normal. The spectral tails are still dormant, so that’s one bright point. Won’t have to worry about those for the time being.

Reluctantly you agree to help her escape, and ask if she can stand up.

“Don’t see why not,” Savannah mutters, then swings both her legs over the edge of the bed. “See, nothin’ to-“

Clare leaps across with cat-like reflexes to grab hold of Savannah’s shoulders and you just barley manage to catch her by the waist as her legs give like wet noodles. Savannah shakes her head, then blinks at you with hazy eyes. Either she got a concussion from her earlier fall or it’s something to do with the kitsune-bi. Could be a combination of both. So much for walking, but then nothing is ever easy.

“Sorry,” Savannah whispers. “Guess I ain’t all there yet.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Clare responds with a grunt, helping you heft the manticore back up onto the gurney. “You’ve been through quiiiite a lot.”

Well then. What now, you ask. Won’t be long until a horde of people come back, likely wielding various charms and other such to drive out the demon inside Savannah. Though, thinking about it, an exorcism could be fun to watch. How many people can say they’ve witnessed one? You’d get to watch that smug look on the kitsune-bi’s face vanish as she’s driven out.

Then again, maybe it wouldn’t be quite so much fun. Terrifying, even. Savannah’s head might start spinning and then she’d start throwing up all over the place and then you’re not sure you could still love her under those circumstances. Even worse, what if her tail did the same thing? Spewing some kind of chunky green soup like a hose, dousing you as she laughs in some kind of twisted, demonic tongue and threatens to ride you until your pelvis turns to dust, if only she could break the bonds that keep her milking you until you’re a withered mummy.

Getting her out of her doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

Clare is looking rather contemplative, glancing around the room with her paws on her hips. She looks at you for a moment with her mouth hooked into a half frown – until a flash of inspiration strikes her and she’s smiling like, well, a cheshire cat.

She makes for the doorway in a flurry of steps and peeks out into the hall. “I think I’ve got just the idea,” she says excitedly, looking over her shoulder at you with a mischievous smirk. “

What, like steal a nurse uniform and walk the gurney down the hallway?

Clare looks at you in shock. “How’d you know?!”

Another sigh escapes your lips and you hang your head. For a moment you want to tell her it’s stupid, but honestly, it’s the only thing. Hell, with her unique talents she might be able to pull it off. May as well try. Not like there’s anything else you can think of.

Fine, go ahead, you say. It’s either that or tailpussy soup.

“Tailpussy soup?” Clare asks, cocking a confused eyebrow.

Er, never mind. Just hurry up and get a uniform, you say, making a point to look away from her lest she inquire further.

Though not exactly satisfied by your response, she acknowledges that time is of the essence. Disrobing in her usual speedy fashion, she disappears, quite literally, out into the hallway. With a bit of presence of mind, you scoop up her clothes and heap them atop Savannah.

“Yer great idea to get me outta here is to have her dress up as a nurse? An’ what the fuck is ‘tailpussy soup?”

Don’t worry about the soup, you say. And if she has a better plan, you’d be glad to hear it.

Savannah grumbles. “Fair ‘nuff. Hope she’s quick about it, though.”

You hum your agreement. Looking over Savannah yet again, along with the spectral tails, a question forms in your mind.

“Huh? What it feels like?” Savannah asks.

Sure, you respond, not every day someone is possessed.

She tilts her head and thinks for a moment. “I guess comparin’ it ta bein’ pregnant wouldn’t do ya much good,” she says with a sly smirk. “I can tell there’s… somethin’ else in me. Oh, and when she was fightin’ with me? Was like bein’ a puppet or somethin’.”

No… murderous or ghostly impulses?

Savannah shakes her head and snorts. “Naw, don’t wanna kill ya. Though when she was, er, active or whatever, it was hard ta fight the temptation ta milk ya two dry,” she says, raising her tailpussy up for emphasis before coiling it atop Clare’s clothes. “Didn’t know it could itch so much.”

The kitsune-bi did mention she was some sort of manifestation of desire. Still, Savannah has sex almost every day, supposedly with the two people she loves most. Seems odd she has enough bottled up desire to attract the ghost’s interest.

Feeling rather candid, you ask Savannah if you’re not giving it to her hard enough or something.

She scratches at her cheek with a paw. “It… naw, yer great, honest. But, it has been a while since we’ve gone at it all day n night. I was plannin’ on today maybe, but…” Savannah glances down at the ghostly things still attached to her.

But this happened, you finish. Giving her paw a reassuring pat, you tell her there will be time for a non-stop fuckathon later, bringing a smile to the manticore’s face. Plus, since she’s so /banged up/, you and Clare can do all the work.

Savannah rolls her eyes then looks at you with an earnest smile. Well, it was earnest until Savannah’s imagination kicked in and now she’s peering at you like a wolf would spy a rabbit in a trap. Did one of the ghost tails just move?

The click of heel on tile draws your focus away from the tails and towards the hallway. For a moment you worry it’s the return of the succubus nurse, but you realize there’s no accompanying footsteps. Sure enough, Clare appears in the doorway, looking rather happy with herself.

Like the succubus, Clare’s wearing a white, tight outfit with a short-sleeved button-up blouse and a skirt that only goes down to her mid-thigh. It would seem she wasn’t able to locate something quite in her size; her large bust and hips strain the fabric noticeably, causing it to hug and accentuate her every feature and curve – including a somewhat noticeable bulge.

A cute little hat with a red on it caps her head, little cut-outs made in it so it can fit securely between her ears. Probably the best part of the outfit, however, are the heels Clare found. Rather than a whole shoe that would fit over her sizeable fluffy feet, it’s more like a perch bound to her heel with straps of leather.

Clare attempts to enter with a flourish, but the effect falls more than a little flat due to her flourish turning into an awkward stumble into the wall with a thud. “Fucking hell how do women walk in these,” she hisses out, her smile instantly breaking into a frown.

Behind you Savannah snorts and snickers, drawing a glare from the graceless feline.

First time wearing heels, you ask.

“Not my first time, but yeah,” Clare sighs, shoulders slumping. “Not really used to girly stuff.”

Well, you say, the heels and dress look great on her. Especially the way the slightly-too-small outfit hugs everything.

Shooting Savannah a look over your shoulder that says she needs to follow along, the manticore coughs loudly. “Er yeah, the nurse outfit looks… very sexy,” she says, taking in an eyeful of the cat. Perhaps unconsciously she licks her upper lip.

Another ghostly tail twitched. Wait, two twitched this time.

“Well, thanks,” Clare says, a smile returning to her face. She looks down at herself, shifting and turning this way and that. “Maybe I ought to keep this,” she says, her tone decidedly more sultry. “Who knows when you two might need an injection~”

Twitch twitch. You’re sure the ghost tails are coming back to life. Assuming it’s accurate to say a ghostly appendage could come to life. It would appear they’re linked to lewd thoughts, if you had to hazard a guess. Twitch. Things need to happen like now before it’s too late.

Okay, you nearly shout in a start. Time to escape.

“Wait a sec, what about you?” Clare asks, focusing on you with a worried face.

What do you mean, you ask.

“Your clothes and stuff.”

Looking down at yourself, it dawns on you what she’s talking about: Why would a plainclothes person be walking around the hospital at this hour with a patient and a nurse? Maybe you could find an outfit or something. Will there be enough time? Doubtful.

“Ah, I’ve got an idea,” Clare says, hitting a fist into an open palm. “Savannah, spread your legs!”

“W-what? This ain’t the time fer that,” Savannah says, her eyebrows cresting high. Twitchy twitch.

Clare smirks and shakes her head. “No, not like that. I mean, this bed looks big enough… You, get between her legs! We’ll just throw a couple blankets over the top of the both of you. No one will notice!”

You and Savannah share a worried look. A dumb plan just got dumber. “Go ahead,” Savannah says, covering her face with a paw. “What’ve we got ta lose?”

The manticore spreads her legs, allowing you to sort of lay halfway up her torso, the only thing between your flesh and hers a thin hospital gown. Savannah curls her legs over the top of you, sort of forcing you down against her. To anyone that took more than a second to look, they’d realize something was off with the manticore that now appeared to be at least eight or nine feet tall.

Clare wastes no time in covering you up with sheets; the world around you goes dark as a second and third sheet are added. Then, to make matters worse, Savannah folders her paws across the back of your head, squeezing your face into her soft, warm tummy that rises and falls with her breaths.

“You alright?” Savannah asks as she shifts about to get a little more comfortable.

Yeah, you respond, as comfortable as you can get. Truthfully it’s quite cozy, but not quite in a manner befitting the situation.

“Right, here we go~” Clare says.

The gurney jostles gently over the floor, and in a few moments you can tell you’re out in the hallway based on the new sound effects. Clare’s heels tap across the tile. A wheel on the gurney squeaks as it rotates. Tap tap squeak, tap tap squeak.

Your heart jumps into your throat when you hear another set of heels approach, then relaxes as the steps fade. After a minute or three, things slow to a halt and you hear the taps approach the front of the gurney.

“We’re at the elevator now,” Savannah whispers.

Trapped in her legs and pinned against her, things are getting rather warm. It’s not just you, either – the manticore’s breathing is definitely picking up. Something tingles across your back. You hope it isn’t what you think it is.

A chime rings out and the sound of doors creaking open break the silence. “So far so good,” Clare says with a note of optimism, pushing the gurney into the elevator car.

Savannah pulls you tightly against her and takes a deep breath. “Don’t go jinxin’ it. We ain’t there yet.”

You mumble that you agree with Savannah.

The doors slide shut, and almost at the same time the sheets flip up. The rush of cool air is a welcome relief, and you take the opportunity to stretch out a little.

“Hey, I just thought of something,” Clare says with a troubled expression.

What’s that, you ask.

“We can’t really just go out the front door, can we?”

…That’s a good point. Savannah groans. Well, you say, if needed you and Clare can just carry Savannah if she’s unable to walk. Getting across the parking lot shouldn’t be too hard. Not like the hospital staff is going to chase or anything, right?

Any response is cut off as another ding sounds and another set of doors heaves open. Clare quickly covers you back up, and you resume your position of being squeezed into the soft manticore. A shiver runs through Savannah, followed by the tensing of her muscles. Wondering what’s going on, Clare then lets out a short, surprised yelp.

“O-oh, hello,” Clare says, her tone wavering. So much for playing it cool.

“Good evening, nurse,” a husky feminine voice responds.

A younger, softer voice quickly follows up. “Where are you going with a patient at this hour?”

“J-just taking her t-to the… uh… prep… room…”

Shit Clare, get it together. Lives are potentially at stake here. ‘Prep room?’ All is lost.

“Oh, I see. Early surgery, huh?” The young voice says.


“Y-yeah, you know how it is sometimes… Aaaanyywaaays… gottagonowbye.”

The gurney hauls off in a rush, Clare’s heels tapping rapidly as she speedwalks the two of you to safety. Taptapsqueaktaptapsqueak.

“Hold it,” another female voice calls out. This one sounds vaguely familiar. “I’ve never seen you around here before…? And that patient. Isn’t that…?”

With naught but a light breeze the house of cards the three of you have attempted to bullshit together has been blown apart.

“Hahaha! Don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re so silly. Yes, I need to get her to prep for her early surgery. Bye now!” Clare says in a rush, taking a few more quick steps.

“W-wait, stop!” the familiar voice cries out.

If only she didn’t start running – or rather, attempt to run. With a cry of surprise you hear an awkward footfall followed by the particular sound of a cheshire cat falling to her knees while still attempting to hang onto a wheeled hospital bed. “Damned heels!” Clare yowls.

“Clare ya idiot!” Savannah shouts as the cat grasps futility onto the sheet that had been concealing your identity along with the manticore’s modesty. Now completely exposed, the first thing you see is a flailing Clare faceplanting into the ground after an unsuccessful attempt to stand, sheets still in her paw for some reason.

In addition to the succubus nurse from earlier, there are two women to whom the other voices must have belonged. Except they don’t quite look like they belong in a hospital. Are they the priests she was talking about? The two of them, one looking elderly and the other young, are wearing some kind of very long skirt and very baggy white shirt of some kind with massive sleeves.

The young, flat-chested one is holding some kind of case along with a stick or something with ribbons on it. You guess they look kind of… priestessly.

“What is going on… wait, are those…?” The elder woman says, looking at Savannah with narrow slits for eyes.

She must be able to see the tails. Tails. Speaking of which, they’re all moving now, surrounding you, kind of like an octopus might. Only instead of tentacles they’re spectral tailpussies. So not really like an octopus at all.

Rolling off the gurney you hit the floor heavily on your belly, gasping a loud grunt as the wind is knocked out of you. Still better than being trapped on the ghost rape ride.

“Wait! Please! The young priestess shouts, pointing her wand or whatever at the manticore.

The elder snatches the case from the young girl and pops it open – inside are a myriad of paper strips with odd writing on them. She takes a few out and holds them between her fingers, kind of like one might hold throwing knives.

Clare’s managed to get back on her feet, only accomplishing the feet after yanking off her heels. Yet, maybe a little curiously, she’s still holding onto them. She glances at you, then at the gurney that’s nearly slowed to a stop.

Savannah is not looking well. In fact, she’s looking kind of crazy – writhing about on the bed and holding her head tightly between her paws. “No! Keep them away!” Savannah shouts. “Ya deserve it! Now hold still!” She shouts again. “You do not understand!”

So Kashikoi is awake once again. Things would probably be a little easier to follow if she spoke in a different voice depending on who was actually speaking. Looks like you’re going to witness an exorcism anyways.

A paper tag slices through the air with far more weight than you would have thought possible. It was more like a thin sheet of steel than mere paper. Slicing through one of the spectral tails, the pale blue construct suddenly breaks up into a series of blue dots that fade to nothing. Savannah screams like she’s being dissected alive.

“Fuck why does that hurt me too?!” She growls between clenched teeth, nearly falling off the gurney. “I told you! We must escape!”

A second tag takes flight, only to be intercepted by a fluffy purple paw. For someone who can’t walk with heels on, Clare manages some amazing feats sometimes. Such as teleporting and swatting down an object mid-flight while holding a pair of heels in one paw.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Clare yells, scowling at the priestesses with the tag in her free paw.

“Out of the way, cat! If we’d been told the circumstances were this dire, we would have arrived much sooner!” The elder woman responds, almost sneering.

The nurse succubus is carefully slinking off, away from the brewing storm, looking terribly frightened. One less obstacle, at least.

“Like hell I’m letting you hurt Savannah,” Clare retorts, matching the elder’s scowl with even more smoldering stare.

Back on your feet, your first thought is what happened to the quiet (yet love-filled) life with those two. The second thought is that of Savannah. She’s rolling back and forth on the bed like, well, a possessed person might. You want to check on her, but the ghostly tails are waving and thrashing about all around her, serving as a barricade. If needed you’ll brave the tails, but for now you’d rather avoid them if you can help it.

Clare and the elder priestess are slowly stalking closer and closer, staring each other down. Tags are raised and claws are out.

“Begone, beast, I have a task to accomplish.”

“Your task is killing my friend?!”

“I need not explain myself to you. I have a job to do.”

“And I ‘need not’ move!”

“Cat, I will say this only once more. Move.”



“Suck my dick you old bitch!”

By now their faces are less than a foot apart. Clare is growling. The old woman appeared to be thrown off balance by Clare’s remark for just a split second; her eyes dart down, but they quickly return to their previous sharpness as she stares down the cat.

It’s admirable that Clare is so quick to defend Savannah, and in fact she’s has been more protective of you two than usual lately, but perhaps it’s not the wisest thing right now. Or maybe it is, you don’t know.

Speaking of Savannah, you haven’t heard anything from her in the past few seconds. Ah, that would be why. She’s standing now – that’s good, but the way she’s looking at the priestesses is just a little chilling. Deep purple eyes blaze with rage, but surprisingly, the spectral tails aren’t quite as active as they were before.

“Do ya have /any/ idea how much that fuckin’ hurts,” she bellows, breaking into long, heavy strides with balled up fists at her sides and fully extended wings. To say she’s pissed would be like saying the surface of the sun is ‘hot.’

About the same moment, the youngster slips between Clare and her elder and forces them apart. “Please, fighting amongst each other won’t help anything,” she squeaks out, clamping her eyes shut.

Clare and the elder continue to stare daggers, albeit at a ‘safer’ distance. That leaves Savannah. As the thought of only being able to visit Savannah for conjugal visits after she commits a double homicide is kind of a downer, you dash in front the fuming manticore with your arms spread wide.

Let’s calm down and think things through you say, doing your best to appear non-threatening.

You no longer have any doubts as to what a little shota rabbitboy feels when trapped in a cage with a hungry, milfy cougargirl. Too late for regrets now. The only thing left to do is burn your life away like a real man.

Forcing your eyes to remain open, Savannah comes to an abrupt stop a short distance away. “Halt! Calm yourself!” She yells at herself. You’re pretty sure it’s to herself, anyways.

“If you are that rough with him, he will surely be… not well,” she continues, in a slightly softer tone.

Kashikoi must be speaking. She’s actually preventing Savannah from going to town on you? Wasn’t she supposed to kind of spur that sort of thing on?

The manticore looks like she’s warring against invisible ropes for a few worrying seconds, then falls limp. Her purple eyes still burn, but she looks at you like she’s ashamed. Then, just as a pile of embers lights up when doused with gasoline she ascends into another rage. “Get out get out get out!” Savannah howls, stomping around in a small circle, clutching at her head and body.

Well, at least she’s not going to kill anyone. For the time being. Also good to know not to cross Savannah if her rage can give pause to raw desire given form.

“See? The beast can hardly control herself,” the elder priestess hisses out.

Clare nearly drops her heels. “You’re the bitch that made her that way!”

Not this shit again. You would like to just lie down and go to sleep, and maybe when you wake up everything will be fine. That won’t happen, will it? Time to brave the tails. If Kashi is eager to flee, it should be safe.

The spectral tails move in your direction as you dash near, but pull back. Good.

You yell Savannah’s name and firmly take hold of her paws. Her crazed, insane dance comes to an end as her eyes search your face. Savannah, you yell again, we need to get out of here. Clare can keep the others occupied. Clarity begins to focus her wild, darting eyes – if only just.

Forget getting back at the priest, you shout, escape takes priority. Several long, worrying moments pass. The snarl twisting her lips relaxes.

“Fine! Yer right, but-“

No buts, you yell, tugging sharply on her arm.

An attempt at a run fails as Savannah falters and stumbles, but she manages to stay upright. A fast walk will have to do.

“They’re escaping!” The elder priestess shouts, refocusing on Clare. “If you will not stand aside, then so be it!”

As much as you’d like to watch to make sure Clare isn’t hurt, Savannah is the priority right now. Those tag things shouldn’t be able to harm Clare if they’re meant to work on spirits on such. Propping Savannah up on your shoulder after she stumbles yet again, you do your best to power her through the lobby and out the front door.

Something fills the air just before you get out. All the hairs on your arm stand on end. This isn’t good. With a manly shout and burst of vigor you heft Savannah completely off the ground and across your shoulders and manage to run out the automatic door. Barely two steps onto the concrete outside, something that sounds like thunder in miniature erupts from inside the hospital.

A loud cry that sounds rather like Clare follows quickly after, along with an impressive string of expletives. That she’s swearing probably means she’s okay, relatively speaking. You keep moving, but it doesn’t last long until Savannah is just too much to carry and you drop to a knee.

“Er, t-thanks,” Savannah says timidly as she rolls off your shoulders. Standing back up, you’re surprised to see her blushing furiously. “What’re ya waitin’ for, ya… idiot, let’s keep movin’,” she says as you gawk at her.

Lending the curiously bashful manticore your shoulder again, the two of you make best speed towards the truck. Salvation awaits. Quick glances behind you every few steps reveal nothing in pursuit – not even Clare. Regret begins to take hold and you hope against hope that nothing happened to her.

“The other one will be fine,” Savannah says. “The techniques they wield are not very effective against corporeal bodies.” Oh, guess it was Kashikoi. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem that the manticore is railing against her possessor.

Panting as you reach the truck, you’re relieved that Savannah is able to hoist herself in. Trying to push her sizeable posterior up that high would not have been easy.

“Thanks, darlin’,”Savannah says as she flops into the back.

Firing the truck up, Clare emerges from inside at the same time. She looks okay, but a little… different. Hard to tell from inside the truck at this distance. And… oh, good, she’s being pursued by several guards. Sure took them long enough to react to the commotion.

Throwing the truck into gear, you haul out to meet her halfway. Batons raised high, the guards are sure looking livid – and there’s the priestesses, right behind, though their long dresses make running more than a little difficult.

No time to stop, the guards are too close. A dozen feet or so away from Clare you turn the wheel hard over. Fortunately she understands your intentions. Winking out of view, a moment later a thump bangs on the passenger side door, then opens. Still holding the heels like a dear prize, the cat manages to scramble into the cab.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of the escape. The relief from all the shit that just went down. Or maybe it’s her face that makes it all the better.

“Not a fucking word,” she says, venom dripping from her voice. “And wipe that fucking smile off your face,” she growls, slumping into the seat and sulking.

A snort passes through your nose. Clare’s head snaps around and she glares. It’s too late. Trying to suppress the laughter only makes it that much worse.

“Yeah fuck you too,” Clare grumbles, crossing her arms across her chest.

“What’re ya two talkin’ ‘bout… oh gods, pfft-“ Savannah quickly ducks back to her bunk, covering her mouth with a paw.

“You guys are assholes!”

You’re sorry, you try to plead through stifled laughter. But you can’t help it. Where Clare ought to be is a giant purple puffball wearing a nurse outfit. All the fur on her arms, legs, tail and ears is standing completely on end. Her usually long, straight hair is half standing out like an afro and half frazzled and pointing in every which way. Even her eyebrows are looking fuzzier than usual. And right in the middle of the catfro is the little white hat.

The guards are quickly left behind – and as they’re mere hospital security, there’s no risk of more chases. With a deep breath, you ask Clare what happened.

“Hmph! That old bitch used some sort of spell that was like a big static shock. Hurt like hell and it did… well, this,” she grumbles, motioning to herself. “You two just barely got out ‘cause I decked her one”

“Thank you,” Savannah says, poking back into the main cab. “I would have been slain had we not escaped.”

“Wasn’t for you.”

“Either way, thank you again.”

So, what now, you say? Seems Savannah and Kashikoi are kind of almost getting along now?

“Yea, got tired of fightin’ her,” the manticore says. At least Savannah and the spirit talk differently enough that you can figure out which is which from words alone.

And she’s not trying to rape you and Clare, you say, almost surprised.

“I am not so foolish as to impede an escape.”

“So how about as thanks you get out of Savannah,” Clare says, waving a paw through one of the ghost tails.

“If that is your wish. But first…” Savannah disappears through the curtain and you hear the bunk creek.

“But first what?” Clare asks, peeking into the back.

Just as quickly, the cat recoils backwards and nearly falls into the passenger seat as a familiar ghostly form drifts through the curtain.

Savannah isn’t coming back out.

“I had her lay down. I was providing her with some of my energy to maintain her consciousness. Poor thing was really quite worn out,” Kashikoi says, floating lazily through the partition.

You feel like talking to ghosts shouldn’t be such a non-event, but you’ve just run out of fucks to give. So, you begin, what now? Is there some place she wants to be dropped off to do whatever it is spiritual incarnations of lustful desire want to do?

“Hmmm. I think I would like to stay with you three. You are all so very interesting,” Kashikoi says with a smile, ‘sitting’ in the air.

You ask if she can tone down the glowing and not be so close to the windshield. It’s making it difficult to see the road.

Kashikoi stares at you blankly. “A-as you wish,” she says, and just like that she dims herself and floats over closer to Clare, who isn’t terribly keen on her new-found closeness to the glowy kitsune.

“D-don’t rape me,” Clare mewls, still all poofed up.

That’s what she’s afraid of? Though as a Cheshire cat she’s probably never had to deal with monstergirls forcing themselves on her. Hard to pity her.

Ignoring Clare’s comment, you then ask Kashi how exactly she would stay with you. Just linger and float around? And what else? Other than recent events, life is kind of dull as a trucker.


Is she really that naive? You explain that what you’re doing now – just driving, is usually what encompasses the lives of yourself, Clare, and Savannah. Often for a week straight. Sure there’s this and that and some loving, but otherwise it’s not exciting.

Ghostly ears and tails droop. “Is that so? You are correct, that does not sound very adventurous. Why do not pursue something more to your liking?”

“Because it’s a job,” Clare says boldly, though she’s still attempting to press as much of herself into the far side of the seat as possible. “We’re not spirits… or whatever, that can do whatever, ya know.”

“Besides,” Clare says, looking sweetly at you. “It may be boring, but the company couldn’t be better.”

Thanks, you say. The feeling is mutual. If it wasn’t for those two you wouldn’t have ever considered trucking as a vocation.

Kashikoi taps her foot in the air, her translucent tails swaying about as if blown by a breeze. “That is very interesting to me. Three people, brought together by love! Why, it is the stuff of poetry and legends of ages past,” she says with girlish dreaminess.

Er, you don’t think it’s quite to that extent, you say. The three of you share yourselves quite freely, in fact. No midnight trists or smoldering jealousy or whatever else. Right, Clare?

She fidgets and looks away for a moment. “Welllll… Sharing isn’t always easy. Sure double-teaming Savannah is a lot of fun,” she says with a passing smirk, “but I much prefer being with only you.”

Way to miss the intent of getting the kitsune-bi to go away, Clare. Admittedly, her heartfelt confession does pluck the heartstrings a little.

“Oh ho, I see, I see. So you and the manticore vie for his affections, do you?” Kashi says, flipping forward to ‘lay’ on her stomach and then glances at you. “Or is it that you seek to win one or the other over?”

You’re too tired for this conversation. No, you say, you love both girls – and if you couldn’t love them both, you’d rather have neither to avoid breaking them apart since they love you right back. And that’s that. End of story.

“That’s why I love you,” Clare sighs wistfully.

Kashikoi rolls on her side and scratches at her stomach. Ghosts can get itches? “So,” she begins. “I have one other question.”

What’s that, you ask.

“Does it not bother you that she has a cock?”

Opening the door and jumping seems like a good idea right now. Sadly, you surmise that you’d probably survive. So you fall back on Plan B: Giving the vengeful, spiteful wraith the same answer you always give when someone asks you, and as usual, Clare hangs on every word and giggles when you’re done explaining, then bites her lower lip and gazes at you.

“Most interesting,” Kashi says.

While you look for a truck stop to pull into so you can catch some sleep, Kashi continues her endless stream of questions. Very mundane, every day questions fill up the bulk, to your surprise. It seems that despite her allusions to being alive, or existing, for a very long time, she’s remarkably ill-informed about the world.

“So may I stay for the time being?” Kashi asks as you pull off into a suitable location to park for the night.

Sighing, you say that you don’t care right now, so long as she keeps her ghostly bits to herself and doesn’t possess anyone. Not like you could force her to go away anyways. Turning to Clare, you ask if she’s fine with letting her linger.

“If… if it’s okay with you,” she says, eyes fixed onto Kashi. Clare then drops her voice to a whisper. “But only if you hold me to keep me safe~”

Clare never was one to be able to hide her ulterior motives well. Whatever, time to hit the sack. Birds are chirping and the sky is glowing; probably not going to be able to get much rest anyways.

“So what shall I do?” Kashi inquires.

Doesn’t matter to you, you say. Well, so long as it doesn’t bother you or the girls.

Clare stands up at the same time as you, latching onto your arm. “Yeah, no funny… ghost stuff, got it?”

Kashi taps a foot in the air. “No funny ghost stuff? I can manage that.”

Poking into the back, you spot Savannah sleeping soundly, tucked away under her covers. “Sleeping like a baby,” Clare says, delivering a little exploratory poke with a paw to the manticore’s cheek. Nothing, not even a snort.

Before the cat can say anything further, you tell her that you are simply too tired for anything. The only thing she’s getting out of you are cuddles. Not even children who’ve been told ‘Santa isn’t real’ look quite as mortified as she does.


No buts.

Clare’s ears fold down and she slips up into her bunk, quickly peeling off her nurse outfit. Following up behind her and tossing aside your own clothing, you lay down next to her and wrap her tight against you.

“Well~ Being held by you is pretty nice,” Clare says, looking over her shoulder.

Sneaking a quick kiss and whispering some words of affection in her ear, Clare purrs happily in response. Arms wrapped around her warm, purring body, the two of you drift off to sleep.

— [U9]

You and Clare wake sometime in the late morning, relatively rested. Savannah is still sound asleep, and Kashikoi had kept herself occupied by stealing your laptop at some point in the night and discovered a wonderful thing called the internet.

“How’d you even pick it up?” Clare asks, gawking at the barely visible ghost lounging across the dashboard.

“Ho ho ho! Why, someone such as I can easily manipulate small objects,” Kashikoi says, with what you presume to be a smug smile. It’s difficult to make her out under full sunlight. “How do you think you can hear me? Sound is a physical manifestation, is it not?”

So, you respond, a lesser ghost couldn’t be heard or seen? And what’s with that sudden language?

“Quite correct – unless they entered your mind. And, I must stress I am not a ghost.”

She was easier to handle last night after her more or less coincidental rescue from the exorcists. Plus she’s now bolstered by whatever the hell it is she learned from the internet. The thought of what lurks in the browsing history is more than a little worrying.

To your amazement, most of the sites Kashi looked at were rather mundane – even boring. Encyclopedia articles, local and world news, and a few social websites. Looks like she even made her own Monsterbook account and sent the three of you friend requests. Seems she’s managed to adapt herself to modern technology pretty easily.

She did find her way to some odd fetish porn sites – you think it’s supposed to be porn, anyways. ‘Extreme Handholding?’ What the hell? You can’t help but search deeper into the site. It’s all so very… strange. The way it’s presented makes it seem like it’s something far lewder than appearances would suggest. Yet, no matter how you look at it, it’s kind of plain elementary or middle-school level stuff to you. Still manages to be oddly riveting as you navigate through various pages.

“You deviant!” A voice shouts from behind you, startling the shit out of you.

“Nya hahaha! You jumped so high!” Clare cackles, nearly doubled over in laughter. “Were you really that into it?”

“Damn it Clare!” you growl in an attempt to mask your embarrassment with anger. “I was just looking at the webpages Kashi was checking out when she’s been using my laptop. Besides, why are you being all sneaky, coming up behind me like that?”

 “Oh my~ You don’t need to be so bashful around me,” Clare says, leaning in close. Her arms snake around your neck and she presses her bare breasts into your back. She wiggles purposefully to grind herself into you, then traces the back of your hands with her paws.

“Haven’t we done all sorts of things together? If you just want to hold hands…” She whispers into your ear.

With a sigh you close the lid on the laptop and look over your shoulder at the wet-haired Clare. “Where’s Kashi at? She was here up until maybe a half hour ago.”

Clare gives a ‘hmpf,’ unhappy with being ignored, and backs off. “She went out to explore the hotel, or rather, knowing her, she’s going to possess some poor soul.”

“That so? Maybe we should just grab Savannah and run…” You say jokingly, but feel a little guilty soon as the words leave your mouth. While Kashi was kind of a huge pain in the ass when you first met, she really mellowed out after the escape from the hospital. She’s been fairly friendly and chatty, but the topics she likes to talk about make it seem like she’s kind of lonely. Makes you wonder when the last time she just stopped to talk to people was.

“Yeah, I’d love to ditch her,” Clare says, ruffling her hair with a paw, “But we need to at least wait until Savannah wakes up so she can give that ghost a piece of her mind, yeah?” That’s one way to look at it, you suppose. There’s a good chance Clare feels the same way you do.

“Well, Kashi aside, is the shower free now?” You ask.

Kind of a rhetorical question considering she’s standing completely nude with wet hair and fur. Speaking of hair, you notice that Clare is sporting a ponytail. Kind of rare to see her put her hair up like that. “What made you decide to put your hair up? Looks good,” you say.

She smirks and there’s the barest hints of a blush on her cheeks. “You really think so?” Clare asks, patting at her hair. “Well, thanks… maybe I’ll wear it up more often if you like. And yeah, the shower is free, though I wish you’d shower with me,” Clare says with a little bit of a pout.

“No, no. That’d just lead to sex,” you say.

“But that’s the point,” Clare responds with a wink.

“Too bad. Sex later, getting cleaned up now. And then let’s get something to eat,” you say as you stand up off the bed.

Clare rolls her eyes and gives an exaggerated sigh. “Fine, fine, I guess I’ll get dressed and wait for you.”

“Hmm, do you think it’s fine to leave Savannah in the room by herself?” You ask, looking over Clare’s shoulder at the other bed.

Kashi did say she should probably wake up sometime tonight after her exhausting ordeal. You had no idea just how ragged Savannah was until the spirit made mention of it. A long sleep and some relaxation at this hotel should be just the ticket to help her recuperate. So you hope.

Clare turns to follow your gaze, tail flicking and a paw on her hip. “Hmm, I don’t see why not. Not like she’s a child. If we’re out when she wakes up she can always call one of us.”

“Yeah,” you begin, “that’s true. Still, makes it feel kind of like we’re just leaving her behind or something.”

 “You worry too much,” Clare says, rifling through one of the drawers for her underwear. “Savannah’ll understand.”

“I suppose,” you say as you gather your things and hit the shower.

“So, want to eat here at the hotel or find someplace else?” Clare asks, watching you dress.

Instead of her usual figure-accentuating clothing, she’s opted for some rather baggy pants and a thick hoodie. Must be due to the cold you think at first, but then realize that it was much colder when you first met her a year ago. Back then she was wearing even less, or nothing at all, really.

“Well,” you say, “why not check out what’s going on in town while we look for some place to eat?”

“Hmm, not a bad idea. I hope they have a rink around here,” Clare says as she stretches out.

You tap a finger to your cheek for a moment as you think. “Pretty sure there’s one around here. At least there was the last time I was here.”

Clare quirks an eyebrow at you. “Last time you were here?”

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you? This is where I used to live before going off to college.”

Now both her eyebrows are raised. “So your parents are around here?”

“I guess so,” you say, wary of her sudden interest.

“You mean you weren’t going to introduce me to your parents?” Clare asks, sticking out her bottom lip and folding down her ears.

You roll your eyes at the display. “As much as I’d like to, we still aren’t on good terms. Besides, they don’t like monstergirls. That’s why they live out here where it’s mostly human.”

Instantly she drops her facade. Perhaps a little too quickly. She has the certain look of curiosity on her face, but she seems content to let that topic die. “I see, I see. Well, let’s head out, shall we?” She asks with a flick of her ears and swish of her tail.

Perhaps, for once, she’s shown a bit of tact.

“Let’s,” you say as you pull on your own sweater.

“You couldn’t have rented something a little nicer?” Clare complains as she shifts and wiggles about in the seat, trying to do so something with her tail that gets it out of her way.

“Sorry, they didn’t have anything on the lot for girls with tails,” you mention with a shrug.

Clare glowers at you, settling for sitting mostly at the edge of the seat with her tail poking out from behind her. “Should’ve gone to another place, then. This is so uncomfortable!”

“Just deal with it. Not like we had a lot of options.”

She grumbles something in response that you can’t quite make out, but let it slide. Hopefully she doesn’t decide to cut a hole in the seat when you’re not looking. Gods only know what they’d charge to fix that. Though, if Clare is this unhappy with things, Savannah is going to be livid by comparison. Well, whatever, nothing you can do about it now. Time to get a move on and check out the town.

It’s been a few years since you’ve actually gotten a look around. The town has certainly has grown. It’s not too crowded, but not exactly the quiet place you remember. In comparison to MGC, or most other cities, it’s downright desolate – as you discovered when you could find only two rental car places in the entire town. Makes you wonder what exactly the nightlife is in a town like this, but it’s not like you need to worry about that. With Clare and Savannah you’ve had more fun in the past year than even most folks at college – probably in all regards of the word ‘fun.’ No doubt there will be plenty more fun to be had once Savannah wakes.

There’s a few nice restaurants around, along with a variety of little shops down the main street. Towards the outskirts of town there’s a ski slope that also has a large outdoor rink, much to Clare’s delight. After meandering about town for a little under hour, you realize that you’ve explored all there is. So, you decide to head back towards the hotel but wind up detouring at a quaint little Italian restaurant to get some dinner.

Upon entering what you thought was a very casual place, you immediately feel just a little self-conscious. “Seems we’re a little underdressed,” you say, looking around at the other patrons. In contrast to your baggy sweater and jeans, everyone else here is at least business casual.

Clare sort of mirrors your actions, looking down at herself after her eyes wander across the small dining room. “At least they’re not all wearing suits,” she says with a bit of embarrassment.

You nearly turn around to leave, but the hostess arrives and asks where you’d like to sit. Apparently there’s no problem with your attire, much to your relief. She then leads the two of you to a small corner table for two. After handing the both of you menus, she gives a little curtsey and departs.

“How romantic,” Clare says, taking in the decor and ambiance. “I can see why we’re the only ones dressed like bums.”

It’s a dim, sort of mood-setting atmosphere in the dining room. The lights above are set rather low and a lone candle flickers and dances in the middle of the table. Gentle piano music plays from… somewhere. There aren’t any speakers in the ceiling, nor can you see an actual piano anywhere. Mysterious.

“You wanted to come here knowing it’d be like this, didn’t you?” She says with a giggle.

“Well, you know, special place for a special woman,” you respond with a grin.

Clare smiles sweetly at you, then you feel her paw touch your leg. Her large toes squish against your shin and very carefully she strokes her foot up and down. “When did you get to be such a charmer,” she says with a sort of girlishness. “Wasn’t so long ago that you would’ve gotten all flustered.”

“Had to learn how to handle myself around you two sometime,” you say with a short sigh.

With a smirk she covers your hands with her paws, holding your eyes with hers. “I think you’ve handled yourself quite well. And you’re not too bad at handling us, either,” she says with a wink.

“Not too bad? That’s all?” You say with false hurt, turning your hands over to hold her paws.

Her eyes twinkle with a hint of mischievousness and her smile grows ever so slightly. “Well, ya know… maybe a little better, but I wouldn’t want that to go to your head.”

“Compliment accepted,” you say with a grin.

The back-and-forth banter continues for a brief while longer until the waitress appears to take your drink order. It’s about then that you realize neither of you have even bothered to look at the menu. One hurried drink order later and some careful studying of the menu, complete with asking each other what the other is going to have, the two of you decide just in time for the waitress’ reappearance.

While waiting for the food, you and Clare wind up reminiscing about all that’s happened. How you first met, her initial take of you, her intimate reveal. Doesn’t take long until the conversation turns from happy memories and encounters to the present, and to the future.

“I don’t know. I always thought I’d be fine to just stay with Savannah and do the whole trucking thing until I was old and wrinkled,” Clare says, stirring her drink idly with one paw and resting her cheek on the other. “But now, I just don’t know. I kind of want to settle down somewhere, you know?”

“Motherly instincts taking over?”

You meant it as a joke, but Clare’s reaction would appear to mean you hit it right on the money. She went from cool and relaxed to tense and nervous in an instant. Now that you think about it, Clare is at that age where some might say she’s past her prime, unique circumstances or not.

“Y-yeah, you could say that,” she says, focusing very intently on her drink. “I mean, I’m not getting any younger…”

So she does want a kid. Or would it be kitten for her? Either way, you’d never even considered something like this – with either of them. Despite knowing exactly what she’s talking about, you feel compelled to ask anyways. Perhaps just a bit of verification or validation of your thoughts.

“So you want to have kids, with me?” You say, leaning forward.

Rather than blushing or getting all fidgety, something in her eyes makes Clare look sort of wistful and happy. “I’ve never loved anyone like you before,” she says timidly, sporting a little smile. To complete her sort of girlish transformation, she starts to blow bubbles into her drink.

You find yourself at a bit of a loss. Okay, a big loss. It’s only been a year or so since you’ve met them, though you have spent nearly every moment together since then. So maybe in terms of hours together you’ve spent enough time with them to count for like, two or three years as a couple or trio or whatever the hell it’d be called in these circumstances. You suppose it’s only natural that a child-less woman of Clare’s age would have those urges when she’s been with you for so long.

“I love you too, Clare, but…” you say, searching for just the right words to say. Immediately you realize you’ve already fucked up with ‘but.’ Who the hell says ‘I love you, but,’ to a woman who just said they wanted a child with you? Before you can give yourself too hard of a mental kick to the ass, Clare continues for you.

“…But you also love Savannah?” She says, looking neither crestfallen, disheartened, or even jealous.

You nod, and with a little more care you marshal your words. “I don’t think I could ever choose. I love you both very dearly.”

Hell, rather than disappointment or betrayal she’s actually grinning now. “We knew you’d say that.”

“We?” You say, the tiniest bit in disbelief.

“Heh, yeah. Savannah and I have talked about this before. Just before the whole hospital thing, as a matter of fact.”

Though you don’t really do anything but blink, Clare manages to pick up on your curious expression. She lets out a long sigh and folds her paws in front of her, giving you a most serious look. “She should probably be the one to tell you, but…”

“…But she wants another kid too, doesn’t she?” You finish for her.

Clare nods.

Something feels a little deja vu, but you shake away that thought and carry on. “And you two don’t mind, well, sharing?”

“It… may be rough at times,” Clare hesitates, staring down at her paws for a moment. “Savannah feels the same way I do about you.” She twiddles her thumbs a little and bites her lip before continuing. “It’s not so much that we’re sharing you. It’s… hard to describe. It’s like, you wouldn’t say a mother has to share her love with two children, right?”

“I guess?” You say, raising an eyebrow.

“Good enough for now,” Clare says with a dainty, cat-like laugh.

“I don’t think I’m ready for ki-” you begin, but Clare stops you with a gentle smile and paw to your lips.

“Let’s talk about this later with Savannah, okay? Besides, the food is here,” She says, gesturing to the approaching waitress.

“Er, sure,” you say, sort of trailing off as the gears of your mind begin to clatter.

This has certainly been quite the revelation. Either you’re dense as hell or they’ve managed to hide their desire for children very well. Maybe they really are good at hiding it. Then again, you suppose it matters when she started having those motherly urges. Could be recent, but if it’s something the two girls have talked about in the past it’d probably been going on for at least a month or two.

Clare’s idle chatter during dinner goes in one ear and out the other. By all rights you’re still technically college-aged, though you would be a senior now. People do have children even younger, and it’s not like Clare and Savannah are hurting for money. Hell, in the short time you’ve been working under Savannah and driving her truck you’ve managed to build up the largest savings of your life and it’s been hardly any time at all.

Though if they do have more kids they would probably have to give up trucking. Can’t exactly have little tiny manticores and cheshires in the cab all the time. Or could you? You’ve never really asked what either of them did before trucking. They might be able to return to those fields, but who knows. And, that would leave you back where you started. No degree and no prospects. You make a small amount from the trucker blog, but it’d be a stretch to even consider that minimum wage.

The remainder of dinner is an odd haze that comes to an end as you pay the bill.

“You haven’t been paying attention to a thing I’ve said, have you?” Clare says, resting a paw on her hip as she waits at the exit for you.  

“Sorry, you kind of gave me a lot to think about,” you respond.

Surprisingly she doesn’t seem annoyed in the least. “Eh, I’d be more worried if you didn’t think about it at all,” she says with a shrug, holding the door open for you.

Then, in true Clare-like fashion, she gives you a swat on your behind as you walk by her. “But don’t think I’ll let you slide for ignoring a lady through dinner. You’ll just have to make it up, somehow…” She says, seeking out your hand with her paw.

“Yeah, yeah,” you respond with an exasperated sigh. “You’re going to want to go at it all night, aren’t you?”

Clare simply flashes you a lewd, knowing smile.  

— [U10]

As the door to the hotel room swings open, you and Clare end your conversation as to avoid waking Savannah. Though instead of the darkened room you expected to walk into, most of the lights and television are turned on.

“Hey, look who’s up!” Clare says happily, scampering across the room.

Propped up with some pillows and nestled under the covers, Savannah glances from the television to Clare and then you and lets a little warm smile blossom. She’s still looking rather haggard, but it’s nice to see her up, if not necessarily about.

“Guess I had a bit of a long nap,” Savannah says as Clare throws her arms around the manticore.

After a Kodak-moment hug, Clare pulls back and seems to give the manticore an appraisal. “How’re you feeling?” Clare asks once she’s satisfied that Savannah isn’t looking any worse than the last time she saw her.

Savannah shrugs. “A bit tired, but not bad otherwise. Well, ‘cept my shoulder ‘n all.”

“Yeah,” you say, “you’ve had one hell of a time lately.”

“Ain’t that the truth?” she says with a snort. “I’ve had ‘bout enough of this shit to last me a life time.”

“Well, you’re looking pretty comfy at least,” Clare says. “Anything you need?”

“Nah… though I am kinda hungry. Was waitin’ for ya two to get back.”

“Oh? We would’ve picked you something up on the way back. Why didn’t you call?” You ask.

Stretching out her arms and yawning, Savannah blinks a few times and looks over towards Kashi on the other bed. “Just woke up a bit ago. Was gonna, but then ya’ll showed up.”

Hearing her name, Kashi looks up from the laptop on the other bed. She’s not really quite laying on the bed, but more like hovering just above it. “Yes?”

“Ah, nothin’, go back to yer videos,” Savannah says dismissingly, waving a paw in the air.

“Videos?” You say, curious as to what Kashi is watching on your laptop. So you walk around to the other side of the bed she’s on to see what she’s up to.

“Are you serious?” You utter in disbelief.

“What? Is something wrong?” Kashi responds flatly, taking her eyes off the screen for only a moment.

On-screen there’s a video of a cat flipping out every time it attempts to walk across tinfoil. Either it’s fairly short or you just caught the end of it. Soon as it ends, another video begins to play. Another cat. What a surprise. Only this one is going crazy chasing after a laser pointer that’s been tied to a fan.

The ghostly kitsune-bi’s tails are all swaying happily and the apparition herself is totally engrossed, giggling and laughing, all but forgetting your presence in a hurry. It’s not that you really care what she’s watching, but this? A hundreds-year-old manifestation of lust and carnal hunger is watching cat videos. Really?

“Nothing, never mind,” you sigh out.

“What? what’re you watching?” Clare asks curiously. Rather than walking around, she simply flings herself onto the bed to get a look, completely outstretched on her belly. At first her face bends in disappointment; she probably thought it was porn or something. Doesn’t take but a second or two until she’s all smiles like Kashi, tail flicking about.

“Hah! Cats are fuckin’ crazy,” Clare says with a toothy grin after one cat lost its shit when it fell into a tub of water.

You share a barely-contained grin with Savannah, holding your hands palm up while gesturing at Clare. How quickly she forgets herself. She never really has been able to explain away her fascination with rustling plastic bags and boxes. There’s also something very philosophical about a cheshire cat and the kitsune-bi that she was terrified of watching cat videos of all things. Nothing brings people of all sorts together quite like the internet. And cats.

Chuckling and shaking her head, Savannah then sighs and beckons you over with a curl of her finger. You’ll just have to taunt Clare later.

“What’s up?” You ask.

“Ah, I was wonderin’ if ya could help me out with somethin’?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Well,” Savannah begins, hesitating just a little, looking up at the ceiling and then back at you. “Could ya help me get cleaned up? Feelin’ a might bit ripe…”

Narrowing an eye you regard her suspiciously for a moment. While her shoulder is hurt and maybe painful to move, she should be more than capable of cleaning herself up. She does need a wee bit of freshening-up, especially from this close, but you wisely elect not to say anything.

Clare and Kashi both let out bursts of remarkably un-ladylike guffaws, the cheshire cat making it extra appealing by snorting with her mouth hanging open. Perhaps Savannah just wants a little time alone with you. You can imagine why.

“Sure, no problem,” you answer, much Savannah’s delight.

“Great,” she says enthusiastically, flipping the covers off herself, though she’s careful to hold her injured arm close to her body. Whether to sell her story or because it does actually bother her that much is a mystery.

In the bathroom you start the water running for her as she undresses, but find her looking at you expectantly when it comes time to remove her shirt.

“Could ya, please?” She says, making it seem as if lifting her arm causes her all kinds of anguish.

Alright, now she really is trying to sell it, but whatever. You’ll need to change her bandage after this anyways – something she actually does need help with. Undoing the snaps at the bottom of the shirt that cinch the wing-slots closed, you carefully slip the garment off the busty manticore.

“Thanks darlin’,” Savannah says, turning about to face you.

Her tail sways about behind her and she places a paw on her hip. Then she starts to tap her foot. “Whatcha waitin’ for?”

“Waiting for you to get in the tub,” you say, brandishing a loofa at her.

“Aren’t ya gonna get in with me?” She says, putting on her best pouty face, which only makes her look more like she’s got bad indigestion than anything else.

“But I-” you begin, but come to a stop. She’s got that look that says she isn’t going to take no for an answer. It doesn’t seem like she’s in the mood to give you any surprise milkings, so you give in to her insistence that you bathe together.

No sooner than your pants start slipping off than she smiles and slips over to the tub, testing the water. Satisfied with the temperature, she gently lowers herself down, then crosses her arms together and leans on the side of the tub. She stares at you all the while with her ears perked up and focused just as intently as her eyes. A little odd to have her staring at you like this, but also a little flattering at the same time. She seems to enjoy what she sees as each article of clothing crumples to the ground. For a brief moment you think of making it a strip-tease, but push the idea out of your mind.

Dipping into the tub behind her, you grab a bottle of shampoo and the shower head and get to work on her long hair. When it’s not done up it extends down to her bottom; makes you wish she’d let it down more often. Not many women have such long hair these days.

“So did ya just go out to eat or what?” Savannah asks, closing her eyes and relaxing.

“Nah, we also took a little tour to see what’s going on around town.”

Savannah’s ears twitch incessantly while you lather them up, but the manticore herself doesn’t seem to mind too much. “Anythin’ fun?”

“Well, we did find a ski hill and ice rink that Clare wants to try out. Also found an arcade, but otherwise it’s just a small town out in the sticks.”

“So why’d ya get a room here if there ain’t nothin’ to do?”

“Because it was close and quiet. Figured it’d be a nice place to rest for a bit,” you say as you rinse the shampoo from her hair.

“Yeah, quiet’s good,” Savannah says softly, slouching down some. “Seems everythins’ been fuckin’ nuts lately.”

“’Nuts’ would be putting it mildly…” you muse, thinking back to the possession, fiasco with the dragon, the incident at the casino, their confessions, and everything else that’s happened.

Savannah lets out a long sigh. “Bit of fun to break from the usual, but I dunno. I kinda want it to be borin’ again.”

“What do you mean?” you ask, scrubbing her back.

“I was already thinkin’ ‘bout it before, but this latest shit really kinda made it clear.”

“Made what clear?”

“Well,” she says, turning her head to glance at you out of the corner of her eye. “I want things to be nice n’ peaceful-like again. Can’t keep havin’ all this shit goin’ on all the time.”

Reminds you a little of the conversation with Clare back at the restaurant. Everything has been a little on the dangerous side, you’ll admit, but it was also kind of fun in a way. Instead of splitting you all apart it felt like the three of you got closer whenever something happened.

“So you want to get a house or something then?” You ask.

“That’d be nice,” Savannah says, then laughs a little to herself. “Kinda funny, ain’t it? Wanted to get away from bein’ tied to one place and now here I am, wantin’ to go back to bein’ tied down.”

“I dunno, you’ve been driving around for a while,” you say, starting to scrub at the base of her tail and working towards the bulb. “Maybe you were just on a, what do they call it, journey of self-discovery or whatever?”

“Could be, I s’pose. Though I think I was just lookin’ for somethin’,” she says.

Savannah then retracts the spines on her bulb, letting you give the leathery thing a thorough washing. As you hold it in your hands, the end flares a few times and the manticore it’s attached to gives you a little smirk.

“Did you find whatever you think you were looking for?” You ask, gently setting the organ back down in the tub. Or try to – the tail coils around your waist and pulls you close to Savannah’s back the instant you let it go. Half turning around, she gives you a little peck on the cheek.

“Yeah, I did,” she says with a soft, glowing smile. “Kinda funny though, considerin’ after my husband left I swore to m’self that I’d be done with romance n’ all.”

“What? But you’re in the prime of your youth,” you reply with a sly smirk.

Though corny, it certainly has the desired effect on the motherly manticore. Savannah blushes ever so slightly and rewards you with another little kiss. “Yea, it was dumb of me, but I was good n’ pissed.”

“Buuuut,” she draws out, looking away from you for a moment. Then suddenly she turns around in the tub, not exactly with much grace, to face you. Her massive, soapy breasts are squished between her arms, serving as a suitable distraction from the conversation at hand. Not that Savannah minds in the least – she squishes and lifts them up when she catches your eyes lingering.

It takes remarkable effort to take your eyes off her prizes, but there was a serious conversation going on here. Savannah seems almost reluctant when you stop ogling her and lets out a little sigh.

“Yes, sorry, you were saying?” You ask with determination, wishing you had a set of blinders to keep you focused. Savannah’s ruby eyes are certainly charming, much more so than the rest of her. So you have to tell yourself.

Savannah lets you off the hook with a wink, then clears her throat. “But, ‘n I know this’ll break yer heart darlin’, but ya weren’t the one who taught this old girl how to love again.”

You’d never admit it to her, but that was pretty much what you were thinking and hoping. So much for that self-esteem boost. Though even without that, being involved with two women is more than enough to fall back on. Even if you sort of blundered into it without really doing much except be nearby.

Pushing those thoughts aside, you say the first thing that comes to mind: “Oh yeah, who was?”

Then instantly regret it. At least Savannah isn’t the sort to kiss and tell. Probably. However, that look in her eye makes you wonder. She’s suddenly deadly serious about something.

After opening and closing her mouth a few times as she struggles to say it, she finally blurts it out. “Clare.”

You take a long, slow blink. “What?”

Deep crimson spreads across her face, but the look of intensity in her eyes doesn’t fade. “If you tell her I’ll kill ya,” Savannah growls in a whisper. You swallow, unsure how much is idle threat and how much is actual threat.

“Aren’t, aren’t you two just… friends?” you say, matching her whisper. “Friends with amazing benefits, but still friends.”

Savannah takes in a deep breath. “I’m only tellin’ ya this ‘cause I think ya deserve to know, ‘specially if… we make this long-term.”

This all feels wonderfully scandalous for some reason, but it also explains why someone who’s as possessive and protective as Savannah has been willing to share you.

Another deep breath. “And right, we were just friends. Sure we’d take on groups together, but it was always with her, not *with* her, ya know?”

At least now you have something that genuinely distracts you from her soapy boobs. As if being bi-sexual wasn’t enough, this is also one of the very rare moments when Savannah has opened herself up to you.

“Then after my husband and daughter left and I decided to pick up truckin’, Clare was the only one who wanted to come along instead of tryin’ to talk me outta it,” she says, clasping her paws together in her lap. “Bein’ in a truck with someone means yer always with ‘em, as ya’ve learned. So me n’ Clare, we were together more in a couple months than in years. Talked ‘bout all kinds of shit.”

You nod along with her, wondering if you should be saying anything. She seems to continue right along, so maybe not.

“And of course, bein’ out on the road all that time meant there were dry spells… ‘n so one night when we were stopped ‘n all horny, both fuckin’ ourselves stupid, it was like, why weren’t we fuckin’ each other?” Savannah says, furrowing her brow to emphasize the confusion as to why they masturbating rather than using one another.

“Obviously I knew she had a cock. Nice thick one too, ‘n she cums so much…” Savannah trails off, her cheeks reddening for a completely different reason.

You force a cough when her paw starts to drift a little lower than her lap. “I’m aware,” you say, “but you were saying?”

Savannah startles like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar, snapping her paw back up. “Er, right. So that was the first time when it was just us. ‘n I liked it. Really liked it. She’s such a sweet girl, and she dropped her life to come along with me…”

“So that’s when you fell for her?” You ask, realizing she wasn’t going to be finishing her sentence in any hurry.

“Hard. But it took me a long time to realize what I was feelin’,” she says quietly.

The manticore isn’t the only one having trouble searching for words. This really is one hell of a love-triangle. You half expect Clare to burst in, blurting about having a confession to announce to make this even better. Sadly all that happens after a long silence is her loud ‘nya ha ha haing’ bleeding through the wall. Fucking cat videos.

“Does she know about how you feel?” You ask after the cat’s laughter dies out.

Savannah shakes her head. “No, ‘least I don’t think so. She liked fuckin’ me n’ all, but she never changed, so I kept quiet. Didn’t want to ruin anythin’.”

Fair enough. Clare isn’t the sort that’d be weirded out by having Savannah profess her love, but it might’ve ended their sexual escapades. Maybe even put a strain on their friendship. There’s more than a few questions that cross your mind, but they mostly revolve around the nature of being romantically involved with the unique Cheshire. Not just for Savannah, but yourself as well. You also kind of want to find out if Clare feels the same way, but you’ve been sworn to secrecy.

You’ll just have to figure out some way to brooch the topic with the two of them later.

“So yeah,” Savannah begins with a certain degree of resolution. “I’m worried sick about ya two all the time, so I want some place nice…”

“To raise a family?” You add, finishing her sentence for her.

Savannah cocks an eyebrow.

“Clare told me you want another kid,” you say, pausing to gauge her reaction. “She wants one, too.”

The manticore rolls her eyes. “Guess I’ll be murderin’ her later. But yea, bein’ on the road all the time, pickin’ fights with dragons and ghosts. Just ain’t good.”

“Yeah…” you trail off, not really sure what to say.

There’s an awful lot to think about, mostly as a continuation of thoughts that were born of the conversation with Clare. They both seem set on settling down somewhere, but are making sure you’re fine with it. Puts to rest any doubts you’ve had about how much they care about you – along with them wanting children. With you.

Savannah’s tail darts about nervously behind her, making little wet ‘pap’ noises every time it squishes against the tile. You’ve got an idea about what she’s so nervous about.

“A family would be nice,” you say, confident in your guess. “Especially with you.”

Her tail goes limp, along with the rest of her body. “Ya mean it?”

 “I do.”

If there was ever a moment where you could say that the manticore was happiest, this would win without a doubt. She looks so happy she could cry. In fact, she is crying. And laughing.

“Oh hell, promised m’self I wouldn’t do this if ya said yes,” she says, wiping away her tears with her paws. Not that it helps too much, considering her paws are soaking wet from the water.

This is the second time you’ve seen her cry, but at least this time around she’s happy instead of terrified that you’ll leave her. And this time you take some initiative and plant an affectionate kiss on her. Crowded together in a hotel bathtub may not be the most romantic location, but love tends to happen in the strangest places at the oddest hours.

Savannah wraps her paws around you, stroking the back of your head and back as she returns the kiss ten-fold.

And then there’s a loud knock on the door. Mood obliterated.

“Hey! You two done in there yet?!” Clare shouts. “I gotta piss, hurry it up!”

“Good ole’ Clare,” you mutter quietly.

Savannah chuckles lightly, and then sighs. “Yea yea, we’ll be out in a minute,” she hollers back.

“You two better not be fucking behind my back!”

“Don’t worry, we’re not,” you respond, deciding to leave out “but we were about to.”

“Guess it’s ‘bout time we get out, huh?” Savannah says.

You nod, looking over your pruny hands. “We have been in here a while…”


“That was somethin’ else,” Savannah mumbles as she collapses onto the bed.

“I wasn’t even aware a human could do that,” Clare says as she plops down alongside the manticore.

Staggering forward, you still can’t quite wrap your head around everything that happened. The dynamic duo managed to prod you into a meeting with your parents, and of course everything went just as you thought it would. At first.

Savannah’s tail points up and at you as you take a seat on the other bed. “I’m amazed ya don’t hate gals like us bein’ raised in a home like that one.”

“No shit,” Clare says with a sigh.

You mutter something incoherent and flop over sideways. The memories of the night still burn painfully in your mind, the images etched onto your eyes until the end of time. What has been seen can never be unseen.

“But I didn’t expect Kashi would possess your mom quite like that,” Clare says, switching beds to sit near you.

At the mention of your mother you twitch.

The Cheshire gives an affectionate pat on your leg. “There there, watching your parents have sex isn’t thaaat scary. Why, my mom and dad would fuck all over the house!”

“Yer parents weren’t the most prudish folks in the whole damn country. Give ‘im break. Probably didn’t even know they had sex,” Savannah says with a snort.

Those two aren’t helping. Sex and parents. No matter how much you try, the images play through your mind like a movie, complete with audio. You almost forget their wonderfully racist welcome when they opened the door and discovered you were flanked by a Manticore and Cheshire. Dinner wasn’t much better, especially when Savannah got the bright idea to drop the bomb that you were considering having children with them.

“We’ll just have to help him forget, won’t we?”

Clare pats at your shoulder, and when you look up at her she’s sporting a massive grin.

There was no way any man could forget the horrors of his kitsune-bi possessed mother throwing his father onto the dinner table and riding him wild.

“Hmm, occupy his mind, ya mean?”

Shifting herself, Savannah’s lying on her side and gazing at you. Her tail rises above you and slithers near you, letting itself bloom close to your face.

“I was thinkin’ of waitin,’ but why the hell not?”

“I am so not in the mood,” you say, clutching to a pillow to your chest.

“Aw, don’t be like that,” Clare says as she pads behind you and snuggles up against you, half hanging over your shoulder. “Being all broody and thinking about it isn’t going to help you any.”

“Ya, ‘sides,” Savannah says, inching towards the edge of her bed and letting her tail grow closer to your face. “Gotta ‘take responsibility’ for talkin’ about knockin’ us up at dinner,” she says with a lecherous smile.

“Take responsibility?” You repeat, only with a much, much greater deal of sarcasm. “Are you serious?”

Clare runs a furry digit up and down your cheek. “Sure! What girl wouldn’t swoon when her lover tells his parents he’s going to, and I quote ‘fuck them pregnant whether you like it or not!’”

You can’t tell if they’re just teasing you or actually got turned on. Either way those particular memories cause your cheeks to burn red. You swore to yourself you wouldn’t let your parents get the better of you, but hot damn did you lose your temper when they started shit-talking Savannah and Clare.

Savannah’s tail bulb twitches, letting a large amount of its lubricant spill out and drool down the leathery surface before dripping to the floor in stringy strands. Okay, so she’s serious.

“Down here, too,” The manticore says luridly, carefully stripping her jeans off to reveal utterly drenched panties.

Leaning close to your ear, Clare drops her voice to a whisper while casting furtive glances at the manticore. “You wouldn’t know, but she’s got an impregnation fetish – It’s why she had a kid so young.”

“What? Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

“In case you accidentally said something. Watch~”

Clare clears her throat, and begins talking in as sultry of a tone as she can manage. Which, compared to Savannah, isn’t all that provocative considering her light, easy voice. “Are you ready, Savannah dear? Tonight’s the night! We’re both going to have our way with you, fill you up with our thick seed, and make ab-so-lutely sure to give you a litter~”

Your mouth is hanging slightly open, mostly in awe of how ridiculous Clare sounds. You expect Savannah to be in stitches, but no. Her face is bright red and so soaked are her panties and crotch that you can make out glistening streams spilling out across her bottom thigh.

“How come she’s never got pregnant before?” You whisper

Clare does nothing to drop the volume or tone of her voice, keeping her eyes locked on Savannah as she speaks. “That’s because Savannah learned her lesson the first time. But if you start talking about knocking her up, putting some cubs in her womb…”

Savannah bites her lip and gives you a look of pure, desperate longing after she simply tears her shirt off.

“If you start talking about how these,” Clare continues, shifting her paw down to your crotch and grabbing your balls through your pants, “will release their virile cargo riiight into her fertile fields…”

Well, she was right regarding how they’d get your mind off the past events of tonight. You’ve never seen Savannah like this – without a word she shreds off her panties and presents herself to you, spread eagle. Her shaved vulva is swollen and red, completely drenched in her honey. That’s the fastest you’ve ever seen her get horny, and the most submissive she’s ever been.

The other thing you notice is a certain scent in the air that wafts into your nose. With every breath you get a little tinglier, a little warmer. You’re not the only one – from behind you, you can feel something hard poking into your back.

“She’s put herself in estrus,” Clare says, her breathing noticeably quicker. “Savannah’s completely… unsafe now.”

Staring at the manticore’s sopping cunt, you take a moment to process Clare’s words as more of Savannah’s scent fills you. If you stuck it in her now and came, you’d be a father. You’d sow life in her, for once allowing your load to do as nature intended. An almost painful pressure arises in your pants, one Clare is quick to acknowledge.

Grasping your erection through your pants, the Cheshire whispers in your ear. “I want your kittens, too~”

Savannah raises her head and looks at you through the cleft of her breasts, her brows knit together in equal parts desire and confusion. Her paws slip under her raised knees, a digit from each pressing against each lip of her labia to pull them apart.  

“What’re, what’re ya waitin’ fer…?” Savannah says meekly, holding herself open.

Her rosy pink flesh is completely exposed, including the tiny, tight hole that’ll milk your cock and greedily drink all your seed.

That’s it. She wins. In a blur you bolt upright and send your shirt sailing to some corner of the room, your pants and underwear following close behind. Clare’s no slouch either, undressing just as quickly and adding her garments to the growing pile on the floor.

From behind you comes another powerful, feral musk – slightly different than Savannah’s, but the message in the pheromones is the same: Clare is ready to receive your kittens.

She’s also the first to act as she teleports onto the other bed, kneeling over Savannah. Her throbbing cock hovers inches away from the manticore’s entrance and her snatch is releasing enough lubricant to leave a sheen on her weighty sack.

Two holes, one pole. Both of them are so hot and inviting, panting and yearning for your cock to stuff them full. Not wanting anyone to be ‘second,’ you come up with an idea.

Walking up behind Clare, she has a bright look of joy that you’ve picked her first – but suddenly seems confused when you instead pull her upright by a shoulder. You whisper your plan into her ear, and while dejected at first it doesn’t take long until a lewd smile crosses her lips.

“What are ya two plannin’?” Savannah asks as forcefully as she can manage between her heavy pants and with a voice tinged by need.

“Stand up,” you command, shooting a look towards Clare as the two of you back off the bed.

Under most circumstances Savannah would simply laugh and force you down on her, grabbing you with her tail or some such. But, in a unique demonstration Savannah simply complies – shifting off the bed to stand between the two of you.

Her tail and pussy both drool nearly endlessly onto the floor, filling the room with her musk. The curvy manticore stands slightly taller than you, casting some doubts on the success of this plan. You hope Clare is stronger than she looks.

“What’s goin’ on?”

“Stick up your leg,” you say, earning a confused stare from Savannah.

Before she can ask why, you then add: “So we can both pump you full.”

Saying that made you wince, but it seemed to work when Clare said it. And despite your inner voice saying otherwise, it’s worked now. Dawning realization crosses the manticore’s face and she quickly lifts a leg, letting you hook a hand underneath one of her soft, full thighs.

Her skin is warm and flushed; making you wonder how hot she is inside if she’s this warm on the outside.

Savannah makes an odd hop forward, bringing herself close enough to rest the inside of her furry calf against your backside.

“Now you,” you say to Clare, peeking over the manticore’s shoulder.

Clare reaches down and takes two big pawfull’s of Savannah’s plump ass, and with a grunt she lifts. In the same motion the manticore swings her other leg up and locks both of them behind you, freeing your hand. The sudden, heavy weight clinging to your chest yanks you forward, but you manage to steady yourself by placing your hands on Clare’s shoulders.

Her paws are still supporting the manticore’s supple ass, and inch by inch she creeps closer to position herself.

Savannah is biting her lip with a huge, wild smile. “This is gonna be tight…”

Then she relaxes her legs and shifts her grip on your neck, letting herself drop down ever so slightly. You can feel her hot, sticky fluids drip across your pulsing shaft, and a moment later something very soft and hot greets your tip. Her swollen lips guide you in with ease as she lowers, forcing a moan from her lips and yours as you gradually insert into her steaming, wet hole.

She’s as tight as ever, her flesh squirming and quivering as you forcibly expand her. Savannah’s fat tits are smooshed against your chest as she clings near and dear, and while you wish to palm and suck on her nipples you unfortunately have to support yourself by leaning on Clare.

Even before you’re fully inserted into Savannah, you feel something hot and hard glide along the bottom of your shaft. Clare’s shaft is soaked in the manticore’s fluids as well, and she’s blindly trying to find her way. Coming from behind is proving a slight challenge, but the Cheshire is quick to position Savannah’s ample hips and ass and herself.

Clare’s hips are rocking in a lazy circle as she searches, and her cock occasionally bumps yours. She’s entirely focused on her task, trying to stare through Savannah’s wings and back to help guide her home. Finally you feel the cat’s urethra bulge slip across yours as you near bottoming out in the manticore.

With an open-mouthed grin, Clare lurches her hips upward. Savannah’s eyes go wide and her mouth opens in a silent scream that gives way to a long, low moan as her lids close and she goes limp. Unlike your careful, slow insertion, Clare spears herself totally in with one thrust.

The tightness all around you intensifies several fold as Clare’s cock slips easily against yours, both of you greased by the manticore’s plentiful nectar. All of Savannah’s folds stretch out from your and Clare’s rigid cocks, inserted at different angles and forcing the manticore’s cunt wide.

Just like when Savannah sucked you both off with her tail, Clare’s cock is pressed against yours so tightly you can feel her heartbeat with every happy throb. She lets out a happy, gurgling moan as she adjusts herself in her friend’s snatch, making her cock jump up and down with kegal flexes.

You feel as if you could lose yourself in bliss just standing here, letting Clare stroke your cock with hers while embedded in Savannah’s pussy. It’s hotter than ever, and Savannah is beginning to clamp down, moaning with every clench.

But, the combined musk of their estrus spurs you forward, igniting a raging fire within. Entirely with your hips you begin to thrust in and out of the manticore, groaning in pleasure from the combination of the soft, pliable tightness of Savannah and the hard throbbing of Clare.

“Soooo gooood,” Savannah moans, letting her head hang back.

Working in time with you, Clare withdraws herself as you slip in, then spears Savannah’s cunt as you back out. The cat is lurching her hips up with such force that you can make out a tiny distention just above Savannah’s pubic mound.

Every time she thrusts balls deep, her sack slaps yours with a wet pap and Savannah lets out a stuttering moan that never seems to end. Not to be outdone, you grunt and roll your hips to their limits, pushing yourself as deep as possible. The two of you batter Savannah’s womb mercilessly, and in just two minutes of thrusting and pumping she reaches her first screaming orgasm. A powerful fountain of delight gushes from her snatch, splashing your crotch and the floor like an upended bucket.


Savannah’s eyes are clamped hard, and not but seconds after her first orgasm her cunt clamps down around the two you with a force you wouldn’t have ever thought possible. The sensation takes your breath away and makes Clare stumble as the manticore’s body convulses and she lets loose another torrent.

By now, instead of an opposing rhythm, you and Clare are pumping into Savannah in time, spreading her as wide as possible as you both force yourselves deep into her womb. Her eyes cross and she howls with every deep impact, and you can swear she’s growing hotter and hotter.

Suddenly, Savannah’s tail finds your leg and the opening presses to your skin and begins to suck. With another spasm from its master the tail pulls off with a wet ‘pop’ and thrashes wildly until it finds something else – Clare’s cheek in this case.

Clare yells something, but you can’t make it out due her face full of tailpussy. You try to swat it off, but after a few seconds it pops off on its own. Only now Clare has a giant red circle where the end of the tail was attached to her cheek.

‘Savannah! T-try to c-control that t-thing!” Clare shouts, her words broken up by bliss as she continues to thrust without missing a beat.


She’s lost it, babbling in incoherent moans.

Watching for her swinging tail, you focus hard on finishing in her. You can feel the tingling that heralds your impending release. Her wet, hot folds and wall around you. Clare’s cock rubbing against yours, her glans catching yours. Savannah’s moans and her paws leaving a roadmap of scratches on your back.

With a gasp your breath catches in your throat and your eyes roll up. White, hot, bubbling release boils up from within you and your balls begin to contract in pulses as their seedy load pours out. In one last mighty thrust you force yourself through the manticore’s cervix and your tip kisses her womb just as the first spurt erupts out.

Clare is right behind you and likewise forces herself through like a battering ram, pushing aside Savannah’s strained gates. The manticore lets out a cry of mixed pain and pleasure as her womb’s entrance is stretched wider than ever before.

In concert you and Clare erupt into Savannah, both of you groaning and shivering with every thick jet.

“Sooo full…” Savannah moans, regaining some semblance of coherency.

And then you feel the barbs. A sharp yelp, followed by one from Clare a moment later. You don’t care. The only purpose you have is fill the womb wrapped around your cock. But the burning in your blood reaches your balls and groin in a flash, even before you finish cumming. The wash of heat and feeling of gathering weight signals that you will not finish soon.

Shot after shot fires off into Savannah, you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. It’s bordering on painful, but it doesn’t matter. The venom, the pheromones, just her hot flesh wrapped all around you. Every load you blast into her makes it feel like she’s a little more yours, but you’re not the only one. Clare is gasping through clenched with every pulse, her eyes screwed shut.

Long overfilled, Savannah’s stomach bloats ever so slightly, seeming to rise with every jet you and Clare deposit in her. The overwhelming pressure finally proves to be too much for your combined cork and thick quantities of seed pour out of her stretched cunt.

20, 30 loads later you feel your strength rapidly draining and it’s all you can do to lean to one side and drop Savannah onto the bed.

Free from the burden of the weight, Clare sags to her knees, half on the floor and half on the bed. Her cock is still firing in spurts and starts, covering the side of the mattress in pearly ropes. You’re long spent, and fall in a heap onto the bed, gasping for air as you stare up at the ceiling.

Semen continues to ooze from Savannah’s snatch, the flow staunched as it rapidly tightens back up from the intense pounding you and Clare delivered.

There can be little doubt she’s good and knocked up. You smile, knowing that she’ll have another cub to love – though the father will remain a mystery until it’s born. Not that it matters.

You don’t remember being so tired after a single session, but then again you’ve never unloaded that much before.

“That was great, darlins,’” Savannah says, sitting upright.

At least she’s still got energy. For someone who was babbling and lost in the throes of orgasms and being packed full of cum, she’s recovered remarkably fast.

Standing – and squeezing her legs in an attempt to keep as much cum in her as possible – she hefts Clare onto the bed. Apparently the Cheshire passed completely out. And she’s still cumming, though now it’s bubbling out in a sort of weak stream.

“Really? She passed out?” You say, doing your best to sound as surprised as possible, rather than tired and feeble.

“Er, I pricked her twice by mistake,” Savannah says, wincing and scratching at her chin.

“At the same time?”


Well, that would explain it. Along with why she’s still oozing semen. Been on the bed for seconds and already a small puddle has formed beneath her. You feel some small pity for the cleaning staff, and you haven’t even seen the floor where Savannah released twice and then your combined loads spilled out. Though your feet are still on the floor, and things are quite wet and sticky wherever you can probe with your toes.

Still, despite your fatigue you can see a noticeable glow on Savannah, a certain way she smiles fondly at you and Clare. She then sits down next to you, looking peevish for a moment when another pool spills out from her snatch.

“Soon as she wakes up she’ll wanna ride ya too. Hope yer ready for round two.”

“Ready as I can ever be…”

However, you’re unable to fight off the growing heaviness of your eyes. Closing your eyes for a blink, you instead find yourself waking up two hours later. To the sensations of something rough and wet on your cock.

There’s Clare, bobbing her head up down on your cock, taking you down into her throat. Her eyes flick up when you shiver and then she slides off, letting her lips catch on your ridge for a blissfully long second. “Look who’s up,” she says, grinning.

Knowing her, she means your dick.

“Aw, come on, I was asleep…” you say with a small yawn, blinking your eyes.

“Too bad,” Clare says, padding across the bed on all fours. “You can go back to sleep after you fuck me raw and pump me full…”

Her tail is flicking about rapidly and she brushes against you a little too close, tickling your skin with the fur on her forearms and legs. Without further ado she places her paws against the wall and looks over her shoulder at you.

Just a short distance away she wiggles her ass enticingly side to side, lowering her hips and spreading her legs to force apart her tender labia until her crotch is resting on the bed, her cock pointing backwards. A little dribble of pre seeps out, though it’s nothing compared to the rivulets of honey leaking from her cunt.

“Come on,” she says, winking at you. “I’m waiting~”

You gulp. Looking around, you realize Savannah is missing. But that train of thought is derailed as Clare’s tail brushes against your neck. As if by magic it coaxes you from your laid back position onto your knees.

“Atta boy~”

So prevalent was the scent of her fertility that it’d almost become a background smell. The musky aroma wafts from her cunt so thick it feels like you could drink it. It’s damn near as intoxicating as manticore venom. And the way she’s laid herself, so prone and vulnerable. Her legs splayed out to the sides, her paws still on the wall and her head resting against the bed. She’s powerless before you.

You may have just blown your biggest load yet in Savannah, but you’re once again ready for action.

Shifting closer on your knees, you grab big handfuls of Clare’s ass, squeezing and groping her shapely posterior. Clare purrs happily, flashing you a smile before she lets her face rest against the bed.

“I want you inside me,” she says, or rather commands.

Like you need to be told.

Sliding near, you position your head at her steaming entrance and press in. Clare moans out as you slide inch by inch inside her tight box, your glans catching on all her wonderful ridges that encircle her entrance.

With a content sigh you bottom out in her cunt, feeling your glans pressing against a strong bud of muscle at the end. Clare’s pussy contracts and spasms around you, her firm ridges caressing you – especially right under your ridge.

Freeing your hands from her glorious ass you lean forward, letting yourself rest against her back. Clare’s eyes gather to one side and she tilts her head slightly, meeting your gaze. You give her a kiss on the cheek and search out the backs of her paws with your hands, curling your fingers around them. You’re entirely atop her, an aspect not lost on you. Being in estrus must make them especially submissive, a fact you’re not terribly keen on, but it’s nice in its own way.

Beneath you Clare is purring happily, the vibrations acting as a mini-massage. “How romantic~” She says wistfully. “Holding hands while making love~”

Compared to the wild Savannah that begged to be knocked up, Clare seems much more amorous. You wonder why she’s laid on her stomach rather than back if that’s what she wants, but you’ve never dealt with a MG while she’s in estrus.

Resting against her, you begin to thrust in and out of her slowly. It’s a welcome change from the crazy ride with Savannah, and certainly enjoyable. Clare is taking deep, soft breaths and her purring steadily increases in intensity and volume with every pump.

Each one of her hot, wet ridges grips you tightly, seemingly refusing to let you go as you pull out, but then her folds readily expand and suck to welcome you back in. The languid pace lets you focus on all of her sensations around your cock, the warmth of her body against your chest, the fluffiness of her paws in your hands, the happy vibrations of her purring that caused even her snatch to hum around your inches.

Her tail lashes around, curling around one of your legs and then the other, and even swishes against your sack. For a brief moment you forget about her extra bits, but as your crotch slaps quietly against her ass your balls rest against hers, forced up and back by her position on the bed.

“Nyaaa… Nyaaa…” she begins to moan softly.

The sounds of her pleasure only serve to quicken your pace, and though difficult with your position you manage to get your hips into a good, fast ,rolling motion. You slap noisly against her ass, rocking Clare and the bed back and forth.

“Nyaa! Nynn..Nya!”

Her pussy sliches and slurps down on your cock, as if thirsty for your seed. Every time you batter against the entrance to her womb you feel it expand a little more, feel her contract around you a little harder. Grinding deeper, deep as possible, you finally spear her through and begin thrusting into her womb on every stroke.


Her cat-moans are lewd and cute, and rather new, and for some reason you find yourself wanting to slam her harder and harder. Taking long strides that nearly pull you completely out of her wonderfully hot snatch, you hammer back in and run all your inches through her until your cock head pushes out her womb.

Clare lets out a long moan and begins to tremble as you repeat the same motion over and over. Yet one thing stands out in your mind – for all the moaning and everything else, she seems frustrated and tense. You can feel your impending orgasm, but Clare hasn’t had hers yet.

Then it dawns on you why she’s on her stomach. Timing it to a thunderous thrust, you push in hard at the same time you bite down on the nape of her neck. Like a switch all the tension vanishes and Clare lets out a yowl that you worry everyone in the hotel will hear.

She thrashes about underneath you and her cunt clamps down so fiercely you pull her partially inside-out when you try to withdraw. Her kegal muscles start to clench in rapid intervals, milking your entire length.

In one last, glorious thrust you strike home and let yourself erupt in her most tender area – all while biting down on her neck. Her wild orgasm over, Clare remains perfectly still, save for her loud, steady purring as you twitch and buck against her as you spurt hot pearly jets into her.

Utterly spent for the second time, you collapse down onto her back, breathing in her scent while still clasping her paws and letting yourself remain in her. Clare turns slightly, looking at you out of the corner of her eye and smiles sweetly. “You know just what a girl likes,” she says softly – no doubt referring to your nibbling of her neck.

Laid out on the purring cat, you simply smile weakly in return.

Just as you and Clare begin to drift off to sleep, you hear the door to the room open and close. Savannah appears in your peripheral. And she promptly drops a bag of something or other.

“What the hell! I go ta get us somethin’ to eat, and ya two fuck without me! And look at that! Clare fuckin’ came everywhere again!”

Confused, you follow her line of sight to just below your crotch. Right where Clare’s dick is pinned, and apparently pointing slightly up. You can make our glistening beads of cat jizz in a line across the bed and even on the floor. She must’ve shot a good ten feet.


You try to wake Clare up, but all you get in response are little purring snores. Savannah’s glare mostly vanishes as she realizes the Cheshire is fast asleep. Rolling off the cat, your cock pulls from her snatch with a ‘pop,’ followed by a bubbling stream of pent-up semen.

“Er, sorry,” you say. “She was eager to get started…”

“Whatever,” Savannah says with a sigh, picking the bag back up. “Want somethin’ ta eat?”


“Good. Ya’ll need yer strength ta keep goin’ tonight,” she says with a predatory smirk.

Suddenly you’re not so hungry, and in fact quite sleepy. However, given that you fucked Clare without her around, you don’t think the manticore is going to let you go that easily.

You can’t get over the rounded bellies of Savannah and Clare. It’s difficult to say when exactly the conception was since they made you fuck them almost without rest for that vacation stay, but it was effective.

The three of you are painting the new kitten/cub room, getting ready for the little bundles of joy. Clare smirks at you, more paint on her face and in her fur than on the smock that’s supposed to keep her clean. Despite conceiving at the same time, Clare is more gravid than Savannah due to twins.

Meanwhile Savannah is using her tail to hold the roller to get at the ceiling and corners, managing to keep herself remarkably paint-free. Her pregnancy is a curious one; you’re still not sure if you or Clare is the father, as it’s too early to tell anything other than the fact that she’s having another Manticore.

The doctors aren’t quite sure what’d happen if Clare was the father as no precedence exists. While Manticore in shape so far, it’s impossible to tell if she has any Cheshire traits. Time will tell, you suppose. And it makes you wonder.

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    I doubt if you’ll continue this, I know how hard it is to return to something perfect which has been concluded, but seeing those Cheticores would be awesome. I wonder how long this CYOA went on in your Pastebin and the forums, seems like a year or two.

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